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File 133486526969.png - (448.74KB , 640x480 , ahahawav.png )
44500 No. 44500 edit
Mine one is JesSha. And yours? Let's fight, everyone!

Also, Bern's Manual Patch:
Part1: http://www.mediafire.com/?11ldqllhae21oiq (190MB)
Part2: http://www.mediafire.com/?0eopyix7e84ae8v (20MB)
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>> No. 44501 edit
File 132217004580.jpg - (23.27KB , 263x350 , 148392m.jpg )
Princess mode or not lol?
>> No. 44502 edit
Will/Chiester or Will/Lambda.

Might go Will/Luci for those amazing normals. :3
>> No. 44503 edit
My combination is Beatrice/Erika Furudo

Also about Bern the endings are so far Erika/Bern
>> No. 44504 edit
File 133233270886.jpg - (15.18KB , 258x186 , areyousure.jpg )
I've some how retrieved a real life picture of nyanners from her friend.

She looks good as her voice sounds , ne.
>> No. 44505 edit
it seems that she has an ending with Will too...
>> No. 44506 edit

does that include the last two patches?
>> No. 44507 edit
gomene George, that include only the bern patch..

but I think the 2.20 patch should be posted here on seacats...

about the 2.10 patch....well I am not sure about it....
>> No. 44508 edit
New endings 100% Confirmed:

yes Lambda has a new ending.
>> No. 44509 edit
>mfw i try every character with bern and get no result
>lambda & siesta
lol what the hell ryucakes
>> No. 44510 edit
Okay, I think I've learnt enough about to Will play him half decently.

Anyone wanna play?
>> No. 44512 edit
File 133418165318.jpg - (16.84KB , 415x311 , Image26.jpg )
I Love the Lambda/Siesta410 ending you will love it too anon~

Tired from getting all 4 endings..sorry..
>> No. 44513 edit
>> No. 44514 edit
lol what the hell happened
>> No. 44515 edit
Looks like I need help getting those driver uploading things again. Daemon tools? I forget.
>> No. 44516 edit
daemon tools is to open an iso ne, what do you need
>> No. 44517 edit
I can't open any of my old vns on my pc or play ougon without it, I think.
>> No. 44518 edit
God ye good e'en, gents.
>> No. 44520 edit
I see. I see...
>> No. 44522 edit
http://www.mediafire.com/?oo37r6xd6s32yza 2.01
http://www.mediafire.com/?tf0jlt6gryrg4yy 2.10
http://www.mediafire.com/?4lrd4sw1icyy743 2.11
http://www.mediafire.com/?6v15373hug42tu5 2.20
>> No. 44523 edit
File 133493361843.png - (128.70KB , 600x600 , Bernkastel_trollface.png )
Combo with Bern:

With enough SP or Infinity SP:

2 SP, Proclaim Meta, 2 SP, Meta, Meta, Meta, laugh.
>> No. 44524 edit
>> No. 44525 edit
I'm not getting it to work. I'm suppose to have the files replace the old ones, right? like the CHAR folder?
>> No. 44526 edit
Replace everything. Everything.
>> No. 44527 edit
Gender Ranking
applegate.seacats.net is the 464th most feminine blog of 935 ranked.

Mood Ranking
applegate.seacats.net is the 209th most happy blog of 935 ranked.
>> No. 44528 edit
File 129773718627.png - (84.98KB , 291x478 , ka2_fumana66.png )
Do that really combo? God dammit.
>> No. 44529 edit
File 133494357154.png - (83.71KB , 236x337 , ber_a11_nayamu1.png )
Yup. And you can do it pretty easily: It's easier than eat a delicous piece of cake.
>> No. 44530 edit
File 132840751868.png - (108.92KB , 256x342 , lam_a11_odoroki4.png )
>> No. 44531 edit
So close. Which one is the Bern patch?
>> No. 44532 edit
Part1: http://www.mediafire.com/?11ldqllhae21oiq (190MB)
Part2: http://www.mediafire.com/?0eopyix7e84ae8v (20MB)
>> No. 44533 edit
Both are. It was divided in 2 parts.
>> No. 44534 edit
File 132885142942.png - (15.42KB , 145x128 , i see now.png )
Let's see all the colors.
>> No. 44535 edit
I will not use Bern anyway. It's so overpowered, it will not do a fair game.
>> No. 44536 edit
Thanks a lot anon.
Been a while since I played this.
Why does George's character feel like I'm playing Camie from Street Fighter?
>> No. 44537 edit
File 129591972796.png - (84.84KB , 291x478 , ka2_nayamua3.png )
To unlock Black Battler beat story mode on normal with Rosa and Battler, shit happens, Rosa kills Battler because she thinks he's the culprit, Black Battler borns or something like that.
>> No. 44538 edit
File 133495041069.png - (16.68KB , 88x88 , 1_jpg.png )
Actually, you can try any Battler Team. I tried Battler e Beato at first time. A friend of mine used Kanon and Battler.
>> No. 44539 edit
orly, i got it with rosa

Also, Chen daily life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GDD2yJbWk8
>> No. 44540 edit
File 132703226029.jpg - (37.50KB , 300x215 , honkhonk.jpg )
beep beep
>> No. 44541 edit
File 13026531345.jpg - (599.72KB , 707x1000 , 17987589.jpg )
I win. :3
>> No. 44542 edit
File 13280424972.jpg - (39.25KB , 720x400 , Meikai-Animes_[ShaKaw]_Agatha_Christie_no_Meitante.jpg )
Well, lag is a wonderful weapon and a good addition to the victory.
>> No. 44544 edit
File 132855850191.jpg - (29.52KB , 450x360 , snapshot20120205125916.jpg )
You are the LAG KING, Eriko-san.

From 38 fps to 6 fps in a few seconds.
>> No. 44545 edit
File 133496078381.gif - (2.00MB , 271x293 , 1325728668164.gif )
I bought maple syrup.
>> No. 44546 edit
File 131531668475.jpg - (169.85KB , 1280x960 , trolol.jpg )
>> No. 44547 edit
File 133496158952.jpg - (28.13KB , 897x219 , 1332796891220.jpg )

>> No. 44548 edit
omg i made a charcter on pso2 but closed it cause the tutorial was scary D:
>> No. 44549 edit
File 13349649009.jpg - (571.82KB , 1680x1050 , pso20120420_130559_003.jpg )
>> No. 44550 edit
nop i wait until later i went out so now i have to slep since its like 10 am
>> No. 44551 edit
I play Lambda/Bern teem all time.
>> No. 44552 edit
dyke canon team
>> No. 44553 edit
File 133496659217.jpg - (234.49KB , 750x497 , 1332728084867.jpg )
>> No. 44554 edit
File 133443125988.png - (419.54KB , 1280x1024 , sip.png )
Sometimes I sit in my sink

and pretend I'm water.
>> No. 44555 edit
nope nope nope nope nope nope
>> No. 44556 edit
File 133443179683.jpg - (21.56KB , 400x400 , lurkingintheshadows.jpg )
Sometimes I sit on my bed

and pretend I POMF.
>> No. 44557 edit
i dunt believe u
>> No. 44558 edit
File 132832804929.gif - (452.38KB , 500x281 , this_interests_chen.gif )
In the 14th century, in the town of Hahnburg, there was said to be a man named Simon whom came across a teacher of great wisdom in the wilderness. Under his tutelage, this man became learned in the most astounding ways and was soon known far and wide as a worker of miracles and wonders.

The Bishop of Celbus, curious as to whom the mysterious scholar may be, asked Simon to take him to meet with him but was informed by the student that he had never met with the master but in a dark cave in the wilderness. What's more, he had never seen more of his teacher than his white face in the darkness there.

Filled with unnamed foreboding, the Bishop contrived to have Simon take him and a party of companions to this place. As told, there was a cave in the wilderness, and therein was the master, hidden from their sight but for his pale face in the gloom.

The scholar conversed with the group, and spoke of things that amazed and confounded them. By and by, the Bishop made a secret signal to his followers as arranged before hand. Ignoring the cries of the student Simon, the white-faced man was seized and dragged out into the daylight.

There is was found to their great horror that only his head was that of a man, the rest of his body being not unlike a long gray worm, as thick as a man's waist and several yards in length. They beat his writhing form to death with clubs and stones, and buried the broken remains in the cave. Of what befell Simon there is no record.

To this day the citizens of Hahnburg know the nearby cave as Atrox Vermis.

From Geschichte und Legenden 1621
>> No. 44559 edit
File 129632709813.png - (425.32KB , 853x480 , georgecomfortingnanjo.png )

omg why
>> No. 44561 edit
File 130386194224.png - (1.00MB , 1222x1106 , Darkutarou.png )
>> No. 44562 edit
File 133212979791.png - (49.67KB , 500x600 , Misha sleep.png )
Ughhhh, I feel like I died and was brought back to life~
>> No. 44563 edit
ganbare ne
>> No. 44564 edit
File 133498284733.png - (109.82KB , 275x342 , lam_a12_majime1.png )
To my dear furniture~

Hello and how are you~
I hope you are enjoying your Saberday like you usually do~

Just letting you know how much I miss you and that you have been on my mind lately~

So I hope you are doing well and take care of yourself~

Love and kisses~
-The <cute> and <pop> Witch of Certainty~
>> No. 44565 edit
File 132865886378.png - (26.19KB , 150x147 , chenhasseensomeshit.png )
>> No. 44567 edit
File 133498933380.png - (1.32MB , 850x1188 , 1334088575512.png )
>> No. 44568 edit
File 133499545577.jpg - (60.61KB , 720x720 , mybird.jpg )
hi im showering
>> No. 44569 edit
File 133499646245.png - (92.47KB , 220x472 , âZâCâoü[ô-ÄO07a(ëô).png )
I'm doing well, I hope you're doing great as well, my mistress. My heart moves and beats with such an intensity for this very moment, I deserve much more of a brutal scolding than this warm welcome from you. I hope you can forgive me for being so tardy.
>> No. 44570 edit
File 129606396250.png - (85.67KB , 291x477 , kan_odorokia453.png )
>> No. 44571 edit
File 130074515017.png - (126.18KB , 300x526 , âZâCâoü[ÄäòP06aÿrB(Æå).png )
I was holding it in all this time...
>> No. 44572 edit
File 131612165574.png - (50.17KB , 291x478 , kan_defa22.png )
moe ne
>> No. 44573 edit
File 133499995251.jpg - (209.86KB , 599x617 , oh mister warrior.jpg )
I am doing amazing, it's such a fine night tonight.

How about you?
>> No. 44574 edit
Pffttahahaha, oh god, who drawed that?
>> No. 44575 edit
File 130185764130.png - (226.72KB , 536x533 , âZâCâoü[ÄäòP12c(ï¯).png )
An amazing and wonderful comrade from the drawthread drew it.
>> No. 44576 edit
File 133500237612.jpg - (201.71KB , 600x800 , 1335002103818.jpg )
Oh dear, it seems like Ryu07 has hired an artist.
>> No. 44577 edit
It's okay ne, if anything college has teached me how to deal with stress, probably not in a good way but lol.
Wait ... what the heck is this ***?, where are my beloved hamhands!?
>> No. 44578 edit
File 133500280431.png - (99.64KB , 304x460 , âZâCâoü[ÄäòP11a(ëô).png )
All that seacat money he stole from us went to an artist.
>> No. 44579 edit
File 129617170897.png - (15.61KB , 217x157 , kanonheh_ib4f.png )
That's exactly what I want to do ne, I want to live an easy, calm and happy life but I need to fight first ne. Did you ever read Shaman King?
>> No. 44580 edit
File 129867015947.png - (575.08KB , 974x1221 , ama_a14 evil laugh 1.png )
It's about damn time. I mean look at that guy on the right, he actually looks pretty cool now.
>> No. 44581 edit
File 133500317323.png - (67.42KB , 164x480 , but copy.png )
You lost me.
>> No. 44582 edit
File 133500328513.png - (206.27KB , 444x530 , âZâCâoü[ÄäòP01e(ï¯).png )
I read some it, still need to see how it ends. Heard it's getting a sequel though.

Hopefully he can be written cool too.
>> No. 44583 edit
File 133500346796.png - (230.78KB , 572x510 , âZâCâoü[ÄäòP04b(ï¯).png )
Apparently about prostitutes, let's see how this goes.
>> No. 44584 edit
File 133254068419.jpg - (61.50KB , 450x267 , sf04-02.jpg )
It's about whores versus Jack the Ripper.
>> No. 44585 edit
File 133500424152.png - (195.96KB , 408x525 , âZâCâoü[ÄäòP03a(ï¯).png )
Top left Battler?
>> No. 44586 edit
File 132338674641.png - (285.38KB , 620x480 , 4621.png )
Now there's a story I'd be interested in reading.
>> No. 44587 edit
File 133254288729.jpg - (9.96KB , 320x180 , vlcsnap-15739436.jpg )
I'm getting some WAB vibes from the art though. Those characters fit right in with Sharnoth's cast.
>> No. 44588 edit
File 133500533495.png - (19.08KB , 163x165 , 1331365387866.png )
>His name is actually Butler. But considering how similar the name and appearance is, and that the first line in his profile talks about him being an oppai sommelier, I wouldn't be surprised if this similar to all of the "Not Rikas" we've got.
>> No. 44589 edit
File 13324341402.png - (110.50KB , 275x342 , lam_a12_akuwarai1.png )
It's fine, it's fine~
Don't worry about it~

I'm just glad you take so much delight in my company~
That is a rare thing for me nowadays~

And I am also glad you are here with me and the other right now, spending these joyous occasions so close by...~
>> No. 44590 edit
File 133384604034.png - (108.96KB , 256x342 , lam_a11_fuman1.png )
Also, I heard and read spoilers about this ep and my body is still not ready.

I have raged.
I will rage.

You can go to hell, Kiritsugu.
>> No. 44591 edit
File 133501089716.jpg - (24.38KB , 225x350 , 1334174509677.jpg )
Haters gonna hate. At least he has a noble goal in mind, unlike all of the other retards.
>> No. 44592 edit
File 129714435140.png - (178.51KB , 312x530 , セイバー私服12c頬(中).png )
Just like before and then, I will always savor your company.
>> No. 44593 edit
File 131340542218.png - (91.28KB , 500x500 , 1290851504125.png )
Now if only they had a schedule posted so I could see when the HoN and DotA2 tourneys are on.
>> No. 44594 edit
File 129981568969.png - (20.64KB , 200x200 , saku_doctor.png )
Normally I'm not the one to ask these sorts of questions and whatnot, but I stumbled on something interesting, so here we are.

How much of the following applies to you with greater frequency than it would to a normal person?

1. A sense of underachievement or not meeting one's goals, regardless of how much you may have achieved.

2. Difficulty getting organized.

3. Chronic procrastination or trouble getting started on things.

4. Several projects going at the same time; trouble following them through to the end.

5. A tendency to say what comes to mind without necessarily considering the timing or appropriateness of the remark.

6. A frequent search for highly stimulating activity.

7. An intolerance of boredom.

8. Easy distractibility, trouble focusing attention, tendency to tune out or drift away in the middle of a page or conversation; often coupled with an ability to hyperfocus at other times.

9. Often creative, intuitive, and highly intelligent. May want to go on the words of other people if you think this doesn't apply to you.

10. Trouble going through established channels or following "proper" procedure.

11. Impatient; low tolerance of frustration.

12. Impulsive, either verbally or in action, as in impulsive spending of money, changing plans, enacting new schemes or ideas, and the like; hot-tempered.

13. A tendency to worry needlessly, endlessly; a tendency to scan the horizon and actively seek something to worry about, alternating with inattention to or disregard for actual dangers.

14. A strong sense of insecurity.

15. Mood swings, especially when you're not engaged with something that interests you, such as a person or project.

16. Physical or cognitive restlessness.

17. A tendency towards addictive behavior (alcoholism, internet, television, video games, eating, etc.)

18. Chronic problems with one's self-esteem.

19. Inaccurate self-observation.

20. Family history of Attention Deficit Disorder or manic-depressive illness or depression or substance abuse or other disorders of impulse control or mood.

Again, these apply only if they happen with far greater frequency than would otherwise apply to a normal person, or are a daily thing (or in the case of the last one, if they apply to more than one person in your family).
>> No. 44595 edit
File 129876526146.png - (12.60KB , 200x200 , saku_handstand.png )
For the record, numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 are applicable to myself.
>> No. 44596 edit
File 132699012631.png - (214.62KB , 426x589 , S02_KAZU_0_04A_03_01_L.png )
I'm pretty much the exact same there. Well, 9 I wouldn't say applies but other people constantly say otherwise so it gets included anyway, and 12 applies occasionally but not enough to actually bother counting it. 11 applies only for impatience, I can tolerate frustration well enough (up to a certain point, at least).
>> No. 44597 edit
File 133501921134.png - (366.66KB , 1064x720 , 1334349830829.png )
3, 13, 15, 17 and 20. Hoh, that's not that many actually. I guess I win something.
>> No. 44598 edit
>greater frequency than a normal person
>how do you know what a normal person is and how frequently they experience it?
>if everyone experiences point 9 more than a normal person, can you really consider everyone experiencing point 9 more than a normal person?

5, 12, 19 for me.
>> No. 44599 edit
File 133304647579.png - (236.98KB , 400x800 , Bunny Girl.png )
I think all but the last one applies to me, do I win anything?
>> No. 44600 edit
File 132841121830.jpg - (844.59KB , 800x1284 , andyousaythatwhy.jpg )

Ya gotta hate being bored. Being bored physically hurts me. Who wants that? It's the worst kind.
>> No. 44601 edit
Ah, how nice is to eat a good breakfast while reading seacats at the morning.
>> No. 44602 edit
File 12972037549.png - (24.73KB , 238x173 , georgeexcite.png )
>> No. 44603 edit
File 133304521063.jpg - (331.72KB , 800x809 , 189864.jpg )
>>Ah, how nice is to eat a good breakfast while reading seacats at the morning.

"how nice IT is"

"reading seacats IN the morning."

>>questions tl;dr i check em later

"I'LL check"
>> No. 44604 edit
File 13339282108.jpg - (9.34KB , 400x302 , 8_10.jpg )
2,3,4,5 and 6

Not happy about it.
>> No. 44605 edit
File 129617393017.jpg - (199.05KB , 387x534 , amazing butterfly.jpg )
12 or more means you might have Attention Deficit Disorder, or a variant thereof. You'd have to see a specialist to get that verified if you haven't already. The list just came from a book on the subject that my therapist recommended me.
>> No. 44606 edit
a wild saber appears
>> No. 44607 edit
File 133503368826.png - (174.50KB , 390x364 , Erika_Shocked.png )
2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 apply to me...
>> No. 44608 edit
File 131810870495.jpg - (14.76KB , 300x400 , hm.jpg )
2, 16, 17 ne
>> No. 44609 edit
>> No. 44610 edit
>Killing a Jerk like Kayneth

>> No. 44611 edit

I think I am the only one that were pleased with its deaths. except lancer, the poor guy didn't deserve to die..
>> No. 44612 edit
>F/Z 16

2 minutes in and things are already getting out of hand.
>> No. 44613 edit
whoops....sorry if I spoiled...
>> No. 44614 edit
It's fine. You should never trust the handicap.

"He gave me a command seal
So I gave him a bullet through the brain."
>> No. 44615 edit
In any case....The only one I feel bad is Lancer..the others that died were jerks.
>> No. 44616 edit
File 133503742912.png - (99.65KB , 262x398 , sha_a11_fuman1.png )
I don't get it... What's the aim of these?
>> No. 44617 edit
>> No. 44618 edit
Requesting macro of raging lancer with the words "fucking e rank luck" in it.
>> No. 44619 edit
To see how autistic you are.
Don't lie, you have all 20 k.
Thank you Rosa, but the last one was intentional ne.
>> No. 44620 edit
File 133236279084.jpg - (39.91KB , 385x526 , igotthisfromaleaguesthreadonvg.jpg )
Have you seen me?
Where could I have gone?
You hid me , didn't you?
>> No. 44621 edit
well 7 8 9 and 17 can be too.........but I am usually calm, I am not hot-blooded or impulsive.
>> No. 44622 edit
Hi chen, what's the matter this time?
Nop u crazy, I lock you in a box and destroy the key.
>> No. 44623 edit
Your mother is making omelets.
>> No. 44624 edit
File 129764558070.jpg - (53.33KB , 114x172 , sakutarou_mad.jpg )
Don't put it so negatively. There's positive traits to be found in it as well.
>> No. 44625 edit
sry i was just being mean k
>> No. 44626 edit
whres kum i need frenz on pso
>> No. 44627 edit
File 132787840827.png - (459.15KB , 559x515 , allofmyRABU.png )
giv me a beta key
>> No. 44628 edit
Ahhh I followed Astaroth's Advice and I am really happy with my project~
>> No. 44629 edit
>> No. 44630 edit
which advice?
>> No. 44631 edit
not using the original music, I am using my own music~
>> No. 44632 edit
is someone undead?
>> No. 44633 edit
File 129878016074.png - (15.93KB , 200x200 , saku_rofl.png )
>mfw twintails archer girl gets preset name "Lilianne"
>> No. 44634 edit
>> No. 44635 edit
File 13350580092.jpg - (390.09KB , 1018x760 , riri.jpg )
See? Random generated name was this.
>> No. 44636 edit
>Battler in ep4
>> No. 44637 edit
File 13326413233.png - (658.86KB , 787x529 , Teach me Misha.png )
>> No. 44638 edit
File 133443125988.png - (419.54KB , 1280x1024 , sip.png )
I think the people above me are having sex.
Either that or they're sleeping restlessly and agreeing with each other a lot.
>> No. 44639 edit
File 130099040320.png - (15.79KB , 250x332 , LEWD.png )
y so lood
>> No. 44640 edit
File 133357296882.jpg - (39.52KB , 500x340 , Rue0.jpg )
So who is going to stream?
>> No. 44641 edit
File 132711553715.png - (199.25KB , 463x600 , misha_cross_smile_cas_close.png )
I guess I can stream, at least for a little while~
>> No. 44642 edit
>dem stats
>level 1
Anyway gj
>> No. 44643 edit
File 133507029689.jpg - (459.85KB , 1000x750 , bowmaster.jpg )
Now she's a bow master. And her hair color changed.
>> No. 44644 edit
File 133048073028.jpg - (17.72KB , 300x300 , wouldn\'t like to know either.jpg )
I think the problem is that we expect pity instead of actual help.
>> No. 44645 edit
File 133443125988.png - (419.54KB , 1280x1024 , sip.png )
We are here to actually care about your life , not cuddle and hug.
>> No. 44646 edit
File 13296939457.jpg - (188.71KB , 732x485 , honkhonk2.jpg )
Being a friend doesn't mean you only give head pats and nods. You have to lead them to the right path.
>> No. 44647 edit
Agreed, Chen is making much more sense than usual tonight.
>> No. 44648 edit
File 131819274939.gif - (45.43KB , 80x80 , dancing_chen.gif )
Back to being Chen.
>> No. 44649 edit
Did something happen again
>> No. 44650 edit
hi nerds
>> No. 44651 edit
File 133511106585.png - (80.47KB , 500x750 , oh wat.png )
"One of my OC’s. Sketch reference."

I don't know , but he does look like someone I know.
>> No. 44652 edit
File 133391174965.jpg - (20.95KB , 322x369 , kraehe2.jpg )
>> No. 44653 edit
can totally tell that was traced
>> No. 44654 edit
File 133373186138.jpg - (39.85KB , 306x490 , tutu01.jpg )
Yup, in the are you kidding sense
>> No. 44655 edit
File 133511431661.png - (48.46KB , 326x800 , halp.png )
OC dont steal
>> No. 44656 edit
Chen ur terrible
>> No. 44657 edit
>> No. 44658 edit
File 133514256169.jpg - (46.80KB , 259x215 , chendisapproves.jpg )



Which one?
>> No. 44659 edit
File 132695340693.png - (228.15KB , 463x600 , misha_hips_grin_cas_close.png )
About the recent episode of F/Z: it's really appropriate, if you think about it. Kiritsugu says "even if every evil in the world stains my hands, if it will save the world..." You can't save the world like that~ I found myself agreeing with pretty much everything Saber said and disagreeing with pretty much everything Kiritsugu said.

You might say the Grail he got was the grail he deserved. It's a classic~
>> No. 44660 edit
Well, that is the point.

But there is another aspect which I saw which not many saw.

Even though Kiritsugu said that the method he took was the most effective and calculating, that he did it without emotion... I find that to be an excuse. That he did it out of hate and anger.

Even Saber saw this. And even tries to understand her master through such a thing.

"She no longer felt the anger that she did before. Rather, she felt pity for the man in front of her"

And she did what most people don't: try to understand someone beyond the evil and anger. The why. Why would someone do such a thing?

I think that is one point which should be emphasized in all these threads littering /a/ nowadays.
>> No. 44661 edit
File 132711553715.png - (199.25KB , 463x600 , misha_cross_smile_cas_close.png )
Well, yes. He is fooling himself. That's usually how these things work, he believes he's doing something noble, but there's nothing about what he's doing that's noble. One can't solve all of the world's problems by being a gigantic hypocrite~ Saber realizes this, she's a smart girl~
>> No. 44662 edit
It's a running theme in F/S, I think..

Kiritsurugu to Saber.
Saber to Shirou.
Archer to Shirou.

That kind of thing.
>> No. 44663 edit
strem where
>> No. 44664 edit
I will
>> No. 44666 edit
File 129773718627.png - (84.98KB , 291x478 , ka2_fumana66.png )
And realistically, can you save the world following all the rules and staying true to your own moral? Actually, can you save the world at all?
>> No. 44667 edit
See : Every idealistic work ever.
>> No. 44668 edit
File 133515236557.jpg - (140.94KB , 936x1024 , 1335110106812.jpg )
You lost me.
>> No. 44669 edit
File 133515252733.jpg - (367.77KB , 571x800 , kiritsugu and seiba.jpg )
Kiritsugu spoke the decision in his heart with such a calmness and evenness that even Saber could not find any words to reply to him.

Even if his method and path were unendurably evil – his faith in seeking the Holy Grail was pure and selfless. She had to admit that if there was a Master in the war worthy of obtaining the Holy Grail, then he would undoubtedly be Emiya Kiritsugu.
>> No. 44670 edit
File 132695340693.png - (228.15KB , 463x600 , misha_hips_grin_cas_close.png )
Whether or not you can save the world, good actions leave a good mark behind, and inspire hope for a better future. Isn't that good enough~? It's not about "following the rules" or anything like that. It's about creating good by what you do.

What do you call someone who tries to do good by evil means? Usually, you call them a villain~

And yet, it still sounds to me like Saber was right and believed she was right, and Kiritsugu was wrong, even if he had a noble ideal in the end. It's probably true none of the other masters had very noble ideals, but being the worst of the worst doesn't make you good~
>> No. 44671 edit
File 133515353678.jpg - (48.89KB , 500x420 , 1335054739997.jpg )
Right and wrong are subjective and irrelevant when you have a wish granting machine. Saber wanted to save a kingdom, while Kiritsugu wanted to save the world.

Without Avenger to mess it up, he would have succeeded. Well, it's all up to your interpretation anyway.
>> No. 44672 edit
File 133515382090.png - (101.58KB , 498x465 , 1335107625082.png )
Imagine the following situation:
1) Evil person get the grial
2) Nobody can stop him
3) Everyone die

Yes, I'm not saying Kiritsugi it's a hero, he doesn't even believe in heroes. I'm just saying the less worse from the bunch is probably the best one, although there's also Rider's master.

And for last >good actions leave a good mark behind, and inspire hope for a better future.
You know, I would like think the same, but sometimes I don't know anymore.
>> No. 44673 edit
File 132711858246.png - (209.42KB , 463x600 , misha_perky_confused_cas_close.png )
"But if not for avenger, he would have succeeded."

You're missing the whole point, silly~ It's a STORY. Kiritsugu was ALWAYS going to lose. If it wasn't Avenger, it would have been something else. There is literally no way he would have won because it was written in the story that he would lose.

That is because the point of Fate/Zero (and similar stories, it's a rather old tale) is that you can't achieve good by doing a bunch of evil. Don't you understand? There is no omnipotent wish-granting device. The magi corrupted it from the very start because of their selfish desires. Again, their evil actions tainted their noble goal. As always happens. See~?
>> No. 44674 edit
Fair enough!
>> No. 44675 edit
File 13269545908.png - (145.86KB , 307x600 , misha_sign_confused_cas.png )
Okay, first off, Kiritsugu isn't set on gaining the Grail to stop the bad men from getting it. You're also completely ignoring my point, that Fate/Zero is Kiritsugu's story. What matters the most are his actions, and his intentions. He had a noble goal, but he failed because of his evil actions.

The most good he managed to do? Inspiring Shirou to become a hero. Funny how that works out, as it had nothing to do with his "ends justify the means" philosophy and was just an act of mercy on a kid~
>> No. 44676 edit
Except he wasn't nearly as sympathetic as Nox. He's just a sociopath who wouldn't know right from wrong if it kicked him in the junk.
>> No. 44677 edit
Disregard what I said, I was thinking of Kotomine.
>> No. 44678 edit
>He had a noble goal, but he failed because of his evil actions.

No. You can argue that Fate/Zero is that type of story all you want, but that right there is literally wrong. Regardless of Emiya Kiritsugu's actions the Grail was going to be corrupt. And Fate/Zero is NOT Kiritsugu's story alone, it never was. It was explicitly written with the goal of having no true main character, as per Gen Urobuchi's wishes. He might be the closest thing to a main character.
>> No. 44679 edit
File 132695328113.png - (145.37KB , 307x600 , misha_hips_frown_cas.png )
Of course the Grail was always corrupt, but it was corrupt because of actions just like his. He didn't literally cause the corruption of the Grail, no. But he could have done good if he'd taken a different approach. Not via the Grail, obviously.

Again, that is the point. The story isn't about "you can't do everything it's all useless." There is some good he can do. When Kiritsugu saved Shirou, he did something good. And we know what Shirou goes on to do, to become. That simple, selfless act--that had nothing to do with his ideal, and nothing to do with the Holy Grail War--ended up doing more good than all of his other methods combined. So think of what good he could have done in the world if he'd devoted his life to saving people instead of ruthlessly killing in the name of an ideal.

And even if you say it was intended to be written to not have a particular main character, I would say it failed in that regard. This is definitely Kiritsugu's story, at least in the adaptation.
>> No. 44680 edit
That is the adaptation's fault, yes.

Kiritsugu does plenty of good outside of the Grail War, too. Killing freakshows and vampires and all sorts of other abominations was kind of his thing, nevermind his days of literally joining wars to put an end to them. (You know, the horrific kinds with child soldiers.)

You can not like his methods, great. But you're from a completely different world view than he is and given the amount of shit he's seen, yes, I think he's right. If Saber didn't have a magic sword and went through the same life as Kiritsugu, I'm sure she'd be a little more prone to taking extreme courses of action too.

You can have your opinion on him, that's fine, but I don't really think he's as villainous as you're making him out to be.

I also don't really agree that his saving of Shirou did more good than any of his other acts (unless you want to include the random crapshoot universes where Shirou becomes a jaded fuck just like Kiritsugu when he becomes Eirei Emiya, though that seems like a hollow victory at best) but hey, we're also from different worlds. Some of us have read the source material.
>> No. 44681 edit
“Even so, you -”

As Saber was about to speak her thoughts, she suddenly found that her own voice was lower and calmer than she thought it would be. She had just realized that her complicated emotions towards Kiritsugu was no longer her previous anger but had to changed to some kind of pity.

That's right; maybe he is a man that should be pitied.

Isn't he himself that needed salvation, not this world?

“-Emiya Kiritsugu, I don't know what kind of betrayal you were subjected to in the past and why you despaired. But that rage, that lament, are undoubtedly things that those who pursued justice possesses. Kiritsugu, in your youth you should have wanted to be 'a hero of justice'. You should have believed in and wanted to become a hero who saves the world more than anyone else – isn't that so?”

Until now, the only attitudes Kiritsugu had shown to Saber were complete ignorance and cold scorn. But now, Kiritsugu, having heard Saber's quiet questioning – the eyes that he fixed on his Servant showed other emotions for the first time.

It was a rage seemingly close to boiling over.
>> No. 44682 edit
File 132711553715.png - (199.25KB , 463x600 , misha_cross_smile_cas_close.png )
>some of us have read the source material
Gonna play the arrogance card here, huh~? "I know more than you do so my opinion is better than you." No, that's not what you said, but you're certainly implying it~

The exposition, the antecedent action, all that stuff--that's all well and good. But ultimately, when you tell a story, it's not about that stuff~ That's scenery, that's setting, that's background information. I judge Kiritsugu mostly based on what we see him do within the story, not what they talk about he has done in the past.

Also, pulling the "he was from a different background than you HOW DARE YOU JUDGE HIM" card was really, really lame~ He's not a person, you know. He's a character in a story. I'm allowed to have such opinions of him, based on his role and actions in the story~ You don't judge what someone is doing as "right" or "wrong" based on their harsh past--at most, it's an excuse. You can say "well it's wrong, but it's entirely reasonable to see how he could be misguided in that matter." But that does not make it right.

Similarly, I would argue that this isn't Saber's story. The story of King Arthur ended in the ages past. She left her mark on history and is hailed as a hero. Kiritsugu will do no such thing.
>> No. 44683 edit
File 132711858246.png - (209.42KB , 463x600 , misha_perky_confused_cas_close.png )
And before we get TOO off-track, let me add that I'm not trying to just dismiss all of Kiritsugu's past actions. But, again, ultimately--the story is about what he does in the Grail War to achieve his goal of saving the world. It is THESE actions that (within the story) fail to grant him his wish, not his past actions.

What he may have done in the past to protect others may be worth something. However, within the context of the story of F/Z and FS/N, it matters very little.
>> No. 44684 edit
It was in response to your tildes.

First: it's important to understand where he comes from so that you can understand the decisions he makes. And in line with his experiences and beliefs, yes, I think he does an admirable job.

And for the record? No, I don't think it was wrong. Fuck Kayneth. I do feel bad for Lancer, but I'm used to Lancers stabbing themselves by now.

And hey, I hail him as a hero. There's nothing wrong with a character that is willing to get his hands dirty while other people play knights as long as he's getting shit done. And guess who got shit done?

It's fine if you don't like his actions. I'm only trying to stand up for him a little because Saberfags seem to look down on him, and I think he deserves much better than that. Yes, he's a character, but he's a character I like.

I am not sold on his actions being the reason his wish doesn't come true, though. The Grail being corrupted by the Einzberns has been a thing since the third war and no, the reason it's already corrupted is not to cockblock him from getting his wish, it's because it was written that way in F/SN. But that's really just splitting hairs - I don't think it's really a story about saying "no kids, the ends don't justify the means." If it saves ten people it saves ten people, I think it's arrogant to discriminate against results because you don't like the methods.

I don't want to spend the entire night talking about it, so I'll leave it at that. You can leave your final thoughts if you want, it would be rude to deny you that.
>> No. 44685 edit
File 132711545588.png - (229.69KB , 463x600 , misha_hips_laugh_cas_close.png )
Oh, so you're "granting" me the privilege of leaving my final thoughts, huh~? Wahaha~

Look, what exactly is Kiritsugu "getting done?" He fails. In the story, he fails. He does not achieve his goal, and he loses basically everything he had in the process. We're told he "gets stuff done" IN THE PAST, but again, that's outside the story. Not within it. It's rather irrelevant to the theme or "moral" of the story.

You'll notice I never stood up for Kayneth, or anything like that. The guy had much cooler powers that Kiritsugu, but he was still a jerk~ And heck, I can't even try to claim Kiritsugu is a complete monster, if he was one of those he wouldn't have bothered making sure the building was evacuated before he bombed it.

However~! I do despise his arrogance at looking down his nose at people like Saber and Lancer, and the way he insinuates that a belief in "honor" causes war and suffering (I think this is confusing correlation with causation and is a rather common mistake). He's definitely not any better than them, despite how much he likes to think he is. And yes, I think the way he handled the Kayneth situation was probably more sadistic than it needed to be.

He seems to think his way is better. But it's really, really not. I have a fundamental disagreement there. Kiritsugu's way will always bring more pain than it brings good, no matter how much he deludes himself to believe otherwise. That is what happened in F/Z, and that's why I say it's the point of the story. The ending, the salvation of Shirou, is the redemption. It shows that he can achieve good, if he tries.

A real hero conducts his or herself in such a manner that inspires goodness in those around him or her. The tales of heroes are supposed to uplift us, make us feel good. And in my book, Kiritsugu is a lot closer to a "misguided villain" than a hero. He's basically a Redcloak.

And even as far as villains go, I prefer the Xykons~
>> No. 44687 edit
File 133516067924.jpg - (246.54KB , 1680x1050 , young males.jpg )
>> No. 44688 edit
File 133517543448.png - (636.58KB , 640x1440 , 1335100472844.png )
So, maybe understood wrong what happen in the end of Fate Zero, isn't the grail supposed to be "fake" as well there?
>> No. 44689 edit
File 133518882233.jpg - (80.87KB , 444x593 , 1333124762503.jpg )

Kiritsugu is saying that it's hypocrisy to kill people 'honorably' while saying that other ways of killing are evil. As people see honor as desirable, partially as the result of admiring heroes that have it, they participate in wars in order to obtain it, which leads to a large number of deaths (this is where the causation comes into play). Since killing is the worst, it's nonsense to accept killing because it was done with honor.

As far as getting things done, his actions are correct based on the information he's been given. It's impossible to know about the grail's corruption, so doing whatever he can to win the war with a 0% chance of failure is the right course of action, For instance, Kayneth making a contract with a new servant and somehow beating him would be the same as letting everyone he could save with the grail die. It'd be even worse if he lost to someone with an evil wish as well.

On the matter of him being a hero, he is, naturally. He sacrifices his feelings for the sake of saving the world, so he should at least meet the minimum requirement. His actions during the grail war aren't really things that people can object to, either. So far in the anime he's, what, sniped one evil master, killed a master who came back after he took him out of the war nonfatally, killed that master's wife who was obsessed with making Diarmuid win, and stopped a fight between apparitions that wouldn't even have memory of it afterwards (although Saber is an exception). Even if he appeared to have done it cruelly, he hasn't done anything out-of-bounds in the war so far.


The grail is real, it's just really mean.
>> No. 44690 edit
File 129648555172.png - (13.72KB , 87x118 , sakutaro_rifyua2.png )
Then don't kill them; arrest them.
>> No. 44691 edit
>> No. 44692 edit
No that was just me being annoyed and using my USB internet.
>> No. 44693 edit

Arrest who.
>> No. 44694 edit
Them. The they.
>> No. 44695 edit
On another note, poor Sakura and poor Berserker's master, etc
>> No. 44696 edit

The who.
>> No. 44697 edit
File 129981486629.png - (46.59KB , 499x368 , bean.png )
No, not The Who.
>> No. 44698 edit

The whom
>> No. 44699 edit
>> No. 44700 edit

dare da
>> No. 44701 edit
File 133443179683.jpg - (21.56KB , 400x400 , lurkingintheshadows.jpg )
>> No. 44702 edit
File 133521396419.jpg - (105.26KB , 848x721 , 1330298584476.jpg )

Pokemon has traditionally been blessed with good songs ne.
>> No. 44703 edit
File 132701473527.png - (219.19KB , 463x600 , misha_sign_smile_close.png )
I don't think you read what I posted very well~

It's not like I didn't know it was you~
>> No. 44704 edit
File 129788989968.jpg - (115.11KB , 505x362 , gendotaro.jpg )
>"Because you can't call yourself a good guy and then do bad guy things."
>> No. 44705 edit
File 13352160486.jpg - (72.51KB , 298x452 , 1334167415508.jpg )

You said that honor causing war was correlation instead of causation, so I was explaining the case for the opposite. You also said his actions were misguided, but considering how important his objective is they're entirely justifiable and the best course of action. Moreover, you called him a misguided villain even though he's done nothing villainous and is acting to prevent all future wars.
>> No. 44706 edit

What bad guy things.
>> No. 44707 edit
File 12960976007.jpg - (149.10KB , 532x524 , chessboard.jpg )
"Normal" for something like that doesn't make it "okay", "good", "moral", or "ethical". For example, just because the other kids are doing drugs doesn't make it okay for you to join them, does it?
>> No. 44708 edit
File 133289003533.jpg - (128.88KB , 1040x1040 , it\'s dangerous to go alone! take this.jpg )
Why not just subdue them?
>> No. 44710 edit

In that case, you'd have to argue that there are no good guys in any battle. For instance, killing Ryuunosuke and Caster, who had been torturing and murdering children, to prevent them from continuing wouldn't be considered a good act. It's impossible to confine a heroic spirit, so the only way to stop them is to kill them. Would it be more ethical to do nothing and let them continue to kill innocent people?
>> No. 44712 edit

Subdue how.
>> No. 44713 edit
File 129651699674.jpg - (16.74KB , 91x74 , nyoro~n.jpg )
Pretty sure there was another way mentioned at some point to banish a spirit or somesuch thing.
What about burning out the mana circuits?
>> No. 44714 edit

The only way to beat a servant is to kill it. Kayneth's magic circuits were entirely broken and he still continued to fight in the grail war.
>> No. 44716 edit
File 129696894143.png - (7.03KB , 93x103 , sakutaro_derp.png )
Well that's just silly and arbitrary.
>> No. 44717 edit
File 133521922115.gif - (926.50KB , 320x240 , 1335135414768.gif )

There's no Rule Breaker here. I supposed that would be the exception if it were applicable ne.
>> No. 44718 edit
Right, different Caster this time. My mistake.
>> No. 44720 edit

That's still a method of restraint, and moreover wouldn't work either.
>> No. 44721 edit
File 130140615938.png - (139.54KB , 600x800 , discardedtarou.png )
Don't they have to sleep?
>> No. 44744 edit
File 132764247826.png - (187.52KB , 463x600 , misha_cross_frown_close.png )
Heroes don't sink to the level of their enemies, and I think Kiritsugu acted cruelly to his enemies and callously to his allies. I do think he is particularly villainous~

Also, people fight for a lot of reasons, and I don't think honor is high on the list. He's just looking for a convenient scapegoat to excuse hating on people with different methods~ I see this a lot~

Oh, and the ends don't justify the means~
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