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Take note that I did not come up with this story:

Note that when I use "E", I am referring to the protagonist in this short story.

The year is irrelevant in this story. E has always been commuting to work on the planet Uranus on a daily basis from the planet Earth. This mode of transportation is achieved by entering a machine known as the 'Transporter'. In layman terms, this machine destroys E's brain and body on earth and records the exact states before sending that information to Uranus.

Upon arrival on Uranus, a body and brain will be replicated using the transmitted information out of new matter, nevertheless this new body still retains the same properties that E's previous body had. In terms of perspective, E will only experience falling into a deep sleep on Earth before waking up on Uranus when the body is recreated.

E proceeds to travel back and forth using this Transporter as if it was merely a car. However, one day E enters the large Transporter machine as usual, lies down on the provided bed and hits the button to initiate the transportation.

One second passes, two seconds pass, three seconds pass, and nothing happens. An assistant tasked with maintaining the Transporter’s functions assures E that everything is fine. The machine has been upgraded thanks to new technology, which allows E’s structure information to be transmitted to Uranus and reproduced without destroying E’s body on Earth.

However a few moments later, the Transporter inventor J.M. enters the machine and pulls E out into his office. With a grave expression on his face, J.M. apologizes before delivering a piece of news to E.
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This is ultimately a fancier variant of the Ship of Theseus problem, which is only a problem inasmuch as it leads us to question the very nature of authenticity. A human body isn't comparable to the Ship of Theseus though; there is a very high chance that most or all of your cells are different than they were when you were born. Having all of your cells replaced with a bunch of new ones instantaneously shouldn't matter. There is nothing inherently "you" about the cells that comprise you, just their composition.

But I think the real question people are struggling with in this sort of example is one of consciousness and self. But we have to ask: What are "you?" Are you really anything more than a perception of continuous consciousness? Are you the same person you were 5 years ago? 10 years ago? Do you have the same desires and thoughts? Is the experience useless to you if it's nothing more than an implanted memory that never happened? How can you be sure your memories aren't? What if you got a traumatic head injury like Phineas Gage, whom friends said acted like a different man afterward?

My argument here would be that E-Prime and E-Uranus are different people, but both are E and indeed both were the same E up until the moment both regained (or gained) consciousness. Same memories, same pattern, same existence up to that point so far as their consciousness is concerned. After that point, there are now two people, one of whom is on Earth and has a fatal condition and another who is on Uranus and does not. Giving it any more thought than that necessitates involving unprovable entities. We can demonstrably prove there are two Es, but they diverge in consciousness thereafter and become distinct individuals. Experience of consciousness determines sense of self. You are "yourself" only inasmuch as you appear to think you are.

The only reason this is weird to you is because it sounds weird when you make a brain teaser out of it, in much the same way being afraid of a teleporter sounds weird to someone who isn't used to it. Yes, it kills you and reconstitutes you physically in another location. What of it? You don't notice;
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This has nothing to do with the ship of theseus problem since the materials of the two people have nothing to do with each other, only the information about the structure. You do notice being killed but you don't notice being reconstituted because that copy is a distinct instance of yourself and your consciousness doesn't magically transfer to it. Even if sleep turned out to be the same it'd just mean that death in general is extremely commonplace, not that it's not something to worry about.
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It's not a hypothetical variant of death, it's just regular death but a clone pops out afterwards.
>and this particular case has literally none of the negatives that normal death has.
You missed the somewhat important part where this only applies to everyone except the guy who just exploded in the teleporter. From your perspective, you've just committed suicide. Congratulations, you are dead. Very much and truly so.
It's only to everyone besides yourself that someone who looks and acts exactly like you continues to exist.

If you ask me, I wouldn't ever use the teleporter in the first place. I don't really feel like killing myself every time I want to get from point A to B, no matter how convenient it may be in video games where you just revive at the church or in front of the king whenever you die.
On the other hand, if other people wanted to use it, I'd say "go right ahead, makes no difference to me". It'd be a ridiculously useful mode of transport for objects or even people, so I say go ahead and build thousands of the things; just don't ever put me anywhere near one of them.

Not to mention the completion of such a machine would first require the technology for flawlessly perfect and instantaneous cloning, which if you ask me would be a much more impressive and scientifically beneficial thing than simply being able to move from one place to another very quickly.
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It's similar to the objection being made that the other being isn't you, in the same sense a fully-replaced ship is no longer the same ship. Except it is, because there's continuity. For a vessel it's the continuity of identification; for an individual it's the appearance of continuity of consciousness, which is philosophically no different from actual continuity of consciousness.

There is no "from your perspective" of the dead original, because they're dead and their perspective ceases at the exact moment the new perspective resumes. The only way perspective can continue is in the case of the copying variant, which simply produces two "yous" that diverge immediately into two distinct individuals who share the same history.

In the case of the transportation instead of duplication, "you" continue to exist without noticing any difference. The appearance of continuity is impossible to notice, only to rationalize intellectually. It is true that the individual biological construct that is your original goes in and dies, but that doesn't matter. "You" are your consciousness. If you suffered irreversible amnesia, you wouldn't be "you" anymore; the loss of your consciousness is functionally equivalent to death. But if you woke up one day in a robot body, you'd probably argue that you were "still you," even though clearly something happened to your biological body. You can replace what constitutes you as long as your consciousness believes it remains the same.

After all, there's no way to know you weren't created by a duplication process this morning that destroyed the body that went to sleep in your best last night. There's no way to know the universe existed five minutes ago. "You" are perception and consciousness, and as long as a "you"
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File 137358478130.png - (171.55KB , 500x281 , tumblr_mpfrwm1JNE1r7m58jo8_500.png )
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Ya'll know that DR just got an anime, right?
Episode two just came out, still RAW.
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File 134199735242.png - (15.10KB , 429x413 , 1340645027620.png )
Hey that's pretty cool, that was coded in sublimetext. I knew you could add backgrounds, but that's a cool idea.
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File 137772021478.png - (305.29KB , 379x337 , tumblr_ms88appVFH1rsdrr3o1_400.png )
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File 129607325775.jpg - (35.68KB , 186x131 , hiyo-oh.jpg )

Last edited at 13/08/28(Wed)16:13:10
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File 137775319886.png - (116.84KB , 400x400 , seija.png )

File 137152704577.jpg - (305.35KB , 1440x810 , im dreaming of a wide christmas.jpg )
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Because it's time for a new one, again~

(And you can never get enough sunshine!)
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I activated it with a proper product key received by purchasing Windows 7 64-bit which makes the not genuine labels disappear.
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File 129607325775.jpg - (35.68KB , 186x131 , hiyo-oh.jpg )
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I haven't seen the first episode, which sub should I download?
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File 129607325775.jpg - (35.68KB , 186x131 , hiyo-oh.jpg )

File 136966215749.jpg - (350.11KB , 1920x1080 , wide feast.jpg )
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Because it's time for a new one~!
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they did
it's called hikaru no go
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File 13715270962.jpg - (351.94KB , 768x864 , Nori study.jpg )

File 136997803348.png - (92.15KB , 480x280 , 5(98).png )
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Do any of you actually know this series? It's INCREDIBLY obscure, and understandably so, since it's not even a localized game in the U.S.
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weeaboo school
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File 137005724328.jpg - (258.39KB , 793x524 , FRESHPRINCE.jpg )
Yamada's voice actor did the voice of Will Smith in the Japanese dub of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Yamada is the motherfucking Fresh Prince
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File 132589819792.png - (5.39KB , 40x60 , tinykinjo.png )
Weeaboo school indeed. I hadn't heard of Dangan Ronpa until Hide mentioned it. The LP and upcoming anime are the only ways I bet most people would ever know of it.

You should check your email.
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File 137042474883.png - (78.43KB , 480x280 , 5(105).png )
Least it's not the Hetalia kind of weeabo school..
Oh God I never do, sorry Kinjo.

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