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File 13284125426.png - (497.83KB , 850x478 , Happy_ending.png )
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When it comes to love, they usually get a head of themselves~
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File asdf.wav - (1.12MB )

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File 13284203989.jpg - (136.56KB , 342x504 , Mostly armless.jpg )
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File 132841121830.jpg - (844.59KB , 800x1284 , andyousaythatwhy.jpg )
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File 132843796142.png - (1.75MB , 1024x768 , MyCities.png )
Now, I wanna keep writing my Civ advice posts to help the people who are playing out a bit~

If you wanna know why I'm so far ahead, well, the Civil Service slingshot certainly helped, but you know, having FIVE CITIES also helps~ I have six workers, too! That helps, because my cities are all working improved tiles, despite being at large sizes~!

If you look at the river valley around my capital, you see no less than ten flood plains cottages~ Each of these tiles produces at minimum 2 commerce and 3 food (for a +1 food surplus for each tile worked), with the commerce growing the longer the cities work them~ Of course, flood plains also cause unhealthiness, so my capital already has an aqueduct to help offset this, wahahahahaha~

Note that I actually started 1 tile west of where my capital rests, I chose to move east, to settle on the ivory, because I wanted a 2h city tile and a camp isn't a very strong tile to work TBH (I think it would be 1 food, 3 hammers, 1 commerce?). Well, that's not a terrible tile, equal to a mined grassland hill, but it's not all that great, so I didn't think I lost much by settling there~ As luck would have it, that move added a plains cow to my capital that it would not have gotten if I settled in place, and even though that desert hill will never be a very strong tile, I think I cam out ahead by moving~ Moving also saved 3 flood plains for another city, my SW city~

One strategy that I often do that I haven't seen you guys doing is "doubling up" my workers. What I mean by this is assigning 2 or more workers to the same task at once to complete the job in half the time~! For example, if it takes one worker 4 turns to build a pasture, two workers can complete the job in 2 turns. Incidentally, at normal speed, two workers can build a road in a single turn and you can use it in that very same turn, which has some interesting applications, wahahaha~

My civ of choice was Inca. The terrace is a combined monument and granary, basically~ A granary that produces 2 culture~ This means that my first build in every single city is a terrace, because it both pops borders and helps the city grow and slave faster~!

It's a tight build, but I'm making good use of it~ Those pigs were worked by the capital for a while, but once it got going with multiple flood plains I swapped it to the northern city, which is currently my main military producer (and where I built the Oracle)~ This allowed me to swap the pigs tile to the north to the coastal city up there, making it grow very very fast with clams + pigs~ That coastal city may eventually become a GP farm, but maybe not, it depends on if I want to convert Pericles' capital to one or not~

Oh, yes, and I intend to declare war on Pericles soon~ I'll have my workers build roads through the forests and jungles on my "war path," and have my units move up there, so on the turn I declare war, all of my units can move directly onto the tile adjacent to his northern city~ He'll only have 1 turn to react and I expect the city will fall quickly (I'll probably raze it, it's not a very well-placed city, but it will deny him copper if I do this~!) If I raze this city, I can place a city two tiles to the west that will claim that copper, a flood plains, and two spices, and free up the wheat for his capital, which I may make a GP farm~ I AM philosophical, after all, great people are my lifeblood (you notice how I managed to pop a Great Scientist on the same turn I slingshotted civil service into Bureaucracy~? Ran 2 scientists in the capital while it was happy-capped, and built workers~). My capital produces almost 100 science at a 100% rate (around 99.5)~! Considering my empire-wide commerce output is only 131, that's a strong strong strong city (well, with 8 flood plains, 2 food and a gold it'd have to be)!

Tight empire management, extensive scouting, and early expansion are the factors I think are most contributing to the strength of my position right now~
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File 132843911530.png - (1.33MB , 1024x768 , Jyojiscities.png )
Jyoji, Jyoji, Jyoji~ This isn't terrible, but it needs a lot of work~! Only having 2 cities this far into the game is very very bad(tm). There's a lot of...questionable empire management going on here imo~ For example, why work a grassland farm when you have a flood plains cottage sitting around unworked?! Compare the yields: 3food 1commerce (grassland farm) to 3food 2commerce (flood plains cottage, will grow and produce even more commerce if worked). There's no good reason for this, Jyoji~! Also, why build a Settler in your size 2 city, stunting its growth (a city can't grow when it's building a Settler or Worker), when the capital could build one faster and whip off some of that unhappiness and unhealthiness in the process~?! You also don't have granaries in either city, big, big mistake imo~ Granaries are so extremely important~

And why build the Moai statues in a city that only has 3 workable water tiles? That means you only get 3 production total out of it~! Your northern city has 15 workable water tiles~! That's a potential difference of 12 production!!! This city would have made an excellent Moai site! I don't understand this. You can only build one of each national wonder, you don't want to squander them~! I also see a worker building a cottage on a plains tile--WHY?! There are two bare flood plains tiles sitting right there begging for cottages to be put on them! You also have a cottage 3 tiles south of your capital that no city can work, surely there was better use of the turns the worker spent building that?

As for good things, you have 4 workers, and that is good~ You have most of your resources connected and improved as a result~ But you really need to start building and working cottages to improve your research rate--and with 4 fast workers it shouldn't take long to do that~! Also, you need to expand before Monty gobbles up all that tasty land to your east, wahahaha~ The settler due in 2 turns will help with that~
>> No. 37629 edit
File 132843993435.png - (129.64KB , 350x600 , 0410.png )
>workers can complete a job together like WC3 and SC

I never knew that.
>> No. 37630 edit
File 132844011353.png - (1.28MB , 1024x768 , Kinjocities.png )
By contrast, I can't find that many obvious mistakes with Kinjo's empire, it seems to me he probably just got tied down for a while... probably building the Oracle? And as a result, missed out on a lot of expansion~ He needs more settlers and workers and military, which he does seem to be building now which is good~

More workers would be the first step imo, then you could chop all those forests around your cities for bonus production~ I have to wonder, though, did you move your capital by building the palace in your southern city? The northern city is very strong and screams "capital location" to me. It is surrounded by forests that should be chopped to help out its infrastructure, and make room for farms and cottages~! There's a lot of seafood nearby that you may eventually want to use for "fishing village cities," IE cities that don't have very many tiles to work but claim seafood and water. They'll have a lot of overlap but you can't waste these tiles! Of course, those are secondary concerns, as you need to send your settlers west to claim the land between you and the AI before he settles it all (he has twice as many cities as you do and very strong land at his capital)!

I think you need to scout out that land near your northern city around the copper, because there could be more land there that makes a city worth settling a bit south of all that ice~
>> No. 37631 edit
File 132695340693.png - (228.15KB , 463x600 , misha_hips_grin_cas_close.png )
Oh, yes~ It's another reason why having a lot of workers is great for the early game~ It adds a lot of possibilities for "micromanagement," particularly when you have fast growing cities that need an improved tile ASAP instead of two improved tiles a few turns from now. It can also lead to a lot of "1t road" signs, like in my empire, where I chose to spend a turn with a worker building a road and then immediately cancelling, while waiting for another worker to move into position to help (but it couldn't work until the next turn)~ Naturally they still completed the task in less time than if just 1 worker had been assigned, but I got 1 turn "free" of a road work that I can complete later if I need to~
>> No. 37632 edit
File 132844093927.png - (126.93KB , 334x476 , 0402.png )
So how does it work? Do you just have 2 or more workers on a tile and command them to do the same job? If there are 3 workers building, say a cottage. Does the amount of turns required drop to 1/3 or 1/4 of the required time?
>> No. 37633 edit
File 132711553715.png - (199.25KB , 463x600 , misha_cross_smile_cas_close.png )
It's pretty much how you'd expect it. If two workers in the same tile do the same job, they complete it in half the time~ For example, if it takes 3 turns to chop a forest, and you have two workers both start chopping one turn, then it will complete next turn, but one of the two workers will have full movement.

Or if you have two workers building a cottage on grassland, a 4-turn task, it will complete in 2 turns. Likewise, four workers would build it in a single turn (the cottage would be available to be worked on that same turn you told them to make it). Or three workers would build it over 2 turns, but two of the workers would have full movement afterwards.

Think of it as whenever you click "build cottage," it instantly puts 1 turn of work into that task. If it says it'd take 4 turns to complete, you need 4 turns of work, but that can be spread across several workers.
>> No. 37634 edit
File 132844195259.png - (129.21KB , 378x449 , 0404.png )
I see. Funny that not once has this tip being mentioned in all the Civ videos I've watched. This should eliminate the annoyingly long amount of turns needed to link up cities. How long have you been aware of this tip anyway.
>> No. 37635 edit
File 132711858246.png - (209.42KB , 463x600 , misha_perky_confused_cas_close.png )
Hmmm. I think I was vaguely aware of it since before I even came to /seacats/, but I think I only really started using it extensively after I read Sulla's PB2 game and got interested in worker micro. I guess it never really occurred to me to mention it because I figured it was probably something one would discover just when moving their workers around.

I like to start building a road to a future city site before the settler even completes if it's possible (which it often is, since you only need 4-5 improved tiles at your capital in the very early game most of the time, since that's the happy cap), because the Settler reaches the spot faster that way, and the new city is instantly connected from the first turn (with workers in position to start chopping/improving tiles)~ Sometimes I even start chopping a forest before the city is founded, just have to make sure it doesn't finish until the city lands~!
>> No. 37636 edit
File 132844339764.png - (163.38KB , 435x552 , 0133.png )
Ah, I do that most of the time too, it really cuts down the amount of turns for a quick monument plus the worker can start working on tiles straight away after settling the cities.

Got to go now, I'll try out worker micro next week and see how it works out.
>> No. 37637 edit
File 132845349965.jpg - (48.85KB , 303x385 , neverwinter.jpg )
Neverwinter? THAT Neverwinter of Forgotten Realms?

...I need to do a Stormreach now!
>> No. 37639 edit
File 129808555161.png - (130.79KB , 162x170 , You Got Me So Dizzy.png )
>> No. 37641 edit
File 132788454852.png - (158.50KB , 340x366 , eri_a12_akire1.png )
How exasperating. A 48 hour run for such trivial tests that won't matter 6 weeks from now.
I suppose I shouldn't exert myself, but as one of my mottoes, I must place all my effort into my actions, whether it is in academic achievements or otherwise.
>> No. 37642 edit
File 129824050448.png - (15.91KB , 179x153 , It\'s Been A Hard Day\'s Night.png )
guh bluh
>> No. 37643 edit

Well, I was slightly shaky on the mechanics of having tiles worked or not so I was kind of clicking around ne. The moai statues are being built there because I thought that it'd include the water tiles from the extending territory as well, but I guess not huh. My research rate should be capable of sustaining 100% for about 100 more turns on account of the large amount of hut gold I got, but I am building cottages, yes. Also omg stop spy.
>> No. 37644 edit
File 132845690536.png - (158.86KB , 340x366 , eri_a12_warai1.png )
You poor thing. You should try to take it more easily and enjoy the sunshine today. Even if it's only for a little while, I think it will brighten your mood and perspective quite a bit.

Please do try it.
>> No. 37645 edit
File 129627098280.png - (15.99KB , 200x200 , blank look.png )
It's snowing heavily today and I feel sick.
>> No. 37646 edit
File 132845767049.png - (166.43KB , 340x366 , eri_a13_majime1a.png )
Ah. My condolences to your situation then.
If you may and/or are able to, please try and get some rest as quickly as possible.
>> No. 37647 edit
File 132845781656.jpg - (46.33KB , 282x469 , Act Like An Imbecile.jpg )
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii seacats~ I'm still ill and without voice, but I feel considerably better than I did yesterday! Not being able to call people is suffering, but at least I can dance when I want to~
>> No. 37648 edit
File 132845815923.jpg - (90.19KB , 600x600 , 1328456509570.jpg )
>> No. 37649 edit
File 132845821986.png - (166.36KB , 340x366 , eri_a13_akuwarai1.png )
Good morning Lili~
If you haven't already, may I suggest some tea with lemon and honey? I heard it works wonders for such pains dealing with the throat.
But I believe the best course of action in this situation is to make sure the esophagus is constantly moistened and soothed by some herbal remedy and then kept from being used, i.e. any activity which causes your throat to vibrate voluntarily.
>> No. 37651 edit
File 132324390950.jpg - (9.64KB , 256x192 , 11290941.jpg )
>posted in Livestream thread again

Anyway I said I already drank tea my entire life so it's something I do anyway.
>> No. 37652 edit
File 130194216090.gif - (169.69KB , 376x322 , boogie woogie.gif )
>take responsibility
k it's my fault
all better
>> No. 37653 edit
File 132845926437.png - (158.75KB , 340x366 , eri_a12_komaru1a.png )
Um, I see. Well, it is culturally accepted as a normality to consume tea as a leisurely pleasure in certain areas in Europe. How elegant it must be.

In any case, all I can truly suggest then is to not use your voice for any activities or tasks which do not demand it. Please do try to take care as I am sure you have many individuals who are well acquainted with you worried of your health.
>> No. 37654 edit
File 132845965158.jpg - (715.18KB , 1500x1800 , If It\'s War You Seek Then I Shall Wage War O.jpg )
Much better.

I don't really need advice on this, though thanks for telling me. I've lost my voice before, after all. It's megas bumming me out, but I'll be fine.
>> No. 37655 edit
File 132846003876.png - (158.93KB , 340x366 , eri_a12_niramu1a.png )
I... I apologize then. I was merely showing my concern through advice.
>> No. 37656 edit
File 130971202022.jpg - (257.54KB , 500x500 , That Smile On Your Face Lets Me Know That You Need.jpg )
I appreciate the advice!
>> No. 37657 edit
File 132846064810.png - (165.63KB , 340x366 , eri_a13_warai3.png )
Well, I feel honored. Thank you.
I hope you become well very soon.
>> No. 37658 edit
File 130692928768.jpg - (98.55KB , 400x640 , I Can Never Be Miserable In A World Where You Exis.jpg )
You shouldn't feel "honoured" because of me. I'm not some Puerto Rican connected to the royal family of England.
>> No. 37659 edit
File 132846138986.jpg - (1.17MB , 1617x1169 , Did The Stars Come Out Did The World Spin Around.jpg )
You know what type of game I'd play? School simulation. Maybe I should inspire someone to write a VN where you're Student Council President and have to juggle the budgets for all the clubs every month, with the moral that you can never please everyone and have to make cuts somewhere?
>> No. 37660 edit
>> No. 37661 edit
File 130692886974.jpg - (251.57KB , 700x1029 , You Will Be Soft Rocked By Me.jpg )
I will cut funding so much your new "Go" boards will be cardboard boxes with crayon lines on them, and your precious pieces will be pebbles.
>> No. 37662 edit
File 129755433172.png - (144.92KB , 434x480 , wdk_nakua3.png )
The northern city WAS my capital... until barbarian horse archers took control of it.
>> No. 37663 edit

I hope that with this Makk can finish Fate....
>> No. 37664 edit
Poor Riri, I hope you find wherever you misplaced your voice soon~
>> No. 37665 edit
Hi everyone.
>> No. 37666 edit
File 132837733351.gif - (745.11KB , 500x412 , youre_supposed_to_say_hi_okay.gif )
>> No. 37667 edit

Hi okay.
>> No. 37668 edit
Chen confirmed for antichrist
>> No. 37669 edit
File 132793757640.png - (71.09KB , 223x317 , en2_b11_buu1.png )
>mfw no BUL's game board update.

I wanna plaaaaaaaayy!
>> No. 37670 edit
File 132788295894.png - (90.22KB , 217x358 , mar_a11_def1.png )
Hello, /seacats/
>> No. 37671 edit
File 132788338153.png - (104.76KB , 233x391 , rio_a11_warai1.png )
Good day Eriko and Rosa~
>> No. 37672 edit
File 132703226029.jpg - (37.50KB , 300x215 , honkhonk.jpg )
>> No. 37673 edit
File 132847159687.png - (90.54KB , 217x358 , mar_a11_komaru1.png )
>>Good day
There is nothing good about today...

I lol'd
>> No. 37674 edit
Hi, Lion, Rosa-san, Chen.

What happen, Rosa-san?
>> No. 37675 edit
File 132847180134.png - (104.79KB , 233x391 , rio_a11_komaru1.png )
Care to explain why it have been a shitty day?
>> No. 37676 edit
File 132841121830.jpg - (844.59KB , 800x1284 , andyousaythatwhy.jpg )
Why so?
>> No. 37677 edit
File 132847202614.png - (76.15KB , 224x378 , ros_c32_komaru3.png )
Been really sick the past 2 days. I can barely breath at times, sleeping is like a death trap..

And just today I when I sneezed one time, I bit my lip so hard, I drew blood.
>> No. 37678 edit
File 13269241327.png - (313.82KB , 872x934 , chen1.png )
I know that feel.

What do you think you have?
>> No. 37679 edit
File 129953774356.png - (662.77KB , 1184x1064 , ev2_a12 evil laugh 3.png )
And yet today has been an amazing day of sunshine, warm tea and the comfort of a scrumptious cake. For some people, it is a good day.
>> No. 37680 edit
File 12996181207.png - (658.57KB , 860x1091 , ev2_a14 sulling 1.png )
That being the case, arrange to see a doctor. Is it a case related to the lungs, or do you have difficulty breathing from the nose/mouth?
>> No. 37681 edit
File 132847242280.png - (104.69KB , 233x391 , rio_a11_majime1.png )
Well....as Lili said , go see a doctor.
or find herbal remedies.
>> No. 37682 edit
File 132802862012.png - (70.99KB , 182x380 , ros_a11_komaru4.png )
The flu. I had a fever, dizziness and so on.

You're right, for lots of people I'm sure today has been a good day. If I wasn't sick, I would call today a good day as well, internet returned, not very cold outside today, etc.

Nose/Mouth, also having problems with my throat, but I think that is related to the flu.
>> No. 37683 edit
File 129953848134.png - (686.31KB , 1187x1064 , ev2_a11 laughing 2.png )
Well I'd be glad for the perfectly lovely weather we're having! Due to my throat I get incredibly thirsty all day, but I'm glad because I get to drink all my favourite drinks and not have to justify it or be called a glutton!

It sounds like nothing serious. Just be careful when sneezing, I guess, and take some anti-flu medicine if you're really ill. Herbal tea works, or tea with some honey in it. If you have neither, apply honey without tea.

Be careful not to drink the tea too hot, you get throat cancers from that.
>> No. 37684 edit
Oooh Didn't know about that...throat cancer.
>> No. 37685 edit
File 132811631823.png - (77.31KB , 221x318 , en2_a11_def1b.png )
Get well soon, Rosa-san.

Now, changing topics: Did your professor/teacher said something about your tale?
>> No. 37686 edit
File 132847315486.png - (231.61KB , 900x563 , autismchen.png )
I drank something very hot

My tongue was suffering ;_;
>> No. 37687 edit
File 131353413113.png - (688.42KB , 1187x1064 , ev2_a11 default 1.png )
Well, that's what they told my granny when she got throat cancer.
>> No. 37688 edit
File 132382516480.png - (314.31KB , 530x670 , 43f107755db355cde74216eed9501b2a.png )
Get well soon, Rosa!

Throat cancer from drinking hot drinks, huh?

Also hi
>> No. 37689 edit
File 132788161355.png - (70.88KB , 182x380 , ros_a11_def1.png )
Nope. He hasn't gotten it yet. Since it was sent in the mail it will be a few more days before he even receives it. And then it will be a about week after that, that he mails it back, and then another week for me to get it back.
>> No. 37690 edit
File 132788338153.png - (104.76KB , 233x391 , rio_a11_warai1.png )
>> No. 37691 edit
Hi, Cirno~ How are you?

I see... Good luck!
>> No. 37692 edit
Afternoon, seacats.
>> No. 37693 edit
File 131648893694.jpg - (132.87KB , 850x773 , 1315792953808.jpg )
Hi, shrimp!

I'm pretty good~ How about you?
>> No. 37694 edit
File 13284747025.jpg - (105.92KB , 640x480 , meow.jpg )
Hi ne~
>> No. 37696 edit
>> No. 37697 edit
File 132847524199.png - (118.32KB , 342x429 , ama_a14_warai1.png )
Hi, Anon-kun. Good afternoon~

I am okay, but bored. Thanks for asking.
And it's good that you are good. I'm happy for it.
>> No. 37698 edit
File 132847607783.png - (166.40KB , 340x366 , eri_a13_warai1.png )
Oh my. So many people have arrived.
How do you do, everyone?
>> No. 37699 edit
File 132847713231.png - (182.66KB , 328x609 , s065_1ca1aa_000_l.png )
Good evening. It's been a slow day over here for the first time in a while, so I'm doing well. And yourself?
>> No. 37700 edit
File 132847716269.png - (687.08KB , 1034x1053 , candy (2).png )
Fine! Will be watching the Super Bowl later, probably. How about you?
>> No. 37701 edit
File 132847810072.png - (158.82KB , 340x366 , eri_a12_akuwarai1.png )
Good evening. My, you looks quite lovely today. That sprite simply beautiful. I truly wish I possessed the drawing ability to create such elegant pieces of work.

It is quite nice to hear you are doing well today, although somewhat trapped in a bored stupor. I hope your surroundings become much more lively soon.

As for myself, I am quite alright, though very busy with my studies.

Hello, hello. The Super Bowl, you say? Yes, many will be intently watching such a large event from both their homes and in the stadium itself. So I hope you enjoy yourself.

Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury to watch such events. Not because I am busy with my studies, but also because my range of channels is so limited, you can count them on one hand.
>> No. 37702 edit
File 132847827256.png - (146.17KB , 440x317 , HalfMxcan.png )
I will leave this here...
>> No. 37703 edit
File 13284787332.png - (159.58KB , 340x366 , eri_a12_warai5.png )
Oh my~! What an amusing shoop! Well-done, Lion-san.
>> No. 37704 edit
jeez, what kind of third world campus are you living on if you get like no channels
>> No. 37705 edit
File 132794328067.png - (104.76KB , 233x391 , rio_a11_def1.png )
Thank you very much, Erika-san.
>> No. 37706 edit
File 132847944629.png - (158.59KB , 340x366 , eri_a12_majime2.png )
My, don't you think that is a bit rude to say?
But if you must know, this service is provided for free, so I would expect it to be limited to people who do not pay for the finer qualities of their own living spaces.
>> No. 37707 edit
File 131795537758.png - (657.66KB , 860x1091 , ev2_a14 proud 1.png )
As for me, I do not have need to follow athletic events. After all, I have books to describe wonderful athletics events for me.

New Nichijou was disappointing, although it did tackle a few fun things about kids. Needs to pick up again, fast.
>> No. 37708 edit
File 129599641767.png - (85.73KB , 291x478 , kan_komarua134.png )
Uwa, is it free? Amazing.
>> No. 37709 edit
File 132848062655.png - (158.23KB , 340x366 , eri_a12_majime4.png )
Though one must not keep still, if one wants to be in healthy and in top condition. So a bit of physical conditioning on person's everyday agenda would be of much benefit to the human body.

Well, Nichijou was quite a hit for its first season. So it is understandable of how difficult it may be for them to keep up with such high expectations, yet not meeting up with them.
>> No. 37710 edit
File 132848090652.png - (154.25KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai1.png )
It truly is. After all, one does not get many things in life for free. For instance, if I choose to stay at my current living quarters for another year, resigning the contract for it, I shall obtain my summer months, July and August, for free. Isn't that quite a delectable deal? A very tempting one, indeed.

Perhaps when I have a higher income from the government, I will be able to obtain the funds for a slightly larger number of channels. After all, I do miss watching the anime that the Funimation channel has offered me in the past.
>> No. 37711 edit
File 129953649734.png - (688.53KB , 1187x1064 , ev2_a11 sulling 1.png )
Actually, I refer to Danshi Nichijou, no relation to Nichijou. Danshi Nichijou's quality of jokes is dropping, unfortunately.

I'm perfectly healthy outside of throat sores, though. I bike every day, after all.
>> No. 37712 edit
File 132848127977.png - (166.33KB , 340x366 , eri_a13_akuwarai3.png )
Ah, I see. Well, I believe Nichijou will pick up quite soon, don't you think?

Biking is quite good for cardiovascular exercise, but remember to try and keep those muscles well-toned as well by lifting a few weights every now and then. Or simply doing a set of push-ups and sit-ups can do marvels for physical conditioning.
>> No. 37713 edit
Okay OKay, I will made a normal one~
>> No. 37714 edit
File 129957833888.png - (689.25KB , 1187x1064 , ev2_a11 sulling 2.png )
I don't want to be muscled.
>> No. 37715 edit
If I remember correctly, riris mentioned transporting all the time with her bike, so I don't think that's a problem.
>> No. 37716 edit
File 132848214837.png - (269.71KB , 800x600 , CGMS19b.png )
Did someone say muscles? You gotta have muscles! Your body is your temple and should be treated as such, build muscles and become a strong person. A healthy body is a healthy mind, remember that!
>> No. 37717 edit
File 130151502712.png - (691.19KB , 1187x1064 , ev2_a11 default 2.png )
The only temple I visit on a regular basis is Church, and nothing besides!
>> No. 37718 edit
File 132848331474.png - (153.65KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_majime4.png )
It's not like you will turn into a muscular man if you do so. It is merely so you can take on slightly heavier challenges when the time comes to use said strength. It is merely a small bit of extra strength and it won't be too noticeable.

If not for strength, then for at least to make daily life a bit easier and for keeping in shape in all areas.
>> No. 37719 edit
File 132848381934.png - (157.65KB , 440x317 , HalfMxcans.png )
Okay I will upload this version...
>> No. 37720 edit
File 130696538170.png - (701.14KB , 1187x1064 , ev2_a11 evil laugh 4.png )
I already know I won't turn into a muscular man just by lifting some weights, you know!
>> No. 37721 edit
File 132473949187.png - (216.50KB , 800x600 , CGMS12a.png )
Well, at least someone here seems to have a bit of Muscle Spirit in them.
>> No. 37722 edit
File 132830288660.png - (280.63KB , 704x672 , spider EVA.png )
Both are good. Good job!

Better than my Spider EVA.
>> No. 37723 edit
Thank you Eriko~


>>37719 (Uploaded with for Old-Umineko style fans)
>> No. 37724 edit
File 132848481492.png - (168.05KB , 340x366 , eri_a14_warai3.png )
My apologies. It seems to be many a fear of females during present day, which is why they seem to avoid any lifting of weights.
>> No. 37725 edit
File 131864633178.png - (200.08KB , 368x650 , s066_1aa1aa_040_l.png )
It's more like a cheap excuse that they give so that they can avoid having to do anything that requires any real effort. Why be able to lift heavy things when you can just make a guy do it instead? The sad part isn't even that they think like this, it's that the think like this and it actually works.
>> No. 37726 edit
File 132848538276.png - (691.49KB , 1296x1064 , ev2_a13 default 2.png )
If I want something heavy lifted, I'll call in a man's man, so manly that the very earth worships their every step!
>> No. 37727 edit
File 132848545671.png - (660.23KB , 860x1091 , ev2_a14 laughing 1.png )
This amuses me more than it should.
>> No. 37728 edit
File 132848556592.png - (159.74KB , 340x366 , eri_a12_gaman1.png )
Well, I for one, think you shouldn't just say that without an-

>> No. 37729 edit
File ahaha.wav - (173.81KB )
Look! A defeated Erika! Let's point and laugh at her!
>> No. 37730 edit
cacklecacklecackle, camphor camphor, etc
>> No. 37731 edit
File 129970400912.png - (656.02KB , 860x1091 , ev2_a14 laughing 2.png )
You need to give those muscleheads some cause to appreciate themselves and not hang themselves out of embarassment of how ugly and dumb they are.
>> No. 37732 edit
File 132848628091.png - (159.58KB , 340x366 , eri_a12_gaman2.png )
But... that doesn't seem right..!
>> No. 37733 edit
File 132848629191.png - (140.18KB , 376x597 , S13_TADA_0_02A_01_00_L.png )
Well, it's not like I like being asked to lift heavy things, or anything. It's just that it happens to be good training for my muscles, that's all.
>> No. 37734 edit
File 130595436412.png - (174.14KB , 503x399 , incredibly tall.png )
I'm not good at heavy lifting. But I am the best at reaching things without a stepladder.
>> No. 37735 edit
File 130696538170.png - (701.14KB , 1187x1064 , ev2_a11 evil laugh 4.png )
Right? Kyahahahaha! As if anything in this world is right!! I hate people who believe any act of manipulation is wrong!

You must be like those fairy people, the ones who make believe the world is beautiful! Look out your window! Wars are being waged! What beauty in this rotten world?!
>> No. 37736 edit
File 12978057483.jpg - (159.37KB , 299x352 , sakutarou_confused.jpg )
So manipulation is right?
>> No. 37737 edit
File 132793723428.png - (77.86KB , 221x318 , en2_a13_def3b.png )
If you do this and no one notice.... Than is right.

For example: You don't do something that your mother asked and then she starts to say "bla bla bla I pay everthing bla bla bla" and then you do.
See? She manipulates you throught an unbearable rant.
>> No. 37738 edit
File 132848674670.png - (109.36KB , 318x576 , S22_TOUMA_0_04A_05_00_L.png )
I wouldn't say it's necessarily "wrong", at least not all the time.
>> No. 37739 edit
File 132848683174.png - (690.88KB , 1296x1064 , ev2_a13 evil laugh 3.png )
Manipulation is what makes the world go around!

I am the bone of my machinations.
Manipulation's in my blood, my body full of deceit.
I have manipulated over a thousand people.
Unaware of remorse,
nor aware of redemption.
Have fooled many to manipulate them all.
Yet, these machinations shall never end.
My entire life has been,
"Unlimited Manipulation Works"
>> No. 37740 edit
I think hollywood is continuing to show it ran out of movie ideas. Looked like a transformers 3 trailer, turned out to be a movie base don the board game battleship. BATTLESHIP.
>> No. 37741 edit
File 129876893043.png - (3.96KB , 175x169 , sakutarou_hehg.png )
Well of course. I already knew that about you~
>> No. 37742 edit
File 132848746550.png - (690.18KB , 1187x1064 , ev2_a11 laughing 1.png )
It's something I've learned to live with. I've kept insisting I'm not some wonderful person to put on a pedestal. I've manipulated people, but never in a way that my moral compass told me is wrong.
>> No. 37743 edit
File 130161316721.jpg - (89.79KB , 290x313 , surprisinglypink.jpg )
That does sound fun. Teach me your secrets.
>> No. 37744 edit
Lili's Secret: More than a bra... A manipulation!
>> No. 37745 edit
>> No. 37746 edit
File 129956938398.png - (660.94KB , 1184x1064 , ev2_a12 sulling 1.png )
You should ask Lambda. Being someone who studies psychology, he's way better suited at explaining the different ways to influence someone.

However, the most open manipulation I've ever done here at Seacats is the time I got everyone to reconcile with Piece and hear him out after his stunt that got him banned.
>> No. 37747 edit
File 129878319256.jpg - (73.40KB , 500x430 , twittery.jpg )
Aw nuts, I wanted to learn to be persuasive in everyday life and conversation.
>> No. 37748 edit
File 132848802328.jpg - (32.50KB , 720x400 , snapshot20120205125012.jpg )
Then, "manipulation" doesn't sounds too heavy?

Of course, it's people who give weight to the words.
>> No. 37749 edit
File 132848802313.png - (661.01KB , 1184x1064 , ev2_a12 default 1.png )
From there, the rest should be elementary to figure out. Manipulation is influencing a person to act in a way that isn't their natural reaction to the situation.

If you had the idea to make a drawing, for example, and I'd spur you on to try drawing, that'd be manipulation. I'm influencing your thoughts and behaviour through my actions.

If you want more malign manipulation, that would be, for example, if I slammed my fist on the desk and then send a student out of the classroom. Then do this again and again for a month or two.

The poor bugger'll be deadly afraid of being sent out every time someone slams their desk.
>> No. 37750 edit
File 131023797173.png - (6.03KB , 35x45 , cut.png )
Easily manipulated pawn reporting in.
>> No. 37751 edit
Hi, Bern.
>> No. 37752 edit
File 129953798524.png - (687.61KB , 1187x1064 , ev2_a11 proud 1.png )
To be persuasive, you need two qualities. One, you need to be confident. Two, you need to be empathetic.

The best way to persuade someone is to convince them that you understand their point of view, and then point out why your viewpoint is agreeable with their viewpoint.

Example. "I am angry with person X". "However, person X wants to apologise". "I understand why you'd be angry; it was a dick move, after all". "However, you have nothing to lose by at least listening to the apology, do you?"; by making that a question, you invite the other to counter-act why it WOULD be a bad thing to listen to the apology. This is manipulation by asking a loaded question and presenting a dichotomy and forcing that dichotomy to be resolved: listen or don't listen, now tell me what you have to lose by listening.

Often, the reasonable answer "my time" is felt to be petty by some, and they'll acquiesce and at least listen. There's nothing special, magical or skilful about it.
>> No. 37753 edit
File 132848846428.png - (168.26KB , 340x366 , eri_a14_majime3.png )
Of course, this is why I always tell people that "I am not kind. I am simply just an idiot."
>> No. 37754 edit
File 12996181207.png - (658.57KB , 860x1091 , ev2_a14 sulling 1.png )
posing that question*
making it so the other has to justify their actions*
>> No. 37755 edit
File 132848884436.png - (658.83KB , 1184x1064 , ev2_a12 smiling 2.png )
Real idiots never admit to being an idiot.
>> No. 37756 edit
File 12960010444.png - (79.80KB , 320x468 , ros_defa1.png )
Doesn't a real idiot not even realize they are an idiot?
>> No. 37757 edit
File 130151502712.png - (691.19KB , 1187x1064 , ev2_a11 default 2.png )
Precisely. The moment someone realises they were being an idiot, they cease being an idiot. When they continue acting as they do, they are an arsehole.
>> No. 37758 edit
File 132788552644.png - (158.58KB , 340x366 , eri_a12_akire2.png )
I see. Well, I guess I truly do not have a say in the matter then.
>> No. 37759 edit
File 13263941626.png - (25.93KB , 200x207 , AN-GEE.png )
I'm probably an arsehole and an idiot, then.
>> No. 37760 edit
File 130262578912.png - (668.88KB , 1008x1263 , s41_a13 default 2.png )
Pick one over the other:

"Alfonso" - "Dylan"
"Sarah" - "Anna"
"Club" - "Group"
"Boyfriend" - "Girlfriend"
"Activity" - "Obligation"
"Sincere" - "Dutiful"
"Redemption" - "Maturing"
"Dance" - "Shuffle"
"Realisation" - "Revelation"
"Teacher" - "Student"
"Coat" - "Sweat-vest"
"Pretend" - "Reality"
>> No. 37761 edit
File 129625045126.png - (82.57KB , 320x469 , ros_aserua1.png )
What's that for?
>> No. 37762 edit
File 129874013373.png - (633.59KB , 721x1263 , s41_a11 default 1.png )
The magic only works if I don't explain it, nyeh!
>> No. 37764 edit
>> No. 37765 edit
I refuse
>> No. 37766 edit
File 132849027668.png - (91.00KB , 333x469 , ros_aserua1g.png )
>> No. 37767 edit
Don't forget it's ur turn riris
>> No. 37768 edit
File 129869474871.png - (633.99KB , 721x1263 , s41_a11 default 2.png )
Opinions on who to attack etc. At this point it's actually important.

Pick five out of the list you just made.
>> No. 37769 edit
File 12960010444.png - (79.80KB , 320x468 , ros_defa1.png )
>> No. 37770 edit
>> No. 37771 edit
File 132703210970.png - (357.55KB , 782x494 , yugo6.png )
>>mfw I realize the 5 I chose all have to do with the structure of a good story.
>> No. 37772 edit
File 132849138262.png - (199.74KB , 368x650 , s066_1aa1aa_010_l.png )
As for me, I'm smart enough to realise that I'd prefer being an idiot, and therefore behave as though such were the case. It's more fun that way, intelligence is simply a needless burden on life's journey anyway.
>> No. 37773 edit
>> No. 37774 edit
File 132143159059.png - (217.27KB , 584x607 , S10_SHOU_1_02A_02_00_L.png )
Are we playing a game now? Alright;
Dylan, Anna, Group, Girlfriend, Activity, Sincere, Redemption, Dance, Realisation, Teacher, Sweater vest, Reality.

Group, Activity, Dance, Sweater vest, Reality.
>> No. 37775 edit
>> No. 37776 edit
The five things you ultimately pick are five things you find important. Among a group of friends, there is usually a trend of people picking similar things: you value the same things.

Personally, I'd pick:



>> No. 37777 edit
File 132339060878.png - (832B , 62x67 , Lion.png )


>> No. 37778 edit
File 129869537545.png - (574.74KB , 626x1211 , s41_a12 default 1.png )
Isn't it amusing all of you picked "Reality", and most added "Sincere"?

I usually provide this list in November and have the group fill it out and see what answers come of it. The people who pick similar Top 5s usually end up getting along well.
>> No. 37779 edit
>> No. 37780 edit
File 132849222326.png - (157.88KB , 415x596 , S10_SHOU_0_05A_01_05_L.png )
Then, the one I'd have the most in common with would be... Tarou, with 3 out of 5 things matching?
Cool, I can live with that. See that kid, you're a pretty cool guy.
>> No. 37782 edit
File 129918619460.png - (542.83KB , 1200x1600 , I Believe I Can Fly.png )
Same here. Though comparing my list with Lili's is...
>> No. 37783 edit
File 132841051193.jpg - (73.92KB , 349x272 , f005265ce0852a86be46f341df1e23ee.jpg )
>> No. 37784 edit
File 129869578978.png - (575.30KB , 626x1211 , s41_a12 default 2.png )
Well, I could bore you with the specifics of choosing one over the other.
>> No. 37785 edit
File 132675183664.png - (126.90KB , 512x512 , 00000102.png )
Please do. I'm very curious.
>> No. 37786 edit
File 131617251234.png - (20.26KB , 156x284 , reaction.png )
>> No. 37787 edit
File 132801052133.png - (185.20KB , 366x626 , s089_1aa1aa_000_l.png )
Well, the only ones that I can't really see the meanings behind are "Dance vs. Shuffle", and "Coat vs. Sweater vest". The rest more or less make sense.
>> No. 37788 edit
File 132849290791.gif - (165.26KB , 500x455 , gottagofast2.gif )
>> No. 37789 edit
File 132496351545.png - (135.07KB , 800x600 , CGRK10.png )
Alfonso, Anna, Group, Girlfriend, Activity, Sincere, Redemption, Dance, Revelation, Teacher, Coat, Pretend

Anna, Group, Activity, Redemption, Dance
>> No. 37790 edit
File 129869578978.png - (575.30KB , 626x1211 , s41_a12 default 2.png )

Names: for males, pick one long name, one short name. Longer names imply nerdiness or old-fashioned ways, whereas short names are trendy and cool.
For females, pick one name with long vowels, another with short vowels. The long name is calmness, the shorter one is energy.

A Club is a group with defined rules and a purpose; a Group doesn't need to have these qualities and is more loose. Clubs are formed purposefully, Groups form naturally: picking Club over Group implies a fondness of formally establishing connections, where Groups naturally establish relations and connections.

Boyfriend VS Girlfriend: The Boyfriend is the submissive part of the relationship. The Girlfriend is the leading part of the relationship. A Boy who picks Boyfriend isn't gay, but he might be more passive in love. A Girl picking Girlfriend is more active in the loving relationship.

"Activity" - "Obligation"
An Activity is something you undertake out of free will. An Obligation is also an activity, but born out of a sense of necessity or duty rather than one of free will. Those who pick Activity are more likely to spontaneously do things, whereas Obligation people are more devoted to existing activities.

"Sincere" - "Dutiful"
Someone who is Sincere is honest, and will not shirk to refuse a particular activity if it does not make sense to them. Dutiful people may have qualms, but they will consider doing the activity the most important thing over voicing their personal feelings. A Sincere person is more likely to rebel when leadership is bad.

"Redemption" - "Maturing"
Those who Redeem consider making a mistake something that must be set right. Those who Mature consider a mistake something to learn from.

"Dance" - "Shuffle"
Those who Dance are combustions of energy and emotion. Those who shuffle are more measured, taking it calmly but intimately.

"Realisation" - "Revelation"
A Realisation is born through your own understanding of a problem. A Revelation is due to outside events showing the truth behind a problem. Those who pick Revelation over Realisation often find problems only after outside forces show them it is a problem. Those who Realise think more actively about things.

"Teacher" - "Student"
The Teacher leads and guides people, whereas the Student follows and learns. Where a Teacher might be inclined to share what they know, the Student wants to acquire knowledge over all else.

"Coat" - "Sweater-vest"
Typo'd as sweat-vest, but a Coat is more stately. A Sweater-vest is more formal. Picking Sweater-vest over Coat implies more appreciation for formal wear, where a gravitation to Coat is more casual.

"Pretend" - "Reality"
Pretenders hide their problems and show a contrasting outlook to the rest of the world, where Reality-pickers find themselves more easily able to admit to having problems and taking steps to reconcile the problems.
>> No. 37791 edit
File 132849346921.png - (78.85KB , 300x631 , attaroutan.png )
...This all makes sense.
>> No. 37792 edit
File 132675183664.png - (126.90KB , 512x512 , 00000102.png )
Hmm.. Interesting. I agree with most of the results. Some of them, I would rather be in the other group... but well I know I'm still in that group.
>> No. 37793 edit
File 129869537545.png - (574.74KB , 626x1211 , s41_a12 default 1.png )
Someone who picked Group over Club, and then doesn't include that when picking the 5 doesn't belong to Group as strongly.

As well, it's not 100% accurate for everyone, of course. My old teacher was fond of this sort of thing and I grew fond of it, too, since it's fun to see where people fit in and how they trend.

It also doesn't mean people who pick different things are totally incompatible. Like all tests, they're not a 100% guide to certainty.
>> No. 37794 edit
I am amazed.....the only thing that may be wrong..
is the Coat - Sweater vest.....I prefer formal cloth over the Coat....
>> No. 37795 edit
File 132491684021.png - (217.33KB , 800x600 , CGMS11a.png )
Oh hey, someone else I got 3/5 in common with! As expected of aniki.

>where Groups naturally establish relations and connections
>Those who pick Activity are more likely to spontaneously do things
>Those who Dance are combustions of energy and emotion
>Reality-pickers find themselves more easily able to admit to having problems
So far so good.
>[...] and taking steps to reconcile the problems.
...Well, half a point there I guess.
>Picking Sweater-vest over Coat implies more appreciation for formal wear
I mostly just picked that because I'm fond of sweater vests.
>> No. 37796 edit
File 13279437419.png - (63.86KB , 374x378 , battler8.png )
Well, I picked three out of five for the reasons listed.
>> No. 37797 edit
File 132849398272.png - (126.54KB , 512x512 , 00000098.png )
I see.

I still wish I was in the "Realization" rather than "Revelation"
>> No. 37798 edit
File 129869474871.png - (633.99KB , 721x1263 , s41_a11 default 2.png )
I can teach you a magic spell related to that, nyeh~
>> No. 37799 edit
File 130506025013.png - (40.97KB , 480x434 , wdk_left.png )
I only picked Revelation because that word sounds cool. And the song.
>> No. 37800 edit
File 132754177294.png - (266.92KB , 800x600 , CGMS23b.png )
Really? Swap with me then, I don't like actively thinking about things. I'd rather just turn my brain off and be told the answers by someone else, to tell the truth.

>> No. 37801 edit
File 132849441018.png - (126.93KB , 512x512 , 00000103.png )
You could post them, and then state how it messed up.
>> No. 37802 edit
To troll List :
*Kinjo [X]
*Ozaki [X]
*Chen [X]
*Cirno [X]

>> No. 37803 edit
File 13284947689.png - (23.14KB , 400x400 , 9374607_2_ib4f.png )
Come. Troll me.
>> No. 37804 edit
File 130262714152.png - (670.33KB , 1008x1263 , s41_a13 evil laugh 1.png )
Obviously a subtle reference to a hidden desire.
>> No. 37805 edit
File 129616304855.png - (83.89KB , 320x469 , ros_odorokia1.png )
The more I analyze my results, the more I keep finding them more and more accurate... it is scary.

The only thing I have a gripe with is the Pretend vs Reality thing. I don't feel, I'm really in Reality, since I cover up and run from my problems.
>> No. 37806 edit
File 132052114489.png - (231.31KB , 387x602 , S19_HIDE_0_00A_02_00_L.png )
There's something incredibly phallic about this that I can't quite seem to place my finger on.
>> No. 37807 edit
File 132849491729.png - (103.35KB , 341x373 , Battlerne22.png )
Beyond lewd.

Probably. I actually have no idea what's wrong with those completely benign words.
>> No. 37808 edit
File 132156649568.jpg - (76.51KB , 453x435 , bored.jpg )

How does desire?
>> No. 37809 edit
File 132849502767.png - (72.60KB , 182x380 , ros_a11_akuwarai2.png )
Oh wow.
>> No. 37810 edit
File 129869486927.png - (634.48KB , 721x1263 , s41_a11 evil laugh 2.png )
Can't blame you, I wouldn't want to place my finger on it!
>> No. 37811 edit
File 132803090817.png - (71.54KB , 182x380 , ros_a11_aseru1.png )
Lion is so lewd.
>> No. 37812 edit
File 132849519753.png - (148.56KB , 576x608 , S11_GACK_0_03B_04_00_L.png )
Alright, now that one caught me off-guard.
>> No. 37813 edit
My body was not ready. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Au7EiZIyPg8
>> No. 37814 edit
File 13284747025.jpg - (105.92KB , 640x480 , meow.jpg )
I should have picked a umineko , ne.
>> No. 37815 edit
Pick Lion.
>> No. 37816 edit
File 132276948282.jpg - (20.97KB , 355x267 , hg-1-06.jpg )

Not lewd....and Troll is the name of my little project
>> No. 37817 edit
File 129869643337.png - (634.63KB , 721x1263 , s41_a11 crying rivers 1.png )
>Garrod Ran

>> No. 37818 edit
File 132703047773.gif - (51.37KB , 200x200 , ne~.gif )
These oranges suck.

I hate them.
>> No. 37819 edit
File 132491918274.png - (141.71KB , 800x600 , CGRK11a.png )
>20 years
I'm surprised they didn't get through every letter in the alphabet!

Like T.R.O.L.L.? Because I am not seeing any trolling.
>> No. 37820 edit
File 131569241796.png - (14.19KB , 217x157 , kinjo_heh2.png )
Sure, why not.

This one is right, I'm a nerd.

>This one is right too, I'm more calm than energetic.

I guess that's accurate. I do like clearly defined rules and purpose, or else I feel like I'm wasting my time.

I'm more submissive than active in relationships. Probably. Maybe there's a hidden desire to be more active, but I'm not outgoing at all.

Okay, this is also true. I don't like being bound to obligations.

This is completely accurate.

From my experiences I feel as though I need to redeem myself a lot, even when I know mistakes are there to learn from. Maybe I just picked mature because I thought it was the right answer even when my personality says otherwise.

I guess I'm full of emotion, not so much energy. I don't know.

I like to understand things for myself and think actively. But I can't deny that others have often indicated problems to me. So maybe it's 50/50 here.

I like to share my knowledge with others, but also want to acquire knowledge. So that I can share it, I guess?

Yeah, I'm a casual.

I picked this because too many people forget to use their imagination. Playing pretend was always fun for me. But I also think that one should accept the truth and admit there are problems and fix them instead of running away from them by deluding yourself.
>> No. 37821 edit
File 132849552714.jpg - (40.18KB , 640x360 , a7f3d228822670_full.jpg )
Maybe there is a part inside of you, who is maturing, to face the reality. Nobody knows.

There is a certain relativism in these tests (like psychiatric tests), they'll show tendencies, not the absolute truth.

But doing these tests is certainly fun.
>> No. 37822 edit
File 13284955862.png - (95.58KB , 226x452 , TimetotrollFeenie.png )
>> No. 37823 edit
File 129874013373.png - (633.59KB , 721x1263 , s41_a11 default 1.png )
Pretend is outward, not inward. Pretenders pretend to others, not necessarily themselves.
>> No. 37824 edit
File 132839347175.jpg - (362.20KB , 800x800 , i_don\'t_understand.jpg )
Hair not spiky enough.

>> No. 37826 edit
File 129697459919.gif - (24.42KB , 256x192 , phoenix-ohshit.gif )
That hair!
>> No. 37827 edit
He's in the one for the PS2 and the first one for the PSP you know riri.
>> No. 37828 edit
err, i meant to refer to your earlier post, but I meant Garrod
>> No. 37829 edit
File 132819274426.png - (1.53MB , 1306x1799 , battlerlarge.png )
How was your day, /seacats/?
>> No. 37830 edit
File 132156649568.jpg - (76.51KB , 453x435 , bored.jpg )
By the way , Hide.

Why no answer?
>> No. 37831 edit
File 129643772399.png - (142.76KB , 434x480 , wdk_majimea1.png )
Then maybe there's some truth in that.

Still, while I enjoy these tests I much prefer those 100-question long ones for accuracy.
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File 132736623861.png - (109.66KB , 344x393 , woooshbluebird.png )

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