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File 132544948864.jpg - (192.60KB , 800x600 , 5fe072d7d53593ab3b081ec727348ffa.jpg )
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>> No. 32632 edit
File 132492103888.png - (21.93KB , 512x384 , 1257214438864.png )
The anime shouldn't be used to judge the novels. Beatrice's tragic and beautiful heart wasn't properly conveyed.

Even if on a whim you decided to read them one day, you may never understand, because after watching the anime first you can never truly experience the tale in all its majesty, as it appears to a virgin.
>> No. 32633 edit
Madoka is super overrated and I wish people (and/or fans) would just shut up about it already.
>> No. 32634 edit
File 130860123519.png - (145.84KB , 368x453 , rg7_fumana2.png )
If the story only really appeals to virgins it must be rife with pathetic misconceptions about reality.
>> No. 32635 edit
File 131574171246.jpg - (50.19KB , 848x480 , 1247818919708.jpg )
Agreed. Especially on a board where it's not even relevant. Instead, it's almost as prevalent as Saten spam.
>> No. 32636 edit
File 131570066217.jpg - (136.65KB , 504x700 , 7893191.jpg )
I heard it only appeals to girls, which is funny. But don't twist my words in such a low brow manner.

Obviously, I mean one who is virgin to the Umineko experience™.
>> No. 32637 edit
File 130860040979.png - (148.99KB , 353x449 , rg7_akuwaraia1.png )
I've seen enough of Umineko to know it is shit, and I know there are those who did read it from start to finish and agree nonetheless.
>> No. 32638 edit
File 132545058275.jpg - (7.62KB , 182x151 , 1315910387949.jpg )
>> No. 32639 edit
File 132518602275.png - (19.84KB , 124x124 , Fate_Extra_Servant_Saber_F01.png )
How did I know that your first post of the New Year would be about showing spite for something people enjoy and/or an ambiguous group of people~?

That's a nice image.
>> No. 32640 edit
File 13254507239.gif - (1.18MB , 388x272 , 1257214324029.gif )
There are those who have read it from start to finish and disagree.

Obviously, the people who do agree are just stubborn goats who don't deserve to be graced with Ryu-sama's work. They should be grateful they were granted that.
>> No. 32641 edit
File 132545079474.png - (145.37KB , 360x453 , rg7_waraia1.png )
I, for one, welcome my goat overlords.

Really, why is Beatrice a beautiful character, then? Maybe rather than spew nonsense you could argument your opinion.
>> No. 32642 edit
File 132545111697.jpg - (213.63KB , 711x1218 , 2afb3e98006a7023a364d8bf0361269fbed0915d.jpg )
As someone who played puppet with Beatrice's remains and tarnished her heart, I'm not the one to answer that. The blood is still on my hands. But that was just a misguided expression of my love for her beauty.

Beatrice is a masterfully accurate depiction of the realities of a maiden's heart, which I understand completely. Any explanation falls short of its splendor. One must see for themselves.
>> No. 32643 edit
File 130860040979.png - (148.99KB , 353x449 , rg7_akuwaraia1.png )
... And how can you understand a maiden's heart without being a maiden?
>> No. 32644 edit
File 132544126272.jpg - (84.43KB , 1280x720 , 1325359512702.jpg )
Obviously, we are pure girls at heart! Me, and Ryukishi, Kinjo, all of us!

Our shallow exterior forms, our boxes, disgrace the fathoms. Much like Beatrice.
>> No. 32645 edit
I never said for people to stop enjoying things, I merely said Madoka is overrated and their fans spam it everywhere like it's the best thing ever, DEEP, etc.

I can blame part of it for being sick and falling asleep shortly after midnight I guess.

As for Umineko, I enjoyed it and the ride up until about Episode 7.
>> No. 32646 edit
File 132545142741.gif - (932.25KB , 253x197 , kermitdoesnotapprove.gif )
>Beatrice is a masterfully accurate depiction of the realities of a maiden's heart
Okay, I know you're just trolling, but really...~?
>> No. 32647 edit
File 130860186417.png - (146.45KB , 369x453 , rg7_fumana1.png )
You call your hairy legs, your ding-a-ling-dong, large feet with yellow-crusted toenails, your bony fingers and neckbearded heads "maidens"? Well, to each their own.
>> No. 32648 edit
File 132545156932.jpg - (191.10KB , 580x743 , 7993552.jpg )
Sorry, but I'm not trolling. That was never my intention. These are realities I lay bare, unashamed.
>> No. 32649 edit
File 13251840056.png - (20.35KB , 124x124 , Fate_Extra_Servant_Saber_F03.png )
People did the same thing for Haruhi, Code Geass (well, that might have been a different reason), Gurren Lagann, etc. It's all in the eye of the beholder as to whether or not it's overrated or deserves it or what not, so I say let everyone have their day in the sun.
>> No. 32650 edit
File 130930383736.jpg - (31.17KB , 363x310 , Oh Wait Youre Serious.jpg )
I think this is pretty much the perfect response to that.
>> No. 32651 edit
File 131617776793.jpg - (208.47KB , 700x540 , 1265102714468.jpg )
My toenails aren't yellow-crusted, and my neck isn't bearded. But even if they were, that wouldn't be the final truth of me. I am not my body. I am the heart, the consciousness, that simply has the misfortune of lying there.
>> No. 32652 edit
Haruhi I agree with being overrated, Code Geass I enjoyed and never really saw it as overrated though there were some pretty wat plot moments a lot of the time, Gurren Lagann is just a tad bit overrated, but still pretty good and the show is pretty much a homage to the mecha series as a whole.
>> No. 32653 edit
File 13254518849.png - (280.51KB , 369x1139 , kan_b32 worrying 1.png )
I'm a pretty, pretty girl.
I'm a pretty, pretty girl.
I'm a pretty, pretty girl.
I'm a pretty, pretty girl.
I'm a pretty, pretty girl.
I'm a pretty, pretty girl.
I'm a pretty, pretty girl.
>> No. 32654 edit
File 131568554041.jpg - (327.80KB , 827x1168 , 1256856588739.jpg )
Laugh if you will. I welcome it! What would a lewd male who preys on poor girls understand?
>> No. 32655 edit
File 132545079474.png - (145.37KB , 360x453 , rg7_waraia1.png )
Of course, of course.
>> No. 32656 edit
File 130860040979.png - (148.99KB , 353x449 , rg7_akuwaraia1.png )
Also, I have a 33% off coupon for Valve games lying around I won't do anything with. If anyone wants it, holler.
>> No. 32657 edit
File 131615756267.jpg - (231.88KB , 583x733 , 5b8c8d0c127c7fe65a4785020e559f2496b86fe5.jpg )
I think all three are better than Madoka, at least.
>> No. 32658 edit
I decided to craft my coal yesterday, and ended up getting a 50% valve coupon on top of the 33% one I already had. Then I noticed valve's announcement they pretty much ran out of anything except valve coupons for gifts.
>> No. 32659 edit
File 132545207866.jpg - (22.67KB , 640x480 , Weirdo.jpg )
>> No. 32660 edit
Oh, without a doubt.
>> No. 32661 edit
File 129896951043.png - (88.04KB , 238x352 , 131641955898.png )
Say, did you know? The separation of the mind and body is completely artificial and unnatural. Your emotions, your thought processes, your memories, and your behavior are all influenced by chemicals produced throughout the body, and indeed, by the substances you introduce to your body! The "you" as it were could not exist without your body, as it wouldn't be the same "you."

...Well, at least that's one way to look at it~

An ending can do a lot to redeem or condemn a series in my eyes. Some people like the journey more than the end, but a lot of how I feel about a series will be shaped by the ending. I guess what I'm saying is that even though I'll never rate Madoka as one of my favorite anime, the ending has somewhat redeemed it for me.
>> No. 32662 edit
The ending redeemed Madoka? For you? You're the last person who I thought would be saying that.
>> No. 32663 edit
File 132519020143.png - (70.29KB , 480x272 , Fate_Extra_Servant_Saber_01.png )
I thought I said I liked happy endings.
>> No. 32664 edit
File 131615388933.jpg - (309.92KB , 800x802 , 3bc9efdf99c76ef1ec08fe8d8eb4c715efb08bae.jpg )
I look at it the same way. But that still isn't the whole truth. The arrangement of chemicals creates the heart that is me, and that arrangement does not depend on the shallow impressions by form only gives in the exterior. I could be stripped of all my skin and still be the same. I could lose my hairy legs in a tragic accident, I don't believe my consciousness would be significantly altered!

Why can't my central nervous system be that of a pure maiden? The idea of equality between sexes rests on this kind of reasoning!
>> No. 32665 edit
File 132545259566.jpg - (332.24KB , 1280x909 , 1314481156159.jpg )
>> No. 32666 edit
So just the ending redeemed the anime as a whole for you?
>> No. 32667 edit
File 132518602275.png - (19.84KB , 124x124 , Fate_Extra_Servant_Saber_F01.png )
Your last line seems to say you don't believe in the philosophy of "different yet equal"~

As for the rest, that depends on what you describe as "you." Wouldn't you be changed by having different experiences and different memories, which would certainly occur if you lost your skin, or your legs? I could go on but I think I'll refrain from it, as the whole things encompasses a bunch of ideas and questions that I don't really have a definite answer to. All that thinking makes my head hurt.

I at least don't feel any need to attack it or its fanbase. Though I have my moments of weakness there.
>> No. 32668 edit
>I at least don't feel any need to attack it
>I at least don't feel any need to attack it
>I at least don't feel any need to attack it

Leave Umineko alone too please and thank you.
>> No. 32669 edit
File 132545372297.jpg - (211.04KB , 1000x1414 , ca64c48859d11485053f67303826c4d08498bb1d.jpg )
Different yet equal is nonsense. How can that be measured, how can these differences possibly balance out to equality in a flawless manner? Game balance is difficult, and never complete.

Of course, I believe I am a different person in every conceivable moment, but the difference is slight. People recognize the similarities between the countless iterations of me for convenience. I don't believe the people who know of my mind would perceive it as changed any more than the gradual changes that go inconceived in the process, which they only realize when they compare a distant me from memory to the me of the present, which was only arrived at through a process of iteration.

Couldn't a pure maiden, with plastic surgery, reach a vastly different exterior impression, when what is observed by others as the heart remains relatively unfazed? Or rather, wouldn't it if they could look past the bias impressions they form not from reality of the self, but from associations with bodily appearance? And they can do that exactly, easily, readily. Through the internet. Or through a novel where inclusion of the physical form is only passing and in the shape of a simply drawn avatar.
>> No. 32670 edit
File 132517463812.png - (20.33KB , 124x124 , Fate_Extra_Servant_Saber_F00.png )
Didn't that "attack" occur when I was asked my opinion on it~?

In any case, I've stepped off on hating Umineko in general after reading episode 8. I still hold the same feelings for Yasu, though.
>> No. 32671 edit
File 132153379265.jpg - (47.51KB , 300x281 , 723.jpg )
Ehehe, that last level was so tough! Good job though Feenie, and wow is that addicting~

No I understand all that! The robot thing is impossible and suicide is somewhat macabre. That's why I tried to go the ego killing path, so you could adapt to anything, ne.
>> No. 32672 edit
File 132534791591.jpg - (28.94KB , 265x340 , 13078123732.jpg )
Had to stick together there at the end. I think you actually fight the mothership on insane. But yeah, good job.
>> No. 32673 edit
File 132212921296.jpg - (31.08KB , 300x169 , 439.jpg )
I was actually let down a bit, since I thought for sure we'd fight it like in the end of the first one. And oh god, those freaking huge hectors and the wasps were annoying as all hell! It sucked too when that Kicker guy kept kicking the bucket.

Some other time we can try out the class that friggin' flies, maybe that will be neat~
>> No. 32674 edit
File 132518602275.png - (19.84KB , 124x124 , Fate_Extra_Servant_Saber_F01.png )
In that case nothing can be equal, because we are by necessity all different~ Not that it's as relevant as you seem to make it.

Unfortunately, I have somewhere I need to be, so I cannot continue this discussion at the moment.
>> No. 32675 edit
File 130860326146.png - (120.03KB , 291x478 , kanon_iscrying copy.png )
>> No. 32676 edit
File 132153021598.jpg - (58.49KB , 300x356 , 1314782495257.jpg )
Or maybe the mothership is DLC trolololo. Kicker actually made me miss Cyrus. Goddamn
>> No. 32677 edit
File 131569208926.png - (478.92KB , 704x864 , Datcoat.png )
>In that case nothing can be equal, because we are by necessity all different~
I believe that. I'm not even equal to the me from a second ago. It is also my opinion that this is the important part - difference between individuals is greater than anything inherent difference between sexes. So you see, it's not difficult for my heart to be that of a maiden.

We treat each other as equals for convenience and avoidance of conflict simply because we cannot draw the line. There is no way the line can be drawn. There are so many variables involved we may as well say that we're roughly equal. Even in the clear-cut of humans who are so unintelligent they are below lesser animals, who we do not treat as equals, that assumes intelligence as a subjective goal. Even those of with intelligence are not actually going anywhere, and their lives have the same purpose and meaning as dust.

But that's a story for another day, or never. Goodbye, even though I'm sure you've already left.
>> No. 32678 edit
File 131618061084.png - (101.57KB , 341x373 , Battlerne17.png )
>> No. 32679 edit
File 129599725748.png - (85.34KB , 291x478 , kan_majimea37.png )
I knew Lili didn't liked Umineko at all, but these words were too harsh.
>> No. 32680 edit
File 131758406512.png - (102.24KB , 341x373 , Battlerne14.png )
It's not just Lili, either. I try not to think about it.

I think the first time she revealed she'd only read some of episode 1 and that's all, I just thought she was kidding around. How naive.
>> No. 32681 edit
File 132545577557.jpg - (34.29KB , 300x232 , 675.jpg )
Stupid DLC. Cyrus was a bro, but Kicker was havoc cannon fodder. I also liked the pilot, he was pretty funny~

Piece, with a heart of a maiden? Surely you jest.
>> No. 32682 edit
File 129599669097.png - (84.80KB , 291x478 , kan_nayamua42.png )
I thought the same at the start, but then I remember her strict policy about pirating stufff.
That's okay, but to judge Umineko for that terrible adaptation ...
>> No. 32683 edit
File 132545586291.jpg - (115.88KB , 450x450 , 1253934068863.jpg )
I surely do. I said I wasn't trolling, I never said I was serious.
>> No. 32684 edit
Hello everyone~
>> No. 32685 edit
File 132545605683.jpg - (117.33KB , 429x347 , 8230a6e583ef25bdd1cecc1e5765e33898602768.jpg )
Not only that, but even if you decide it to give a chance, the anime has already spoiled half the fun for you, without ever letting you enjoy yourself. You can't be swept away, unknowing where you'll end up, into Beatrice's clutches in episode 3. Or anything like that. You can't behold Umineko's true wonder.
>> No. 32686 edit
File 130860040979.png - (148.99KB , 353x449 , rg7_akuwaraia1.png )
I read all of episode 1.

You've opened my eyes, otouto-sama, please teach this wayward onee-san of yours how to enjoy Umineko.
>> No. 32687 edit
File 132428077653.jpg - (0.98MB , 990x1398 , 1262658778252.jpg )
You have. But back then, hadn't you only read a portion?

If not, it doesn't make much of a difference.
>> No. 32688 edit
File 129592041964.png - (27.71KB , 700x700 , kan_majimea3.png )
I am not saying you should love it, not even liking it. I am not trying to force my opinion on this matter to anyone.
>> No. 32689 edit
File 13254574859.jpg - (102.30KB , 500x500 , 7457579.jpg )
So anon-kun can make someone listen so simply, when I can't no matter how much I try?

...is it wrong to force my opinion on others? Even though I'm right?
>> No. 32690 edit
File 130860236343.png - (147.03KB , 343x451 , rg7_akuwaraia4.png )
Anon-tan is a precious friend of mine, whereas you're just a troll to me.
>> No. 32691 edit
>> No. 32692 edit
File 131617849945.jpg - (40.30KB , 960x540 , 1257478986749.jpg )
>> No. 32693 edit
File 130860040979.png - (148.99KB , 353x449 , rg7_akuwaraia1.png )
If you want to be my friend you should just say so.
>> No. 32694 edit
File 129606422256.png - (85.38KB , 291x478 , kan_defa2.png )
Don't worry a thing Piece, I am not good at changing people perspectives either.
It's part of the human nature to try to protect one morals and beliefs, even if they are sometimes based in prejudice or lack of interest.
>> No. 32695 edit
File 13133029907.jpg - (68.81KB , 200x162 , 1262363928571.jpg )
Well, I don't know. I never tell people I want to be their friends. That's strange. I just assume we are friends once we get along well enough. If not, then we aren't friends yet. Of course, I wasn't really assuming you were my friend.
>> No. 32696 edit
File 129797571250.png - (12.93KB , 700x700 , kan_majimea4.png )
>> No. 32697 edit
File 132545808850.png - (433.57KB , 633x1150 , nat_a11 serious 1.png )
>...is it wrong to force my opinion on others? Even though I'm right?

Sometimes it's wrong, even if you're right. If a person doesn't want your opinion, even if you're right, then it'll be better for you forget about the subject X. That person one day will realize you were right.
>> No. 32699 edit
File 132545826710.png - (145.49KB , 343x451 , rg7_majimea1.png )
I don't think we ever got along well, or along at all, considering we never really talked. Maybe back when you were struggling with Undead Kanon, or when you were banned, but nothing much beside that.
>> No. 32700 edit
File 131616096640.jpg - (102.99KB , 263x550 , 1247683005166.jpg )
I did. How shameful it is to rely on some former goldengameboardian's knowledge. I didn't find it very illuminating, but it was interesting to see the various tactics Yasu used to persuade people.

I see it mostly as more evidence for the people who refuse to believe what's already under their noses. Apparently, there is someone at Animesuki who only accepted Shkanon just now, because of the confessions thing. It's beyond ridiculous.

I just prod them occasionally. For the most part, I do forget about it. I think.
>> No. 32701 edit
File 132545852036.jpg - (226.71KB , 390x520 , 1259452017454.jpg )
Yes, I know. I was never under the impression that we got along well. I guess we aren't friends. But let's peacefully coexist. I do like you.
>> No. 32702 edit
File 130860123519.png - (145.84KB , 368x453 , rg7_fumana2.png )
Suuu~it yourself.
>> No. 32703 edit
File 131618061084.png - (101.57KB , 341x373 , Battlerne17.png )
Huh? That was supposed to be positive.
>> No. 32704 edit
File 130931667267.png - (10.83KB , 200x200 , 154845675121.png )
It can't be helped Piece, some people just won't accept a thing even when is completely in front of them.
About Jan-Poo, well it can't be helped right? Kinjo was also from gg.
Just be friendly again geez.
>> No. 32705 edit
File 132545880783.png - (148.83KB , 367x453 , rg7_odorokia1.png )
I said you just had to say you wanted to be friends, you dimwit! Not even willing to say that much! What a baka.
>> No. 32706 edit
File 131569009657.png - (484.68KB , 680x1006 , signoflove.png )
Yes, it can't be helped. Even with the apparent disrespect for episode 8, the problem with language all the characters have, and the usage of things that weren't funny when they were relevant half a decade ago, it just can't be helped to admire that work.
>> No. 32707 edit
File 131616056132.png - (101.38KB , 341x373 , Battlerne9.png )
I can't say that, it won't change the reality of how I act and how you act and how compatible or incompatible those acts are. I believe us becoming friends can't be decided like that. Well, I guess in that sense I can say that I would like to be your friend, but what I really mean to say is that want isn't the only factor.
>> No. 32708 edit
File 132545079474.png - (145.37KB , 360x453 , rg7_waraia1.png )
Of course there is! Human desire is the strongest factor. If you don't want to be friends, you can never become friends no matter how well you get along.
>> No. 32709 edit
File 131617251234.png - (20.26KB , 156x284 , reaction.png )
Maybe. But isn't the desire to be friends only a result of how compatible people are? I was thinking that our history shows us relatively incompatible.

I can't teach you to enjoy Umineko. That's the role of the work itself. Maybe you should try reading more of it. I suggest at least up until the end of episode three. If that is too difficult to manage, or if after that you don't understand, it can't be helped.
>> No. 32710 edit
File 12961689081.png - (117.70KB , 397x474 , realculprit.png )
>Human desire is the strongest factor.
I agree. Not sharing the same ideas or ideals doesn't mean you cannot respect someone's else.
>> No. 32711 edit
File 130860123519.png - (145.84KB , 368x453 , rg7_fumana2.png )
How would we be "incompatible"?
>> No. 32712 edit
File 131614291184.png - (88.42KB , 177x294 , Battlene10.png )
I disagree, myself. The way to truly respect someone else's ideas and ideals is to share them. Otherwise, it is false respect.

Of course, you can disagree on some things and agree on others. But I would say you don't respect their view on the things you disagree with. You only respect the person enough to let it go.
>> No. 32713 edit
File 132545988031.png - (311.60KB , 600x600 , Metapon6.png )
I don't see myself as a troll, but if you see me as a troll from my actions up to this point, then that's what matters.

Now, if you can't be friends with someone you see as just a troll because you don't tolerate the antics that led you to believe that is what they are, then that, in my mind, would make you incompatible with that person. Unless they are going to significantly change the way in which they behave. Which I doubt I will.

That's a way in which we could be incompatible.
>> No. 32714 edit
File 132546009149.png - (431.96KB , 633x1150 , nat_a11 headache 1.png )
Don't even tell me about fan game! I'm trying to do my gameboard since.... Since ever! Oh gosh...

I hate myself for being such a lazy b***h!
>> No. 32715 edit
File 130860123519.png - (145.84KB , 368x453 , rg7_fumana2.png )
That only holds if you assume I wasn't calling you a troll just to pick on you.
>> No. 32716 edit
File 131612165574.png - (50.17KB , 291x478 , kan_defa22.png )
Is that so? Well, what I mean is than there are things that are subjective enough that you don't need for everyone to share the same mindset with you. For example it would be kinda difficult to accept the thought than selfish murder, kidnaping or mug to be acceptable. However that's completely different to argue about what's the best topping for a pizza (yes, remember seacats is fate stay/night general).
What I mean is than you don't have to completely share someone ideals, to find such a person would be your soulmate.
I consider you a precious friend as well, yet I don't share a lot of thoughts or tastes with you. Am I not a friend to you because of that?
>> No. 32717 edit
File 13156885859.jpg - (236.76KB , 530x881 , 1262658541910.jpg )
Well then, if that's the case, that's something that could conceivably make us compatible. You bully.

You aren't alone. I once ruined a game I played with Lili because I was so lazy.
>> No. 32718 edit
File 129869398234.png - (55.35KB , 535x1095 , 129862868990.png )
It's okay, making a gameboard it's a lot of work, even if you already understand how onscripter works.
>> No. 32719 edit
File 132546035418.png - (433.61KB , 633x1150 , nat_a11 laughing 1.png )
So, it seems we are sons of Belphegor. *giggle*

Also, talking about GG... I was trying to access it other day, but it seems that went down. Am I right? If yes, what happened?
>> No. 32720 edit
File 132428421881.jpg - (576.31KB , 584x878 , 1278608113346.jpg )
I consider you a friend. And a close one at that, considering online friends are all I have. However, the person whose opinion on the truth I respect most is none other than me. Because I share every one of those opinions. But it's unentertaining to only communicate with myself, whom I know fully.

I think therefore, a condition of having a friend is that you disrespect that person's views to some degree. Because they're different. And that's what makes it entertaining. Of course, the views you actually do respect, the views that you share, are a major part of what makes you friends. It's refreshing to see people who aren't you who see the world, to some degree, in the way you do - because you believe the way you see the world is the truth of things, otherwise you would not believe it at all.
>> No. 32721 edit
File 131759158441.jpg - (96.77KB , 567x730 , 1266648663879.jpg )
I've no clue. But I hope it stays down.
>> No. 32722 edit
File 132546068988.png - (421.32KB , 633x1159 , nat_a43 headache 1.png )
Oh, no, Anon-kun. That's not it. Yes, can be difficult do a fan-episode... However I am lazy. Sloth is one of my negative points, unfortunatly.
I can study ONS, I can study other scripts and how each effect works. However I'll never finish my own fan game, because I always think "I can do this later". And then "later" never arrives.
It's depressing, it's bad, it's wrong.

I try, try and try... But it never works.

Well... One day I'll manage a way to get rid off my sloth and finally do a gameboard!
>> No. 32723 edit
since the creator of the site abandoned it, paying for it was placed in the hands of second in command. Evidently, second in command did not know how to do this and the board was deleted when it was not payed for.
>> No. 32724 edit
File 131615096034.jpg - (436.16KB , 800x800 , 4aedee74f13d675c66c335e2e1d34d8709ceff14.jpg )
I understand completely. I'm sure most of us do. We probably all have something a part of ourselves feel we ought to be doing right now, instead of posting here.
>> No. 32725 edit
File 131759246020.jpg - (118.85KB , 412x565 , 5152034.jpg )
>> No. 32726 edit
Not only that, but wasn't one of the members of that board whom even Kinjo and I think Meta came to dislike, one who was taking over, so to speak?
>> No. 32727 edit
File 132546136224.jpg - (233.51KB , 1200x900 , 132303497593.jpg )
I should be packing instead of lurking.
>> No. 32728 edit
File 132520884887.png - (149.66KB , 400x516 , Fate_Extra_Servant_Saber_02.png )
It does kind of irritate me that certain people poured money into the "bonus" features for ib4f and then super-admin shut it down without a word to anyone. I guess that's just how some people are.
>> No. 32729 edit
File 129599641767.png - (85.73KB , 291x478 , kan_komarua134.png )
>However, the person whose opinion on the truth I respect most is none other than me.
Interesting way of saying it, but yeah to some degree humans need to be a bit selfish to survive. And I also agree than it's good to find people whom you share things with. But what have I learned it's than sometimes, even with strong dissagres there are some things that can make up for that. Who knows, maybe I am way too normalfag for my own good.
Anyways, I think you may have hurt Lili with your words, and it's not entirely your fault, you are used to communicate in a way she may find agressive. But it's not excuse to ignore it, so please be nice with her, I believe she was honestly trying to become your friend.
Yeah, I should be cleaning my house, but it's okay I still have some time.
Procastination is surely a terrible thing, not that I can beat it either.
Super lazy huh~
>> No. 32730 edit
File 130860123519.png - (145.84KB , 368x453 , rg7_fumana2.png )
"Bawwwww I want Meta". Homoluster.

>considering online friends are all I have.
Oh geez, you've Friend-kun right.
>> No. 32731 edit
Yeah, that's how the site became dead and people stopped visiting. Nothing was really posted after that until it went down.
>> No. 32732 edit
File 132546176810.jpg - (244.27KB , 450x600 , 10014445.jpg )
Yes, I think that too sometimes. That scammer. But it's old news now.

Yes, I know.

I apologize then, Lili.

I've never actually met Friend-kun, you know. He does live on the other side of the world. We did use voice chat once, but now we only communicate through text. Since it's all online, I would consider him an online friend. But that isn't a derogatory term from my perspective.
>> No. 32733 edit
File 132546179873.png - (664.22KB , 716x1131 , s45_a13 bothered 2.png )
Yeah, you're right. I should be with my grandmother in living room, watching tv with her.

Life is a big and dirty h****r.
>> No. 32734 edit
File 130860040979.png - (148.99KB , 353x449 , rg7_akuwaraia1.png )
I'm not hurt that much by anything Piece's said, really. I was majorly annoyed with him for a bit but that soon passed over. It's water under the bridge now anyway.

If anything I should apologise.
>> No. 32735 edit
File 131615552070.jpg - (138.25KB , 500x500 , 1270518488344.jpg )
I wasn't offended either.
>> No. 32736 edit
File 130860236343.png - (147.03KB , 343x451 , rg7_akuwaraia4.png )
How could anyone be offended by my pure words, which are devoid of any ill will?
>> No. 32737 edit
File 132546228820.jpg - (184.20KB , 700x1000 , 7398640.jpg )
The same goes for mine.
>> No. 32738 edit
File 129606422256.png - (85.38KB , 291x478 , kan_defa2.png )
So, maybe that's the way it should be.
Uminekos always discussing, the actual vulgarity being discussed is not really relevant.
>> No. 32739 edit
File 132518602275.png - (19.84KB , 124x124 , Fate_Extra_Servant_Saber_F01.png )
Is that so? Then let me whine a bit about InvisibleCastle being down! Friggin dice-rolling site!
>> No. 32740 edit
File 129773718627.png - (84.98KB , 291x478 , ka2_fumana66.png )
I gotta accept it's a very useful site, but who knows why is getting down so much. I think once was down because of a DDoS attack but I dunno about the rest.
>> No. 32741 edit
File 131618040452.png - (101.72KB , 341x373 , Battlerne8.png )
Now why would anyone DDoS a dice-rolling site? Didn't like their rolls?
>> No. 32742 edit
File 12959202433.png - (89.42KB , 291x478 , kan_waraia123.png )
Hahahaha, I'm not sure, but I think Astaroth or Lili would like to take revenge against invisiblecastle.
>> No. 32743 edit
File 129981675016.gif - (12.98KB , 242x400 , minigeorgebigsmile.gif )
Good afternoon, companions~
>> No. 32744 edit
File 130858449282.gif - (30.87KB , 460x245 , Green-Eyed Monster.gif )
Paint it until it's visible. Then burn it down.
>> No. 32745 edit
File 13137118275.png - (96.60KB , 505x394 , sakutarou_trippingg.png )
>engage twins
>expecting hardest battle yet
>over with half the night remaining and only 600 ammo expended
That was surprisingly easy.
>> No. 32746 edit
File 131617724585.jpg - (171.16KB , 464x600 , 7429637.jpg )
Do you read everyone's posts before saying hello?
>> No. 32747 edit
File 129748043741.png - (86.01KB , 291x478 , ka2_fumana1.png )
Die you lazy scum.
I mean, hello George, Did you enjoy new year?
Pfftt, I knew it.
>> No. 32748 edit
File 129979598620.png - (66.39KB , 270x279 , minigeorgesmiling.png )

Of course. I'm happy to see you and Lili-chan getting along ne~


Yup, I got to eat turkey ne~
>> No. 32749 edit
File 132546340954.jpg - (259.30KB , 950x1350 , 7407527.jpg )
You're happy as long as things are pleasant inside the box, of course.
>> No. 32750 edit
File 132546346547.png - (146.64KB , 343x448 , rg7_komarua2.png )
Naturally I have nothing to do with invisiblecastle being down.
>> No. 32751 edit
File 129626327419.png - (84.95KB , 291x478 , kan_fumana3.png )
Geez, I visited two friends and I got ham from both of them. I mean I like ham and it was nice and everything but I kinda wanted to taste turkey as well!
>> No. 32752 edit
File 132544037769.jpg - (97.66KB , 1280x720 , 1325355036237.jpg )
Naturally, I don't either.

It's not as if I would take a dice-rolling site down to persuade seacats members away from dnd and towards umineko. I wouldn't even know how to begin with.
>> No. 32753 edit
File 130931667267.png - (10.83KB , 200x200 , 154845675121.png )
It's okay, it was all Astaroth plan, you just pushed the big red button ne.
>> No. 32754 edit
File 129652897994.jpg - (12.77KB , 235x232 , minigeorgesmirk.jpg )

Of course~


Ham seems nice too ne~
>> No. 32755 edit
File 132546369956.jpg - (395.17KB , 500x1074 , 6856893.jpg )
Have you seen those images of people proclaiming their Christmases ruined because they didn't get an iphone/car/whatever?
>> No. 32756 edit
File 13005720132.jpg - (16.06KB , 305x191 , JUSTASPLANNED.jpg )
Keikaku duryuu.
>> No. 32757 edit
File 132546376285.png - (85.73KB , 291x477 , kan_ikaria2.png )
Yes, it's both sickening and depressing.
>> No. 32758 edit
File 131758839967.jpg - (89.25KB , 600x450 , 5789547.jpg )
I'm a little jealous. To have such high expectations, the lives they live must be rather bourgeoisie. Even if they didn't get their way this time.
>> No. 32759 edit
File 129773718627.png - (84.98KB , 291x478 , ka2_fumana66.png )
Well I dunno, I am living at the expenses of my parents, and they surely have give me all the stuff I need, so I really cannot complain at all.
But to have that kind of expectations ... it's just saddening. How are those parents teaching their kids to live? Terrible.
>> No. 32760 edit
File 132546446285.jpg - (161.91KB , 600x600 , 8889194.jpg )
If you ask me, it's probably not the fault of the parents, but just exposure to money without working for it. We become accustomed to the way things usually are, so when things are worse relative to that, it seems terrible, even if it's much better than the situation of others.
If I had children and I was wealthy I wouldn't mind spoiling them. They can live in that fabricated caveman world. We only work because we must.

Although I'll never have children and I really doubt I'll ever be wealthy, so that isn't an issue.
>> No. 32761 edit
File 132545826710.png - (145.49KB , 343x451 , rg7_majimea1.png )
>Kids complaining about what they got for Christmas
I'd whip 'em.
>> No. 32762 edit
File 129591972796.png - (84.84KB , 291x478 , ka2_nayamua43.png )
In my humble opinion, it's the job of the parents to learn when to spoil their children. Yes, surely it's easier just to give them what they want just to see their happy faces, but it slowly evolves to what you see in those pictures. Parenting, schooling and teaching super serious bussiness.
>> No. 32763 edit
File 132546545291.png - (83.66KB , 480x640 , 1259364414841.png )
For people who live on a realistic level, I think, yes. But I was thinking of people with near immeasurable wealth, like the Ushiromiyas if Kinjo wasn't so stingy. In that case, I would make it so they never have to work a day in their lives. The task of toughening up a person only makes sense when they will need to face challenges.
>> No. 32764 edit
File 129591972796.png - (84.84KB , 291x478 , ka2_nayamua3.png )
It's that really the case?
If you lived in such a situation then you would have a bigger responsability, to continue the family bussiness, to make your own, or to continue with the crown or etc.
And the family was mean to confront challenges, I mean not even ten tones of gold last forever, and there's that thing Kyrie pointed out in episode 7, it would be nearly impossible to exchange all that gold for money.
>> No. 32765 edit
File 131618040452.png - (101.72KB , 341x373 , Battlerne8.png )
I can't recall how she pointed that out.

And I don't think you would have that responsibility, necessarily. If they've already amassed unfathomable wealth from the business, there's no need to bother with it anymore. You can already live a life without trouble, using money to get anything you like. Unless it's the enjoyment of running a successful business that you live for.
>> No. 32766 edit
File 131568593074.png - (84.90KB , 178x390 , 01.png )
Then what about the grandchildren, and their children, and so on?
>> No. 32767 edit
File 130860040979.png - (148.99KB , 353x449 , rg7_akuwaraia1.png )
omg voyee gimme ure steem
>> No. 32768 edit
File 131618061084.png - (101.57KB , 341x373 , Battlerne17.png )
Heh, that's not my problem. Obviously, the hypothetical children shouldn't make the same hypothetical mistake I did, and be childless.
>> No. 32769 edit
File 129592582184.jpg - (62.52KB , 310x438 , 11567225.jpg )

I'll only need your word that you won't send me any gifts.

selfish etc.
>> No. 32770 edit
File 131615096034.jpg - (436.16KB , 800x800 , 4aedee74f13d675c66c335e2e1d34d8709ceff14.jpg )
While I might be selfish, that eventuality would require the children to make what I view as a mistake. If anything, they're being selfish by creating more life and causing those problems, probably just because they have a biological drive to fulfill. I already gave them everything they should have needed.

Hello, by the way, Bern.
>> No. 32771 edit
File 130860186417.png - (146.45KB , 369x453 , rg7_fumana1.png )
Of course I wouldn't send you anything.
>> No. 32772 edit
File 131617251234.png - (20.26KB , 156x284 , reaction.png )
Can you really contain your buyfag urges?
>> No. 32773 edit
File 129591972796.png - (84.84KB , 291x478 , ka2_nayamua43.png )
For creating more life huh, what if I decide to adopt then?
>> No. 32774 edit
anon on hikki girl route wat
>> No. 32775 edit
File 131618040452.png - (101.72KB , 341x373 , Battlerne8.png )
Well then, that's good. But you wouldn't have anyone to adopt if people weren't being so selfish.
>> No. 32776 edit
File 130860123519.png - (145.84KB , 368x453 , rg7_fumana2.png )
Better than you can contain your homolust urges.
>> No. 32777 edit
File 132546801187.png - (15.19KB , 105x105 , bern123.png )
I see.



Well, my steam account is my email without the @gmail.
>> No. 32778 edit
File 129607519865.png - (30.13KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea3.png )
hikki girl huh
Is that really your stance on human life? I usually fail to read you.
>> No. 32779 edit
File 130860040979.png - (148.99KB , 353x449 , rg7_akuwaraia1.png )
Thankies, sending you Terraria~
>> No. 32780 edit
File 129789311310.png - (55.13KB , 291x478 , Kanontroll.png )
>Better than you can contain your homolust urges.
>lol now you got terraria, play with us k
>> No. 32781 edit
File 131616056132.png - (101.38KB , 341x373 , Battlerne9.png )
I don't really know. I've just thought about it. It's the same whether everyone lives or everyone dies.

If everyone decided to adopt my mindset, we'd in a way be very selfless. Because as there's no constant production of young to keep our society afloat, things will slowly fall apart as we all grow weaker and senile. At the end, everything will have collapsed, but it won't matter for long.

We'd probably suffer along the way, but one suffers to raise children, and to become irrelevant compared to them, as well. Since I believe we're all perpetually doing nothing worthwhile because there is nothing worthwhile that can be done, I don't view it as a waste if we all go extinct. It's a neutral thing.
>> No. 32782 edit
File 129651699674.jpg - (16.74KB , 91x74 , nyoro~n.jpg )
o u
>> No. 32783 edit
File 131615476751.png - (321.64KB , 698x650 , what.png )
>> No. 32784 edit
File 130876272270.png - (147.35KB , 343x446 , rg7_akuwaraia2.png )
You can't contain them at all.
>> No. 32785 edit
File 13133029907.jpg - (68.81KB , 200x162 , 1262363928571.jpg )
>> No. 32786 edit
File 132534666260.png - (145.96KB , 353x451 , rg7_odorokia3.png )
Don't worry I didn't actually buy her Terraria.
>> No. 32787 edit
File 129797410375.png - (88.86KB , 291x478 , kan_defa1.png )
>/jp/ helping that guy to talk to the hikki
oh god, this is amazing
>> No. 32788 edit
File 132546939849.jpg - (144.11KB , 320x480 , 1259302651784.jpg )
Oh. I should have known that. But actually, you used to be an advocate for red truth only mattering withing the bounds of a gameboard, so it's okay.
>> No. 32789 edit
>Densha Otoko thread
>> No. 32790 edit
File 130860040979.png - (148.99KB , 353x449 , rg7_akuwaraia1.png )
Red Truths hold no value anywhere anyway.
>> No. 32791 edit
File 132517463812.png - (20.33KB , 124x124 , Fate_Extra_Servant_Saber_F00.png )
It's funny, because that's basically how it ended up in Umineko too.
>> No. 32792 edit
I want to believe etc
>> No. 32793 edit
File 131617251234.png - (20.26KB , 156x284 , reaction.png )
I don't know about that. The red was still the truth. But there was wordplay.
>> No. 32794 edit
File 129607322051.png - (37.53KB , 434x515 , kan_majimea10.png )
But Battler did really die.
>> No. 32795 edit
File 132546992564.jpg - (21.87KB , 135x140 , 1256771329824.jpg )
We went over this before, I believe Rin refuses to acknowledge Tohya as being someone else.
>> No. 32796 edit
File 129607519865.png - (30.13KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea3.png )
Oh right we did.
>> No. 32797 edit
File 13254702365.jpg - (16.23KB , 137x142 , seacats.jpg )
>> No. 32798 edit
File 131617969412.png - (95.11KB , 415x480 , bateleur_ib4f.png )
>> No. 32799 edit
File 132518602275.png - (19.84KB , 124x124 , Fate_Extra_Servant_Saber_F01.png )
But you could even create a gameboard where none of the red truths applied, as proven by Battler in the last one.

I don't buy into that kind of wordplay.
>> No. 32800 edit
File 132547043511.jpg - (10.91KB , 135x140 , 132546992564.jpg )
>> No. 32801 edit
File 129748684499.png - (27.71KB , 200x200 , lilisaku_sleep2.png )
>> No. 32802 edit
File 131568516387.jpg - (263.73KB , 500x700 , 1252899491456.jpg )
Hm? Do you mean the part where Ange resurrects everyone despite them all being dead? Because if so, that's just because she reached a level of delusion great enough to ignore the truth despite knowing it fully. It's not as if they were actually alive.
>> No. 32803 edit
File 129870228853.png - (25.39KB , 200x200 , lilisaku_sleep1_ib4f.png )
>> No. 32805 edit

yu yuri
>> No. 32806 edit
File 131616333833.jpg - (50.66KB , 960x540 , 1251910308642.jpg )
Although, obviously, some red does only apply to specific gameboards. But this was apparent as soon as we were shown two separate versions of events, over episodes 1 and 2.

It should be apparent by the context and the nature of the red itself whether it applies to the events universally or just to a certain gameboard, though. I don't believe there is any sort of trick played with that.
>> No. 32807 edit
File 132547140383.png - (79.56KB , 1339x592 , ohyou.png )
Yeah, even when Beatrice used the "This apply to all the games" for Kinzo life status it would be considered to all the existing gameboards we had seen until that moment.
>> No. 32808 edit
File 132547145948.png - (119.08KB , 352x480 , but_nayamua3.png )
Goddamnit, anon-kun. I'm anonymous. You're not supposed to know.
>> No. 32809 edit
File 132517463812.png - (20.33KB , 124x124 , Fate_Extra_Servant_Saber_F00.png )
That was the main part I was referring to. Battler's game broke all kinds of rules. Still, the primary use of red seemed to apply exclusively to the games--most of the stuff that applied outside the games was either silly (You are incompetent!) or full of wordplay (Bern's red to Ange, both times).
>> No. 32810 edit
File 131755609724.png - (117.58KB , 352x480 , but_komarua2.png )
There are still some reds that apply outside gameboards. Like the ones about the Beatrice Rosa met.

But yes, I suppose they're mostly used only in the context of gameboards. I think that's simply a side-effect of R07 not actually wanting to reveal the complete truth about what really happened, though. The focus is Yasu's bottles.
>> No. 32811 edit
File 132307177888.png - (10.94KB , 130x331 , Umineko_Kanon_Blazblue_by_FangBladeJoker.png )
Was I correct? Maybe I'm starting to understand your style.
Well as piece say some reds looked as if they were talking about the real story rather than a single game.
In ep4 theres that red in which Beato tell Battler than his sin is the reason of why people die.
And I believe in ep5 Virgilia once say Battler than Beato did not murder for pleasure, or with malice intent, something like that.
>> No. 32812 edit
File 131755734083.png - (116.79KB , 352x480 , but_futekia4.png )
Well, for starters, I've already admitted to being the "shkshit" guy. Anyone who uses that term is me, unless they're copying me.

I think that post was a bit out of style for me. I made plenty of others in that thread, too.
>> No. 32813 edit
File 132547265861.png - (118.07KB , 352x480 , but_komarua3.png )
Or unless they're responding to my own usage the term, I guess.
>> No. 32814 edit
File 130931667267.png - (10.83KB , 200x200 , 154845675121.png )
Suddenly, /jp/ is piece and luci with a bunch of proxies.
Also, I don't remember you admiting that so it still counts.
>> No. 32815 edit
File 129896951043.png - (88.04KB , 238x352 , 131641955898.png )
Well, I should note in that same rant Beatrice says something like "none escape, all die" in red. Though Eva "escaped" in the "real" world...

I wonder if it would have been possible to have a catbox without Beatrice II dying? I suppose the point of the red was to close off that possibility.

I thought "Shkannontrice" caught on among many people in /jp/.
>> No. 32816 edit
File 131755589767.png - (118.43KB , 352x480 , but_niramua1.png )
It did, of course. I'm talking about the specific terms "shkshit" "shkshitter" and so on. I used to pretend to be someone vehemently against the theory who would post like that, and sometimes I still do.

>I wonder if it would have been possible to have a catbox without Beatrice II dying?
It might be possible, but then I suppose everyone would already know it can't be real. So it's not a real catbox, in that case.
>> No. 32817 edit
File 131755937649.png - (118.28KB , 352x480 , but_majimea6.png )
I wonder how much Luci posts. I'm pretty sure I'm reading his posts sometimes.
>> No. 32818 edit
File 129626327419.png - (84.95KB , 291x478 , kan_fumana3.png )
I never said than the reds were wordplay free, did I~?

Anyways, to anyone interesed:
>> No. 32819 edit
File 130422892727.png - (50.02KB , 150x150 , saber8b.png )
>> No. 32820 edit
File 12964381243.png - (30.69KB , 444x330 , kan_majimea2.png )
You sure like singan
>> No. 32821 edit
File 132547471457.jpg - (174.32KB , 800x1032 , 1268853492825.jpg )
she's best singer ne
>> No. 32822 edit
File 129607395577.png - (59.57KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea4.png )
Wait a second. Hide is saying than Piece admited looking at some seacats computers using Hamachi. Is this true?
>> No. 32823 edit
File 129607519865.png - (30.13KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea3.png )
Alright, ignore this please.
>> No. 32824 edit
Jeez I thought Piece said it cause posting style reminded me of him, but like you said it was belphe or somefink. I hardly check IP addresses anymore, sorry for mistake etc
>> No. 32825 edit
File 131615458041.jpg - (194.00KB , 469x607 , 1262853235353.jpg )
What do you mean? That wasn't Belphe, it was me. And yes, I did do that.
>> No. 32826 edit
File 129607519865.png - (30.13KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea3.png )
You also did it?
>> No. 32827 edit
File 132547715722.jpg - (336.45KB , 859x1214 , 10753125.jpg )
That's right. Via Hamachi, I went through a seacat's files.
>> No. 32828 edit
File 130211534651.jpg - (261.90KB , 1093x613 , minigeorgelate.jpg )
>> No. 32829 edit
File 132187846954.jpg - (42.87KB , 300x226 , 411.jpg )
Reveal your TRUE FORM!
>> No. 32830 edit
File 129598436977.png - (58.56KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana1.png )
Geez, that's rude you know.
>> No. 32831 edit
File 131570066217.jpg - (136.65KB , 504x700 , 7893191.jpg )
Would you like to guess who it was?
>> No. 32832 edit
File 129607322051.png - (37.53KB , 434x515 , kan_majimea10.png )
Did you check Friend files?
>> No. 32833 edit
File 132547761834.jpg - (1.98MB , 1533x1490 , 7413112.jpg )
Sono toori. Friend-kun and I are already privy to one another's secrets. There is nothing hidden between us.

I would never try to access anyone else's. In the first place, I would be too scared of them doing the same to me.
>> No. 32834 edit
File 129592041964.png - (27.71KB , 700x700 , kan_majimea3.png )
That's good to know.
>> No. 32835 edit
By the way, who made the seacats hamachi server originally? It's been "full" for a while so george suggested getting rid of some idle users or people who never connect (satan etc)
Sorry for using you piece, I was merely trying to warn some of the seacats on the dangers of hamachi via streamchat and gave examples even over my own network i did some tests with after your words.
>> No. 32836 edit
File 131615237775.png - (1.17MB , 429x600 , 8125217.png )
That's fine. I was thinking that nobody took my post seriously. You don't need any expertise whatsoever to look at someone's files if they're basically unsecured on a LAN with you.

Though, I never specified it was a seacat whose files I looked at in the original post. I just said it was "someone."

I don't think I've ever even been on the seacats Hamachi. If I have, I've forgotten.
>> No. 32837 edit
Yeah, I was mentioning that first part to some of the seacats to secure their networks and whatnot. And I more used it to warn them if anything I guess. So sorry again etc!
>> No. 32838 edit
File 132547043511.jpg - (10.91KB , 135x140 , problem.jpg )
You don't need to apologize. It was fun to see the reactions.
>> No. 32839 edit
File 132460654239.png - (153.21KB , 1000x1000 , 2011112307.png )
Well, I was thinking than piece would not do that, and I ended up being right.
>> No. 32840 edit
File 132547916415.png - (178.93KB , 480x640 , 7015816.png )
I'm glad you trust me.
>> No. 32841 edit
Well, it even took me some time to regain my trust in you. But it's okay, I don't don't hold any grudge nor anything. Also, care to make a new thread?
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