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Nostalgia and streams general. And general general general.

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File 132754496190.png - (193.43KB , 640x300 , 11-umineko-kyrie-rudolf-culprits.png )
36287 No. 36287 edit
With people as nice as this, we can sit and relax
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>> No. 36288 edit
File 129712959136.png - (134.82KB , 379x432 , rg4_akuwaraia1.png )
Why do you think I'd ever do something so deplorable!? I'm as innocent as summer sunshine. In fact, I bet you can't even find 4 lewd or suggestive posts of mine in the past.
>> No. 36292 edit
That involves effort. I'm sure someone could do it for me.
>> No. 36294 edit
File 12971283768.png - (133.33KB , 366x438 , rg4_fumana1.png )
I don't think it was me. My memory is bad, but it feels like someone else was in a similar situation before.

So you make baseless accusations without making the effort to back them up? Geeze, how slothful.
>> No. 36296 edit
File 132754533669.png - (847B , 192x17 , mytreasuredimoutoswords.png )

Are you kidding, it's her favorite name matched only by 'Rikafukastel-tan'.
>> No. 36298 edit
File 132003480498.png - (133.51KB , 387x593 , S21_JUN_0_00A_10_00_L.png )
To narrow the number down to simply four would be like taking four grains of rice out of a sack as a way of saying "Look, this sack has rice in it!"
>> No. 36300 edit
File 130084485472.png - (136.40KB , 372x436 , rg4_akuwaraia3.png )
Guess that means it should be super easy to do then, eh chrome dome~? I don't really agree with what you're implying, but I do like the metaphor.
>> No. 36301 edit
How cruel.
>> No. 36302 edit

I read that filename as "imouto swords".

....makes me think of a picture I saw once with some weapons from WoW turned into girls.
>> No. 36303 edit
File 132711553715.png - (199.25KB , 463x600 , misha_cross_smile_cas_close.png )
By the way, Rooga and any other /seacat/ who plays Civ 4, let's try to get another MP game going this weekend. Depending on the wishes of those involved and who shows up we can continue one of our saved games or start a new one.
>> No. 36305 edit
File 129713440533.png - (135.06KB , 379x431 , rg4_akuwaraia4.png )
Funny, I could say the same to you. You know, since you're making baseless accusations with no supporting evidence in an attempt to defame my glorious character~

Are those Civ games kinda like the Total War games? I was kinda interested in them but I don't have a PC that would run them.
>> No. 36306 edit
File 132754577910.jpg - (68.67KB , 601x542 , Hetalia_in_Soviet_Russia_by_PapaLenin.jpg )
how much skill dose it take to repair a damaged seem in a coat considering i do not know how to sew
>> No. 36307 edit
I was doing no such thing. It's almost like a prize to be considered lewd here.
>> No. 36308 edit
Same as Belphe
>> No. 36309 edit
File 132754594987.png - (137.07KB , 387x593 , S21_JUN_0_00A_00_00_L.png )
Unfortunately, I'm no bookkeeper as our missing Voyager, and in fact take the stance that destroying history is fine since it's pointless to linger on the past anyway; as a person unsuited for the job, I can instead propose that since your lewdness is matched only by your weirdness and surpassed massively by thine density as the top three "things which are common knowledge about Belphe," then such things that became common knowledge did so for a reason thus rendering the proving of it with evidence unnecessary - much like how the Earth revolving around the Sun has become common knowledge, and therefore no longer requires it to be proven for it to be an accepted fact.
>> No. 36310 edit
File 132198499926.png - (2.31KB , 64x64 , Lion3.png )
I am really excited
I can't wait for friday for I to reveal my surprise~
>> No. 36311 edit
Whoops, didn't see new thread. John, did the game pick up yet?
>> No. 36312 edit
File 129763438245.png - (134.19KB , 379x432 , rg4_defa1.png )
So....you're actually complimenting me then?

Hey now! You can't just accuse people without having evidence; Voyager would have a fit if she was still here. You people have gotten lazy since Umineko ended!
>> No. 36313 edit
File 129616800731.png - (59.41KB , 330x442 , kan_ikaria2.png )
I remember you saying something really lewd, however I am also teased because of that cursed word so I cannot accuse you.
>> No. 36314 edit
If you look at it that way, sure.
>> No. 36315 edit
File 132735084997.png - (95.48KB , 297x581 , S12_TAKU_0_00A_04_00_L.png )
Not yet, I've been too preoccupied with marathoning Votoms to discuss it with Hide, reading Little Busters! to talk about it with Feenie, and going through Katahane as recommended by mack; but I'll try and get further with it after finishing one of these three things since I haven't played games much at all for a while besides reading VNs.

It's common knowledge, though. If you want to dispel that aura of lewdness you carry with you, then feel free to try, but rather with the person who brought it up in the first place since I'm naturally too lazy for the job.
>> No. 36316 edit
File 129712938770.png - (133.83KB , 369x437 , rg4_hohoemia1.png )
How very kind of you then!

You say you're lazy, but that first reply kinda says otherwise. So much stuff to read, how daunting.
>> No. 36317 edit
D-Don't say it if you actually remember something! That word curses us both~
>> No. 36318 edit
Anon Anon Anon........guess what we will have to deal with a mexican version of the SOPA law.....the Doring law.......fortunately there are alot of laws that oppose that law..(I happen to be an expert on mexican law.)
>> No. 36319 edit
File 129598436977.png - (58.56KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana1.png )
It's too late, if Rosa is around then we are both doomed ne.
>> No. 36320 edit
File 132714563321.png - (146.08KB , 307x600 , misha_sign_smile_cas.png )
I've never played the Total War games, but I like Civ because it's completely turn-based. From what I have read on the Total War series they are similar, though I think Civilization places less emphasis on warfare and more on empire management and diplomacy.

Not to say there isn't plenty of warfare in Civ games, but I think you spend a lot of time managing your empire's economy and topography.

One of the main emphases of the Civilization game is the passage of time and the advancement of technology, which it represents from the Ancient Era (with club-wielding warriors) to the Future Era (with missile cruisers). In fact, when I refer to "economy" in Civilizaiton, it's almost always "economy as it pertains to research capacity," wahahaha~ This is something that I haven't seen emphasized as much in other games in the genre. Naturally, I imagine the trade-off is that Civilization isn't as tactically interesting as far as combat goes as other games. Though I still feel there's some depth there~!

Anyways, I still play Civ4 as opposed to Civ5 because I think Civ5 took out too many "interesting decisions" and generally runs a lot slower and less competently than Civ4. Oh well~ I wish they hadn't removed the commerce and religion systems, at least~
>> No. 36321 edit
>tightening copyright law
wat? I thought that place was knockoff toys central.
>> No. 36322 edit
Yup, fortunately , there are laws that oppose that law. and usually request like that are turned down...
>> No. 36323 edit
File 132754691715.jpg - (135.99KB , 800x600 , t6.jpg )
Gotta fill up all that free time somehow! And by lazy I mean lazy with things that require any effort in matters which I have little interest.
I just want to take it easy, you see.
>> No. 36324 edit
File 132689212882.png - (121.74KB , 359x467 , enj_waraia2.png )

Total War is turned based until you get into combat. Then you control all your troops in real time. You can slow it down and plan, but I guess you can't when you play online. It's too fast for me.
>> No. 36325 edit
I sorta know that feeling. I've got a bunch of stuff I haven't finished yet. Ironically, this includes the last episode of Umineko.
>> No. 36326 edit
File 12971283768.png - (133.33KB , 366x438 , rg4_fumana1.png )
Why Rosa?! Does she call us lewd or something?

Right, I think the Total War games choose one specific time-frame and doesn't evolve past it. I never really played any games that focus on the economy or developing a country like Civ or even Total War, and I find it kinda interesting.

Isn't it...hard though? How did you first learn to play it? Did it take you a while to get a hang of everything, because it seems a bit confusing every time I hear you talk about it ehehe.
>> No. 36327 edit
Hmmm I wanted to stream, but I will contain myself until friday~
>> No. 36328 edit
File 129606537991.png - (59.43KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana17.png )
Clearly, mexican politians are just dogs. They do what their owner say etc.
No, but Rosa knows very well what word I am talking about.
>> No. 36329 edit
File 130931667267.png - (10.83KB , 200x200 , 154845675121.png )
Oh also, hello Evangelical-Methodist-Presbyterian-Lutheran Agnostic-Deist-chan!
>> No. 36330 edit
Also, Populous the Beginning and ActRaiser are the closest I'll ever get to city building sims. Because summoning earthquakes, volcanos, and tornados to wipe out enemies is just so much more fun to me than sending an army after them. That's just me, though.
>> No. 36331 edit
File 132711553715.png - (199.25KB , 463x600 , misha_cross_smile_cas_close.png )
Hard? It is very complex, and I totally sucked at it for a long time, wahahaha~

But~! Then I started reading game reports on individual Civilization 4 games. Particularly some rather in-depth reports on long-running multiplayer games. I got a handle for how to approach the game, or rather, how to THINK about it. Being able to think "I am doing X for Y reason and will receive Z benefit for doing so, but there are risks A, B, and C, am I willing to take those risks?" helped me a lot. I wouldn't say I'm a 5-star Civ player but I've improved a lot over how I used to play (the first thing I stopped doing was automating workers--never again will I trust the AI to improve tiles optimally).

It's really the little things that add up and make all the difference. Thinking "well sure I can cottage that tile, but the city won't be able to work it for a while anyway--on the other hand, if I road that other tile, the settler I'm producing in 2 turns will reach its destination 1 turn faster!" is really the key, I think.
>> No. 36332 edit
File 132689434886.png - (121.50KB , 359x466 , enj_nayamua1.png )

Not according to Keikaku.
>> No. 36333 edit
Hey Rin, can you ban me from posting/actually seeing the boards (besides /parlor/ maybe) for like a month?
>> No. 36334 edit
So who is going to stream?
>> No. 36335 edit
File 129797571250.png - (12.93KB , 700x700 , kan_majimea4.png )
dunno lol
>> No. 36336 edit
File 12971283768.png - (133.33KB , 366x438 , rg4_fumana1.png )
Sounds so complex, a thinking game to be sure! The learning curve is probably really steep but if one can get past it like you did it sounds like it has a lot of content to offer.
>> No. 36337 edit
File 132711858246.png - (209.42KB , 463x600 , misha_perky_confused_cas_close.png )
>> No. 36338 edit
File 132692414025.png - (121.54KB , 359x465 , enj_defa2.png )

Interesting strategy!

Who are you by the way?
>> No. 36339 edit
File 132689304875.png - (119.14KB , 359x466 , enj_waraia1.png )

Not that much of a problem. I guess I can deal, AnonymousIsLegionDoNotForgiveExpectUs-kun.
>> No. 36340 edit
File 129900221076.png - (86.35KB , 320x240 )
... I surrender.
>> No. 36341 edit
It could give me some time off to think about my life in general.

It doesn't but what does matter is that I should be banned.
>> No. 36342 edit

You can't get banned from seeing boards, you just won't be able to post.
>> No. 36343 edit
You should fix that.
>> No. 36344 edit
File 132689212882.png - (121.74KB , 359x467 , enj_waraia2.png )



Well alright.
>> No. 36345 edit
What kind of name is that? It sounds a bit like Evangelical-Methodist-Presbyterian-Lutheran-Agnostic-Deist-chan.
>> No. 36346 edit
File 13271172304.png - (142.59KB , 307x600 , misha_perky_sad_cas.png )
I don't have any particular desire to ban you. If you need to take a break from /seacats/ go ahead and do so, but as Jyoji said I don't think banning you prevents you from reading the boards. Well, I'm not 100% sure on that, but I don't want to ban you. You could try asking someone else if you want.

Oh, I definitely think Civ4 rewards you for thinking both strategically and tactically, which is one of the reasons I love it~ And I don't mean those in just a military sense, either~
>> No. 36347 edit
File 132737086471.png - (123.33KB , 359x466 , enj_fumana2.png )

You know I don't understand the whole thing but the parts I do look to me like they contradict!
>> No. 36348 edit
File 132156649568.jpg - (76.51KB , 453x435 , bored.jpg )
I've found out today if someone claims to have a terrible disease and asks for money to cure it on a popular site , they will get money with no effort or evidence of having the disease.
>> No. 36349 edit
prohibition failed
treat the source, not just the symptoms
>> No. 36350 edit
Season 4 Season 4

I mean......
>> No. 36351 edit
File 13269405766.png - (2.16KB , 64x64 , Lion4.png )
.............why must this be so quiet?
>> No. 36352 edit
File 13275507065.png - (40.74KB , 821x478 , forever mad.png )
>> No. 36354 edit
It's the internet, did you expect otherwise
>> No. 36355 edit
File 132574246728.png - (532.48KB , 691x889 , 1325467125735.png )
I want to! ;_;
>> No. 36356 edit
File 132742744263.jpg - (31.44KB , 500x281 , fays.jpg )
Dammit Belphe, stop posting only when I'm not around!
>> No. 36357 edit
It's best if Belphe isn't here since she smells and is covered in dense moe.
>> No. 36358 edit
File 132736589235.png - (633.34KB , 1281x528 , eye.png )
But that's the appeal! Well, maybe not the smell but that's easily managed.
>> No. 36359 edit
Then go date a black hole if you like such things.
>> No. 36360 edit
File 132736759422.jpg - (18.10KB , 480x280 , moreeyes.jpg )
Blue is better.
>> No. 36361 edit
ur blu
>> No. 36362 edit
File 130135088252.jpg - (246.70KB , 730x850 , 15492618.jpg )
>> No. 36363 edit
File 130461478918.jpg - (430.88KB , 675x900 , hug.jpg )
See ya later!
>> No. 36364 edit
File 130249842884.png - (59.38KB , 330x442 , kan_odorokia2.png )
D-Don't you dare!
>> No. 36366 edit
File 132757867210.png - (431.96KB , 510x1120 , enj_b11 in tears 1.png )
My gameboard is already in Tea Party. Oh, the time passes so fast. Luck I'll probably bring another friend here and teach him how to make a Gameboard, playing against me in a Gameboard.

And hi to everyone.
>> No. 36367 edit
File 130029209024.png - (283.78KB , 453x568 , anz00_a_00_s.png )
Why can't I upload yuru yuri music. Is this board dyke proof or something.
>> No. 36368 edit
File 129790057887.png - (23.53KB , 160x99 , Fatsuri.png )
I'll think about it for a day or so. If I feel fine enough to play, probably Friday night your time.
>> No. 36369 edit

It's already reached its maximum lesbian capacity ne.
>> No. 36370 edit
Fix it.
>> No. 36371 edit

Just don't upload Akari~n music since it won't show up anyways ne.
>> No. 36372 edit
It's Ayano, not Akari singing the Yuru Yuri Op, nerd.
>> No. 36373 edit
File 132703741963.png - (64.29KB , 244x264 , face06_04.png )
That's just an appeal to popularity. Just because many people think it is so doesn't make it so.
>> No. 36374 edit

She appears in the OP, you're doomed from the start.
>> No. 36375 edit
File 131566339182.png - (658.51KB , 872x1080 , Untitled2345.png )
>this thread
>> No. 36376 edit
File 129625508341.png - (39.18KB , 217x218 , kanonderp.png )
>> No. 36377 edit
File 132190063465.jpg - (79.41KB , 422x626 , 1760382.jpg )
Hi Ton.
>> No. 36379 edit
Derp wrong thread, oh well. Livestream thread now 100% more interesting.
>> No. 36380 edit

Now's your chance, quick move to america ne.
>> No. 36381 edit
File 129892960614.gif - (43.82KB , 256x192 , hobo-stare(a).gif )
Might wanna actually wear some type of undergarment too.
>> No. 36382 edit
>America pioneered western internet censorship
Yeahnothx. Your government's even worse.
>> No. 36383 edit
I thought Kid was Australian.
>> No. 36384 edit

Hey at least soap is probably dead.
>> No. 36385 edit
Told ya they were gonna pass it there~
I think john said if it's past a certain size (even though maximum file size says however many kb), it won't upload, that's what happened to me. (I think it was 10 something MB, I don't remember.)
>> No. 36386 edit
lol, you had everyone worried, you know.
>> No. 36387 edit
File 132267332424.jpg - (165.13KB , 1022x766 , ohi.jpg )
Sorry about that. I'm not sure why you'd worry like that over me throwing a tantrum. It's not like I was gonna disappear or anything.

In spite of that, though, once again, I'm sorry I made people worry.
>> No. 36388 edit
That plushie is cute.
>> No. 36390 edit
HI.......too quiet....
>> No. 36391 edit
File 132762736443.jpg - (118.02KB , 500x535 , n262_miyako.jpg )
>Majikoi S released
Download faster dammit.
>> No. 36392 edit
What a suspicious censorship bar placement
>> No. 36393 edit
Damn it Hide, now I can't unsee...
>> No. 36394 edit
Don't lie, lion, you saw it from the start
>> No. 36395 edit
To be honest, I realized until you mention it,
and I thought it was some kind of cleaver.

Really ;_;~
>> No. 36396 edit
File 132762872269.jpg - (101.15KB , 700x410 , fb942a7ca31cf9e4333ed1927df63071.jpg )
Seath the Scaleless dekita!
>> No. 36397 edit
File 132763024578.jpg - (70.06KB , 806x1024 , icecream.jpg )
it's obviously ice cream ne
>> No. 36398 edit
capcom, you really hate your megaman fanbase, don't you
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