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File 13214422679.jpg - (16.72KB , 590x639 , blank-face_9453447_std.jpg )
28081 No. 28081 edit
Round one! Who wears glasses?
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>> No. 28083 edit
File 129713440533.png - (135.06KB , 379x431 , rg4_akuwaraia4.png )
I would wear glasses, or pants, if my master ordered me to!
>> No. 28085 edit
File 129697429149.png - (319.28KB , 484x580 , 凛私服01d眼鏡(近).png )
See >>28084
>> No. 28088 edit
File 129763654828.png - (136.66KB , 380x431 , rg4_komarua2.png )
That's not what I meant! I'd never do dirty things to myself, I have more self honor than that! It just sounds like a lewd saying that a lewd person would be used to...saying...

I-I didn't mean chastity itself was ugly, just your skirt! The skirt of purity! That's ugly!
>> No. 28089 edit
File 132144285680.jpg - (93.50KB , 589x857 , 96743``.jpg )
You obviously have no master! You are just trying to hide the fact that you are a dirty lewdy McLewdenstein!

>wanting to show off legs
>> No. 28090 edit
File 130180301065.jpg - (74.37KB , 800x774 , 1299261324933.jpg )
I have to agree, that is pretty lewd to want to show off your legs like that.

What's so ugly about skirts?!
>> No. 28091 edit
File 132144304162.png - (1.56MB , 1341x1079 , 7ea2357099457.png )
So you think purity is ugly as well!?
And you just admitted you are a lewd person because you said something lewd that said lewd person would think up! Lewd mind = Lewd talk = Lewd person!

Admit it now and we won't burn you by the steak! We'll just throw you in the oven at 300 degrees until you are a crispy golden brown!
>> No. 28092 edit
File 132144331410.png - (133.49KB , 366x440 , rg4_nakua1.png )
I don't currently have a master, but if I did that's what I'd do! My non-existent lewdness does not override my furniture's sense of honor!

H-How is that lewd? I'm not doing anything lewd! It's almost similar to that Zettai Ryoukai that you yourself like so much~!

U-uwaa....no, I meant the skirt...! Skirts aren't always ugly, but that particular one is..!
>> No. 28093 edit
File 130940425454.jpg - (100.03KB , 530x800 , 6eed08ef5e99edac59c310e9d20b2cc142331ac0.jpg )
Which skirt?
>> No. 28094 edit
File 12971283768.png - (133.33KB , 366x438 , rg4_fumana1.png )
The "Skirt of Purity" that Ilya was wearing! It's just pure white and...blah. I think your skirt is much more stylish.
>> No. 28095 edit
File 129811774863.jpg - (105.93KB , 600x725 , Trick or Treat Rin.jpg )
It's white because it's pure, obviously.

Also, mine is black because it's pure.
>> No. 28096 edit
File 132144357022.png - (158.43KB , 424x593 , S21_JUN_0_00B_04_00_L.png )
I think I lost a dozen or so IQ points trying to comprehend what just happened to this conversation.
I blame you, Belphe.
>> No. 28097 edit
File 129712896990.png - (134.98KB , 377x433 , rg4_komarua1.png )
Wait a sec...isn't black traditionally viewed as the opposite of purity? Both skirts pure even though they're two very opposing shades?!

Y-You should have jumped in to help me then! I was being overwhelmed, I couldn't stop it all by myself!
>> No. 28098 edit
File 132144272145.jpg - (107.22KB , 699x775 , 2689043232.jpg )
So you dillude yourself with fabrications of a master that doesn't exist in order to subconsciously give you excuses to be lewd, thus feeding your appetite for attention and doing naughty things! By the reference material of the "Psychology Textbook That Totally Exists And Is Credible", not only are you lewd, but you are insane and lewd! Which probably makes you a Yandere too!

And that particular one is one is pure! Thus by association, you think purity is ugly! You hate purity! You must be lewd!
>> No. 28099 edit
The woman in red. Whore of babylon, etc.
>> No. 28100 edit
You lewd people.

I wear glasses, ok I answered, where's my prize.
>> No. 28101 edit
File 129696918980.png - (207.39KB , 515x555 , Rin Laugh.png )
You clearly can't understand because you're insane. See >>28098
>> No. 28102 edit
File 132144387990.png - (134.43KB , 387x593 , S21_JUN_0_00A_09_00_L.png )
The only thing overwhelming this conversation is the level of lewdness originating from the three of you.
Rather, why do you automatically assume I'd be on your side, anyway?!
>> No. 28103 edit
File 130082758587.png - (137.63KB , 384x431 , rg4_akuwaraia2.png )
Ehehehe, I think you should check your references before sourcing things that do not exist! I have not once done anything lewd or naughty; it is everyone else who is accusing me of doing these things! A master is my way of saying that I would only be lewd if ordered to do so, I would do anything if I was ordered to! I-I don't know how you get yandere out of this weird convers...debate!

And I don't think purity is ugly, because I said Rin's skirt was pretty, yet she told me it's just as pure as yours!
>> No. 28104 edit
File 132144392220.jpg - (163.17KB , 939x1003 , 7254234561.jpg )
Of course it's Belphe's fault! If she wasn't lewd, Super Admin wouldn't have gone to jail for murder! If she wasn't lewd, 9/11 wouldn't have happened! And everyone would be happy and not hungry and there would be peace and everyone would get their own rainbow to fly on!
>> No. 28105 edit
File 132144392398.png - (805.34KB , 681x681 , Mexican-10-Pesos-Front.png )
>> No. 28106 edit
File 129712959136.png - (134.82KB , 379x432 , rg4_akuwaraia1.png )
Oh god, now we have to have some religious background in order to get ahead in these silly debates!?

Pssh, I proved her wrong in my above post. Ilya is so eager to smear my good name, don't listen to her lies!

Because your helpfulness rating was really high, remember!? I was being attacked by two people so I thought maybe you'd want to "help" me!
>> No. 28107 edit
I don't need that third world trash metal, burn it or dump it please.
>> No. 28108 edit
File 129819981910.jpg - (65.71KB , 400x596 , QueenOfThreads.jpg )
But you still don't understand how black is pure, and why you have to watch out for red! It should be obvious, right~?
>> No. 28109 edit
File 132144427553.png - (463.49KB , 425x771 , 562343.png )
Not lewd! Not lewd at all! See!? It says it right here on my Psychology Textbook that completely exists and was written by every psychologist in the world!

You obviously can't see it because you are crazed with lewdness! You couldn't even tell which colors were pure or not! You are no better than a cat or dog! Both you and them are colored-blind! And guess what? They both go by instinct of trying to satisfy their sexual desires!

For instance, you keep assuming your master would give you such lewd orders! Imagining such a scenario when saying you are so dedicated to your 'master' is a subconscious cry for you to ease your guilt of being lewd! Thus, you are being lewd!
>> No. 28110 edit
This is a debate?!
>> No. 28111 edit
but it's from 2002 wasn't that such a great year
>> No. 28112 edit
File 13214443394.png - (140.21KB , 376x597 , S13_TADA_0_02A_01_01_L.png )
46% is hardly "really high," and it was actually right in the middle compared to all those other scores anyway. It's not like I actually like helping people or anything, so don't misunderstand.

>"You have to watch out for red!" she says, wearing plenty of red herself
Compelling argument, sis.
>> No. 28113 edit
File 132144439223.png - (450.34KB , 613x663 , 7660009.png )
I'm not attacking people! I should kill you for saying that!
>> No. 28114 edit
File 130082601637.png - (136.28KB , 382x430 , rg4_majimea1.png )
U-Umm...because red reminds everyone instinctively of blood? That is kinda gross actually; I don't wanna think of blood when I'm pursuing clothing stores. I guess black is pure because it looks nice and...sultry? Actually that makes it seem lewd to me...

Are you saying that all color-blind people are on the same level as cats and dogs!? That all color blind people are inherently lewd!? Ridiculous! A-And no, you're all saying I'm lewd and doing lewd actions, but I'm trying to say that the only time I'd ever do lewd actions is if a master ordered me to do so! I'm not imagining it at all...it's just the only time I would do it!
>> No. 28115 edit
File 129592512019.png - (174.53KB , 500x600 , 1246415069958.png )
I don't know what you're trying to imply.

See, this is why people call you lewd~
>> No. 28116 edit
File 129763438245.png - (134.19KB , 379x432 , rg4_defa1.png )
I think so! They're trying to debate with my good name, they want to prove to everyone I'm lewd! I must fight for my honor.

N-Not even me? I thought you wanted to help end this lewd charade!

Whoa, you sound pretty psychotic there, sis. Maybe you have some repressed sadistic urges or something.
>> No. 28117 edit
File 13152326056.jpg - (85.78KB , 530x778 , illyarap.jpg )
The correlation is quite high, so it's very possible! But with you there is no question! Lewdy McLewd-Nopants! And you can't deny my factial facts that are very true! Denying them only makes you look even more lewd! Which you probably wanted from the beginning!

And saying you would only be lewd for your master is still admitting you would be lewd in the future which is also true because you have been lewd in the past and present! So of course you would be lewd in the future! Of course you would follow lewd commands, regards of how pure your master is! Because you are lewd! The dictionary form of it! The very existence of it! Belphegor of Lewdness!
>> No. 28118 edit
Did something happen in that year.
>> No. 28119 edit
File 132144492917.jpg - (28.18KB , 279x501 , 76r2312932a.jpg )
I'm not your sister and I'm not psychotic. The voices in my head told me so!
>> No. 28120 edit
File 129763654828.png - (136.66KB , 380x431 , rg4_komarua2.png )
W-Why!? I'm so lost, I don't know the secret behind red and black! I know you're wearing both but I don't know why the colors are distinctively "pure" and one to watch out for!

But what if your facts are wrong?! Denying facts that aren't really facts is the only way I can prove my innocence; you're trying to totally disarm me! What would you do then, I wonder? You probably want me to be submissive, you want me to surrender to you completely in my will. You're the pervert, you get excited by trying to make me submit to you!
>> No. 28121 edit
File 132144512844.jpg - (24.88KB , 640x360 , [MCS]Kamen Rider Kuuga 33_avi_snapshot_17_04_[2011.jpg )
I don't get the whole correlation between lewdness and the colour red, to be honest. My bedroom walls are painted red, all of my favourite shirts are red, etc.
I actually think it's rather a strong, brave colour. It looks cool, that's why I like it. Plus Kuuga is red, so how could it possibly be a bad colour?

I cannot follow your train of logic, at all.
>> No. 28122 edit
File 130627135730.jpg - (117.84KB , 296x1000 , 1246416536197.jpg )
It's probably because red is the color of passion.

>you probably want me to be submissive
You'd like that, wouldn't you?!
>> No. 28123 edit
File 131545070866.jpg - (50.86KB , 461x499 , 1314676869111.jpg )
Now you are showing your true colors~

Suggesting such scenarios like that proves just how lewd you are! For you see, I never suggesting such things! Meaning you subconsciously want to be dominated! It's all here in the Psychology Manual I got from the QuickyMart!

"Those suggest what isn't there is clearly that what they are denying! Especially if they are girls in a pony-tail, ridiculous outfit, and is nicknamed Belphe aka Belphegor of Sloth" (God and Budda and Freud, pg 5)

See!? I told you that you are lewd! So it's better to admit it and have you cleansed... with fire! Or have you place into a soft padded room... made of fire! Or have you seek professional help... with fire!
>> No. 28124 edit
File 130084485472.png - (136.40KB , 372x436 , rg4_akuwaraia3.png )
Ehehehe, red is the color of passion, and your room and most of your clothing is red. I guess you do have a passionate zeal to be an adventurer, right?

N-Not at all! It just makes sense with her aggressive way of trying to get me to admit I'm lewd in defeat! If I wanted to be submissive I would have given in to her, but I haven't yet!

...Odd that you would pick up on that though, domihime-tan~
>> No. 28125 edit
File 130082707330.png - (129.85KB , 366x440 , rg4_ikaria1.png )
H-How would God and Buddha even work as psychological references?! It's not true....I didn't even suggest anything! I just construed that that's your end goal! It wasn't me saying "please dominate me, Ilya-tan!"

Why do all my punishments have to involve fire?! I'm allergic to fire...and pain!
>> No. 28126 edit
File 129696840755.png - (191.06KB , 765x580 , Rin Says Deal.png )
You lobbed it over the plate, I at least had to take a swing. More like a courtesy swing than anything else...~
>> No. 28127 edit
File 129712896990.png - (134.98KB , 377x433 , rg4_komarua1.png )
I should be more considerate of what I say, lest I face more outrageous accusations like this in the future. I don't think every single swing will be a courtesy swing....muu.
>> No. 28128 edit
File 130757377132.png - (61.95KB , 196x208 , m01_28.png )
If they are who they say they are, then why not!? They are God and Buddha! They should be able to do anything, even going into depths of psychology!

You suggested it through the vagueness of word and the arrange of your phrasing! It is clear that you want to be dominated! Which is lewd! You even said it yourself!

>please dominate me, Ilya-tan!

See!? Belphe the Lewd!

Fire is to purify your soul from all the lewd! But if you are allergic to it, then I guess we can just throw you into lava or have you strapped down in front of the sun until you are nothing but ashes! Seems fair enough, right?
>> No. 28129 edit
File 12971283768.png - (133.33KB , 366x438 , rg4_fumana1.png )
There is no proof that God exists, and the Buddha has been dead for like thirty years or something! Your books is false on the grounds that these two entities could not have written it, na na na na na!

Wait a second, aren't you the only one who is "seeing" that the "arrangement" and "vagueness" of my wording is "lewd"? Doesn't that mean that it's YOU who is the lewd person, seeing the lewdness in this!? Lewd mind = seeing lewd talk = lewd person, just like you said!!

U-Um...I should rephrase that. I'm allergic to anything "hot". And beyond that, pain. Maybe giving me a foot massage, along with an ice cold nestea, would be an appropriate punishment~?
>> No. 28130 edit
File 132144439223.png - (450.34KB , 613x663 , 7660009.png )
They do exist! In everyone's heart! Of course, not yours, because it's filled with filthy lies of filth and lewdness. No room for truth and god and turkey sandwiches!

It's only lewd because you said it's lewd, which doesn't make it lewd at all. Now, when I said you are lewd for thinking lewd things of speaking lewd words to do lewd actions, then that means you are quite lewd. But I am quite pure, because my skirt of purity protects me from such things. And I am pure through and through because my heart is filled with pureness of pure, god and turkey sandwiches. I'm as pure as the white snow or Turpentine or a 2D waifu~

Foot massages would only enhance your lewdness! And I guess we can't use hot things to purify you if you are always hot and bothered by every little thing. So maybe we can go Ice Age on you and freeze you to death! With fire!
>> No. 28131 edit
All of you are sluts.
>> No. 28132 edit
File 130083893771.png - (135.50KB , 372x434 , rg4_waraia2.png )
No way, my heart is filled with a lot of neat and interesting things! You might have me on turkey sandwiches though; wouldn't want to get fat. I hope you'll be able to fit into that precious skirt of yours with all these...turkey sandwiches.

T-This is ahhh! So you're only pure because you wear the purity skirt that you soon won't fit into that makes you pure, and I'm only lewd because I said it's lewd, which doesn't really make it lewd at all, but it IS lewd because you say it is irregardless of what any other entity, God, or Buddha thinks because your heart is full of blubber, chicken and lies...?

Ice age would lead to cavemen world eventually, right on!! That's a brilliant idea; since I'm obviously so hot, I'll be able to survive to see my glorious world come true! What a great punishment~
>> No. 28133 edit
File 132002993741.png - (725.74KB , 595x842 , 45745975679t632.png )
I'm not fat! My body is perfectly complimented with my outfit and pureness! Thus, my shape, figure, personality, and all that is me is pure~

I'm pure because I'm pure and you're lewd because you are lewd. Just as how I'm Not Buruma Girl because I'm Not Buruma Girl and how you are Belphe because you are Belphe. Why are you making things more complicated than they need to be?

>so hot
I feel sorry for the cavemen who have to put up with your lewdness! No, we will be sending you to the Ice World of Iceness which is covered in fire! You'll only be able to come in contact with ice, snow and the occasional ice flea!
>> No. 28134 edit
File 129713440533.png - (135.06KB , 379x431 , rg4_akuwaraia4.png )
You take that back! I didn't fight off this rabid midget for the last few hours just to have my reputation soiled again!

Things aren't always that simple! If one does lewd actions, then they can be labeled as lewd. You can't just say they are lewd just because they're...lewd...without going deeper and finding out what caused them to be lewd in the first place!

H-How is the Ice world of [/i]iceness[/i] covered in fire?! A-And I don't want to be near lice...that's just mean!
>> No. 28135 edit
It can't be helped. You are the lewdest one around right now.
>> No. 28136 edit
File 132144819133.jpg - (24.98KB , 412x352 , HA HA HA BLESS YOUR SOUL.jpg )
>rabid midget
>> No. 28138 edit
File 13214484181.jpg - (82.68KB , 750x1082 , 1221279962286.jpg )
>There is no proof that God exists, and the Buddha has been dead for like thirty years or something!
>> No. 28139 edit
File 132144845571.jpg - (261.80KB , 1248x1080 , 1319938902465.jpg )
It just seems more complicated because of your denseness. A thing that weighs on scale of your lewdness as perhaps equals! But yes, you are lewd because you are lewd. And if you are going deeper into it, then you are even more lewd! In more ways than one! And we all know you are lewd because you have lewdness inside you from your days of lewdhood!

Obviously it's so cold and icy that fire can exist there. Just how fire can exist at the bottom of the ocean! And don't worry about the lice. We'll be shaving your head before you go there. They make great conversation partners, btw~
>> No. 28140 edit
File 129763438245.png - (134.19KB , 379x432 , rg4_defa1.png )
Muuu....I didn't think I was lewd...just look at feenie, asking to lick me. How shameful.

U-Um, I have to answer this in a way that won't be misconstrued as lewd.

Err, no..?
>> No. 28141 edit

You should stop asking for it though. srsly
>> No. 28142 edit
File 130083158487.png - (130.48KB , 366x439 , rg4_hohoemia2.png )
Kamen rider is my hero, even if he does look like a bug.

Grrrr...first I was dense, which Piece lapped onto me, and now I'm lewd, thanks to your valiant efforts. If you're sooooo sure lewdness is my power, I'll just have to think of how to use it to my advantage to get back at you. I'm dense, so surely this will work out to your detriment!

Fire doesn't exist at the bottom of the ocean though! Only Cthulhu. Cthulhu fhatghan, sleep in slumber, Othuum. If you shave my head, I'll rip your stupid skirt! Then you won't be so pure anymore~!
>> No. 28143 edit
Cthulhu still lives, too, I suppose, again in that chasm of stone which has shielded him since the sun was young. His accursed city is sunken once more, for the Vigilant sailed over the spot after the April storm; but his ministers on earth still bellow and prance and slay around idol-capped monoliths in lonely places. He must have been trapped by the sinking whilst within his black abyss, or else the world would by now be screaming with fright and frenzy. Who knows the end? What has risen may sink, and what has sunk may rise. Loathsomeness waits and dreams in the deep, and decay spreads over the tottering cities of men. A time will come—but I must not and cannot think! Let me pray that, if I do not survive this manuscript, my executors may put caution before audacity and see that it meets no other eye.
>> No. 28144 edit
File 132144885717.png - (1.56MB , 1024x768 , culturalvictory.png )
But... I like culture.
>> No. 28145 edit
File 132144901372.jpg - (197.30KB , 600x848 , Rin Gun.jpg )
You can't just go ripping people's skirts off! That's super lewd!
>> No. 28146 edit
File 132144903629.jpg - (164.42KB , 879x1073 , 457611.jpg )
What!? No! Stay away from me! You have lewd cooties! Don't touch me, you dirty girl! Iyaaaa!
>> No. 28147 edit
File 129763341031.png - (129.50KB , 369x440 , rg4_fumana2.png )
Rise! O Nameless Ones: That in Thy Season Thine Own of Thy Choosing. Through Thy Spells and Thy Magic, Through Dreams and Enchantry, May know of Thy Coming; And rush to Thy Pleasure, For the Love of Our Master, Knight of Cthulhu, Deep Slumberer in Green, Othuum....

I think culture is a great thing, but after a certain point I think things tend to get a bit complicated. In a social sense, I wish we were more laid back about things. I'm tired of all the bickering and fighting; can't we all just get along? Thinking that reverting back to some allegorical caveman state would actually bring about any kind of peace is naive though, and I know that~
>> No. 28148 edit
File 129713224586.png - (132.69KB , 366x439 , rg4_odorokia3.png )
O-Okay, but conversely you can't just decide to punish someone by cutting off their beautiful hair! I was only going to do it in self defense, honest!

B-But I don't have cooties yet, I'd get them from the lice....right? What are cooties anyway?
>> No. 28149 edit
File 132003567130.jpg - (47.60KB , 331x819 , 8736996431.jpg )
I told you, you don't have to worry about lice since you'll be bald! Also, cooties are, well, you know Hinamizawa Syndrome, lvl 5? Totally not that. Cooties are more like radioactive fireants that crawl into people and bite them from the inside until they are filled with out lewdness. Of course, I learned that from National Geographics last week, so this info is totally legit.
>> No. 28150 edit
File 130082601637.png - (136.28KB , 382x430 , rg4_majimea1.png )
No, Rin said I'm not allowed to touch your skirt, so you can't make me bald! That's the stipulation! R-Rin surely wouldn't want nothing bad to happen to either your skirt or my precious hair.

...I...don't know if I like the sound of that. How can I have cooties now, though, if you're saying I'm lewd? They aren't doing their job very well so there is no need to think I'll pass them onto you!
>> No. 28151 edit
File 132145032442.jpg - (139.02KB , 1366x768 , Sleepytime.jpg )
Rin actually told me she likes you bald. It's totally the in-thing to be bald! I'm bald, but then I grew my hair back, but since I was bald, I'm still cool~

Anyways, she likes having me wear skirts and buruma alot more than you having hair~

Also, it's clear you are there Queen carrier of these cooties! From the amounts of lewdness emanating from your pores, it's clear evidence of that!

So to be safe, I better leave. Bye-bye~
>> No. 28152 edit
File 130082707330.png - (129.85KB , 366x440 , rg4_ikaria1.png )
Grrrr....impudent midget. I think it's pretty clear that I won this little argument. I'll let you go for now~
>> No. 28153 edit
File 132145090449.jpg - (28.95KB , 300x300 , sleep.jpg )
Goodnight! Both of you should come back soon. Though if you're going to argue, at least make it about something less obvious than Bel's lewdness...or whatever the hell it was about.
>> No. 28154 edit
File 129712959136.png - (134.82KB , 379x432 , rg4_akuwaraia1.png )
Well I'm not sleeping yet. I have one last load to finish before I can finally be released from the shackles of my laundry. The sun is up, and it's way past 3-5, but I have nothing to do so I'll just sleep all day.
>> No. 28155 edit
k I added you

Didn't like FF13 so much huh?
>> No. 28156 edit
File 129592581061.jpg - (810.64KB , 2480x3507 , 1291574442885.jpg )
Farewell, and sweet dreams~
>> No. 28157 edit
E-Eh? Can you see a list of all the games I played or something?

To be honest I hated that game. I played about two hours of it with my sister before quitting. FF10 was the last good FF for me, and I only played 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 and 13.
>> No. 28158 edit
File 132145219815.jpg - (185.89KB , 583x800 , 11032972.jpg )
>only played 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 and 13.
>didn't play 6
Oh man what are you doing, Belphe. You need to fix this at some point, 6 was by far my favourite of all the FF games I've played.
>> No. 28159 edit
File 129712938770.png - (133.83KB , 369x437 , rg4_hohoemia1.png )
My sister also wants to play 6, really badly. She's been asking me to get it for like, years now. I heard it's good but I never got around to playing it.

For the record, our favorite one was 9. I really like the setting, characters, and overall story in that game. I don't know how it holds up to 6, though.
>> No. 28160 edit
Yes I can~ You sure do love Dynasty Warriors. Is Sengoku Basara any good?

Bitch go play FF1, 3, and 4-6. You should probably just play 4-6 first if you like plots or some shit. You silly kids and your plots.

Wait...why do we hate 2 again? I can barely remember 2. It had some retarded leveling I guess but...well w/e that's the hated one.

Oh god I'm never gonna sleep.
>> No. 28161 edit
I am really double posting tonight! You'll like 6 if you liked any of the PS1 FF's because it's what really started the CINEMATIC thing.
>> No. 28162 edit
File 132144331410.png - (133.49KB , 366x440 , rg4_nakua1.png )
Uooooh, that's so personal! Dynasty Warriors was an important part of my childhood, so I'm compelled to buy each new one that comes out. It's practically torture.

Basara is good if you know the story and characters, I guess. I watched both seasons of the anime so I'm extremely familiar with the setting and what's going on. I'm also a big fan of the Sengoku era in general, so that made the game more enjoyable. It plays kinda like Devil May Cry mixed with Dynasty Warriors.

1...3, 4,6 2? I never played any of those, fufuf. My childhood was with FF7; that's the first one I picked up.
>> No. 28163 edit
Aw, afraid I'll say you like shit games~? You're fine. I got some shit games.

I played 4 first. Yeah 7 is fantastic. I didn't like 8 very much. 9 is my favorite of all the PS1 games. Sooo I'm your average /v/irgin I guess. I fucking hated the 9 fans on /v/ though. Holy shit. Surprisingly the FF7 fans were pretty cool there. 5 too.
>> No. 28164 edit
File 129712896990.png - (134.98KB , 377x433 , rg4_komarua1.png )
I honestly do like cliche and niche games. I can't ever get into good games like STALKER or the neat games that Ange likes to play, mostly because I only have this stupid laptop. I'm not really your average /v/irgin because I'm totally stuck with consoles. Oh well.

7 is really good, but it's short. I think a lot of the reason I like it is because of nostalgia googles. Either way, I always enjoy playing through it. 8 sucked. I never even finished it. I hated the plot, the DRAW system, everything. 9 was the best, and 10 was better than 8 but less than 7. Guess that's about what most of /v/ thinks, and yeah, 9 fans are annoying as hell for some reason.
>> No. 28165 edit
Audio Nobuo_Uematsu_-_Shuffle_or_Boogie.mp3 - (2.91MB , Nobuo Uematsu - Shuffle or Boogie.mp3 )
The best part about FF 8 was Triple Triad, and the flashbacks where you got to play as Laguna and his gang. The rest wasn't very good, but goddamn that fucking card game man, sucked away hours of my time.
>> No. 28166 edit
File 12971283768.png - (133.33KB , 366x438 , rg4_fumana1.png )
Oh snap, the laguna flashbacks were pretty boss. That was the most interesting part as you didn't know what the heck was going on. I think 8 did have a good card game; one of them had such a bad one, but I can't remember which.

The other thing 8 had going for it? The music. I really liked the music in 8, some of those songs were so awesome. Fisherman's Horizon, The man with the machine gun, fragments of memories...
>> No. 28167 edit
Audio Nobuo_Uematsu_-_The_Man_with_the_Machine_Gun.mp3 - (3.94MB , Nobuo Uematsu - The Man with the Machine Gun.mp3 )
>The Man with the Machine Gun
Mah nigga.
>> No. 28168 edit
File 130084876249.png - (135.20KB , 366x439 , rg4_odorokia2.png )
Now you're gonna make me look dense here because I don't know how to upload music.


I really like Fisherman's Horizon too. It's so damn peaceful. Game had a ton of good songs.
>> No. 28169 edit
File 131756981758.png - (53.74KB , 126x451 , chen2.png )
A person's birthday is today

and everyday there is a birthday

today is a special one though
>> No. 28170 edit
File 130083158487.png - (130.48KB , 366x439 , rg4_hohoemia2.png )
Whose birthday is it? We used to have lists on everyone's birthday...
>> No. 28171 edit
Audio Nobuo_Uematsu_-_Breezy.mp3 - (3.81MB , Nobuo Uematsu - Breezy.mp3 )
Same as how you upload images, but select an .mp3 file instead.
The site seems to hate Japanese characters and commas though, files with those in them keep either breaking or not going through.
>> No. 28172 edit
File 129712896990.png - (134.98KB , 377x433 , rg4_komarua1.png )
Huh, well I don't have these saved as .mp3's anyway. I have a few on my Ipod but that's it. Breezy is a nice one, along with the Balamb theme.
>> No. 28173 edit
File 131792722620.jpg - (255.78KB , 450x600 , 141.jpg )
Oh my, I wake up and I'm delighted to see Belphie up and on when I am. This is quite the present, what did I ever do to deserve this?
>> No. 28174 edit
File 129712938770.png - (133.83KB , 369x437 , rg4_hohoemia1.png )
Heh, you should have been up hours ago. That was when the true fireworks were going off.
>> No. 28175 edit
File 132145892149.jpg - (297.20KB , 600x1000 , 5c08b5d754a60fb335c3fc1e3153b7605a80593c.jpg )
I probably should have been. I've been trying to force myself to wake up early in the morning, rather than go to bed early in the morning.
Is there a cliff-notes version for these fireworks?
>> No. 28176 edit
File 132145908684.jpg - (15.55KB , 203x215 , 1318294379043.jpg )
That sounds nice. I think I tried to do that last week, didn't work. I always am up late into the mornings.

C-Cliff notes version? You mean like a summary? Basically I was insulted by a rabid midget. I was pretty scared, nya.
>> No. 28177 edit
File 131793406980.jpg - (68.99KB , 480x640 , 89.jpg )
Gosh, I tried the same thing to be honest.
Skyrim kinda ruined that for me, ehehe.
That sounds quite awful, geez.
>> No. 28178 edit
File 132145937995.jpg - (54.00KB , 300x311 , 1320445946505.jpg )
I keep starting over in Skryim. I have a "main" thief and I'm gonna start doing the thieves guild quest, but I can't decide what else to do. I went from making a mage, to making a warrior, then back to making a nord to finish the main questline. Game is overwhelming!

Also, my PS3 only lets me have two character files for some reason. That's pretty annoying.
>> No. 28179 edit
File 132146091121.jpg - (58.30KB , 300x368 , 1319417747488.jpg )
Ouch, I'm obviously PC master race for this. My computer fan gets so annoying when running it though.
I went from wanting to make a high elf mage into making a nord mage which turned into spamming heal and using a 2-hander. I got done with the main storyline 2 days ago and I'm quite impressed.
I'm sort of tempted to restart or something and make an elf archer maybe.
>> No. 28180 edit
Uwaaa, it's Belphe-chaaan~
>> No. 28181 edit
File 132146109031.jpg - (48.84KB , 300x266 , 1320447253144.jpg )
I would go PC master race if I wasn't in college and if I could afford a decent machine. I miss out on all the fun mods, mukyuuu.

How long did it take you to finish the main story? And no, I can't stand the High Elves. Stupid Thalmor are the entire reason the main war happened. I always go either Imperial or Breton, but making a Nord feels right with it being Skyrim and all.
>> No. 28182 edit
File 13214612638.jpg - (99.85KB , 351x490 , 1317171739093.jpg )
Exactly, it just felt right to be a nord in Skyrim.
I don't think it took too long, I'm not sure on the actual length but it isn't too big. It's mainly the sidequests that distract you from the whole thing. I was actually thinking of doing a speed run on the main storyline again to humor myself.
>> No. 28183 edit
File 132146141457.jpg - (23.63KB , 464x525 , 1320557955800.jpg )
Hiya. A bound sword mage sounds pretty sweet actually. Magic has such a nice feel in the game this time.

While it feels right to be a nord, I don't think I personally agree with the Stormcloaks. I'd rather side with the Imperials which kinda makes me feel like a traitor to Skyrim. Besides that though, yeah, I ended up with a huuuuge list of side quests. I wanted to focus on doing guild quests before advancing the main quest past Whiterun.
>> No. 28184 edit

The only problem is dying in two hits to virtually anything.
>> No. 28185 edit
File 132146203774.jpg - (26.84KB , 505x631 , 1319593655417.jpg )
It has a nice feel but going straight destruction is blowing yourself up because you can't do damage really later on.
Also, I went neutral for the take on that war between the Imperials and Stormcloaks.
I can't side with either, especially when you have Hitler in the Stormcloaks.
>> No. 28186 edit
File 132146222471.jpg - (239.52KB , 637x694 , 1320518735322.jpg )
Isn't it hard to duel wield bound weapons? I didn't get far as a mage but I think bound is pretty high level magic....?

They took out a few magics, didn't they? I forget which ones though. As for the Hitler I did hear that Ulfric was a royal prick, so that kinda undermines their entire movement. I side with the Imperials because they signed the treaty to try and keep the peace with the Thalmor; if the Nords and Imperials destroy themselves, that just benefits the stupid Elves.
>> No. 28187 edit
File 132146245663.png - (59.17KB , 205x230 , 1319701646157.png )
You just need enough magicka to dual cast bound sword. It's pretty low level magic. In fact, you can put it in both hands, cast one sword and wait for the magicka to come back to cast the second.
Well, they are all like "Skyrim only belongs to the Nords, we should be the only ones to live here." while the Imperials make sure that no one has a choice about anything.
>> No. 28188 edit
File 132146263881.jpg - (37.04KB , 300x262 , 1320558548534.jpg )
Uwaaa...so it's easy to do. Now I kinda wanna try it out for a bit~

Well not all Nords think that way, though. I ran into a lot of them that still support the Empire and the imperials, mostly because nords have been fundamental in forming the Empire with Tiber Septim and that. The Stormcloaks don't have the full support of Skryim, so I say they're just agitating things because one man wants to be High King. Screw that!
>> No. 28189 edit
File 129648375265.jpg - (43.87KB , 480x599 , groggy.jpg )
>> No. 28190 edit
Sleep well? Speaking of sleep, I think I should get some now as well. Nighty night~
>> No. 28191 edit
File 129761571735.png - (100.28KB , 319x318 , doh.png )
No, no I did not. I just wanna crawl back in bed and sleep for the rest of the day.
>> No. 28192 edit
File 129854396928.png - (87.60KB , 324x308 , belphiesleepu_1_ib4f.png )
Nighty night to both of you two then.
>> No. 28193 edit
File 129792024945.png - (22.88KB , 261x168 , despair.png )
I cannnnnn't! I have stuff to doooooooo!
>> No. 28194 edit
Too lazy to read Belphe's annoying posts except the first one which she ignorantly marks all of the "Occupy" protestors as Marxists.

Ryuga wears glasses? Good to know~
>> No. 28195 edit
File 132146380181.jpg - (39.98KB , 240x272 , sakutaro_notamused.jpg )
Geez, that's mean. Belphe, that's not a nice thing to say about them.
>> No. 28196 edit
But they're a bunch of smelly hippies who haven't achieved anything beyond holding up traffic for law-abiding citizens. Their concerns are founded, but they should either organize better or get the hell out of everyone's way.

Besides, the way they talk does seem a bit marxist at times. Even Libertarian.
>> No. 28197 edit
File 131758238818.png - (59.01KB , 128x458 , chen1.png )
Do protesters take showers when they need to shower?
>> No. 28198 edit
File 129694880474.png - (38.88KB , 208x207 , bobblehead.png )
It can't be helped that they're unorganized. They don't really have any specific leading figures to organize them. They're just rallying behind an idea.
>> No. 28199 edit
File 132146465048.jpg - (260.87KB , 525x700 , 31.jpg )
Well, I don't wear glasses but I probably need to. I have perfect vision in one eyes, horrible version in another.
>> No. 28200 edit
Right, that's exactly what bothers me. The police just keep cracking down on them (in very questionable ways) and I think they need to organize if they wanna actually achieve something, or push this movement further. Goals, along with authority figures, would be a nice thing to see.
>> No. 28201 edit
I'm sorry Belphe, but if you actually knew something about the people in the occupy movement and such, you wouldn't ignorantly label them as Marxists, smelly dirty hippies, or otherwise. As for them being disorganized, it's because they're rallying behind an idea, and if one person gets elected or represented behind that idea, it can be abused or turned into the wrong idea like the whole Tea Party group was.

Anyway, you're also implying that all Marxists and Libertarian ideas are bad or at least that's the impression I am getting from you. There are some famous authors, professors, etc, who are trying to help them organize or at least get some people the news can talk to or otherwise that is supported by the majority of the movement (but not the leader/figurehead, etc of it, so power can't be abused.)

wear a monocle
>> No. 28202 edit
Fair enough.
>> No. 28203 edit
I'm honestly talking mostly in jest, but I've realized, Hide, that you do not like when I play around or take you lightly. So when talking to you, I won't mess around.

The ideal is good. But they're disorganized. "Winter is coming" and the police and Bloomberg are getting more antsy. They really need to start organizing better, because the idea they rally around is vague. Goals are also unclear. Beyond all that, they are costing the police and New York a lot of money to basically stand around and accomplish nothing.
>> No. 28204 edit
File 132146540163.jpg - (74.13KB , 800x448 , 1272505426163.jpg )
Pfft, like I could pull one off.
>> No. 28205 edit
File 131193862371.png - (475.82KB , 888x886 , sak_a11 default 1g.png )
I wears glasses. I think you know that already, though.
>> No. 28206 edit
after a long time..;_; I return aahhh I missed you all~~~

however now I am spriteless~
>> No. 28207 edit
File 131819274939.gif - (45.43KB , 80x80 , dancing_chen.gif )
Welcome back!

But what happen to sprites?
>> No. 28208 edit

It may be super low-level, but there are various intricacies! For instance, you need to train both conjuring and the weapon skill for it to be good ne.
>> No. 28209 edit
File 132147520892.png - (970B , 60x68 , LionTea.png )
poof along with my old archives.....however my Lion sprites were hosted here so I recovered all of them~~~
>> No. 28210 edit
MY Lion sprites, not the R07 ones I must clarify
>> No. 28212 edit
>> No. 28213 edit
why wouldnt you just back up those things beforehand, a USB drive isn't that hard to use
>> No. 28214 edit
File 132148123423.jpg - (382.86KB , 730x810 , 16043864_big_p1.jpg )
What did I start last night..?
>> No. 28215 edit
>> No. 28216 edit
File 132148336555.jpg - (166.89KB , 536x517 , 18799453_big_p3.jpg )
>> No. 28217 edit
File 132148688781.jpg - (152.75KB , 677x941 , 677x941_cirno_jacket_glasses.jpg )
I wear glasses

>> No. 28218 edit
File 132147520892.png - (970B , 60x68 , LionTea.png )
Please....I need of your charity...~~

Does someone have a link to the folder of cleaned sprites that were made with Luci and Piece help?
>> No. 28219 edit
Conveniently I had a .rar of Lion sprites sitting in my sprites folder...here you go.
>> No. 28220 edit
thank you Kinjo~
>> No. 28221 edit
Has anyone heard of the new bill?
>> No. 28222 edit
File 130140615938.png - (139.54KB , 600x800 , discardedtarou.png )
Everything everywhere keeps telling me about it.
>> No. 28224 edit
File 132150342030.jpg - (49.13KB , 600x600 , 23101821_m.jpg )
>> No. 28226 edit
File 132078263061.jpg - (32.14KB , 326x326 , 12487276.jpg )
America, land of the free huehuehue.
>> No. 28227 edit
omg hide stop stalking ryuga
>> No. 28228 edit
Yes, but it's never going to pass if our country has any sense left.
>> No. 28229 edit
Actually I'm not sure the complete exact reason of the wall street thing, it wasn't just a general complain from the terrible way of goverment against the crisis?
>> No. 28230 edit
Talking about Internet Censorship this Bill trying to be passed imposes this time, as for OWS, it's a mix of things between government, big business, etc. Too tired to go into it.
>> No. 28232 edit
File 132152426216.jpg - (262.74KB , 617x759 , 22712363.jpg )
>> No. 28233 edit
File 132152522695.jpg - (50.69KB , 447x600 , 01bd0f8247a35e987104e2acf670313c.jpg )
>> No. 28234 edit
File 132152694456.jpg - (55.86KB , 663x511 , 1320279368866.jpg )
I think Obama said he'd veto it if it even managed to pass through. Now that pizza thing is a bit over the top in my opinion.
>> No. 28235 edit
File 13215293257.png - (239.02KB , 463x599 , 9529774.png )
Why are you here again?!
>> No. 28236 edit
File 132095733682.gif - (1.40MB , 500x510 )
I need a reason to be here?!
>> No. 28237 edit
File 132152983529.png - (779.15KB , 970x1300 , 12952359.png )
You're only here to be lewd anyway.
>> No. 28238 edit
File 132152991887.jpg - (26.42KB , 400x329 , 1320795790378.jpg )
No way, I don't even start lewd things. I just have time to kill, that's all.
>> No. 28239 edit
File 129602191729.png - (474.32KB , 715x577 , 凛制服05a(近).png )
>> No. 28240 edit
File 132153004879.jpg - (0.97MB , 2249x3102 , 15231980.jpg )
Huehuehue. Do it.
>> No. 28241 edit
File 132153021598.jpg - (58.49KB , 300x356 , 1320730944966.jpg )
Hello. How are you doing?

N-No, I refuse to, nya.
>> No. 28242 edit
File 132082456938.jpg - (83.19KB , 400x500 , 12312921.jpg )
Fine! Not like I wanted you to say it or anything.
>> No. 28243 edit
File 130512608072.jpg - (29.55KB , 329x297 , 1320450061175.jpg )
So tsun~tsun. Who is that character you are posting, anyway? That pink hair is so ugly!
>> No. 28244 edit
File 129598848072.png - (363.20KB , 496x580 , 凛制服01d(近).png )
It's dead partially because of the streams, yes, but also because it's 6am. What are you doing awake at 6am?
>> No. 28245 edit
File 132153072690.jpg - (1.71MB , 1500x1054 , 20496492.jpg )
Tamamo will blow you up if you're not careful. nub
>> No. 28246 edit
File 132153088158.jpg - (106.37KB , 609x695 , 1320556319272.jpg )
Uwaaa, I don't really pay attention when streams are up. It doesn't look like much talking occur ed since last night though...I guess streams must be really lively.

I'm up at 6am because I'm an insomniac basically. I'm always up at night and I sleep during the day. I have a meeting at 2, which is kinda scary because I'll probably be dead by then. Why are you up this early~?

I-Is she from a game? I'm not familiar with her...
>> No. 28247 edit
File 13215309448.png - (959.96KB , 850x850 , 22650676.png )
>> No. 28248 edit
File 130083158487.png - (130.48KB , 366x439 , rg4_hohoemia2.png )
The Fate game that was out for the DS!? Huuuh, I didn't know she was caster. I don't have any handhelds so I can't play that game, nya~
>> No. 28249 edit
File 129788888739.png - (474.87KB , 715x577 , 凛制服05c(近).png )
Streams are fun, especially with all the DnD talk. /limbo/ and /parlor/ are lots of fun.
>> No. 28250 edit
File 129713224586.png - (132.69KB , 366x439 , rg4_odorokia3.png )
Is that game still going on? DnD sure can last a while. I try reading those threads but it's all way too confusing for me, since I'm not familiar with it at all. Who all plays it with you?
>> No. 28251 edit
File 130064415552.gif - (56.40KB , 256x192 , phoenix-sweating(a).gif )
It's on PSP. And you should get that and/or DS you pleb.
>> No. 28252 edit
File 132153346057.jpg - (41.77KB , 350x256 , 1320883974928.jpg )
Oh wait! I actually did have a PSP, but I didn't really like it much. I hate the feel of handhelds for some reason.
>> No. 28253 edit
File 132153356257.png - (202.72KB , 347x633 , s028_1aa4aa_001_l.png )
>> No. 28254 edit
>Belphe posting as a girl who likes to draw naked guys

>> No. 28255 edit
File 129599039828.png - (474.96KB , 715x577 , 凛制服05d(近).png )
Who plays it? Well, me, George, Astaroth, Bern, Hide, Anon, Lili, Cake, Makk, in the two different games.
>> No. 28256 edit
File 132153379265.jpg - (47.51KB , 300x281 , 1311827779024.jpg )
Hack it and play it on your monitor with a PS3 controller. I THINK you can do that.. There are some good games on it.


You don't have any multiplayer games. ;_;
>> No. 28257 edit
File 132153379535.jpg - (43.20KB , 300x276 , 1320447910371.jpg )
How is the weather up in Scotland today~?

No way, that doesn't make me lewd at all! I posted as Belphe too y'know!

Geeze, so every single person plays? Doesn't Bern play at all? Or Lambda?
>> No. 28258 edit
File 132153391593.jpg - (12.36KB , 300x168 , 1320432051910.jpg )
Really? There really are good games for it? Because the only thing I got was some stupid Monster Hunter game, and I hated it. I died all the time. So stupid.

H-Hey, I'm no secondary! I read a lot of Tsukihime, i just got bored of it! I know practically everything that happens ever thanks to /a/ and /jp/! I'm a secondary when it comes to Touhou though, for sure.
>> No. 28259 edit
File 131845777283.png - (208.75KB , 369x586 , S28_TATU_0_00A_06_00_L.png )
Cold and rainy. So same as every other day, really.
>> No. 28260 edit
>Posted as Belphe

Unlimited Lewd Works
>> No. 28261 edit
File 132153409085.png - (366.35KB , 479x560 , 凛制服09b(近).png )
I don't know why I didn't list Bern, but yes, Bern plays.
>> No. 28262 edit
File 129712938770.png - (133.83KB , 369x437 , rg4_hohoemia1.png )
Is it foggy a lot? Rain is pretty annoying, but light rain with fog is kinda ethereal. I like that climate more than BRIGHT HOT SUN ERRRYDAY!

Then who isn't lewd to post with!?
>> No. 28263 edit
As Guest
>> No. 28264 edit
File 13184582559.png - (189.29KB , 342x590 , S28_TATU_0_00A_02_00_L.png )
Nope, not much fog around here. Just cold and rainy.
>> No. 28265 edit
File 13215345654.gif - (607.34KB , 250x249 , 1317535183809.gif )
B-But that's so boring though! Plus, John already posts as guest. Beyond that, other people post with names and characters! I don't see why I'm the only one who is lewd unless I go Friend-kun gray formless blob modo.
>> No. 28266 edit
File 13215345834.jpg - (50.28KB , 300x350 , 1311827785262.jpg )
Um...do you like Japanese rpg's and turn based strategy? Cause if so, you're in for a treat. I didn't like it either until around 2 years ago I think. Also, play Ys you faget.

Is Killzone good? It sounds like grimdark TF2 which I'd be ok with.

When did you stop in Tsukihime? Ciel? It's super identical to Arcueid so I can understand. I liked Akiha's route the most! Though she is not my favorite girl.
>> No. 28267 edit
File 13215349366.jpg - (189.72KB , 720x722 , 1321173436547.jpg )
Ugh, that's kinda depressing then. I always imagine Scotland as this beautiful place with fog, green plains and light rain.

RPG's like FF7 or something? I don't play much turn based strategy either, muu. Well unless you count games like Kessen. I liked strategy games like that.

W-What do you mean play Y's? Killzone 3 is the first I got of the series. It's not bad in my opinion but apparently everyone thinks it sucks compared to 2. I like it for the free PS3 online play, because I refuse to pay for Xbox Live.

Tsukihime is....eh. It's so long and making the choices got annoying. I did stop at Ciel, mostly because she's obviously a joke. I'm aware that most people like Kohaku, but I really don't even have a favorite girl. I think NVSQR was my favorite character.
>> No. 28268 edit
File 132153495939.jpg - (26.65KB , 225x350 , 114022.jpg )
Then Anonymous. One yet many works too.
>> No. 28269 edit
File 132153546360.png - (218.17KB , 384x636 , s028_1aa1aa_050_l.png )
Maybe in the Highlands, but down here we don't have much beautiful scenery like that. The closest thing to that around here would probably be the Lomond Hills, the view from the top of Falkland Hill is pretty great.
>> No. 28270 edit
File 131239567185.jpg - (43.68KB , 251x231 , 1317532307979.jpg )
Why does Feenie-tan get to keep a name? Is it really that bad to be "Belphe"?

Have any pictures? I have no idea about Scotland or the places you mentioned~
>> No. 28271 edit
File 131023797173.png - (6.03KB , 35x45 , cut.png )
>> No. 28272 edit
File 132153597525.jpg - (1.95MB , 3664x2748 , 100_1273.jpg )
Not of the Lomond Hills, but I do have some pictures of other places (though I forgot where I took them).
>> No. 28273 edit
File 132153604562.jpg - (1.74MB , 3664x2748 , 100_1277.jpg )
>> No. 28274 edit
File 132153610983.jpg - (1.94MB , 3664x2748 , 100_1310.jpg )
>> No. 28275 edit
File 132153616523.jpg - (1.82MB , 3664x2748 , 100_1332.jpg )
>> No. 28276 edit
File 132153622024.jpg - (29.10KB , 230x243 , 1320446582184.jpg )

W-Wow, these two are really beautiful. I don't have anything this nice where I live.
>> No. 28277 edit
File 131023850482.png - (6.08KB , 35x45 , cut2.png )
>> No. 28278 edit
File 132153657013.jpg - (1.92MB , 3664x2748 , 100_0953.jpg )
If there's one great thing about going for a walk in the Scottish countryside, it's the view you get of the sunsets.
>> No. 28279 edit
File 132153663055.jpg - (41.51KB , 300x261 , 1312696672234.jpg )
Yeah rpg's like FF7. Ys is this action rpg series I like. It's a bit like Zelda with the overworld and dungeons but then you got stuff like stats, levels, magic that's useful, etc. Those games also have FUCKING AWESOME music!
There's a PC version of most of those games too which you can totally run I'm sure. And you should like, totally buy not pirate. Gotta help our Falcom overlords.

I guess I can get Killzone 3 later. Nobody cares about it so it's probably cheap by now. You better play it too.

CIEL IS NOT A JOKE! Sacchin is. ;_; Ah, Kohaku. In a VN with vampires, curry obsessed immortals, and a guy made of 666 beasts, the normal woman is the scariest.
>> No. 28280 edit
File 132153671594.jpg - (108.73KB , 405x392 , 1320446658566.jpg )
H-Hello? You never seem to post anymore, nya.

Ahh, that looks nice! My favorite time of day is dusk actually, around 6pm. You took all of these pictures by yourself on random walks then?
>> No. 28281 edit
omg I wanna go there
>> No. 28282 edit
File 13172995757.png - (186.04KB , 439x596 , S10_SHOU_0_00A_00_00_L.png )
Yeah, though my camera's not the best. It's a fairly cheap digital one, though I do plan to buy a much better one at some point.
>> No. 28283 edit
File 132153703414.gif - (279.98KB , 250x225 , 1320986446018.gif )
W-Wow, those songs are pretty good! So upbeat, kinda reminds me of Saga Frontier. I really enjoyed both of those as well, and I liked the music in them. Buying games instead of pirating though!? I'm not made of money!

I'm really really super good at Killzone 3, honest! I'd be able to totally own you. Sacchin is so overrated; I take Akiha over her. Kohaku was okay but I was spoiled on her big twist, which I never even read, so it's not like I really can say much about her. I admit I got sad at Arc's ending though, muuu.
>> No. 28284 edit
File 132153798383.gif - (487.74KB , 300x169 , my body is ready.gif )
I could just send music from these all day. Sometimes I think I like the music more than the game. Well the games are fun too of course.

Just don't start pirating PS3 games. More trouble than it's worth and you can't play any games online anymore I think.

I just wanted to be on your team in Killzone 3 anyway! I'm a lover not a fighter~ Well besides those people I'm gonna kill in the game. Did you get the good ending for Arc? That one was weird though.
>> No. 28285 edit
File 132153847963.jpg - (76.28KB , 1023x727 , 1320558316985.jpg )
Is it like Chrono Trigger? Everyone is always telling me that that game is the second coming of Christ, and that it's better than all the final fantasies combined. I never played it even though everyone insists that I should...

I really don't pirate games much. I mean, I can't usually, since my laptop sucks and barely runs anything. Pirating games for consoles does mess up your online capabilities so I never did it.

You actually can um, use the PSN buddy list thing to join someone in matches, so we would be on the same team. The game is set around five classes: medic, sniper, mechanic, and two others...I think. It'd be kinda fun to try out different combinations of classes to own people with. One of Arc's endings was super sad, the one where she just left him. Can't remember if that was the "good" or the "true" end. The other one WAS just really weird to me.
>> No. 28286 edit
File 13215394847.jpg - (282.37KB , 600x600 , 1292716372364.jpg )
Not at all. I mean, they both have great music but Chrono Trigger is turn based and stuff. It also has that legendary status which Ys does not. (I'm trying to make more fans ;_;) You should play CT sometime. It's like essential or something. Though I can predict you wont like it already because you read all that crazy praise. I think it aged like wine. If you end up not liking it, don't say that around Rin. loool

Got it. I'll be scout, heavy, and medic.

The ending where she leaves him is true end. The happier one is good end. It seems the good end is canon. I should read more of the sequel but damn is it weird as fuck.
>> No. 28287 edit
File 132153979145.jpg - (46.49KB , 644x706 , 1319334198184.jpg )
Ohhhh, so you're being hipster for Ys then~? I know CT is like, a /v/ required thing, but I totally missed out on it. Now I'll probably be biased because of everything I know about it, kinda like how I was in reading Tsukihime.

I usually play a mix of medic and this class that captures spawn points for your team. Medic sucks because most people don't even wait for you, they're ungrateful bastards. I didn't like the good end at all, mostly because it was so stupidly happy compared to the other end. What is the sequel...?
>> No. 28288 edit
File 129934494393.jpg - (436.73KB , 980x704 , 1274410435903.jpg )
Actually, a hipster would want to KEEP exclusivity. Since they do not really play games, they play their egos. I just like these games and would love it if more people tried them! You already know everything that happens in CT? Well it's not like I'd give the story any awards. Cool characters though. Especially Frog.

I should be a good medic then. I usually go to great lengths to help the team.

I'm totally hipster for Deadly Premonition. Why can't most people understand its genius?!
>> No. 28289 edit
OH MY BAD! The sequel to Tsukihime is called Kagetsu Tohya. You just keep repeating the same day over and over but you get a shit load of choices. It's a pretty open ended VN. If I get through it I'm definitely using a guide though. Also George said there's like, barely any grimdark. So if you liked that, 2bad. It's kind of amusing though.
>> No. 28290 edit
File 132154092484.png - (115.94KB , 400x402 , 1320986256510.png )
Ah, good point! I wouldn't mind trying either that or CT some time in the future. I don't know any spoilers of CT's plot, but I'm gonna be biased and judgmental when playing it since I've had people personally tell me that it's so damn great. Kinda wish I would have played it when it came out.

Tee-hee, medic's fun I guess. I wanted to try medic in TF2 but this laptop wouldn't run it, so I like, never even played that game. I'm so ashamed. I really need to finish Deadly Premonition, the game is such a nice little gem.
>> No. 28291 edit
File 132154690799.png - (823.23KB , 813x564 , dinosaurs.png )
Hey look

>> No. 28292 edit
File 129903705524.jpg - (11.40KB , 97x104 , heeeeh.jpg )
Fey dinosaurs? Weird.
>> No. 28293 edit
G-good morning seacats.
>> No. 28294 edit
File 132155199531.png - (627.61KB , 1500x1493 , perfectionresized.png )
Gosh, stop posting so much Mio. It's too cute!
>> No. 75207 edit
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