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File 132444981216.jpg - (619.80KB , 1000x1000 , 45c5f77071ae7561fa199673cbad7c5f.jpg )
30969 No. 30969 edit
Maybe Christmas doesn't come from trying not to be poor.
Or winning a sibling war.
Or trying to score.
Perhaps Christmas, she thought, meant a little bit more.
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>> No. 31163 edit
well even thought it is early to say it.....I think I will say it now since I won't be here for
Christmas.....Merry Christmas and a Happy new year and I hope we manage to get a 3rd year together.
>> No. 31164 edit
>> No. 31167 edit
I know nobody really plays HoN anymore, but the Keeper of the forest and deadwood christmas alt avatars are free to pick up right now, legacy users get a free icon to pick out, and I forget what else. Also, for those who aren't legacy, they have a hero pack (all the heroes) for 10$ (not counting the two in early access right now)
>> No. 31169 edit
Post Steam profile and games you may want. Try to keep them under $50ish.
>> No. 31170 edit
File 129625023626.jpg - (278.84KB , 600x799 , armslooklikedanglinglegs.jpg )
Who, me?

Well, mine's Rotho, and, um... I guess Terraria, Dungeon Defenders, Chanteclise, and... Oooh, this Super Indie Bundle looks cool.

Why're you asking?
>> No. 31171 edit
File 129981675016.gif - (12.98KB , 242x400 , minigeorgebigsmile.gif )

Asscree Brotherhood! Since cheaper ne.
>> No. 31172 edit

Well there's still about 18 hours until the next sale so Revelations might come up. I'll see ne.
>> No. 31173 edit
I have a 33% off activision games coupon and 25% off valve vidya games coupon (and 2 coal maybe up for trade) if anyone wants to trade them for something I guess.
>> No. 31174 edit
File 129730520586.jpg - (53.67KB , 115x172 , sakutarou_fret.jpg )

Um, I have a couple coupons and this one indy game in my inventory! You can have them!
>> No. 31175 edit
File 130032580980.jpg - (61.36KB , 559x653 , minigeorgeinnocentsmile.jpg )
>> No. 31176 edit
File 130159019023.png - (38.38KB , 334x210 , puni_psyduck.png )
Don't have Steam. Current mood: glorious.
>> No. 31177 edit
Don't worry about it ne.

How am I supposed to get you a presento then?
>> No. 31178 edit
File 130163325257.png - (306.26KB , 459x757 , chibi lily.png )
The Yu Gi Oh tourney should wait until after the new year, I think. Feels safer to me, considering the current availability of people, and considering my own availability to draft up a list of forbiddens/cancers.

No deck switching during the tourney, likely, so whatever you use has got to be good. No Anti-HERO decks against George and then Anti-Dark against me, for example. (unless you can make an Anti-Dark/Hero deck)
>> No. 31179 edit
File 130133504068.png - (313.14KB , 480x700 , Liliane Big.png )
I don't even know who you are. Accepting gifts from strangers strikes me as a bad habit.
>> No. 31180 edit
It's Cake omg.

Also, hopefully the new Inzektors get added to DN soon. That way I can use them ne.
>> No. 31181 edit
File 130225013314.png - (80.65KB , 325x217 , minigeorgecottoncandy.png )

I'm not using heroes though~
>> No. 31182 edit
File 130159019023.png - (38.38KB , 334x210 , puni_psyduck.png )
Cakey, huh. I don't really need any presents, though. Don't waste your money on online people.
>> No. 31183 edit
File 129878016074.png - (15.93KB , 200x200 , saku_rofl.png )
>> No. 31184 edit
Christmas is a time for giving so it's appropriate ne.
>> No. 31185 edit
File 130133517860.png - (35.04KB , 136x124 , ri_wah.png )
What's there to lol about?

Well, maybe if I see something interesting I'd rrrrreally like to play without it being overly expensive.
>> No. 31186 edit
File 129694014949.png - (31.25KB , 264x309 , ehe.png )
>don't have steam
>don't see any good deals today
>> No. 31187 edit
File 130159019023.png - (38.38KB , 334x210 , puni_psyduck.png )
Don't need an account to check the store daily.
>> No. 31188 edit
File 129651699674.jpg - (16.74KB , 91x74 , nyoro~n.jpg )
I see.
>> No. 31189 edit
geeb straight-out monay
>> No. 31191 edit
File 129981486629.png - (46.59KB , 499x368 , bean.png )
>> No. 31192 edit
Also, for those interested (if they did the hardware survey and/or added it to their wish list), you can get dota 2 gifted to you via the steam achievements from this event (although rare) or crafting 7 coal into a gift.
>> No. 31193 edit
File 132469001338.jpg - (7.20KB , 189x230 , thumbnail.jpg )
in case im out on the 24th card sharking
merry Christmas
now if you excuse me i have to go steal slavemas from the pharaoh again
>> No. 31194 edit
Who cares.
>> No. 31195 edit
File 132469117534.jpg - (163.08KB , 1200x900 , d5f85cd3c4716a3d86a9d3d2e9f4d85e73b06dfb.jpg )
>> No. 31196 edit
File 13172496299.png - (57.31KB , 124x449 , chen3.png )
People who care would care.
>> No. 31197 edit
File 132470027832.png - (267.42KB , 800x600 , CGRN15ah1.png )
y u so weird
>> No. 31198 edit
File 132429005792.jpg - (74.57KB , 600x508 , 1323317400694.jpg )
>> No. 31199 edit
bern where
>> No. 31200 edit

>> No. 31201 edit
File 132433816130.png - (301.39KB , 1000x1000 , 1324305954170.png )
>> No. 31202 edit
File 132470647827.jpg - (118.02KB , 800x938 , largezy.jpg )
Riri, you should be glad people have steam.

That means they aren't filthily pirating at least some games.
>> No. 31203 edit
File 132443674430.jpg - (685.38KB , 1500x1500 , 23049602.jpg )
Omg I only have $330 odd in my bank account. Oh well, guess I can overdraw if need be for seakits presentos.
>> No. 31204 edit
ur gonna drive urself into debt
>> No. 31205 edit
File 132470701167.png - (23.02KB , 800x450 , metapiece.png )
Your low account balance must be a result of your constant desire to fuel Gabe's 30 cakes/day.

You shouldn't do that to yourself.
>> No. 31206 edit
File 12978765372.jpg - (705.85KB , 1680x1050 , 1291580480140.jpg )
Merry Christmas Eve, /seacats/!
>> No. 31207 edit
Late, Christmas Eve started over 17 hours ago.
>> No. 31208 edit
File 132470855338.jpg - (491.03KB , 1050x1575 , 23718354.jpg )
Sou ne.

Omg it's Christmas in like 6 and a half hours or something.
>> No. 31209 edit
File 132471098223.png - (319.90KB , 800x600 , CGRN32.png )
Buying that so hard in April.
>> No. 31210 edit
File 132451541911.png - (252.19KB , 587x800 , ok.png )
Happy Hanukkah
>> No. 31211 edit
File 132471572370.png - (217.04KB , 800x600 , CGMS14a.png )
By the way Feenie, you said you downloaded the EX version of Little Busters, right? Which version of the patch did you download to go with it, the normal, EX or ME?
I was thinking since you said that some of the lines were untranslated at one part that you might have patched EX with the normal version instead of the EX patch instead. If that's the case then downloading the EX patch would probably fix small errors like that, I think.
>> No. 31212 edit
File 13247160222.png - (285.29KB , 800x600 , CGKD10h.png )
Also, I finished uploading Kud's sprites to the mediafire folder but fell asleep before I could let you know.

>> No. 31213 edit
File 13247176047.png - (235.39KB , 800x600 , CGRN11ah2.png )
I could have sworn I got EX patch. Maybe I should try patching it again. And thanks for the sprites!
>> No. 31214 edit
File 132471788224.png - (331.00KB , 800x600 , CGSS10.png )
It might just be the EX version of the patch itself that left those lines untranslated for some reason, I dunno then. Those other three routes you mentioned before aren't translated with the EX patch yet by the way, but apparently the translation team will be working on them starting soon.
I read on /jp/ that apparently Sasami's route is actually pretty good, so I'm interested to read through it now.
>> No. 31215 edit
File 132471855939.png - (237.04KB , 800x600 , CGRN22ah3.png )

>> No. 31216 edit
File 132471906139.jpg - (47.06KB , 440x607 , christmas.jpg )
Every day until Christmas.
>> No. 31217 edit
Audio 01_Neko_to_Shoushi_to_Marui_Tsuki.mp3 - (8.43MB , 01 Neko to Shoushi to Marui Tsuki.mp3 )
I still find it hard to believe that she and Rin share the same VA as Riki, she has a good range with her voice.
>> No. 31218 edit
File 130931667267.png - (10.83KB , 200x200 , 154845675121.png )
Hello my seacats.
How is everyone going to spend this day? A forced family reunion? A cheery party? Shut down indoor playing videogames?
>> No. 31219 edit
File 132472000766.png - (1.61MB , 1680x1050 , senile.png )
talking with children of men to prevent senility while locked up
>> No. 31220 edit
File 132472001460.png - (128.59KB , 270x530 , c1081.png )
Reading VNs. I have Little Busters, Inganock, Katahane and Muv-Luv to choose from, though I'm still trying to track down the fully voiced version of Inganock which came out a couple of days ago so I can enjoy that even further.

Or I could read books, I have Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex, The Wind-up Bird Chronicle, I am a Cat, and Kafka on the Shore still to read as well.
>> No. 31221 edit
File 132472030499.png - (22.19KB , 315x558 , metakinjo.png )
Oh yes, it surely helps with that. Pic related
A lot to read huh? I have also plenty options, but I am afraid I will feel a bit lonely if I stay here. I think I am way too normal for my own good.
>> No. 31222 edit
File 132472036574.png - (224.21KB , 800x600 , CGRN21a.png )
Spend some time with mom, sister, grandparents and then come back. Got gifts shipped off to people already but there are some that will be late.. I've already gotten some lovely gifts~

There's this family gathering thing every Christmas eve for my dad's side but I don't wanna go this year. (Even though they get some good pizza and my cousins are fun to play vidya with.)
>> No. 31223 edit
File 132394767499.jpg - (41.77KB , 280x285 , 61.jpg )
Staying indoors, playing vidya and trolling /a/. Living the life~
>> No. 31224 edit
File 13099139619.jpg - (21.60KB , 280x350 , 105.jpg )
>> No. 31225 edit
File 129773718627.png - (84.98KB , 291x478 , ka2_fumana66.png )
I see, I kinda wanted to see some of my family as well, but it can't be helped.
Also, this is not a blog, just a how your day is going to be instead of the normal how was your day.
>> No. 31226 edit
File 132472090227.gif - (135.80KB , 570x600 , 筋肉.gif )
I'm always reading something or other, be it books, research materials, visual novels, or even just threads on image boards. As such, I never run out of things to read.

/a/'s generally terrible around the winter break anyway, with the exception of part of Christmas day because all the normals are off spending time with their families.
>> No. 31227 edit
File 132213260353.jpg - (42.51KB , 340x282 , 5 (2).jpg )
Heya Mio-chan! We're not using names now so I thought I should try to fit in!

/a/ is always terrible, but that's true. Spending time with your family makes you a normal though? I guess Feenie's a normal then, fufuf.
>> No. 31228 edit
File 129607322051.png - (37.53KB , 434x515 , kan_majimea10.png )
Looks like a solid plan.
>> No. 31229 edit
File 132472143944.png - (299.19KB , 800x600 , CGYK30.png )
You misunderstand. Just because most normals spend time with their families on Christmas, does not mean all people who spend time with their families are normals. Now I know there's a name for that logical fallacy but it escapes me at the minute.
>> No. 31230 edit
File 130856052939.png - (61.87KB , 264x210 , Ahhenlarged.png )
>fully voiced version of Inganock was released

>> No. 31231 edit
File 13221282886.jpg - (41.81KB , 300x296 , 994.jpg )
It can be a little lonely, but at least I have /a/ and you guys.

And /jp/, but no one likes /jp/ anymore.

Ohh, yeah that is a fallacy. I forget the name of it too.
>> No. 31232 edit
File 132338227246.png - (219.19KB , 550x480 , 0391.png )
It came out on the 22nd, if I remember right. Not sure if any downloads have appeared yet though, Nyaatorrents is still down for me and I'm having no luck looking elsewhere for it either.
>> No. 31233 edit
File 130972117750.jpg - (46.47KB , 320x346 , 158.jpg )
And what are you gonna do TODAY? I should finally play Ico. Got the collection thing like months ago. Gotta watch the rest of The Best Christmas Movie with Cirno too. (Die Hard)
>> No. 31234 edit
File 132395065539.jpg - (45.35KB , 300x368 , 811.jpg )
T-Today?! Grind for my Komachi build! I need to get a scythe and robes fitting for her so I can PvP people as a Shinigami. Mou, I'll probably have to do family things for christmas too though, how annoying.

Did that package include Shadow of the Colossus?! I loved that game, it was pretty neat. The last boss was annoying as hell. D-Die Hard is the best christmas movie? I always thought that title belonged to Elf~
>> No. 31235 edit
File 132472322641.jpg - (176.43KB , 800x600 , ky18.jpg )
>> No. 31236 edit
File 132472369572.png - (368.96KB , 848x372 , now I have a machine gun ho ho ho.png )
Shinigami huh? Bleach fan? OH HO HO

Yes it did! I watched Kuma play it and it looks cool. Ico I don't really know what to expect. I guess you play as this horned kid trying to escape from prison with a curvy white chick while protecting her by beating up black guys with a stick.

It's totally the best Christmas movie. See? Santa hat! And it has "Let it snow" at the end credits! I can't even remember Elf that much but I think I liked it. lol BB gun movie. We watched A Christmas Story too. I think that's like, required. There's a channel that plays it 24 hours during Christmas.
>> No. 31237 edit
File 132472438024.png - (542.89KB , 800x600 , 1318903348692.png )
Hell yeah! Hey Bel, I hope you asked Santa for a computer not riddled with trojans.
>> No. 31238 edit
File 132472444891.jpg - (56.72KB , 300x401 , 173.jpg )
Ahah, that's pretty cute. Believing in Santa is the same as believing in the spirit of Christmas! If only I knew what that meant when I was younger.

B-Bleach!? No way, I never watched that show in my life...

Awesome, hopefully you enjoy ruthlessly murdering the poor Collosi. That game was pretty unique, though now it's hipster to like it or something. I never played Ico myself, but that's exactly how I would think it plays out! I remember that kid holding the stick on the front cover ehehe!

I never saw Die Hard! I should probably see it sometime if it's that good. Elf had that guy I hate in it, but it's a cute movie. A Christmas Story is great though; I'll watch it again on that network.
>> No. 31239 edit
File 132472449731.jpg - (39.26KB , 300x262 , 970.jpg )
W-Who says I have trojans?! It's not like I download seedy or perverted things or anything, like some heathens!
>> No. 31240 edit
File 132472467127.png - (182.95KB , 439x596 , S10_SHOU_0_00A_02_01_L.png )
Santa's a bro, I'll be getting a bottle of whisky from him this year. Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or, fairly cheap but I've wanted to try it for a while now.
>> No. 31241 edit
I found Filesonic and Fileserve links for Inganock and Sharnoth which are generally trash links.

I found a torrent for Inganock though.
>> No. 31242 edit
File 131474906837.jpg - (39.99KB , 640x368 , Rinsip.jpg )
>Ikari Shinji
>> No. 31243 edit
File 132428378556.png - (219.38KB , 384x636 , s028_1aa1aa_000_l.png )
Oh man, thanks a bunch! I didn't think to check TokyoTosho, the last few times I tried to download VNs from there either it didn't have them or there were no seeders.
I can't wait to play this now, I just hope the current English patch that's out still works with it.
>> No. 31244 edit
File 131058121213.jpg - (53.60KB , 350x347 , 169.jpg )
I could have sworn you said that was your favorite of the big 3. Then I said I align with One Piece. You also said Aizen is hot. Maybe you were trolling or Satan was pretending to be you.

Oh god the US boxart for Ico was so bad. JP/EU boxart is so superior it's not even funny. Hey did you hear about the SotC movie? Wander is gonna be a skinny kid in high school who is trying to win the heart of Monica! But to do that he must defeat those big jocks in the school's football team "The Collosi". Prepare your body!
But seriously, a movie is being made.

Yeah it's at least one of the best action movies ever. Don't like Will Ferrel huh? I forgot what channel it's on. We also watched The Santa Claus which I LOVE!

YOU did, actually. Why so defensive~?
>> No. 31245 edit
File 132472561613.jpg - (423.85KB , 1020x765 , Eureka AO.jpg )
I know this is kind of old news but HECK YES I AM SO cautiously optimistic ABOUT THIS
>> No. 31246 edit
Well at the rate the torrent is downloading, I don't expect mine to finish anytime soon.

As for the compatibility of the english patch, the Amaterasu people mentioned something about looking into it after they finish up with some Visual novel named Forest etc.

If it works please let me know ne, I won't be around tomorrow.
>> No. 31247 edit
File 132472581267.jpg - (43.93KB , 340x286 , 317.jpg )
Err, well, let's just forget that old conversation! A certain stake might get some ammo to attack me with. Aizen is hot though, and Tokiomi has the same voice actor in Fate/Zero, kyaa~

Lol it is. I never saw the EU boxart but it HAS to be better than the monstrosity I remember. Ahaha oh god, a movie? I didn't hear about that, geeze that's gonna be silly. There's like, no plot to the thing. That's one of the reasons why it's good I think. Ugh freaking Ferrel. He gives me such bad vibes. Those Tim Allen movies are good though!
>> No. 31248 edit
File 132472612920.jpg - (47.03KB , 300x259 , 614.jpg )
Wait a second! What's this? A new TV series on it? I only watched the original season but it's nice to see more Eureka stuff.
>> No. 31249 edit
File 132472682379.jpg - (41.43KB , 300x271 , 415.jpg )
You like the KEIKAKU types huh? Too bad he was a bootleg Frieza in the end and sucked.

I've seen arguments that no plot can make a game to movie adaptation good. Were there any movies like that? I can't recall. Well if this works, they should try Tetris next.
>Legend of Chun Li writer
nvm it's fucked

Is that Eureka's son?
>> No. 31250 edit
File 132472747439.gif - (95.76KB , 216x203 , 98.gif )
They're kinda cliche, but oh well! The guy's voice is great too, and he plays two keikaku types. Aizen coulda played out better with the gem, Urahara, and wanting immortality but I don't think Kubo is intelligent or daring enough to write that kinda ending.

Nope, it's impossible. Just look at the Silent hill and Resident evil adaptations. They're all so...ugh. This will be more of the same.

If anyone is bored you should try out this neat quiz: http://www.helloquizzy.com/tests/the-fantasy-rpg-class-test

Might be interesting to see what class everyone gets, nya.
>> No. 31251 edit
I got Mad Jester, that was unexpected.
>> No. 31252 edit
Uwa, what did the description say?
>> No. 31253 edit
File 132472851237.png - (409.15KB , 364x500 , 181776429688327998_jpeg___1_500_1_500_cb94de6a_.png )
The Mad Jester

30% Strength, 40% Bloodlust, 35% Intelligence, 33% Spirit, 40% Vitality and 40% Agility!

Extremely cunning, intelligent, and dexterous, you are the Mad Jester. You try to fool and manipulate people with your jokes and deceit, but you can't trick me! :P Mad Jesters are master spellcasters, but because they try to mold dark and light magic into chaotic energy, their spells are often zany, underhanded, and unpredictable. Mad Jesters will use and abuse magic in ways that no other spellcaster can, and their unusual and sneaky magic always catches their opponents off guard, leading to a quick and easy defeat. In fact, because Mad Jesters delved too far into the realm of forbidden magic, their elemental magic draws from the source of all magic and is truly ferocious and frightening. In addition to their mastery over elemental magic, Mad Jesters may occasionally be masters of combat and even transformation magic. By using these skills in combination with their extremely powerful dark and light magic, it's not surprising that Mad Jesters can create truly horrifying and menacing displays of magical power. Any foe not defeated by their powerful magic will surely run away in sheer terror as the Mad Jester cackles wildly in amusement! The dark and insane energy permeating through the air around Mad Jesters can easily infect the hearts and minds of anyone nearby, forcing any opponents to collapse while laughing themselves madly into a coma. With so much treachery, mischief, deceit, and power, Mad Jesters are truly formidable foes!

Congratulations on achieving this powerful class!

This is a rare mixed class that requires at least three variables to be extremely high.

You have not mastered any Hidden Power granted by the Genie.

I gave the test a second try with a Neet mindset and got this:

The Classless

7% Strength, 12% Bloodlust, 17% Intelligence, 15% Spirit, 7% Vitality and 7% Agility!

Somehow you completely failed at achieving a class. How in the world did you manage that!? O_o But I guess it makes you sort of unique? A jack of all trades and a master of none, you are the Classless!

This is a very low level class. Actually it's not even really a class at all, but you can go ahead and pretend it is.

If you would like a different class, try being more consistent with your answers. Or you could try shooting for The Hero class which requires all of your skills to be nearly equal.

>> No. 31254 edit
Ehehe, that's kind of fitting! You are pretty sharp witted, but wow that's kinda a scary class. I never saw that second result before though, your NEET mindset seems to be very...non attached.
>> No. 31255 edit
File 132472879711.png - (650.58KB , 625x850 , guru.png )
I got the overpowered good guy class, yay.
>> No. 31256 edit
Oh right,
27% Strength, 5% Bloodlust, 25% Intelligence, 38% Spirit, 65% Vitality and 28% Agility
>> No. 31257 edit
File 132472908855.png - (453.22KB , 925x1795 , grand_diviner.png )
Damn you got a class balanced with both magic and combat. My class is like, pure magics, which I kinda wanted to avoid. Oh well~
>> No. 31258 edit
Who are you, I don't know you.
>> No. 31259 edit
File 131918384777.jpg - (80.53KB , 640x720 , Kuuga1.jpg )
It's because I went into it with a completely JUSTICE and NOBLE mindset, because good guys are 超クール ne.
>> No. 31260 edit
I'm no one important. That would fit John too probably.
>> No. 31261 edit
File 132472947799.png - (435.40KB , 607x661 , runeknight.png )
Masters of elemental magic and swordsmanship, Rune Knights are valuable and staunch allies in battle. By using rune magic to imbue their weapons with elemental power, Rune Knights can defeat opponents most other warriors can only dream of defeating. Their magic can help them slice through the toughest armor and vanquish the most formidable foes. For example, by condensing wind magic around their blade, Rune Knights can slice through even the toughest and most impenetrable armor. Additionally, Rune Knights can enhance the strength of their own body and armor with rune magic to make it more resistant to enemy spellcasters and warriors. By covering themselves in these powerful runes, enemy attacks simply bounce off of them. In fact, certain runes can even make attacks literally reflect back onto the enemy essentially turning the power of the enemy against them. Although most often honorable warriors, the Rune Knights may turn to the side evil if necessary.

Congratulations on reaching this high class!

You have not mastered any Hidden Power granted by the Genie.

I'm okay with this.
>> No. 31262 edit
File 132472964739.jpg - (39.35KB , 640x400 , [MCS]Kamen Rider Kuuga 34_avi_snapshot_01_50_[2011.jpg )
What why am I suddenly a mad jester. I'm clearly a righteous hero!
>> No. 31263 edit
It said I may turn to the evil side but that is TOTALLY not true! I'm an ally of justice too! Let's go save people, etc.
>> No. 31264 edit
File 132472980448.jpg - (88.43KB , 850x566 , 1319569546100.jpg )
>Low bloodlust
Good guy brofist! Together we shall stand against the forces of evil protecting the innocent, unlike the rest of these not-so-good-guys who are more than 1/4 bloodlusty.
>> No. 31265 edit
Hi. If you're Lambda, I just want to ask if you've started on Persona 3.

Justice fag save everybody class

I believe you mentioned being the class clown in school and being hyped up on drugs so crazy etc.
>> No. 31266 edit
File 132187846954.jpg - (42.87KB , 300x226 , 411.jpg )
YEAH! WHERE IS THE CLERIC THOUGH?! Might come in handy, ya know?
>> No. 31267 edit
File 132473009027.jpg - (24.42KB , 640x360 , [MCS]Kamen Rider Kuuga 05_avi_snapshot_10_01_[2011.jpg )
I'm a good guy at heart. ;_;

Good point, even if magic and runes are making us near-invincible we still need a healer. Somebody go get the cleric class so they can join forces with the side of justice!
>> No. 31268 edit
File 132473035150.jpg - (53.63KB , 300x368 , 414.jpg )
I know Choco is the cleric type! Or Gogo. Whatever you wanna call her.
>> No. 31269 edit
Not lambda!

You two would totally turn evil if it were profitable enough!
>> No. 31270 edit
File 132460787847.jpg - (210.18KB , 480x640 , 0325b95e0ddf8db120b31b2c309dd9860a15402b.jpg )
>> No. 31271 edit
File 132473063526.png - (189.99KB , 547x607 , S10_SHOU_1_03A_00_01_L.png )
Oh yeah, she would fit the class perfectly! Then it's settled, together we fight for justice.

Nay, my heart is pure and my intentions noble. I fight not for profit, but for righteousness!
>> No. 31272 edit
File 132473065998.jpg - (26.35KB , 300x223 , 792.jpg )
>> No. 31273 edit
File 132473149040.png - (187.86KB , 900x600 , CGKS10a.png )
What John said. Also, you're coming. I'll make an honest woman outta ya, Bel!
>> No. 31274 edit
Honest woman!? Yeah right, I'd hate to think what your little group would do with women around!

Plus I'm not Belphe silly.
>> No. 31275 edit
File 131530967665.png - (46.78KB , 180x240 , Emiya_shiro.png )
Well, since they're women and all, we'd probably ask them to stay behind us and make sure we're fully healed while we handle the dangerous stuff.
>> No. 31276 edit
We'll see about that! You're not Belphe and your bloodlust is too high. nvm
>> No. 31277 edit
Laughed. Dammit Shirou~

B-Bloodlust is too high!?
>> No. 31278 edit
You got The Grand Diviner right? Well...I guess 30% is still manageable. But then you do all this talk of falling into temptation.
>> No. 31279 edit
Yeah, I did notice that mine was a bit high. Kinda eerie when I beat out even John in that area! I guess that's why I score Neutral Evil a lot.

I'm teasing about the temptation stuff though! Mostly~
>> No. 31280 edit
>30% bloodlust
>> No. 31281 edit
I consider myself a pacifist/Taoist, so it's kinda high from my perspective. You kill one little dragon and everyone is so mad at you!
>> No. 31282 edit
File 132473363435.png - (47.45KB , 1107x635 , neutral good.png )
>Neutral Evil
Sorry Bel, I'm afraid you and I aren't as compatible as we once were.

Anything above 25% is what I'd consider "high."
>> No. 31283 edit
You went soft on me. Don't worry, I've seen this happen before. You'll come crawling back before you know it~
>> No. 31284 edit
File 130257111294.jpg - (49.16KB , 560x650 , [UTW-Mazui]_Steins;Gate_-_01_[720p][2994A18E]_mkv_.jpg )

I don't think so, though. Haven't I always said how I respected those heroes who fight for justice and have the strength to stick to their ideals no matter what happens, even if I didn't always agree with their point of view?
Being the "good guy" is just in my blood, I guess.
>> No. 31285 edit
File 130064415552.gif - (56.40KB , 256x192 , phoenix-sweating(a).gif )
So you ARE Bel?! Dirty liar!
>> No. 31286 edit
You also used to be much more ambitious! You've gone soft, no need to deny it. Then again, so have I apparently. I've drifted to Chaotic Neutral.

I-I don't lie!
>> No. 31287 edit
File 131899240141.png - (174.86KB , 418x596 , S10_SHOU_0_04A_05_00_L.png )
Ambitious? I only became ambitious recently! I used to be lazy and content with being a useless leech, now I have grand dreams of traveling the world and going on exciting adventures. I'd say that's a step up the ladder of ambition, if anything.
Just ask Feenie, he understands the dream of becoming an adventurer.
>> No. 31288 edit
Well I was referring to your philosophical outlooks, but yes, moving from a NEET to a world traveler is pretty ambitious in that context.

Whatever makes you happy I guess~!
>> No. 31289 edit
File 132473542232.png - (41.92KB , 1378x753 , neutral good.png )
Well whaddaya know. Cake was right! Always thought neutral good sounded weird though.
>> No. 31290 edit
File 132473555580.jpg - (222.93KB , 780x766 , 1252646074189.jpg )
Since I was a boy. I wonder if there's a way to do that and GAIN money...
>> No. 31291 edit
File 132473571814.jpg - (224.88KB , 800x600 , y52.jpg )
Exactly, the pursuit of happiness is the most important motivation in life. If you can find what makes you happy, you grab it in a stranglehold and you don't let go of those dreams no matter what! That's my outlook on life, anyway.

Wow, we really are two of a kind. You scored even higher on Good than I did though, not bad!
In fact, let me call you Aniki.
>> No. 31292 edit
File 130064462999.gif - (29.45KB , 256x192 , phoenix-sheepish(a).gif )
Aniki?! You flatter me. hahaha
>> No. 31293 edit
File 132473614320.png - (607.91KB , 800x600 , K1.png )
There's always becoming a Freeter, picking up odd jobs here and there across the travels to make enough money to travel to the next place. Some people make their living that way, that's the kind of lifestyle I'd want to live if I could make it happen.

It's funny though, now that I think of it almost all of my childhood dreams involved traveling in some shape or form. First I wanted to be a train driver because I always loved trains (still do, in fact) because they're one of mankind's greatest inventions, brilliantly taking people across the country wherever they might want to go.
After that I wanted to be an archaeologist, so that I could travel all over the world researching ancient civilizations and finding treasures and things like that.
Now it's much simpler, and I've realized that from the beginning I only wanted to find a way I could travel from one place to another whenever I felt like it. Looking back over my dreams like that, it's sort of a profound conclusion I've reached after all these years I think.
>> No. 31294 edit
Uooooh, the purity, the virtue, the brotherly love....it's choking me! Need....chaos....
>> No. 31295 edit
File 132473641216.png - (139.62KB , 475x610 , S11_GACK_1_02A_00_00_L.png )
No, I shall kidnap you too and show you the wonders of adventure and the strength of the bonds friendship can form, even across continents! I'll make a Neutral Good out of you yet, just you wait!
>> No. 31296 edit
File 13001264864.png - (212.05KB , 511x600 , イリヤ03a(中).png )
Hey, why don't you call me Aniki!?
>> No. 31297 edit
I lost that battle a long time ago. Too bad I don't have an Archer picture dammit.
>> No. 31298 edit
File 132218793111.png - (133.47KB , 387x593 , S21_JUN_0_00A_06_00_L.png )
Nonsense, it's because you're an adorable loli that you're better suited to the role of imouto. In fact, I prefer smaller girls anyway, now call me onii-chan and fly gently into my embrace~!

Well, Chaotic Good would work too I guess. Anything but Lawful Good, can't stand those guys.
>> No. 31299 edit
File 132473679136.png - (86.16KB , 184x491 , 1319222228848.png )
So gloomy. Join us!

Ah, the Golden Boy life huh? That sounds fucking awesome. Though it's REALLY not secure. But I never cared that much for money anyway. Also, I'd need to be in top physical and mental shape before doing that.

Archaeology is SO interesting but unfortunately, it doesn't really work like Indiana Jones. It would still be awesome though. Love that kind of stuff.
>> No. 31300 edit
File 132473700966.png - (523.00KB , 1096x746 , イリヤFD特殊03a(近).png )
>> No. 31301 edit
No good! Only neutral evil or chaotic neutral. True neutral is a magical state that only the monks can reach, but it's also pretty kuuuru.

Join you in what?!
>> No. 31302 edit
File 132473731884.jpg - (57.50KB , 720x480 , [TOMA] Goldenboy 01 [53A5FA22]_mkv_snapshot_03_58_.jpg )
Yeah, I need to improve my physical health a lot as well. My brain is my treasure so I've kept that in top shape over the years even after dropping out of high school, so I've never really had problems there. It also helps that I'm a ridiculously quick learner, which is like the only talent I pride myself with.
It's an unstable lifestyle for sure, but as long as you manage to find even small part time jobs you can manage to scrape a living somehow. I already have a couple years' experience under my belt with that way of living, though it's been a long time so I'm probably pretty rusty with it now.

I think I'll stream Golden Boy at some point actually, I loved that anime. I only finished watching it recently, that episode when he was working at the animation studio was great.
>> No. 31303 edit
File 132473732113.png - (228.72KB , 266x535 , Happy Holidays.png )
>> No. 31304 edit
File 129891380849.jpg - (17.43KB , 286x385 , 1290314511608.jpg )
The purity, virtue, love, adventure, etc.

I thought he said GENTLY
>> No. 31305 edit
File 13247373558.jpg - (180.38KB , 897x554 , Neutralevil.jpg )
I could be true neutral if I tried.
>> No. 31306 edit
Eh, sounds too fast paced for me. My time for that kinda thing is probably long past~

Hoh, you're pretty evil, eh? Neutral evil is such a nice state. Too bad it's hard for us to get.
>> No. 31307 edit
File 132473762443.jpg - (17.00KB , 191x234 , 1315962473816.jpg )
Yes, my imouto, your onii-chan loves you! And together on the side of Good, we shall live in harmony without Belphe's lewdness corrupting everything. Or otherwise we'll just need to un-corrupt Belphe, but that might prove to be fairly tricky.

Hi Tarou, go take one of those tests or something and join us on the side of justice and righteousness. You seem like the type of guy who'd be either neutral or chaotic good.

You and Bel are actually a good match too, it seems.
>> No. 31308 edit
File 129907138051.png - (155.60KB , 468x451 , イリヤ道場04a(近).png )
I don't do anything gently. ANYTHING!
>> No. 31309 edit
I meant true neutral, not neutral evil.

You can't un-corrupt me! Tis impossible! Better men than you have tried and they have all failed! ahaha.wav
>> No. 31310 edit
File 132473794730.jpg - (262.78KB , 800x1200 , 1324674848036.jpg )
There's no such thing as outgrowing adventure! You'll see, one day I'll unexpectedly pop up in your country out of nowhere and take you back to Scotland with me and Feenie, where we'll scale Ben Nevis and visit every Loch in the country one by one.

So you admit to being the lewdest, then?!
>> No. 31311 edit
File 131066079462.jpg - (12.30KB , 206x235 , the principle of K-ON.jpg )
Please do! That show is so funny. Oh god, that episode and the one where he was working in that mansion. Then that one chick with Misato's voice was teasing the fuck out of him thinking he was just a dumb pervert. The faces he made were priceless. Did you watch it with the dub? I really liked it.
>> No. 31312 edit
File 129697455398.jpg - (101.33KB , 600x600 , am i in trouble.jpg )
Already took one before. Ended up lawful good.
>> No. 31313 edit
In order to be True Neutral, you would probably have to adopt a life of a hikki monk. It's hard but plausible.

Not really. Bel is dumb and a nurse, I'm... Never mind.
>> No. 31314 edit
File 130035762685.png - (136.06KB , 388x489 , イリヤ道場01e(近).png )
Why do you want to live with Bel, Onii-chan?
>> No. 31315 edit
Grrrr, I'm not the lewdest! I'm just a bit twisted, okay?! Also I don't give you permission to kidnap me you swarthy Scottish drunk!

I want to, but that life is...yeah, hard. In the end I'll be living something close to that anyway so it's not a total loss.

Also, two things. I'm not dumb, and I'm not a nurse. What's your occupation now?!
>> No. 31316 edit
File 132473846043.jpg - (55.98KB , 720x480 , [TOMA] Goldenboy 02 [88D8AD1F]_mkv_snapshot_03_23_.jpg )
Oh yeah, the dub was great. Remember that old lady's voice in episode two? She sounded to me exactly like one of those Monty Python guys whenever they play female characters, I thought it was hilarious. I should stream one of the Monty Python movies sometime actually, they're hilarious as well.

You, I, Feenie and Bel shall travel the world one day defeating monsters and earning gold so that we may one day slay the Demon King George, you know! Some of the other 'cats can become temporary party members too, that would make the adventure even more fun.

Shame, I was never really too keen on Lawful Good. Well, at least it's still one of the Good alignments, as long as your Good outbalances the Lawful then it should be fine!
>> No. 31317 edit
Cirno too. She wanted to go with me.
>> No. 31318 edit
File 129922315194.jpg - (71.12KB , 430x550 , 53c6a5c0ba8126d2a50b30ef124563d18b9a5d68.jpg )
But I'm too weak and helpless to travel!
>> No. 31319 edit
File 132473903245.png - (239.15KB , 328x500 , Grand Bishop.png )
That was a long quiz.

The Grand Bishop

23% Strength, 3% Bloodlust, 33% Intelligence, 55% Spirit, 32% Vitality and 28% Agility!

The Grand Bishop

Grand Bishops often have few skills with weapons and they are probably the least physically powerful of all the classes. However, they are by no means the weakest class. In fact, Grand Bishops utilize some of the most powerful magic in world: the power to control time. By controlling time, Grand Bishops can change and reverse the course of events and defeat opponents that no other class could ever dream of defeating. In fact, Grand Bishops can even alter the time of an object, allowing them to fast forward that object into the future or revert it to a state in the past. As an extension, this can be used as an advanced form of healing, enabling Grand Bishops to restore severed limbs and wounds. Although time may be a powerful ally, it requires a great deal of energy and magic to manipulate, so Grand Bishops use this power sparingly. Instead, they more often use their mastery over light magic and the basic elements to battle their foes. Grand Bishops may be supremely powerful spellcasters, but they most often use their power for good rather than evil. Those who use their power for evil may abuse their power over time and fall into chaos and oblivion.

Congratulations on reaching this high class!
>> No. 31320 edit
>> No. 31321 edit
File 13247391268.jpg - (32.22KB , 640x360 , [MCS]Kamen Rider Kuuga 10_avi_snapshot_17_29_[2011.jpg )
Sure! Cirno can join us as well. Makk and Choco too at some point because I'm sure they'd love a little adventure in their lives. The more the merrier.

No worries, I'll stock up on plenty of potions and protective equipment then.

Yay, another powerful ally for the side of good and justice.
>> No. 31322 edit
Where's this VN.

The more society advances, the harder it is to lead a simple carefree life.
I've noticed that people from the past (villagers etc) have lesser things to worry about besides surviving despite their lack of technological progress. On the other hand, all the technology humanity has amassed has brought much convenience to everyday life. However there's a whole ton of problems to deal with (bills etc). Make of it as you will.

As for my occupation, that's not for the likes of you to know.
>> No. 31323 edit
File 12990665416.png - (156.08KB , 468x451 , イリヤ道場04d(近).png )
Yuck! Potions!

Well, it's a later point in the vn, but it's something I am working on...~
>> No. 31324 edit
Derp, isn't that why I'm always talking about caveman world? Why are you the only person who understand this?! All of those points are why I long for that philosophy.

Also, why not? Too ashamed to reveal it? It's okay, I didn't think it'd be better than a nurse anyway, which I'm not even doing anymore.
>> No. 31325 edit
File 132473949187.png - (216.50KB , 800x600 , CGMS12a.png )
Wow, I just noticed that. That's even lower than my 5%!

You're right on a lot of points there, but I guess I'm one of those "villagers" that time must have forgotten about since I'm lucky enough not to have most of those worries. My cousin once remarked how lucky I was that I have nothing tying me down to one place; few bills, no debts, jobs or social obligations or anything like that.
I can literally take off anywhere whenever I want and nothing would be holding me back, and I'd still be entitled to the money I'm currently making every month to live off (even though it's not really much when you factor in traveling costs and the like).
>> No. 31326 edit
File 132473960130.jpg - (1.32MB , 2593x3691 , roastbeef.jpg )
I got the Dhalsim guy.
>> No. 31327 edit
I see. I assumed the project was dead or postponed since there weren't any updates floating about.

Well going to caveman world sounds fine and all, but that involves giving up on little things that we hardly notice like toilets, properly cooked meals, a good shelter etc. Naturally, the fore mentioned can be obtained at a monastery if you're willing to do menial chores and chant scriptures for the rest of your life.

Well I can't say if it's better or worse than being a nurse, but if you're not taking care of dying old men, what could you be capable of doing right now?
>> No. 31328 edit
File 132474022194.png - (208.96KB , 336x461 , イリヤ09d(近).png )
That's mean. I've been working really hard on it...
>> No. 31329 edit
File 130064415552.gif - (56.40KB , 256x192 , phoenix-sweating(a).gif )
It's true. She used to be evil to me.

Nah not really. I always took you for just neutral actually. Weird
>> No. 31330 edit
That's getting a bit technical anyway. It's not like I'm silly enough to think we'd all be happy as literal cavemen, but I do think that the progress we've all made makes everything more stressful. I'd love to just own a farm in the countryside and live on my own means. Forget this fast paced life that everyone seems so eager to live, and that includes adventuring John!

You can't say? So you think it's equal? I'm capable of doing anything I want y'know. I just gave up on nursing because I didn't like it; I didn't fail out.
>> No. 31331 edit
That's good to hear. <Added Lambda's VN to To-Read list>


Where's the money for land and equipment and animals.

Maybe equal, maybe inferior, maybe superior. This reminds me of something from bits of my childhood, back when I was in kindergarden or preschool.

A certain teacher asked a certain class what caveman ate during the Stone Age and two kids yelled "Grass!" Apparently this response annoyed the teacher, hence the two kids were presented with a plate of freshly picked grass for lunch.

Funny, I find it amusing even now.
>> No. 31332 edit
We're talking a long ways back, like 200AD in rural China. You plant your crops outside a village, sell them in the village, and continue living the woefully scorned peasant life. Everyone always wants more than they have so they end up missing the little things. I envy their ignorance, really.

Maybe none of the above. Do you even have a job? You seem awfully intent on teasing about it without revealing anything. Pretty amusing story; I wonder just why it annoyed the teacher?
>> No. 31333 edit
File 132474116999.png - (1.71MB , 1256x1080 , ydidudothat.png )
R, really? You aren't just saying that...?
>> No. 31334 edit
I hope Belphe isn't portrayed as the "outgoing flamboyant male friend".
>> No. 31335 edit
File 132218835823.png - (729.57KB , 551x887 , 48111.png )
...... n, no comment...!
>> No. 31336 edit
File 131282304636.png - (34.86KB , 213x247 , B8_14_0_BIN_1.png )
>> No. 31337 edit
A pity ne. You can learn something, but you can't unlearn it. While learning is good and all, it doesn't guarantee happiness. Ryu was right about this part.

No, I lied. I'm a neet like John right now.
I have no idea why the teacher was annoyed. However she ordered/convinced everyone to keep quiet about it if people came probing. Sadly, someone informed the PTA and the teacher was fired.

Sure I'll read it. It's proof of the effort you invested after all.
>> No. 31338 edit
I'd look forward to the reviews if I were you~
>> No. 31339 edit
The message with Ange trying to find the truth was pretty good I thought. I'd rather be stupid and happy than intelligent and depressed. Not saying that I'm either right now though!

So you're a liar then? Why do you keep teasing about having a job? Are you ashamed to be a neet? Wow that teacher sounds, interesting I guess. Reminds me of the one professor at my college who got fired.
>> No. 31340 edit
seems like yes...
>> No. 31341 edit
If you claim to be neither, you are not happy, depressed, stupid or intelligent. What are you then.

Ashamed to be a Neet huh. I suppose so. People whispering behind me calling me worthless and anti-social, my ex-friends constantly inviting me to go out while I dodge every invitation with well planned excuses. All in the life of a Neet etc.

Of course I can't prove that I am a liar. I could be lying about being a liar, but if that is the case, I can't be a liar since truthful etc. I believe it's probably some sort of fallacy or paradox.

Now discredit everything I've said and we'll talk again next time.
>> No. 31342 edit
What's left? That state of apathy was something I tried to strive for once. Not like it's even attainable though. Maybe that's why I really like the True Neutral concept.

You get used to all that stuff. Ex-friends though? They usually get the message if you just don't answer your cell. The worst thing to deal with is family I think.

How true, paradoxes are so fun. Later then, if there is a next time.
>> No. 31343 edit
File 129653566311.png - (200.57KB , 333x475 , イリヤ01f(近).png )
Yay~! Yay~!

Well, it was kind of sad because your character's design ended up being cuter than some of the girls, so I had to increase their moe levels...~
>> No. 31344 edit
Oh wow. So I'm represented as my male counterpart, not actually "Belphegor"? You can do whatever you want though, it's your VN.
>> No. 31345 edit
File 132474393160.png - (68.31KB , 871x722 , lawful good.png )
>> No. 31346 edit
File 132003397654.png - (500.13KB , 493x717 , 798468p9452.png )
As close to the person as I see them.
Every character is like that.
>> No. 31347 edit
Your results are extremely close to mine, whoever you are. I didn't score that low on lawful good though, goddamn.

I see I see. Looking forward to it then~
>> No. 31348 edit
File 132474447059.png - (185.80KB , 431x600 , image 00378.png )
I'm even more interested to see how my character is portrayed in this now.
>> No. 31349 edit
Last time I got chaotic evil.

I guess I erred to the side of good this time when a question was a bit up in the air.
>> No. 31350 edit
Good? Maybe just neutral, based on that~

It's cool though. Nothing wrong with Chaotic Neutral. I'd be a little surprised if my lawful good was that low, but those guys are pansies anyway.
>> No. 31351 edit
File 132474498778.png - (473.22KB , 786x696 , fei_ama01a.png )
Chaotic neutral is a much better alignment than chaotic evil, anyway.
>> No. 31352 edit
Headed off for Christmas, be nack monday! Have a merry one, everyone!!
>> No. 31353 edit
File 130965223844.jpg - (58.90KB , 379x557 , 404 Lion Not Found.jpg )
Bye bye!
>> No. 31354 edit
see ya!
>> No. 31355 edit
File 132474957290.jpg - (178.87KB , 1905x731 , ohwow.jpg )
Merry Christmas from the futures.
>> No. 31356 edit
File 132475186191.png - (48.17KB , 1087x765 , de.png )
hmmm......I am true neutral it seems.
>> No. 31357 edit
File 130249264144.jpg - (57.29KB , 241x310 , trouble.jpg )
>57% Strength, 12% Bloodlust, 22% Intelligence, 50% Spirit, 28% Vitality and 12% Agility!
>Powerful and noble warriors, War Paladins are both masters of weapons and defensive magic. By imbuing their weapons with light magic, War Paladins can easily and effortlessly vanquish any evil or undead foes. Additionally, they excel at defensive spells which they use to enhance the protective power of their shields. The magic of spellcasters has little affect on War Paladins because of the defensive capabilities of their magical shields. These shields also help protect them against any physical attacks, making War Paladins almost impossible to injure. On top of that, they can use their magic to heal themselves or their allies. The combination of high physical power and high defensive magic make War Paladins one of the top classes. Their only downside is that that they can sometimes lack stealth and can be quite slow; however, the strongest War Paladins have increased their agility enough so that it is not a problem in battle.

>Congratulations on reaching this high class!
>> No. 31359 edit
I saw it one some website called anime sharing or something I think. (The new "hongfire" for downloading/torrenting stuff like that.)
>> No. 31360 edit
Oh, you already found it. either way, those other two besides igninock or whatever it's called have fully voiced versions now too I think cause i saw them on the website.
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