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Nostalgia and streams general. And general general general.

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File 130580252381.jpg - (254.62KB , 500x500 , 1300162999901.jpg )
13798 No. 13798 edit
>implying Erika isn't a good singer
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File 129607519865.png - (30.13KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea3.png )
Because Jessica was already taken.
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File 129907369128.jpg - (22.55KB , 409x386 , rage of a thousand suns.jpg )
>> No. 13956 edit
File 130602689284.png - (638.47KB , 907x1161 , bea_a13 enduring 1.png )
I'm pretty sure this is what they call three timing.
>> No. 13957 edit
File 129616366225.png - (32.63KB , 200x200 , test.png )
Three? if anything this would be dual paced.
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>> No. 13959 edit
File 130291272321.png - (2.69KB , 153x165 , Lion222.png )
>> No. 13960 edit
>this thread
>> No. 13961 edit
File 129697359650.jpg - (38.89KB , 308x166 , ldb.jpg )
What about it?
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File 130540564837.png - (66.95KB , 300x217 , kan_odorokia44.png )
>> No. 13963 edit
File 130602915757.png - (690.99KB , 1070x1161 , bea_a11 enduring 1.png )
Eh, it's all relative anyways.

You seem familiar...
>> No. 13964 edit
File 130603039895.png - (135.61KB , 405x480 , rio_majimea1.png )
this thread...
really? I never saw you before
>> No. 13965 edit
I don't remember much about the beginning of the dream, other than the two girls being friends with me or something. We did fun stuff, warm fuzzy feelings etc, then for some reason in the dream, route flag triggers, save box pops up etc, and I go with the one girl (though in the dream, wishing for both as greedy as it sounds), but am still friends with the one. Continue even more lovey-dovey fuzzy feelings, normal couple stuff, etc, eventually go on vacation I think with my family, bringing her with me. Then at some point it gets weird that she's part something (some former underwater people who look like humans or something) and if I choose to stay with her (though they want her to join them back in the ocean/water/whatevers), she can stay there without any adverse effects if she eats 3 of some certain kind of fish every x amount of time, and all the people around me try and make the decision for me even though I'm okay with it. So those underwater people give me another choice (even though the others made the choice for me and I'm pissed about it), which is to find pieces of some weird shells or something, which is used with something they made that if I find these pieces, the underwater people would rule the world or something. (But really, stay with her, world gets screwed, etc, not fair) Cue reload screen showing up in my dream(not by choice), but no choice to reload/load to a previous save, etc. Woke up not short after that.
>> No. 13966 edit
Well, it would be kinda difficult to forget that kind of dream.
>> No. 13967 edit
Clearly, using the world-ruling artifact yourself would have been the wise decision.
>> No. 13968 edit
File 129617170897.png - (15.61KB , 217x157 , kanonheh_ib4f.png )
That's no good, because then you would have to live the rest of your life waiting for a horde of adventurers to defeat you.
>> No. 13969 edit
Until then, he lives like a king, right?
>> No. 13970 edit
Well, I doubt the people (nor the girlfriend) would approve of that sort of thing, along with what anon said. What's the point of ruling the world, etc if you don't have the one you love?
>> No. 13971 edit
File 130603327068.png - (168.04KB , 700x921 , king.png )
Who would refuse to be queen of the world, anyway.
>> No. 13972 edit
File 129632666344.png - (13.95KB , 217x157 , kanonheh.png )
The other choice would be to kill all of her family and take her home.
>> No. 13973 edit
Sure sounds like a weird dating sim. Maybe it can be included in Saya no Uta 2 or something...~
>> No. 13974 edit
I think it was less family and more like very very distant relatives.
>> No. 13975 edit
File 129616585795.png - (104.66KB , 180x513 , Mutare full.png )
Hullo Secret Seacats~!
>> No. 13976 edit
File 13059526518.jpg - (175.49KB , 354x250 , great conqueror.jpg )
Hello, Mutare. How are uryou?
>> No. 13977 edit
File 129615630897.png - (136.11KB , 284x441 , Mutare Content.png )
I'm doing well great general Sakutarou~
Coding away at web design assignments, I know somethings seriously wrong when I understand HTML~
>> No. 13978 edit
File 129866883429.png - (111.90KB , 300x317 , greatness at work.png )
HTML's not too bad. I've worked with that before.
>> No. 13979 edit
File 13043845899.png - (859B , 59x68 , 0Lion1678.png )
With all this silence I want to believe that there is a secret place where all the activity takes place.
>> No. 13980 edit
File 129615784438.png - (116.31KB , 284x441 , Mutare Dislike.png )
I really need to learn PHP and fast, I've gotta make two contact forms and the magically acquire the power to use java script for a white box image gallery.

I kinda liked VB for what it was, it was pretty neat, only thing I disliked what that it really didn't have much practical application aside from making the basic of the basic programs.

Also if you want a challenge to try out action script for adobe flash. If you can retain your sanity that is~

Anon said he was going to help me understand some MySQL.
>> No. 13981 edit
File 12985793203.jpg - (38.54KB , 129x161 , kinda down.jpg )
Eugh. You took all that on without knowing how to make the stuff?
>> No. 13982 edit
File 129616723144.png - (187.47KB , 568x441 , Mutare Angry_b.png )
I shall bring this board back to life with my own hands if I have too!
T-take on... This is the mandatory part of my course the teachers haven't gotten round to teaching it and assuming that I've only got a few weeks left till I graduate I assume they won't ever get round too it at all.
>> No. 13983 edit
There's not much to talk about on the board anyway.
>> No. 13984 edit
Oh geez, will you be okay?
>> No. 13985 edit
There must be a way to recover the activity on seacats , it is a little depressing to go to the board with little activity....I dont know something must be done....
>> No. 13986 edit
File 130604370817.png - (38.08KB , 557x393 , CCC.png )
I hope so. This is just the web design stuff I've got too do. Also gotta do graphics for 2 separate flash games. My portal one is looking alright but I've gotta do a bit more of a background and then a pong game. Plus I've got to include research for the portal game at least.
Then I've gotta make another website for what I think web will be like in 2020, I'm gonna just use templates and sort it out but it's the research and writing for this which will be an issue.
Then I've gotta do two detailed proposals one for an educational game and one for a game for my choice.

Oh and I've got to do 30 forum posts on this message board.

And all of this has to be done in 3 weeks and due to the tafe's campus moving half the stuff isn't ready yet and I don't have CS5 so flash is impossible to do anywhere else but on campus that and because of the move it took time of what we can do and what the teachers can teach... Still charging me full price to attend at the damn place though ($100 a week)

Quiter talking quiter talk.

Well we are here and we must have something interesting to talk about~
>> No. 13987 edit
File 12985037457.png - (28.74KB , 211x186 , gotthegoods.png )
Say, do I have your instant messenger account?
>> No. 13988 edit
I hope I can get a chance to spend some of this graduation money on something soon. (Like a PSP or something.)
>> No. 13989 edit
File 12959236003.png - (136.32KB , 284x441 , Mutare Eyes closed Sad.png )
Only person who has my instant messenger is Cake.
My email is in the email field, yes it's childish but I've had it a very long time.
Aren't they meant to be releasing a new psp soonish though? I wouldn't get a 3DS myself but I think that gen of handhelds is about to end, hold onto your cash or blow it on a good time~
>> No. 13990 edit
IM get.
>> No. 13991 edit
>> No. 13992 edit
File 129697878863.png - (23.17KB , 187x220 , sakutaro_glare.png )
Isn't it a wee little itty bitty bit late for that?
>> No. 13993 edit
You should start playing again.
>> No. 13994 edit
File 129648555172.png - (13.72KB , 87x118 , sakutaro_rifyua2.png )
Don't wanna.
>> No. 13995 edit
>> No. 13996 edit

CM is fine, don't much feel like playing that seriously.
>> No. 13997 edit
File 130157650115.jpg - (30.72KB , 138x308 , uryuu mad.jpg )
Too bad, it's me! Not playing your game!
>> No. 13998 edit
Meh, screw 3ds and the new PSP thing coming out. Why pay a ton of money for a new system and all that when you can get a decent PSP2000 or 1000 for cheap (new OR used) so you can play games, pirated games, and other stuff on.
>> No. 13999 edit
Guess I'll go play by myself then?
>> No. 14000 edit
/seacats/ wouldn't be /seacats/ without the extended silence.
>> No. 14001 edit
Ban everybody for one day.
>> No. 14002 edit
It wouldn't be the same, would it.
>> No. 14004 edit
finally, new thread
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