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File 132969955174.png - (835.06KB , 893x497 , ohwow.png )
38930 No. 38930 edit
Gee, I wonder if this guy read W&W before drawing this.
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>> No. 38932 edit
File 129696894143.png - (7.03KB , 93x103 , sakutaro_derp.png )
are you a red wizard
>> No. 38933 edit
looks more like final fantasy 1 classes mixed with some dragon warrior stuff to me
>> No. 38935 edit
File 132482861218.jpg - (38.80KB , 700x394 , 1279341902362.jpg )
Streaming Maru'!!: ~Jersey Girl~
>> No. 38936 edit
File 132857493498.png - (91.58KB , 310x380 , 23562507.png )
I don't know about you all, but I didn't like 4th Edition.

Or maybe it was my players' fault: they spent hours talking about combos.

I don't know if I will purchase 5th Edition. I think I will look for an AD&D DM... I never played AD&D before.

Someone recommends me AD&D?
>> No. 38937 edit
4th is fun and from what I heard, is more easy to learn than other versions.
5th will take some good time before it's actually playable, so who knows.
>> No. 38938 edit
File 132970554291.png - (80.62KB , 225x380 , ros_b26_warai2.png )
>Luminous Arc: Eyes, translation up to chapter 20

I didn't even know about it till now. Man, I'm excited now. Time to hunt witches again.
>> No. 38939 edit
To play? Yes.

To DMing? I don't know. I liked more when I could give another kinds of powers and abilities for my monsters and villians...

And I'm nerd, I like to calculate skill points.
>> No. 38940 edit
You can still do that with 4e though. It's just that 4e depends on a lot of things and is more about combat as sport (tactics/tactical movement). Bah, too lazy to explain the whole thing. Just go check out parlor or limbo sometime or ask Rin some questions.
>> No. 38941 edit
File 13297181762.jpg - (98.07KB , 277x500 , 9a611a1cd2d8bd9f7aa08908dbb67fd2.jpg )
>To DMing? I don't know. I liked more when I could give another kinds of powers and abilities for my monsters and villians...

I'd argue that this is more encouraged in 4E than in 3.5, where they had all those lists of spells and special abilities and made monsters fit into certain classes... 4E is much more open to creative monster design, in my opinion.
>> No. 38942 edit
obviously 4e is casual
glorious 3.5e master race
>> No. 38943 edit
File 13297196389.jpg - (105.98KB , 402x504 , EPSON002.jpg )
Happy late Valentine's Day!
>> No. 38944 edit
File 132695340693.png - (228.15KB , 463x600 , misha_hips_grin_cas_close.png )
Well, I for one think it's very cute~
>> No. 38945 edit
>> No. 38946 edit
File 131985235387.jpg - (165.64KB , 450x600 , 1315955000378.jpg )
It's cute!
>> No. 38949 edit
what the, 53 ad clicks
>> No. 38950 edit
File 132974678610.png - (92.53KB , 310x380 , 63791837.png )
Easier? Yes, it is - in a certain way.

As mentioned earlier, enjoyed heavy calculations and spend time developing the monsters.

Now, surely, the time was minimized and it is easy to build an adventure in a few hours or minutes.

However, with the simplicity, some monsters have lost some of their racial abilities. Not all of Mind Flayers can use Suggestion or Planar Shift as a spell-like ability like in early editions.

And the dragons became huge and powerful enemies in combat, but no longer use arcane magic. (Unless the DM determines that Dragons can use Ritual Caster feat... but when I look, I still see a bit loss in versatility).

Honestly, I think that both enable and creativity. I managed to create numerous characters, spells, feats, character classes, prestige classes in 3.X. But I feel kind of stuck when I create the Fourth Edition. Of course, I was able to make interesting things.

But all I could do had focus on combat. When I give a new power to a NPC/Monster in 4E, I needed to think +X vs. For, Ref or Will; if pushes or pull squares; if makes him dazed, dominated, stunned; if the damage goes ongoing... I couldn't see if have enough room to get out of the model and create completely new.

However, it may just be my impression. After all, I felt very intimidated often by knowledge of the players, which was higher than mine. They said that they felt challenged, but it seemed they could do everything so easily.

I had fun DMing the 4E, but I had more fun playing. And to me, that's weird, because in all systems I had the pleasure of roleplaying, my fun was DMing, create something new beyond what has already been given.

I'm sorry for my bad English (I revised it a couple of times). And thanks for listening to the lamentations from a DM fellow.
>> No. 38951 edit
File 13296939457.jpg - (188.71KB , 732x485 , honkhonk2.jpg )
I dunno.
>> No. 38952 edit
why in the world would you want to play a game about slutty booby witches
>> No. 38953 edit
If anything it looks as if you just needed more time to get used to it. It's just natural to feel some resistance against change, especially with something so complex and full of rules as D&D. Or who knows, maybe 3.5 is just best suited to the way you play.
>> No. 38954 edit
Well, that was an interesting change rather than going to a class for a lecture. Ended up that our class went to a presentation for some comic creator, Scott Mccloud.
>> No. 38955 edit
File 132976136164.png - (92.66KB , 310x380 , 69503697 copy.png )
I think it so. This is why I was thinking in look AD&D 2E. I wanted to see the famous old-school mood, so I could to incorporate the best of it in my games.

Someone already read Hinamizawa Teiryuujo?
>> No. 38956 edit
File 132701473527.png - (219.19KB , 463x600 , misha_sign_smile_close.png )
This is because 4E shifts the focus on monsters to the essentials. 4E holds the opinion that abilities that a monster will probably never use in actual play are extraneous and waste design space and time. Now, that's not to say no monsters have non-combat abilities--the succubus, for example, still has the ability to change shape to a specific humanoid. Dragons no longer "cast arcane magic," but it's more like instead of giving the red dragon a list of fire spells, they gave it "Immolate Foe," a power that deals a lot of fire damage. The green dragon no longer has charm spells, but it does have Luring Glare and Cunning Glance.

It's funny, because in a lot of ways, the shift from DnD 3.5 to 4E is similar to the shift from Civilization 4 to Civilization 5, but I have basically the opposite opinions of both shifts. But I can explain why. I thought Civ4 was a very tightly-designed game with good reasons for just about every aspect of it. It functioned very well as a whole, in that it encouraged multiple strategies as effective. While there were obviously balance concerns, they weren't unplayable. You could make up the difference with tactical skill or a bit of luck. Civ5 changed the system from the ground up, and unlike Civ4, I do not think it encourages a very fun kind of gaming experience. It feels like there are fewer effective options, and the balance concerns were much larger. Most of all, there are just too many turns in Civ5 where I just hit enter and do nothing. As I'm sure most people who have played Civ4 multiplayer with me are aware, I don't do that very much in Civ4~

On the other hand, while I did have a lot of fun playing DnD 3.5, I think it's a shoddily designed system. There are HUGE balance concerns, with the obvious ones about fighters sucking horribly past the fist few levels (and a druid's animal companion being about 80% as effective as a fighter at the first level), to the even more obvious ones of full casters possessing world-ending spells by epic level ( http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0639.html ). If you actually READ the rules, it's like they were schizophrenic when writing them. They couldn't decide if they wanted to try and simulate "reality" or create a good game system. So they tried to do both and it fails badly all too often. Compare the absurdly complicated rules for grappling to the frustratingly vague rules for mind control, for example. DnD 4E changed all that. Now it focuses much more on DnD as a system used for running games. I think this change was for the better. There was some cost, though, and I admit that I think the one thing that I miss from 3.5 was the cool things spellcasters could do with the right spells outside of combat. I understand why they had to be cut or marginalized, however; for balance concerns. It's not very encouraging if you're a beast in combat, but the other guy is a beast in combat AND can solve any social situation with the right spell. It makes you feel like you picked the wrong class. Still, while I won't call 4E the perfect system (far from it), I think it's improved greatly from 3.5.
>> No. 38958 edit
>> No. 38959 edit
File 132857493498.png - (91.58KB , 310x380 , 23562507.png )
I agree. But they became so "essential" in mechanics and I couldn't develop them further. For example, I want to do a Mind Flayer Level 28 Solo Controller with Psion Powers AND benefit him feats. It will be a bit hard. It is not a Herculean task, but it's bitter. I have to think him as using Feats AND Powers - I have to use the Character Builder (Offline) and Adventure Tools at same time and calculate every aspect. It became even more painful when I give to this Kobold magical items. I have to recalculate the item bonus and probably, untyped bonus, items powers... it will be a hard and long task, surprisingly longer than I had in 3.X.

I never played Civilization before. I'm pretty dumb managing cities, resources (Like in Age of Empires' series or Sim City' series). But if I understand your analogy, Civ 4 needed you to active exploits and manage resources. Civ 5 will do it for you automatically, so you will just say to game what you do want to build next. Am I correct?

About 3.X, he's REALLY not balanced. In a few levels, a DM WILL lost the control of the Game... a Fighter will be UnderUsed/NeverUsed. A Wizard will probably dominate the final levels. But, personally, I never had problems with the balance in 3.X. Also because my focus was not combat, but I made ​​sure to change every monster just to suit the skills of my players. And here it is my problem with 4E. I can't change enough the monsters to be a real challenge. I could use Over 9000 Hit Points... the battle would be longer, not challenging. If I used a "+Over 9000 vs Will" Powers, I would kill them in a few rounds and it wouldn't be a challenge, but a certain defeat. In 3.X, I could manage it somehow. 3.X it isn't balanced, but I could restructure the patterns of monsters without problems. I can't do it easily at 4E.

But it may be my particular difficulty. Knowing little of the structure of the game, I just had as guide the 4E forums. Perhaps knowing more 3.X, it is easier for me to create my own homebrew classes, spells, psionics powers, feats and so on.
>> No. 38960 edit
File 132703925229.png - (219.83KB , 463x600 , misha_hips_laugh_close.png )
>One of the [dwarves] just reported a murder. Apparently my farmer got killed. Nobody knows who did it. Well, I do. He got the shit beat out of him by the carpenter when he threw a tantrum. I wonder if dwarves would get pissed by me convicting him because there isn't any "evidence".

>EDIT: Sheriff responded by killing the carpenter. Why don't they ever punish vampires like this?

>EDIT 2: And apparently the sheriff killing the carpenter was illegal. I can't afford any more drama though so I just pinned the murder on a giant moon snail. Mystery solved

>EDIT 3: Convicting the corpse of a long dead giant snail didn't go over well. Now almost all of my dwarves are pissed off and miserable. The sludge rain making them vomit everywhere isn't helping. Dwarf Fortress!
>> No. 38961 edit
File 131615920352.jpg - (333.50KB , 800x800 , 1259364474603.jpg )
How was your day?
>> No. 38962 edit
File 132267332424.jpg - (165.13KB , 1022x766 , ohi.jpg )
>> No. 38963 edit
File 132829602076.png - (78.22KB , 173x265 , yayoi.png )
I see. I know how that can be. But if I were you, I wouldn't ignore the situation. Regardless, I hope tomorrow goes by a little easier.
>> No. 38964 edit
It has been great, I had some problems with the car but it has been cool so far.
Oh you.
>> No. 38965 edit
File 132978000655.jpg - (306.17KB , 675x900 , 378907.jpg )
>> No. 38966 edit
ganbare ne
>> No. 38967 edit

yokatta ne
>> No. 38968 edit
File 132978044942.jpg - (119.95KB , 440x360 , piccolo012.jpg )
>> No. 38969 edit
File 131609624965.jpg - (267.97KB , 571x600 , 1254463402189.jpg )
Diem carpe'd, huh? Well done. I only wish my days could go so smoothly.
>> No. 38970 edit
File 132978146366.png - (211.53KB , 737x683 , 2h 6m.png )
Good times.

By the way, let's recreate the old /seacats/ by compiling screencaps we all have. Between us, we should be able to make all of it.
>> No. 38971 edit
File 132978215886.png - (496.00KB , 936x936 , 1284833893076.png )
No? Fine. You guys suck.
>> No. 38972 edit
;_; Gogo Imouto where are you?
>> No. 38973 edit
I have no such things.
>> No. 38974 edit
File 132978242118.png - (174.70KB , 408x550 , 556_nayamua2.png )
Right here chief.
>> No. 38975 edit
File 132978289653.png - (148.11KB , 352x459 , rio_odorokia1.png )
A-are you really gogo?
>> No. 38976 edit
File 132978309752.png - (175.91KB , 408x550 , 556_majimea3.png )
W-who else are you saying I would be!?
>> No. 38977 edit
File 132841121830.jpg - (844.59KB , 800x1284 , andyousaythatwhy.jpg )
Mean while in reality. . .
>> No. 38978 edit
File 132606263716.png - (152.42KB , 352x458 , rio_sakebua2.png )
>> No. 38979 edit
File 132978347946.png - (174.95KB , 408x550 , 556_waraia1.png )
Didn't Ryu-sama teach you people anything? The truth doesn't matter. What matters is what you believe.

All you need to do is believe in me, and we'll have lots of fun together. Discard your anti-magic toxin. Come. Let's play a game of pretend.

But for us... that game will be real, okay?
>> No. 38980 edit
File 129877234245.png - (112.61KB , 363x437 , rg1_akuwaraia1.png )
Of course that is Gogo. Just like how I am the truest /seacats/ of all time and history.
>> No. 38981 edit
File 132978364539.png - (176.94KB , 408x550 , 556_odorokia1.png )
Uwaaah. It's really Luci-nee, ne.
>> No. 38982 edit
File 132978380175.png - (114.23KB , 363x436 , rg1_akuwaraia2.png )
Of course. Only perfection can be perfect.
Just like Gogo can only be Gogo.
>> No. 38983 edit
File 132978384912.png - (175.73KB , 408x550 , 556_waraia2b.png )
And only fun things can be fun!
>> No. 38984 edit
File 132574246728.png - (532.48KB , 691x889 , 1325467125735.png )
You know Gogo isn't here right now , right?

It's impossible for you to be here! You're not real! You're not real!
>> No. 38985 edit
;_; give up to the illusion?
or challengue the witch?~~~~~
>> No. 38986 edit
File 132978412139.png - (104.53KB , 376x480 , jus_nayamua2.png )

Wrong, that's wrong. I can confirm it's her.
>> No. 38987 edit
.........................I dont know what to think now... ;_;
>> No. 38988 edit
File 132978426760.png - (108.15KB , 352x480 , friend_aserua1.png )
At last the fake muffin's poison wore off!
>> No. 38989 edit
File 13297843649.png - (193.38KB , 351x454 , cur_fumana3.png )

OOOHHH I am one yet many....
>> No. 38990 edit
File 131531066239.png - (124.85KB , 371x462 , jes_futekia2.png )
Loosey Furr has long since stopped visiting seacats to pursue a career as real dutch wife and ten dollar lewd person, it is impossible for the real Loosey Furr to be here.
>> No. 38991 edit
File 132893395688.png - (34.93KB , 253x227 , no.png )
>> No. 38992 edit
File 131023797173.png - (6.03KB , 35x45 , cut.png )
>> No. 38993 edit
If it's true have her come on MSN and prove it's her, ne
>> No. 38994 edit
I see you guys are having fun huh? Well don't worry, I don't even need to use the eyes to understand what's happening here.
Oh boy, that just made my day.
>> No. 38995 edit
File 132978508375.png - (87.19KB , 376x480 , Butler2.png )

You think I take orders from you?
>> No. 38996 edit
File 132558905216.png - (126.88KB , 371x463 , jes_atyaa3.png )
It's .
>> No. 38997 edit
File 132978529197.png - (193.06KB , 351x454 , cur_fukigena3.png )
>This whole thread

I am one yet many.
>> No. 38998 edit
File 132484155082.jpg - (18.71KB , 181x350 , 1251565214227.jpg )
I think you'd be surprised. You might really need the eyes.
>> No. 38999 edit
Just ignore it. I thought he had grown out of this. Guess that's stupid to expect of him.
>> No. 39000 edit
File 13153059097.png - (125.97KB , 371x462 , jes_aisowaraia1.png )
Geez guys, it's Lambda.
>> No. 39001 edit
File 132978579698.png - (193.79KB , 351x454 , cur_housina1.png )
I see......
>> No. 39003 edit
File 132978583440.png - (164.99KB , 408x550 , 556_nakua1.png )
...one person can't create a world!
>> No. 39004 edit
File 132978598551.png - (196.93KB , 351x454 , cur_nakua3.png )
>> No. 39005 edit
File 132978605382.png - (174.78KB , 408x550 , 556_nayamua3.png )
Don't you cry. You despicable human, filled to the brim with toxin.
>> No. 39006 edit
File 132978612546.png - (196.21KB , 351x454 , cur_nakua2.png )
>> No. 39007 edit
File 132978622674.png - (162.50KB , 408x550 , 556_ikaria2.png )
>> No. 39008 edit
File 132969795486.jpg - (301.23KB , 707x841 , all alone in this dangerous world.jpg )
You don't exist

This is a lie!

This is all a lie!

>> No. 39009 edit
Gogo wouldn't speak harsh to me,Since I am her Onii-chan, Lion
>> No. 39010 edit
File 132978658681.png - (176.05KB , 408x550 , 556_nayamua3b.png )
P-people can change! An oniichan wouldn't be so cruel as to suspect his poor imouto of not being who she says she is. He would happily surrender to magic.

You lying humans can't speak the truth.
>> No. 39011 edit
Just ignore it, Lion, Chen.
>> No. 39012 edit
File 13297867794.png - (175.65KB , 408x550 , 556_hohoemia1.png )
Yes, ignore anything that seems strange. It's better to stop thinking. It's just your imagination, isn't it...?
>> No. 39013 edit
File 132729483717.png - (130.29KB , 624x528 , sadd.png )
I lb you choco
>> No. 39014 edit
File 13296939457.jpg - (188.71KB , 732x485 , honkhonk2.jpg )
Chen is masochistic(?).
>> No. 39015 edit
File 132978782726.gif - (2.78MB , 270x152 , kill_me_baby.gif )
>> No. 39016 edit
It's less ignoring something that seems strange, and more ignoring someone pretending to be someone I know.
>> No. 39017 edit
File 129667368784.png - (76.32KB , 400x480 , tak_komarua1.png )
Twisting people's words is the only pleasure in this world.
>> No. 39018 edit
Anyways, that's enough.
I miss the times when Gogo was around, so please don't make fun of this.
>> No. 39019 edit
File 132978833656.png - (94.75KB , 459x464 , ev2_niramua2a.png )
That sprite!
>> No. 39020 edit
File 132978836975.png - (127.47KB , 441x510 , ama_sak1.png )
How touching.
>> No. 39021 edit
File 132839347175.jpg - (362.20KB , 800x800 , i_don\'t_understand.jpg )
But where?
>> No. 39022 edit
File 132978866057.png - (80.13KB , 400x480 , tak_waraia1.png )
What about it?
>> No. 39023 edit
No, seriously.
>> No. 39024 edit
File 132978887695.png - (107.42KB , 365x480 , kyo_waraia2.png )
Nothing, I was just surprised to see it, is all.
>> No. 39025 edit
File 132978890211.png - (114.68KB , 441x480 , ama_komarua1.png )
I stopped, didn't I?
>> No. 39026 edit
thank you
>> No. 39027 edit
File 132978937873.png - (107.60KB , 441x480 , ama_defa2.png )
So that was it? How boring.

Our conversation was much more interesting my head.
>> No. 39028 edit
Our conversation? I'm sorry, I only see a single man discussing with himself about illusions.
But maybe that's the true nature of this place.
>> No. 39029 edit
File 132865886378.png - (26.19KB , 150x147 , chenhasseensomeshit.png )
Wait , we're all men!?
>> No. 39030 edit
File 132979000652.png - (113.17KB , 441x480 , ama_akuwaraia1h.png )
If you miss a person who disappeared from a place, there's no need to wait around there for them. It's not like they dropped of the face of the internet.

That would be horrible. Akin to them dying, if we all only exist there.
>> No. 39031 edit
notice how only sprites from kinjo's fan game are being used
>> No. 39032 edit
File 132979050832.jpg - (10.49KB , 463x279 , c0b9c6d75c6448.jpg )
And what are you supposed to gain from noticing that?
>> No. 39033 edit
I'm not saying I lost all contact with her, but she doesn't act the same as before, sometimes I worry too much.
Pfft, and he didn't made a lot of them.
>> No. 39034 edit
File 132979063182.png - (363.97KB , 552x874 , dbc74d39b91a35.png )
So you didn't even lose contact with them. You're just bothered by the fact that people change?

Don't take it out on me, pal.
>> No. 39035 edit
File 132885142942.png - (15.42KB , 145x128 , i see now.png )
If you're so worried , try to save her yourself!
>> No. 39036 edit
I wish there was some way to save her....however currently she only can save herself...
>> No. 39037 edit
Well, it's kinda hard to explain.
>> No. 39038 edit
File 132979093540.png - (100.89KB , 320x469 , chef_amakusa_ib4f.png )
From what? The awful tyranny of not being a /seacat/?

>> No. 39039 edit
File 132893318360.png - (33.45KB , 369x237 , i dunno lol.png )
Try Skype.
>> No. 39040 edit
>> No. 39041 edit
File 132979144845.png - (84.64KB , 750x376 , Metapass.png )
It's dangerous to go alone, take this.
>> No. 39042 edit
File 132565585134.png - (123.96KB , 370x464 , jes_waraia2.png )
And you guys complain I'm a terrible troll.
>> No. 39043 edit
File 132979151931.png - (87.83KB , 236x308 , datcorruptedharddrive.png )
I miss when Meta used to post with all of us.
>> No. 39044 edit
File 132979167183.png - (43.42KB , 200x167 , lili\'s face after throwing bag in pond.png )
>> No. 39045 edit
Kinjo would love this...
I miss when there wasnt any DRAMA and all of us trolled and laughed together
and yes I was here when everything was peaceful.
>> No. 39046 edit
Me too, but it kinda died after the Keiichi incident.
I think I still have a bern pass.
Lilis kinda low in the troll tier
>> No. 39047 edit
File 132979178980.jpg - (11.38KB , 285x287 , 1257212831606.jpg )
>when there wasnt any DRAMA
lol what
>> No. 39048 edit
Yeah, I think this person is taking the cake for terrible troll
>> No. 39049 edit
I know that there have been always drama , but not as serious as making people leave.
>> No. 39050 edit
File 132433684565.jpg - (108.09KB , 300x285 , ドラゴン.jpg )
>> No. 39051 edit
File 132832804929.gif - (452.38KB , 500x281 , this_interests_chen.gif )
>> No. 39052 edit
File 132979213496.jpg - (146.12KB , 587x469 , 6862048.jpg )
Just how do you define trolling?

I have to wonder sometimes.
>> No. 39053 edit
File 132554801479.png - (125.21KB , 370x464 , jes_tohohoa1.png )
Isn't everything Lambda does intended to get people to look at him?

And I'm super not a troll.
>> No. 39054 edit
File 132978579698.png - (193.79KB , 351x454 , cur_housina1.png )
Then I guess I saw the point of the Iceberg then....
>> No. 39055 edit
What make you think Lambda is posting right now?
>> No. 39056 edit
an old member returned that is the answer...
>> No. 39057 edit
File 132556192738.png - (125.60KB , 370x463 , jes_tohohoa2.png )
It's his IP, isn't it?
>> No. 39058 edit
File 13297924775.jpg - (79.27KB , 599x787 , 1255046945037.jpg )
Does that only apply to one person?

When you say "Just ignore it" or something and imply it's only a method of dealing with one kind of poster.

Rather, "just ignore it" is the way to get anyone to go away, regardless of what they say or what their intent is in saying it. Nobody wants to stick around if their posts are ignored.
>> No. 39059 edit
File 132556192738.png - (125.60KB , 370x463 , jes_tohohoa2.png )
Whoops, I was mistaken indeed! Sorry, Landa!
>> No. 39060 edit
File 13297926052.jpg - (383.72KB , 513x610 , 1254062215253.jpg )
And here I thought you were trolling by saying it was Lambda.
>> No. 39061 edit
File 132554801479.png - (125.21KB , 370x464 , jes_tohohoa1.png )
I didn't say anything about ignoring!

What, Lambda is our resident roleplayer it wouldn't be weird for him to roleplay as others.
>> No. 39062 edit
File 132893395688.png - (34.93KB , 253x227 , no.png )
>> No. 39063 edit
File 13252515807.jpg - (37.81KB , 846x479 , Gaap2.jpg )
Just as well. I was trying to address mean
posts like >>38999
>> No. 39064 edit
File 131530908726.png - (126.49KB , 370x464 , jes_waraia1.png )
Landa, since I'm not permitted to call him Lambda-tan, Freud-tan and such! I need some way to get my nicknames quota filled.
>> No. 39065 edit
File 132554942868.png - (124.80KB , 371x463 , jes_tohohoa3.png )
I didn't post that, though. I use a name, because I don't need to hide.
>> No. 39066 edit
File 131530629840.png - (126.57KB , 370x465 , jes_akuwaraia1.png )
Typoed my tripcode. How terrible of me.
>> No. 39067 edit
File 132979314263.jpg - (143.25KB , 500x500 , 1254589141709.jpg )
That's wrong. Because you use a name, you necessarily hide. Humans are despicable creatures in reality, so they can only say the truth when they have no image to uphold.

And here, even those without a name can't hide. So we're all just a bunch of pretenders.
>> No. 39068 edit
File 132979329619.png - (126.72KB , 371x462 , jes_tohohoa4.png )
I don't think humans are despicable, though, so your pretentious behaviour is kinda lost on me.
>> No. 39069 edit
You people and your silly words.
>> No. 39070 edit
I won't say I'm completely honest all the time, but I'm not liying all the time either.
I think that kind of analysis of the human being are not completely accurate, there are always exceptions, and things we just cannot understand.
>> No. 39071 edit
In the end the human is most weirdest and interesting of all the animals in this world...
>> No. 39072 edit
File 132156649568.jpg - (76.51KB , 453x435 , bored.jpg )
And in the end , I am arguing with a stupid human about how they shouldn't call out people for giving advice politely.

>> No. 39073 edit
File 132979367888.jpg - (281.77KB , 500x580 , 1260588759744.jpg )
Jeez, Lili loves calling people pretentious, pseudo-intellectual, and all that. I'm sorry if the way I phrase it is overly dramatic, but it's just the truth everyone knows.

We're all the same, but we can't admit it, because we all put up the same front, as well. Anyone who tells only the truth and can't hold their tongue will just lose their social standing. So they can only manage to do it in a place where their posts aren't attributed to the one poster.

I tried using a tripcode once, and it was awful. I feel sorry for all the tripfags who have to revert to posting anonymously if they really want to speak their minds.
>> No. 39074 edit
File 132978579698.png - (193.79KB , 351x454 , cur_housina1.png )
I Think we should stop this pointless and annoying discussion....Its making this unpleasant for everybody here...
>> No. 39075 edit
File 132703226029.jpg - (37.50KB , 300x215 , honkhonk.jpg )
Nee , I'm talking about something else. Nothing to worry about. Except for the person I'm arguing with. Them be really dumb.
>> No. 39076 edit
File 132979393974.jpg - (60.41KB , 582x322 , 1257212655328.jpg )
Nothing particularly hurtful is being said.
>> No. 39077 edit
File 132979395082.gif - (399.78KB , 1024x576 , 1174 - animated_gif chewing moe omnomnom saki taco.gif )
Let's talk about tacos.
>> No. 39078 edit
Just because it's a "truth" for you, doesn't make it a "truth" for others.
>> No. 39079 edit
Oishii Tacos?
>> No. 39080 edit
File 132832804929.gif - (452.38KB , 500x281 , this_interests_chen.gif )
Tacos taste good.
>> No. 39081 edit
Tee hee~~
>> No. 39082 edit
File 131530629840.png - (126.57KB , 370x465 , jes_akuwaraia1.png )
Lili loves people.

I think you are basing your observation on 4chan, which is a shallow representation of reality; while I agree that there is the social need to hide specific parts of yourself to others and present your most agreeable self to that specific audience, I disagree with the notion that "humans are despicable".

What you're describing is "speaking one's mind" and suffering the consequences. You're shirking the responsibility for the things you say.

When I say that you are a pseudo-intellectual pretentious arsehole, under the name I post I must take responsibility for those words and carry any judgements related to my words. Hiding into anonymity shirks your responsibility for your actions, and is nothing more than a flight from responsibility.

It's easy to say people are despicable. After all, if you look for the worst in others and expect to find it, I have no doubt you will be able to find something. It's much harder to be responsible for what you say. You only fear speaking your mind because you fear you would lose our acceptance; isn't the despicable human you speak of nothing more than your own fear of social exclusion if you would offend us greatly?
>> No. 39084 edit
File 132979415936.jpg - (201.96KB , 1024x576 , 1275379764730.jpg )
I don't know, I never taste them. But Saki made they seem taste good...
>> No. 39085 edit
File 132554801479.png - (125.21KB , 370x464 , jes_tohohoa1.png )
I mean, I know I'm a pretentious, stuck-up bitch who hides from confrontation. And I'm okay with that. I still have people around me.

You shouldn't be so convinced we'd judge you based on a few malfunctions.
>> No. 39086 edit
You should taste some oishii tacos then~
>> No. 39087 edit
File 132841121830.jpg - (844.59KB , 800x1284 , andyousaythatwhy.jpg )
>> No. 39088 edit
Like these oiishi tacos ne
>> No. 39089 edit
File 130122114046.jpg - (36.07KB , 400x400 , 1300359727474.jpg )
Being badmouthed again, huh?
Guess I deserve it... somehow.
>> No. 39091 edit
Dont worry~~
taste some Oishii tacos~
>> No. 39092 edit
File 132979487057.jpg - (70.48KB , 1024x576 , snake-kun.jpg )
That's exactly what I expected someone to say. Of course, I'm the only one with secrets. I'm sorry for expecting everyone to be a mirror image of me.

>while I agree that there is the social need to hide specific parts of yourself to others and present your most agreeable self to that specific audience
And that's the only thing I really meant to assert. Don't be bothered by statements only meant for impact. You said you use a name because you have nothing to hide, when really you have plenty to hide because you have a name. Of course, like I said, me not having a name here means nothing. Everyone has to know who everyone is, and everyone and their furniture has access to mod powers to do so. So there's no hiding. In the first place, you can't hide anywhere. There's always going to be a couple of people who can see, you just hope you're lost in the masses in a ratio of 1000:1 for users and mods, so that what you say isn't given any notice.

>What you're describing is "speaking one's mind" and suffering the consequences. You're shirking the responsibility for the things you say.
Not quite. That's why I didn't want to use the holding tongue term. Usually, that refers to holding back what you think to avoid hurting others, which only indirectly affects your standing. What I actually meant was holding the truth back about yourself. Revealing that does it directly.
>> No. 39093 edit
File 132787840827.png - (459.15KB , 559x515 , allofmyRABU.png )
Now , who deleted that post? I saved it ne~
>> No. 39094 edit
File 132554801479.png - (125.21KB , 370x464 , jes_tohohoa1.png )
Sacred logs, post it, etc.
>> No. 39095 edit
File 132979499619.jpg - (152.95KB , 640x480 , kyriegun.jpg )
You saw it? My typo? I'm afraid I can't let you leave this place alive.
>> No. 39096 edit
File 132444856851.png - (124.35KB , 370x462 , jes_futekia1.png )
Don't go down the victim spiel now. Everyone has secrets, you're soliciting a known reaction now.

>You said you use a name because you have nothing to hide,
That's you failing to read, actually. I said I have a name so I don't need to hide, whereby I referred to the act of hiding who I am so I can go off scot-free saying what I please!

Hiding truths about one's self is about as typical as crying when you're a baby. In short, you're conjecturing about the obvious and presenting it as some clarifying point of view that opens eyes: it isn't.

This is why I call you pretentious: you assert some "truths" as if they are really hidden knowledge you happened to tap into, where it's a truth just about everyone knows but doesn't discuss because everyone knows.

The truly pretentious discuss the obvious and pretend it's new. This, too, is pretentious.
>> No. 39097 edit
File 132885142942.png - (15.42KB , 145x128 , i see now.png )
Chen sees everything.

I am the truth itself.

I am Chen.
>> No. 39098 edit
File 131530629840.png - (126.57KB , 370x465 , jes_akuwaraia1.png )
I didn't say it was bad to do things to get people to attend to you~ that's what you spin it into.
>> No. 39099 edit
File 132525176137.png - (56.43KB , 268x254 , Amakusa4.png )
>Hiding truths about one's self is about as typical as crying when you're a baby. In short, you're conjecturing about the obvious and presenting it as some clarifying point of view that opens eyes: it isn't.
And this is exactly why you like calling people pretentious and pseudo-intellectual. "Hey kid, you think you're intelligent and deep? Everyone already knows that stuff already."

Why don't you take a look at what I said?
>I'm sorry if the way I phrase it is overly dramatic, but it's just the truth everyone knows.
>it's just the truth everyone knows.
>> No. 39100 edit
I didn't knew you liked oiishi tacos.

Do you like some other dishes?

Because she's the hero Seacats deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So, we'll hunt him, because she can take it. Because she's not our hero. She's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Chen.
>> No. 39101 edit
File 132444856851.png - (124.35KB , 370x462 , jes_futekia1.png )
That was in response to "humans are despicable creatures", not "everyone hides".

You responded to:

Which only talks about humans being despicable~
>> No. 39102 edit
File 132979557285.jpg - (88.39KB , 836x768 , homu001.jpg )
I don't believe that I did, but if you say that I did, then there must be some truth to it.
>> No. 39103 edit
File 132701642373.png - (219.05KB , 463x600 , misha_sign_sad_close.png )
Well, I don't think that's true. And I don't think Lambda would impersonate people right now!
>> No. 39104 edit
File 131530629840.png - (126.57KB , 370x465 , jes_akuwaraia1.png )
In any case, I love calling out pretentious people because they need a blow to the head and realise that for all their pseudo-intellectual pretence at genius, they're really the same as everyone else. And while I can effect neither, I do love letting them know what I think of them.
>> No. 39105 edit
He would use multiple avatars like now~
but never impersonate~
>> No. 39106 edit
File 132444856851.png - (124.35KB , 370x462 , jes_futekia1.png )
Then why call it "badmouthing"~?
>> No. 39107 edit
File 13296939457.jpg - (188.71KB , 732x485 , honkhonk2.jpg )
You guys really suck at being detectives.
>> No. 39108 edit
File 132979588274.png - (466.98KB , 854x428 , 1258015965916.png )
And I said not to take statements only meant for impact seriously. I wanted to say that people hide, people being despicable. I wasn't trying to reinforce the latter, but the former.

Obviously, people hide because other people would find the things they hide despicable, at least publicly, even if they felt the same way privately.

Don't make a strawman out of me by insulting me based on things you've speculated that I think.
>> No. 39109 edit
File 132979608554.jpg - (169.65KB , 1366x768 , homu002.jpg )
Because it just hurts me, is all.
>> No. 39110 edit
File 132885142942.png - (15.42KB , 145x128 , i see now.png )
No really , you guys REALLY suck.
>> No. 39111 edit
File 131531066239.png - (124.85KB , 371x462 , jes_futekia2.png )
I take all statements in a given discussion serious. There is no room for "I'm saying this because impact": say things because you think they are true, not because you think they will grab people's attention or have impact. If you think it was both true and would grab attention, congratulations, you got mine. It's still pretentious to declare people are "despicable", because they aren't.

Of course there are parts you'd rather keep hidden, but that doesn't meant they're despicable, nor does it mean people will find them despicable.

This is the viewpoint I contest and find dumb. People are wonderful and fantastic things.
>> No. 39112 edit
File 132703640426.png - (217.96KB , 463x600 , misha_hips_grin_close.png )
Come now, did people honestly not know who it was from the start~? I didn't even have to check IPs~
>> No. 39113 edit
File 129592541166.png - (134.80KB , 485x480 , ron_majimea1.png )
Ojou-sama I think you should stop.
>> No. 39114 edit
File 131530629840.png - (126.57KB , 370x465 , jes_akuwaraia1.png )
Right! And are you hurt because you think I was saying bad things of you or attributing you with negative traits, or were you hurt because I attributed a trait to you?
>> No. 39115 edit
It sucks to be me.

>> No. 39116 edit
File 132979654435.jpg - (114.10KB , 848x768 , homu004.jpg )
Why do you ask?
>> No. 39117 edit
File 132526444152.gif - (43.93KB , 500x500 , 1252022116357.gif )
That's the part you find pretentious? Even though you said that stating the obvious as if it's genius is pretentious? That doesn't even make sense. I won't try to challenge it, because I don't mind if you think I'm pretentious for saying that. It's clearly not the right word to use.

There's no 1:1 translation of thoughts to words, obviously, so nobody reads words and then comes to understand exactly what the person thought and felt while writing them. Different words have different connotations.

I won't say I don't find people despicable, exactly. I think the kind of hypocrisy that makes people shun others when they're entirely honest about themselves, even when they share the same traits, is just that. If you think people are fine despite that, I won't stop you. Even though I said those things, I don't hate people.

It's not like I was even trying to hide who I was.
>> No. 39118 edit
File 132554801479.png - (125.21KB , 370x464 , jes_tohohoa1.png )
Isn't it obvious? I don't think attributing someone a trait in itself is that hurtful, unless you think it's a negative trait, and "getting people to look at you" isn't a negative trait in my book.

So! What I'm saying is you shouldn't take it as something hurtful when it wasn't meant as such. That's silly and getting yourself more pain than is needed. Especially if it's something I've said, because we don't get along, so clearly I am always wrong about you.
>> No. 39119 edit
File 132535046658.jpg - (528.68KB , 800x1200 , 1254768212847.jpg )
What a troll.
>> No. 39120 edit
File 131530629840.png - (126.57KB , 370x465 , jes_akuwaraia1.png )
Then let's agree to disagree! I'm sorry if I offended you overmuch: I admit I wanted to offend you a little but not to the point where we can no longer talk.
>> No. 39121 edit
File 132554801479.png - (125.21KB , 370x464 , jes_tohohoa1.png )
I'm not even lying.
I'm being so sincere right now.
Even though you called me wrong and argued.
>> No. 39122 edit
File 13297971215.jpg - (132.44KB , 1366x768 , homu005.jpg )
I think I can't really help how I feel, but if you say so.
>> No. 39124 edit
File 132979722654.png - (110.80KB , 441x480 , ama_defa1h.png )
You don't need to apologize, because you probably only insulted me as much as you wanted to, and I already knew it was in your nature to insult me like this, so my impression of you didn't change. And I meant to insult you as well, in the same way.

I just get a little tired of being called pretentious, because it happens a lot. There are certain realities about me that make it ridiculous for me to think highly of myself, some of which I've already specified, the rest of which I'll leave to the imagination so as not to damage my standing.
>> No. 39125 edit
File 132979329619.png - (126.72KB , 371x462 , jes_tohohoa4.png )
In that case, I apologise for calling you pretentious. Being a naturally arrogant and self-centred person, I can't help but think I am a good person; I tend to assume everyone has the same view about themselves despite continuous evidence that I am plainly wrong. It was not at all my intention to step on your self-esteem, so I will not call you pretentious again.

If ever I do so again, call me out on it. I don't want to make promises and not keep them.
>> No. 39126 edit
File 132979805451.png - (115.88KB , 441x480 , ama_kin1m.png )
If I'm pretentious, that means I have high self-esteem that could be damaged by someone bursting my bubble, but that would only bring me down to size.

You can't damage the self-esteem of someone who won't believe they're pretentious by calling them pretentious. So that's not why it's offensive. It's because I don't like it when people think that I think I'm better than I am. I've said it before, but I believe I have a pretty clear understanding of where I stand. In fact, the people who call me pretentious might even have a higher view of me than I do.
>> No. 39127 edit
Well guys, I need your opinion (I already heard Cirno and Chen)
Most of you know that I had a Relly serious problem one year ago with certain spanish site.....
and I am doing my best to forget while accepting that that happened.

So I came to the resolution of blocking that site and blocking all the spanish anime related sites to that site, So that I can forget about them so that I can walk forward while leaving that behind.....however by leaving all that behind....I made the hard desicion of leaving friends behind....Althought they are my friends. If I keep lurking I will remember things I dont want to remember I cant forget the fact that I hurted them seriously....
and the question that I am asking myself are:

Did I do the best thing?
Was the best solution blocking those sites?
was that healthy?
>> No. 39128 edit
File 132979000652.png - (113.17KB , 441x480 , ama_akuwaraia1h.png )
Oh no, you said you were a girl when actually you're a guy.

That doesn't matter. Exactly what significance does gender have over the internet? Did people fall in love with you?

Romantic relationships over the internet should stay on the internet, because people don't ever love you, they only love the image they have of you. Of course, the same goes for real life relationships. The point is that the image they'd get of you in real life is very different from the image they'd get over the internet, so they'd be loving two separate people. Now that we've established that, the problem of gender only applies to the physical world where the differences can be perceived, which is a place internet relationships can't go.

And if nobody fell in love with you, I fail to see the problem.
>> No. 39129 edit
>> No. 39130 edit
File 132556192738.png - (125.60KB , 370x463 , jes_tohohoa2.png )
I think you're a great person who's good at acting and dramatics, has a critical mind, can put things in poetic ways, is good at writing and is sometimes a little lonely. In short, I think you're a perfectly wonderful person just like everyone else.
>> No. 39131 edit
>Did I do the best thing?

The most complicated question. You should answer that by yourself. But if you allow me an opinion...

No, I don't think so. It is healthy to forget and let go that Spanish sites, but not block them. If you reach the point to need block, we get a serious problem.

More: if you had friends there, you shouldn't abandon them. Add them in your IM. Turn them your personal friends. Forget the sites, but don't forget your friends.

Lion-san, you are a kind person. I can say that because whenever you appear, you treat well me and everyone as well. Maybe leave these people can hurt you.

I do not know you well and I did not have any rights to speak anything but think about it, okay?

Get better, nipah~
>> No. 39132 edit
File 132979931089.png - (112.90KB , 441x480 , ama_akuwaraia1m.png )
You'll make me blush. I won't try to argue otherwise because I hate being seen as someone playing the victim as well. Before, I was just being sarcastic, implying that it wasn't just me, rather than demanding sympathy by saying that it really is.
>> No. 39133 edit
File 132556192738.png - (125.60KB , 370x463 , jes_tohohoa2.png )
Look, bro, even if you told me you were doing all that because you're a whiny faggot who wants my attention, I still think you're not a whiny faggot but someone who can accomplish good things when he puts his mind to it.

If you hurt them, but still want to be with them, you can take the easy way out and block them or walk the hard path and reconcile. If they refuse your reconciliation efforts, screw 'em, you did your best.
>> No. 39134 edit
Insecurities? piece is moe
>> No. 39135 edit
I will follow your advice, and I think that after reading your comments, I have been foolish, Ehmm my response will sound dull compared to your advice but really , I will try to settle things with some of them, trying to contact those that are still my friends......and finally say to the inquisition:You are not the boss of me now~.
>> No. 39136 edit
File 132979722654.png - (110.80KB , 441x480 , ama_defa1h.png )
That's nice to know. And as I implied before, of course I want attention. I believe most people do. Without any attention, they'd feel isolated.

There are also probably few people who can truly believe everyone is wonderful. After all, there are people who do terrible things by the standards of most. Then again, I think that there's nothing anyone can do that puts them beyond redemption, because people can genuinely change so that they'd no longer even dream of repeating their terrible actions again. But few are that forgiving. Oh well. It's not something to dwell on.
>> No. 39137 edit
File 131530629840.png - (126.57KB , 370x465 , jes_akuwaraia1.png )
I like being horribly naive to the point of being an unbelievable character. I'm neither perfect nor all-forgiving, but I do think a lot of people are wonderful without them realising, or wonderful despite people's words.

I'm terribly obnoxious in that way, and by calling myself that of course I want others to contest it. And thereby be even more obnoxious.

Deal with it~
>> No. 39138 edit
File 132978836975.png - (127.47KB , 441x510 , ama_sak1.png )
>but I do think a lot of people are wonderful without them realising, or wonderful despite people's words.
That much I agree with. Of course there are people who think badly of themselves, but mean a lot to others. At least, you can easily imagine such a person.

Good night.
>> No. 39139 edit
Take care of yourself and good luck. I'm glad I could help a little.
>> No. 39141 edit
>abraham lincoln, vampire hunter
>coming to theatres later this year
I don't know whether to be appalled or amused.
>> No. 39157 edit
File 132980726446.jpg - (107.03KB , 892x768 , homu006.jpg )
This conversation is too complicated for someone like me to understand.
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