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File 132496374690.jpg - (641.54KB , 1329x976 , seacats christmas edit 001.jpg )
31785 No. 31785 edit
Except most of these guys aren't drinking tea.
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>> No. 31787 edit
File 130299629658.jpg - (27.38KB , 400x400 , 1269492855017.jpg )
I know I'm not.
>> No. 31788 edit
File 129616918375.png - (30.48KB , 200x200 , shakan_happy1.png )
hahahaha, amazing
>> No. 31789 edit
Nothing's really changed in the picture. But thanks for liking it.
>> No. 31790 edit
It's got the whole gang now!
>> No. 31791 edit
I hope so. I don't think I have enough room to fit anymore people.
>> No. 31792 edit
File 129592041964.png - (27.71KB , 700x700 , kan_majimea3.png )
It's okay, sorry if we teased you about it. But now it's even better!
>> No. 31793 edit
It's fine. Thanks for the compliment though. Means alot to me.
>> No. 31794 edit
File 132496474887.jpg - (245.47KB , 700x766 , 5540579.jpg )
RIP Trollkastel.
>> No. 31795 edit
File 129625508341.png - (39.18KB , 217x218 , kanonderp.png )
Oh god, 37 seacats.
>> No. 31796 edit
File 131990828948.jpg - (6.99KB , 250x250 , 1319868825941.jpg )
that's a lot ne
>> No. 31797 edit
You lost me.

Told you.
>> No. 31798 edit
File 132496545145.jpg - (194.57KB , 550x416 , 1251253869948.jpg )
It's nothing.
>> No. 31799 edit
>> No. 31800 edit
well if you count everyone ever then there is still GreatEqualizer. Although GE hasn't shown up in months etc.
>> No. 31801 edit
>38 seacats
gotta catch 'em all
>> No. 31802 edit
Yes, that is alot. They all gave me Carpal Tunnel.
>> No. 31803 edit
File 129625508341.png - (39.18KB , 217x218 , kanonderp.png )
Wait a second, damn where's Rosa?
>> No. 31804 edit
At gameboard.
>> No. 31805 edit
pffttt, didn't notice her
>> No. 31806 edit
It's fine. Hard to see everyone in that picture.
>> No. 31807 edit
hide's hiding
>> No. 31808 edit
Speaking of Hide, where is he? Is he the shaking present?
>> No. 31809 edit

He is in the shaking present.
I didn't know whether to post him there as Hideyoshi or as Mei Ling, so I just shoved him inside a present.
Seems appropriate since he doesn't post at all with a picture.
>> No. 31810 edit
File 129626740788.png - (95.69KB , 291x478 , kanonwithapinwheel.png )
I hope Rosa appear soon, because I am ready to post.
>> No. 31811 edit
File 132496811285.jpg - (235.29KB , 800x738 , 2879734.jpg )
Question. Have you two been playing the same game all this time?
>> No. 31812 edit
strm whr omg
>> No. 31813 edit
File 129617250667.png - (35.12KB , 200x200 , kslion_ib4f.png )
Yeah, we started it in August, some days before my birthday. I was meant to finish yesterday, but I was given another day to rest and write my final theory.
>> No. 31814 edit
File 131615372438.png - (32.80KB , 758x532 , 1276476169752.png )
Why not just gather in the last stream listed.

It's not like you actually watch the stream.
>> No. 31815 edit
File 132496901591.jpg - (105.37KB , 456x559 , 5408445.jpg )
Every time I come here, it seems to me that the game is almost at an end. I guess this time it actually is.

<Good> luck.
>> No. 31816 edit
Finally finished Armored Trooper VOTOMS today (the original one from 1983) and glad to see they explained and resolved a lot of things in that series. Need to download some of the sidestories etc next I guess.
>> No. 31817 edit
>Paid DLC coming to the 3DS, the first one being in the 3DS fire emblem
>Fire emblem
Nintendo you're dead to me.
>> No. 31818 edit
File 129632666344.png - (13.95KB , 217x157 , kanonheh.png )
hahaha, endless gameboard ne
>> No. 31820 edit
>> No. 31821 edit
invisible tea

everyone drinks tea
>> No. 31822 edit
File 129891042128.png - (130.42KB , 432x477 , Wizardhuntingronoue_content.png )
Hahaha, that picture made my day, thanks Lambda. All of the little personal details like the poisoned fruitcake and the friend-blob really are what makes it.
>> No. 31823 edit
>fight through underworld with minimum trouble
>get massacred in underground jungle every time
something's not right here
>> No. 31824 edit
oooh, idea
i'm gonna make a moat, fill it with lava, then build a drawbridge over it. Goblin army will never catch me unawares ever again.
>> No. 31825 edit
It was worth it then if you like it so much.
>> No. 31826 edit
File 132497605143.jpg - (427.27KB , 2200x1650 , present.jpg )
By the way, take that.
>> No. 31827 edit
File 131758633959.jpg - (87.32KB , 322x262 , batorarika.jpg )
>> No. 31828 edit
File 12972037549.png - (24.73KB , 238x173 , georgeexcite.png )
>> No. 31829 edit
File 132497962939.jpg - (175.84KB , 569x800 , Luv Homonculus.jpg )
I think it's even cuter than before~
>> No. 31830 edit
File 130203891611.png - (554.24KB , 723x1224 , ron_a13 evil laugh 1.png )
Knowing me I WOULD be the one who'd be randomly popping out of gifts
>> No. 31831 edit
Thanks, though I didn't do much with it and it was shabby work to begin with, I appreciate the comments.
>> No. 31832 edit
File 129591976387.jpg - (112.00KB , 500x800 , 31f266a64659a3bd643f8e5c73d1dce302645e93.jpg )
I never thought it was shabby, and I know you worked hard on it~ And it seems to me that you hard work has produced a very good piece~
>> No. 31833 edit
Who cares about that, the drawing is good enough to show your feelings, and that's the only thing that matters.
>> No. 31834 edit
Um, I see. Thanks.
>> No. 31835 edit
File 131061617936.jpg - (173.20KB , 550x550 , 1300796363498.jpg )
Seems quiet today.
>> No. 31836 edit
File 129651591726.png - (319.07KB , 484x580 , 凛私服01a眼鏡(近).png )
I typically consider the Underground Jungle to be the hardest area pre-hardmode, because it's a lot more difficult to deal with enemies in tight spaces than out in the open. The Underworld is pretty open compared to the Underground Jungle, and the poison stingers of the hornets are more dangerous than imp fireballs (you can destroy an incoming fireball with your weapon, but the stingers can't be deflected). Demons are pretty damaging but their shots are telegraphed before they happen and have an easy-to-doge pattern, while the mantraps in the jungle are a bit more erratic (if also slow-moving) and pass through solid blocks (which can be difficult to dodge in tight spaces).

Just no matter how you look at it, the Underground Jungle can be very difficult to navigate as either melee or ranged.
>> No. 31837 edit
File 132500207078.png - (250.61KB , 800x600 , CGKD11b.png )
It's just back to normal after being so unnaturally lively the past few days.
>> No. 31838 edit
File 132500247975.jpg - (403.39KB , 1000x837 , 1312343532280.jpg )
How sad.
>> No. 31839 edit
File 132215147188.gif - (2.98MB , 388x218 , Long Hug Gif.gif )
Here's a nice hug~
>> No. 31840 edit
File 131061742668.jpg - (283.59KB , 850x1200 , 72eb8a949b8a9c1c180a4d77c0807fe3.jpg )
Well, um, th, thanks... I guess.
>> No. 31841 edit

Yes, the jungle is the true hell!
>> No. 31842 edit
File 129669730271.jpg - (108.39KB , 640x480 , sakutarou_gununu.jpg )
Then it can't be helped. I'll have to bring out the big guns.

After getting the stuff from the underworld first.
>> No. 31843 edit

You should try using Vilethorn ne. It's not that strong so it'll be a bit slow against the maneaters, but it hits through walls which is useful.
>> No. 31844 edit
I don't have vilethorn. Yet.

I do have Mythic Starfury though. Not sure what to do with it.
>> No. 31845 edit

Go break shadow orbs ne.
>> No. 31846 edit
Trying. They're hiding from me.
>> No. 31848 edit
We should get a bunch of people in a terraria server now that a lot have it.
>> No. 31849 edit
File 132502636940.jpg - (125.45KB , 600x591 , 6992fe67b3afb506cd8bb00455c62ff360cd6ad9.jpg )
>> No. 31850 edit
File 132502649122.jpg - (18.88KB , 249x370 , Ryo056.jpg )
nice art work i cant draw to save my life
>> No. 31851 edit
File 130378098962.png - (22.52KB , 215x208 , energizerzabesuto.png )
Godly Flamelash get!
>> No. 31852 edit
File 130159019023.png - (38.38KB , 334x210 , puni_psyduck.png )
>> No. 31853 edit
File 131438751225.png - (111.17KB , 278x380 , Lily9b.png )
>75% off
>Everyone who bought it before
You poor saps.
>> No. 31854 edit
File 129660024462.png - (412.15KB , 710x577 , 凛私服05d(近).png )
Well, I think it was already 50% off when most people bought it, and it's only like a $2.50 difference...
>> No. 31855 edit
File 131429922256.png - (115.19KB , 272x376 , Lily10b.png )
Every dollah counts, young lady.
>> No. 31856 edit
holla holla get dollah
>> No. 31857 edit
File 132503338233.png - (103.33KB , 271x378 , Lily8b.png )
>"Well, an ootooloo is a small soft-bodied creature that feeds through a crevice, a sort of vertical slit for a mouth. Its skin is covered in cilia with the unusual quality of transmitting sensation. These cilia can take root in membranous flesh—"
>"Hold on a moment," Tehol said, aghast, "you’re not suggesting—’"
>"Most men can’t tell the difference, but it enhances pleasure many times... or so I am led to believe. I have never invited one inside, since the emplacement of an ootooloo is permanent, and it needs, uhm, constant feeding."
>> No. 31858 edit
File 130334544172.jpg - (91.05KB , 822x480 , minigeorgeshock.jpg )

>> No. 31859 edit
File 131679767969.png - (99.57KB , 505x383 , sakutarou_redfaced3g.png )
Where the heck is that even from?
>> No. 31860 edit
File 130159019023.png - (38.38KB , 334x210 , puni_psyduck.png )
A glorious book.
>> No. 31861 edit
File 130939970138.png - (322.18KB , 478x576 , 凛私服09d(近).png )
Whoa. I think all that traveling is catching up with me, I suddenly feel all woozy. Think I'd better turn in a bit early tonight.
>> No. 31862 edit
File 130133575390.png - (110.83KB , 274x376 , Lily4b.png )
Good night, Rinne.
>> No. 31863 edit
File 130230481757.png - (552.23KB , 723x1224 , ron_a13 default 2.png )
It's better than anything I could ever come up with, I'll give you that
>> No. 31864 edit
File 130268155391.png - (564.04KB , 709x1225 , ron_a22 laughing 1.png )
I know that feel, just get some rest and you'll be better in no time
>> No. 31865 edit
File 13250380301.jpg - (94.51KB , 1000x823 , azombie.jpg )
Did a lot of you guys get Terraria for Christmas or something?
>> No. 31866 edit
good evening
>> No. 31868 edit
File 130253954583.png - (112.03KB , 259x383 , Lily7b.png )
I think everyone had Terra already.
>> No. 31869 edit
>> No. 31870 edit
File 130268391628.png - (569.93KB , 709x1224 , ron_a12 surprized 1.png )
Nope, got Valkyria Chronicles from my sis
>> No. 31871 edit
good game
>> No. 31872 edit
Cake gifted it some people around christmas
>> No. 31873 edit
File 129591972796.png - (84.84KB , 291x478 , ka2_nayamua43.png )
And just the sake of my despair, now I write a list of all the gameboard I have lost (so that mean all the games I have played).
I am trying to list them chronologically, but that's probably impossible because dead old board.

1st Lili's game of evil wordplay.
I think this was the first game I actually tried to play a gameboard, I terribly losed.

Rosa's 3 blues game
Kinjo answer was really close, but he got stuck with a red, I found a loophole but my theory was incorrect. In the end Rosa crushed us.

Lady Owen's gameboard
Geez ... this game barely lasted a few days. But as we lost Owen forever (;_;), I consider this game also my loss.

2nd Lili's game of evil wordplay
This time I got really close to the asnwer, but a silly red mislead me. In the end Lili surrendered, but that's even worse than losing.

Bern's gameboard
Awesome game, creative asnwer, but we failed and anon did nothing to help the human side, shameful.

Kinjo's 3rd fanep
Awesome game, awesome team to solve it. Our first theory almost made us win, yet it lacked an important part of the whydunnit. In the end anon got trolled by Kinjo red and we lost.

Rosa's 1st fanep
A lot of things happened in this game, even if Rosa said I did well, I know I failed again.

Meta's quick mystery
Once again, I lost because of understimating a silly red. I didn't like the asnwer very much, and I think one of my theories was kinda good, but I failed again.

Rosa vs anon gameboard
The most fun gameboard I have experienced so far. I am not sure if this was intentional, but I considered this gameboard as my birthday gift from Rosa part.
Yet I failed again. Yes this will be probably my last defeat.
>> No. 31875 edit
File 131077641731.png - (114.98KB , 385x351 , 4719507b.png )
A stellar game record.
>> No. 31876 edit
File 132505059676.png - (191.30KB , 456x650 , lovers in blue.png )
List of gameboards 1v1 gameboards in which I have failed:
1. vs Meta
Defeated by the bones theory
2. vs Meta
Opponent was bored by my antics. It is the gamemaster's role to keep the player(s) entertained.
3. vs George
Opponent would not allow himself to lose to accept my surprise happy end. Played the villain too convincingly. Surrendered the first, but in the end won by luckily causing a logic error. Won the second after ten days of despair. Won the third after X amount of time after the opponent held back a trick. The situation with allies got hairy. There was a change of plans. Did not proceed with the rest of the game.
4. vs Lili
Opponent grew tired of my antics

List of gameboards group gameboards in which I have failed:
1. vs Lili
2. vs George
Even Trollkastel's detective wordplay wasn't enough.
3. vs Bern
Could only hope the layers of red upon red caused a logic error. Surrendered in the game because I couldn't see the truth of the text.
4. vs Kinjo
Natsuhi's group
5. That one or ones I forgot about
>> No. 31877 edit
File 129981675016.gif - (12.98KB , 242x400 , minigeorgebigsmile.gif )

It can't be helped you looked sinister ne.
>> No. 31878 edit
File 129773718627.png - (84.98KB , 291x478 , ka2_fumana66.png )
The Game Master role is different, also in most of those games people simply surrendered, but yeah a game master cannot win.
George game doesn't count, that was been probably the most cruel that it was ever created, and yet you almost finished it.
And from the others ... well you almost solved bern game. Against 1st Kinjo game I believe you were one of the people actively solving it, I dunno about the 2nd. About the rest, well I don't know very much.
>> No. 31879 edit
File 132506944074.png - (563.69KB , 709x1225 , ron_a22 default 2.png )
That it is
>> No. 31880 edit
File 132178252975.png - (180.62KB , 455x507 , _base04 niko.png )
Where's people.
>> No. 31881 edit
what why
>> No. 31882 edit
File 132231716375.png - (206.14KB , 367x562 , _base09_sumasi.png )
>Guest drinking
>Cake (natural drunkard)
>Feenie already passed out

Drunk fagets.
>> No. 31883 edit
File 129875412642.jpg - (74.66KB , 640x480 , tohsaka_gununu.jpg )
I don't remember my gameboard record very well. I know I was an active participant in the Witch in Gold game, but ironically even though I figured out the trick at one point I forgot it a week or so later when it came time to resume. That was silly of me. In George's game against Trollkastel I helped out quite a bit, though I'd credit most of my solving it to Lambda's hint. I didn't pay very much attention to Trollkastel's second game which was terrible of me and Saku ended up doing most of the work and the game eventually was disbanded due to disinterest. I still feel a bit bad about that.

I think I participated in all of Kinjo's games, and I remember solving at least one or two of the tricks in the 2nd game (specifically I remember making a theory that was basically the answer to the chapel trick). 3rd game I wasn't much help I don't think. I can't remember if I participated in the 1st game or not. I don't really count what happened in the second Witch in Gold gameboard because I had access to information the original detective did not.

As for game mastering, I did exactly one mystery out of what was supposed to be a full game board, and while that went well I gave up on the board because it was too difficult to create mysteries. I also assistant GM-ed some of Jyoji's game which mostly involved me yelling at him for making the mysteries too unfair.
>> No. 31884 edit
File 130072330625.png - (203.76KB , 333x475 , イリヤ01d(近).png )
Sorry. I'll try to make a better picture next time.
>> No. 31885 edit
File 129660216661.png - (323.15KB , 636x579 , 凛私服03c(近).png )
Well, if you ask me, the picture is just glorious as it is.
>> No. 31886 edit
File 132003567130.jpg - (47.60KB , 331x819 , 8736996431.jpg )
Well, um, thank you, dear.
It's not much, but I wanted to do something nice for this place.
>> No. 31887 edit
It's fine the way it is. No need to change it.
>> No. 31888 edit
File 132507699823.png - (160.96KB , 303x454 , イリヤ05c(中).png )
I see.
>> No. 31889 edit
Have you started P3???
>> No. 31890 edit
File 12965315119.png - (237.51KB , 394x465 , イリヤ05b(近).png )
Yeah, but only a little bit.
>> No. 31891 edit
Are you using a male or female character?
>> No. 31892 edit
File 129941217595.png - (206.12KB , 393x473 , イリヤ02b(近).png )
>> No. 31893 edit
Girl. Am I right or am I right.
>> No. 31894 edit
File 130923528638.jpg - (66.62KB , 700x500 , 5fd2bc325481b3385d583e397d6368281555af9e.jpg )
Nope. Difficulty level increases or decreases when picking girl, so I stuck with guy.
>> No. 31895 edit
>> No. 31896 edit
File 132351951796.png - (244.17KB , 494x468 , 0101.png )
I believe the difficulty varies depending on the mode chosen at the start. Bern mentioned that Shadows immediately get enemy advantage once they notice you on Maniac mode along with strong bosses etc. As for the female perspective, it merely offers another viewpoint for people replaying the game.
>> No. 31897 edit
File 132144304162.png - (1.56MB , 1341x1079 , 7ea2357099457.png )
I'm not familiar with the game, so I chose the basic over the new. Simple as that. I also heard there was literally no way to get past Maniac. So I'm just sticking with Normal.
>> No. 31898 edit
I hope you're enjoying P3 then. I for one love the music tracks a lot.
>> No. 31899 edit
Audio 08_-_Afternoon_Break.mp3 - (3.26MB , 08 - Afternoon Break.mp3 )
Yeah, the Persona 3 soundtrack is great. I loved this track from it, so I was happy it got used as often as it did.
>> No. 31900 edit
Yeah, I like playing them when writing.
>> No. 31901 edit

Execution etc.

I believe I can't compare to Cake or Hanyuu in terms of lewdness~ You can have the lewdest title if you want.
>> No. 31902 edit
File 130644669175.png - (111.88KB , 258x380 , Lily1b.png )
I never solved any mysteries, which is only understandable since I'm a dunce. I did write a few, some of which were incredibly mean and some of which were honest but got solved quickly.

Nowadays no one feels like playing mine, so I hardly ever look at /gameboard/. Besides, reading's more fun than writing.
>> No. 31903 edit
File 130159019023.png - (38.38KB , 334x210 , puni_psyduck.png )
The lewdest is, of course, Rin.
>> No. 31904 edit

5:17 PM Voyager: Where did Riri's game go anyway
5:18 PM Ozaki: it was removed or something i guess
5:18 PM Kinjo: posted
5:18 PM Voyager: I guess no one volunteered
5:18 PM Ozaki: posted
5:19 PM Ozaki: ~
5:19 PM Voyager: it's too bad
5:19 PM Voyager: it could have been interesting
5:20 PM Kinjo: pffft
5:20 PM Ozaki: Yeah i was planning to
5:20 PM Ozaki: problem kinjo
5:20 PM Kinjo: oh, you were talking about Riri's game
5:20 PM Kinjo: yeah that was interesting
5:20 PM Voyager: I was
5:21 PM Ozaki: i was going to post on riri's game the next day if someone didn't, but then poof
5:21 PM Ozaki: it was gone
5:21 PM Lion: Lili should have been a little more patient
5:22 PM Voyager: was anyone else afraid of posting comments on that thread
5:22 PM Kinjo: yeah
5:22 PM Ozaki: heh, yes
5:22 PM Voyager: that's probably the problem then
5:23 PM Voyager: the impression of ignored etc.
5:23 PM Lion: lets tell her later
5:23 PM Lion: to post it again
5:23 PM Lion: but if she refuses ......we can use astaroth~~
5:23 PM Voyager: I expected Astaroth to challenge it
5:23 PM Voyager: did he help make it or something
5:23 PM Lion: idk
>> No. 31905 edit
File 132508825185.jpg - (47.79KB , 960x540 , 1261586450251.jpg )
I remember that game.

There was some kind of measure about wordplay. Like the game being unable to proceed unless both parties fully understood what each red statement meant. And if it so happened that the player didn't, the game would automatically be their win.
>> No. 31906 edit
File 129648375265.jpg - (43.87KB , 480x599 , groggy.jpg )
>> No. 31907 edit
File 130253954583.png - (112.03KB , 259x383 , Lily7b.png )
I figured no one was interested since it was like, four, five days with no comment whatsoever. No one helped me come up with it so everyone was eligible, just no one showed any interest.
>> No. 31908 edit
File 130159019023.png - (38.38KB , 334x210 , puni_psyduck.png )
Remembering the game'd be absurd, it never started. I posted the prologue and opening, asked if anyone was interested in challenging it. Since none came I just lost interest and removed the thread in case someone suddenly became interested when I'd lost interest.
>> No. 31909 edit
File 131615476751.png - (321.64KB , 698x650 , what.png )
Are you sure there wasn't something about the game's rules where wordplay is concerned in the opening post? And within it a condition that causes the gamemaster's immediate defeat?

Because I remember a gameboard like that which disappeared a few days after I saw it, and I remember it being yours.
>> No. 31910 edit
File 13013344728.png - (32.94KB , 123x125 , li_astarothface.png )
Possibly, I forget the details. If someone could dredge that thread up from the annals of history I could probably remember.
>> No. 31911 edit
File 131873704995.png - (567.71KB , 734x1120 , enj_a11 bothered 2.png )
When this board was still young, we engaged in many gameboards. Some contrived, many reliant on word games and plays. Such deception is inherent to these games: a quest not only for the truth of the mystery, the soup du jour, but also a struggle to see whether your tools are, indeed, true.

There are two rules to this gameboard.
1) Spoken in red are truths. Whether the truth is laid bare plainly, or veiled behind wordplay is irrelevant. It is truth. However, a caveat is that if deception is involved, then after unveiling of the deception both parties must be able to agree on the truth hidden within the words. If not, then the trust has been broken, and this rule no longer applies and the Game Master loses by default.

2) A theory spoken in blue must run its course logically, from finish to end. Only then is the Game Master obligated to acknowledge it. Any blue lines that do not support a theory of truth is unimportant and may be discarded at will: any blue truth supporting a theory of truth may, unrefuted, be considered truth.

There can be but one opponent: to challenge the Game Master with a host of opponents is to raise an army in response to a single man's cry of defiance. Thus.

Those who wish to challenge the mystery despite the singular choice of opponent may do so through e-mails or other private correspondence, so to reach the grand finale of the mystery all themselves. However, I ask you not reveal any truths in so doing, that the singular opponent I've chosen remains witless and without assistance until the game runs its conclusion.

Well then. Let's see how we shall fare, shall we? The board's been laid out, the pieces aligned.

It's time to discover the truth.

DELETED - Almaz!kyt3ApgURM Mon, 03 Oct 2011 11:46:52 -0700 No. 2909
"Come on! We're going to be late like this!" Marianne turns to me, puffing her cheeks. Right, right, I know.

"'Tasha is a very precise person. Being late even by one minute is unforgivable'... right?"

Marianne nods furiously in response. "That's right! If you know, come on, let's go!"

And so we continue, not a bit faster than we'd been going up 'till now.

It's not that I'm being particularly slow or anything; the blame here rests solely with Marianne, who despite her best intentions woke up a little late. An hour or two late.

That doesn't stop her from being self-righteous about it, of course. But that's just the way she is.

"Come on, Sara!" Marianne turns again. But no matter how much she urges, I'm happy with the current pace.

And besides, I can already see the apartment. We're hardly late; if anything, we'll be five minutes early at this pace.

Marianne runs ahead of me. She's always so hurried, but then, she always oversleeps. I imagine someone who's perpetually later than intended will lead a very hurried life.

Ahhh, that'd be so stressful. I'd rather not spend my every minute worrying over anything, least of all someone I've never met being precise with time.

The apartment isn't very spectacular. It looks a little rundown, even; the security door is rather much unimpressive. Marianne handily reveals it isn't even locked.

We go up two flights of dinky stairs (I suppose I shouldn't spend so much effort to highlight the terrible state of this place) and finally end at a simple door. 'Tasha Goodman', it reads.

Such a stereotypical name. Marianne raps on the door.
"There is a doorbell here, though," I point out, to which she responds by pressing it and sending me a glare that, in all my years knowing her, must mean, 'Then why didn't you say so earlier?'

"Ahhh, you're here!" The door swings open to reveal a cheerful looking boy. A boy.

"Ah, that's the usual face," he concludes with a nod, and I suppose I must be looking surprised: I'd imagined him to be a girl! "It's not the manliest name in existence, but... well, come in, come in!" He turns to the side, and Marianne stomps in with a whirlwind of apologies for being late.

Tasha doesn't really appear to be as much concerned with such notions as time, and merrily swats away Marianne's excuses with superiority. I guess he's really used to her as well.

The apartment is, unsurprisingly, small. The tiny hallway's hardly three steps, and the living room behind the door looks to be... hm, I'd say it's a six by six. Meters, that is. The entire system of inches is lost on me.

The room has a homely and cozy atmosphere to it. A bed shoved in the corner highlights how this is the only room in the apartment (where does he cook his meals?), and the rest of the room is filled with a bookcase, a table, various cushions, a TV and what I imagine to be his pride and joy: a Playstation 3.

DELETED - Almaz!kyt3ApgURM Mon, 03 Oct 2011 11:48:01 -0700 No. 2910
"This is the first time we've met, isn't it?" Tasha speaks up behind me. I, naturally, turn my back to his cozy and homely room, and am greeted with a radiant and lively face.

"That's kind of stating the obvious."

"Sara! Aaah I'm sorry, Tash, she can't help being rude and--"

"It's okay, it's okay!" Tasha laughs, unphased by Marianne's frantic attempts at apology.

"So as you heard, I'm Sara."


We exchange nods by way of greeting: it doesn't look like Tasha's the strict type Marianne's making him out to be.

"We're the first ones, aren't we?"

Tasha nods. "Well, Mary's always late, so we tell her to come an hour early." Marianne's completely oblivious to this, eyeing the gaming console greedily.

"I can quite imagine you'd tell her things as that." I can't begin to recount the amount of times she's been late. Conversely, I can easily recall the amount of times she's been on time.

"Well, want to play a game until the others arrive?" From his casual attitude, you can hardly tell he's a birthday boy, but he might just not care about birthdays as much.

Of course, I'm not going to turn down an invitation like that, and before long we're so engrossed in Valkyria Chronicles that it takes a while to realise someone's ringing the doorbell.

A moment later, we're joined by Tasha's two friends. Marianne introduces us quickly; Leslie and Gwyn. Leslie, a tall guy who might just as well be mistaken for a thug were it not for his friendly smile, and Gwyn, who I find difficult to describe beyond incredibly plain.

She looks like she has the questionable honour of being the straight woman of the party, complete with two different emotions: neutral and forced smile.

"So you must be the rumoured 'lady of steel'!" Leslie remarks. Clearly, Marianne's been running her mouth.

"I think that kind of unflattering nickname," and at this I glare at Marianne with the fiercest glare I can muster, "should earn whoever coined it a beating straight away."

Marianne gulps, forces a smile. "N, not that I came up with that kind of thing," she says. Riiiight. I believe you, like I believe in some grand figure shaping the world with but a word. If someone so benevolent and mighty could exist then, surely, they wouldn't stand for me blaspheming at the corner of every street.

As a figure of speech, of course.

I don't really blaspheme at the corner of every street. Not even one in two.

"Well, we came together for a reason," Gwyn interjects, "so let's just party instead of argue, okay?" A surprising suggestion coming from someone with such a straight face, but...

Well, she's right. We came here to party, not argue over whether or not I am a lady of steel! (I'm not!)

"Then, let's do this!" With a cheer of 'yeah!', we begin the party in earnest.

DELETED - Is it difficult? I imagine not. - Almaz!kyt3ApgURM Mon, 03 Oct 2011 11:49:24 -0700 No. 2911
By the end of this particular tale, one of the five people will be dead. One or more of the others are to blame.

Now then. Let's see who'll step forward, eager to see the conclusion to the tale and, thus, solve the mystery!
>> No. 31912 edit
File 130159019023.png - (38.38KB , 334x210 , puni_psyduck.png )
Oh, right, that one. A particularly nasty trick I had there.
>> No. 31913 edit
File 129592041964.png - (27.71KB , 700x700 , kan_majimea3.png )
Uwa ... the Witch of Resurrection
>> No. 31914 edit
How does i terraria multiplayer server
>> No. 31915 edit
File 132510585925.png - (253.42KB , 640x480 , +blood_1b.png )
Nobody cares~

I was trying to access Golden Gameboard Forum, but it says that GG no longer exists.

Is that true?
>> No. 31916 edit
File 129671502260.png - (353.76KB , 545x583 , 凛私服04a眼鏡(近).png )
Choose multiplayer, and "host and play." Probably at least need Hamachi to bypass most firewalls and stuff.
>> No. 31917 edit
I figured it out, wasnt working with hamachi at first cause i had to allow a certain port
>> No. 31918 edit
Also, we should totally make a fresh world (and fresh characters) and have seacats play it once in a while.
>> No. 31919 edit
omgggg relevations is 25% off nowwwww
>> No. 31920 edit
Kuma made one a while ago, I think, since she advanced really fast as she looted from others and wanted to try getting stuff herself etc. Something like that.
Not sure who played on it at the time
>> No. 31921 edit
File 129651591726.png - (319.07KB , 484x580 , 凛私服01a眼鏡(近).png )
Yeah, I think it kind of takes a lot of the fun out of the game if you just mooch advanced stuff off of the larger servers and what not. I mean if you're just a builder and your only goal is to build a 500 block tall tower of obsidian you might as well just hack the game and give yourself 5000 obsidian blocks and all the best equipment or whatever, but if you wanna actually play the game I think working your way up through the tiers is pretty important.

The content that's there is pretty enjoyable, I think. But you won't enjoy it if you start out with a full set of hallowed armor and a legendary excalibur, it'll just be a joke.
>> No. 31922 edit
Well, I don't think that would be much of an issue on a fresh server with everyone using fresh characters unless someone is always on it 24/7 doing bosses while everyone is offline. Like, make some rule where if you're the only one on there or something, disconnect and/or wait for someone?
>> No. 31923 edit
>> No. 31924 edit
File 129660079251.png - (412.65KB , 710x577 , 凛私服05b(近).png )
Erm, I wasn't trying to criticize the idea of starting a new server or say it wouldn't work or anything. Just generally restating the fact that the game isn't fun if you get all the stuff handed to you like certain other people did.
>> No. 31925 edit
omg i buy terraria ok?
>> No. 31926 edit
File 132511631599.png - (0.96MB , 462x600 , 6865557_m.png )
>> No. 31927 edit
File 130133517860.png - (35.04KB , 136x124 , ri_wah.png )
Don't do it!
>> No. 31928 edit
Audio Nipah~.mp3 - (2.01MB )
>> No. 31929 edit
cake doko
>> No. 31930 edit
I think it helps if you have some kind of idea what you want to build, then work towards that.

Me, I have no idea at the moment.
>> No. 31931 edit
File 132511851496.jpg - (2.35MB , 1991x4481 , castlefull.jpg )
Well, there's plenty to do in the game other than build. Not that I'm one to talk.

Do it you won't regret it
>> No. 31932 edit
File 129648555172.png - (13.72KB , 87x118 , sakutaro_rifyua2.png )
Except I kind of want to build. I just don't know what I want to build.
>> No. 31933 edit
File 130354899217.png - (568.48KB , 709x1224 , ron_a12 serious 1.png )
Is it really worth it? From what I've heard it's basically Minecraft 2D
>> No. 31934 edit
It's a little bit more than that.
>> No. 31935 edit
File 129664346193.png - (352.27KB , 545x583 , 凛私服04c眼鏡(近).png )
Well, it is a lot like Minecraft in 2D. I think you'd feel that way right after you open the game and need to harvest and set up a crafting table and stuff to get going. Except there's a lot more adventure stuff, and there's multiple bosses with progression and huge underground caverns with treasure chests and rare monsters, and various different biomes to explore like the jungle and the corruption and stuff. I think the combat's better in Terraria and while you might be able to make more complicated and advanced structures in Minecraft, I think the things you build in Terraria LOOK better (but I just can't really stand the 3D-blocky style of Minecraft).

Also, personally, I like the NPCs in Terraria a lot. They give a lot of flavor to the game. It's also nice to actually have a Guide character who's available from the start, who actually gives you USEFUL GAMEPLAY TIPS about where you are in progression and what you should do, as well as the ability to ask him about any item in the game and what you can make with it (so you can actually figure out how to make things without a wiki). I think the sense of progression gives it a more structured approach than Minecraft, though it's still largely a sandbox-style game.
>> No. 31936 edit
File 129600199592.png - (57.03KB , 279x344 , adventuretarou.png )
Oh, I got it!

I'll build a castle out of hellstone bricks and colonize the underworld!
>> No. 31937 edit
File 129660079251.png - (412.65KB , 710x577 , 凛私服05b(近).png )
Good luck. Mining hellstone's kind of a pain.
>> No. 31938 edit
File 131595709513.jpg - (78.88KB , 400x400 , dreamland.jpg )
I've noticed. But that'll make it all the sweeter when it's done.
>> No. 31939 edit
File 129697429149.png - (319.28KB , 484x580 , 凛私服01d眼鏡(近).png )
Best of luck. My Wall of Flesh battle was kind of underwhelming since I over-prepared for it. Unreal Phoenix Blaser with Meteor Shot wrecked it, and +defense on all my accessories helped a lot.

On the other hand, the hardmode bosses will wreck your face solo if you don't over-prepare for them.
>> No. 31940 edit
File 132512125813.jpg - (57.45KB , 500x292 , 5807770d9bd1b242c158ec54ddf6a5e6.jpg )
>> No. 31941 edit
I have an Unreal Phoenix Blaster with Meteor Shot and 37 defense total. I still feel underprepared.
>> No. 31942 edit
File 129660216661.png - (323.15KB , 636x579 , 凛私服03c(近).png )
Why hello there~
>> No. 31943 edit
File 130430200364.jpg - (328.26KB , 609x740 , 1300358536948.jpg )
>> No. 31945 edit
File 13242516676.png - (11.81KB , 707x228 , 1324184766223.png )
I guess I should be glad I just learned how to make a grappling hook after deciding to explore the corruption and discovered a pretty much endless pit.
>> No. 31946 edit
File 131061701999.jpg - (66.20KB , 800x600 , d2886cc04b3beee24a602dd80a8a18ed.jpg )
The group is full? That's silly, the owner should get on and do something about that. Otherwise we will need a new one.

How are you~?
>> No. 31947 edit
File 131061683586.jpg - (357.59KB , 800x600 , fb89e3d1f5665efd41a32aa7f6f7299b.jpg )
F, fine. You?
>> No. 31948 edit
File 132512312288.png - (926.37KB , 881x1420 , 1325122448338.png )
>> No. 31949 edit
File 129824050448.png - (15.91KB , 179x153 , It\'s Been A Hard Day\'s Night.png )
>fight wall of flesh
>yay, victory
>harassed by demons
>take that demons
>one of them drops voodoo doll into lava
>wall of flesh summoned again
That was annoying.
>> No. 31950 edit
File 132358578889.jpg - (524.74KB , 1103x904 , Keep Warm.jpg )
I'm doing well!

You lost me.

I had an accidental WoF summoning happen somewhat like that too.

By the way, defeating the Wall of Flesh does activate hardmode and start the nearly-unstoppable spread of corruption and hallow in the world. I hope you were prepared for that!
>> No. 31952 edit
File 129600199592.png - (57.03KB , 279x344 , adventuretarou.png )
But it also lets me mine the more powerful ores, so it's all good.
>> No. 31953 edit
File 130430547421.jpg - (278.62KB , 800x720 , 1300361868799.jpg )
The way are talking is cute.

That is good to know.I'm glad.
>> No. 31954 edit
way they are*
>> No. 31955 edit
Isn't one a seal and the other is an otter?
>> No. 31956 edit
File 131061633110.png - (471.60KB , 820x900 , c7a29e0ee1e75ec015803e67010ee247.png )
I'm glad too~!
>> No. 31957 edit
File 132358631542.jpg - (850.97KB , 1500x903 , 1312342959542.jpg )
H, homu, homu...
>> No. 31958 edit
File 132512773498.jpg - (153.10KB , 600x400 , aa4eb46d091626316f2e3240107989c7.jpg )
Just remember you definitely have to go in the proper progression! You need a cobalt drill to mine mythril, and a mythril drill to mine adamantine.

Hehehe~ So, what's up~?
>> No. 31959 edit
File 132512774977.png - (1.65MB , 1500x1072 , 1325122685506.png )

Yes, but seals are moe.
>> No. 31960 edit
File 13242516676.png - (11.81KB , 707x228 , 1324184766223.png )
>Decide to explore underground jungle
>Hornets and man eaters everywhere, no spores
>man eater pushes me into a pit of them
>> No. 31961 edit
File 132513035228.jpg - (25.85KB , 427x258 , Baby_Otters_01.jpg )
Otters can be moe too.
>> No. 31962 edit
File 13251316145.png - (207.09KB , 427x258 , moeottersne.png )
>> No. 31963 edit
Underground jungle is extremely difficult without a Vilethorn and good defenses.
>> No. 31964 edit
I was doing fine with just a silver sword and an enchanted boomerang up until that moment. I was looking for spores as I already had gems, a couple vines, and enough stingers.
>> No. 31965 edit

>> No. 31966 edit
File 131509911528.jpg - (53.58KB , 693x474 , 1314075541657.jpg )
Like I was telling Astaroth earlier, I think the Underground Jungle is probably the roughest area pre-WoF.
>> No. 31967 edit
It didn't seem that tough at all up until that point, i pretty much usually either grappled just out of arms reach of man eaters and flung boomerangs at them, or just flung boomerangs at hornets the whole time. Thankfully the ocean was easy and i got most of my materials from it.
>> No. 31968 edit
File 131502987439.jpg - (384.14KB , 1309x1541 , 1314075470218.jpg )
Heh, normally I'd recommend fighting the eye and even the Eater of Worlds before going to the underground jungle. The real problem with the jungle is when you get into tight spaces with all the enemies around, the boomerang can be of limited use in tight confines.

The Eye of Cthulhu isn't really any big deal, if you have iron/silver armor and enough money to buy a stack or two of shuriken you'll be fine. If you're really worried just create an arena out of wooden platforms somewhere in the air, about three or four rows high with some space to run/dodge.
>> No. 31969 edit
File 132513724567.jpg - (203.59KB , 800x652 , 9920bb67b673518826614772ff242421.jpg )
Homu lub lub her Madoka...!
>> No. 31970 edit
File 132513756630.jpg - (207.12KB , 650x466 , d6f0726660fb4c631b3d79335713120f.jpg )
And I lub lub you too~
>> No. 31971 edit
Oh god the snowman mafia is here.
>> No. 31972 edit
What's with all this ♥L❤U❤B♥?
>> No. 31973 edit
i don't know but they might end up ruining my enjoyment of the pairing
>> No. 31974 edit
>> No. 31975 edit
File 131800409264.jpg - (105.63KB , 250x250 , parsee_jealousy.jpg )
So jealous...
>> No. 31977 edit
>> No. 31978 edit
File 132514108118.jpg - (128.93KB , 600x600 , 1248881781075.jpg )
Why don't we fall in love?
>> No. 31979 edit
File 132458297530.jpg - (151.61KB , 512x512 , parsee_flipoff.jpg )
With you? Not a chance, Checkers.
>> No. 31980 edit
File 132514148873.jpg - (396.68KB , 1250x1425 , 1324680182351.jpg )
She's too old for you.
>> No. 31981 edit
File 13133029907.jpg - (68.81KB , 200x162 , 1262363928571.jpg )
...What did you call me?

Listen, we both have our insecurities, right? No matter how much we demean ourselves, we'll always end up on the same level. We're actually destined to be together.
>> No. 31982 edit
File 132514196115.jpg - (180.40KB , 600x600 , 1299275374823.jpg )
3 letter word relating to love.

Revenge for ruining my favorite pairing. makkxGogo

Pretty sure you have at least one or two good friends.
>> No. 31983 edit
File 131795787852.jpg - (70.25KB , 193x273 , parsee_disdain.jpg )
Checkers. Because you're too much of a simpleton to figure out how to turn the chessboard around. And if my destiny is to be with you, then I'd sooner die than fulfill it.
>> No. 31984 edit
If I closed my eyes, I could swear Meta was talking.
>> No. 31985 edit
File 131617849945.jpg - (40.30KB , 960x540 , 1257478986749.jpg )
You... don't mean that.
>> No. 31986 edit
File 130032580980.jpg - (61.36KB , 559x653 , minigeorgeinnocentsmile.jpg )

Quick, Battler-kun! Use the rabu!
>> No. 31987 edit
File 13179452443.jpg - (103.32KB , 250x250 , parsee_sweatdrop.jpg )
You're going to make Friend-kun cry, you know.
>> No. 31988 edit
File 131617997456.png - (101.35KB , 341x373 , Battlerne26.png )
You'd know all about that.
>> No. 31989 edit
File 132514368093.jpg - (745.58KB , 1000x1000 , parsee_confused.jpg )
>> No. 31990 edit
File 131615388933.jpg - (309.92KB , 800x802 , 3bc9efdf99c76ef1ec08fe8d8eb4c715efb08bae.jpg )
>> No. 31991 edit
Aren't you usually asleep around this time?
>> No. 31992 edit
File 132514551023.jpg - (207.82KB , 768x768 , parsee_chopsticks.jpg )
>> No. 31993 edit
wtf is going on here omg

ill be home on the 8th
>> No. 31994 edit
File 13161416788.jpg - (152.10KB , 600x800 , 0e556e55fa728e356a65ac5844f7c56c2bac94ec.jpg )
Who're you?
>> No. 31995 edit
Come back now!
>> No. 31996 edit
File 132514686753.png - (251.51KB , 800x600 , CGKD24b.png )
I have no clue what's going on, either!
>> No. 31997 edit
dusnt matter

omg its like 9 days k
>> No. 31999 edit
File 131569541241.jpg - (50.98KB , 419x448 , 1314132184846.jpg )
When I woke up and remembered all the gameboard reminiscing on this thread, I realize something.

Besides Shkannontrice, his tricks really were classic and not all that complicated.
Now compare it to our game master tricks:
Vents with bullet-sized openings in it? Double-closed rooms? Bringing Kanon back to life and then killing him again? Twin sisters which no one knew about but came on the island and increased the count just to be killed off? O-Battler? Being killed by thunderstorms?

The theories and the games which incorporated them or used something more sinister... R07 wouldn't have stood a chance with our gameboards.

Forget dirty word play tricks with red.
Even with that, these mysteries were as insane as their detective counterparts.

tl;dr Seacats insane mystery tricks > R07's mystery tricks.
R07's fairness > Seacats fairness
>> No. 32001 edit
Also, interesting.
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