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File 133618307259.jpg - (116.75KB , 850x478 , sample-7b4752bc90b4d5109c55836c7c706bb4.jpg )
45391 No. 45391 edit
What was the last play/opera you watched?
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>> No. 45396 edit
File 132789068872.png - (106.07KB , 291x390 , rg2_e11_fuman1.png )
This first, and then jealousy.
>> No. 45397 edit
You should let the others make teaparties as well, eriko.
>> No. 45399 edit
File 131810870495.jpg - (14.76KB , 300x400 , hm.jpg )
omg didn't see this

Some stories from the Arabian Nights by the school drama club, which is actually a Spanish Literature Club but is pretty much the drama club.
It was pretty moe
>> No. 45400 edit
File 132984232947.png - (99.80KB , 262x398 , sha_a11_warai2.png )
The last related stuff I watched was "Phantom of the Opera". But I couldn't watch everything because I felt sick.

About live show, I watched, in 2010, a live show of a brazilian singer, Mariana Aydar. It was amazing! I loved each second!
And she probably will make another show in my city, this year.
>> No. 45401 edit
Les Miserables. It was glorious.
>> No. 45402 edit
File 133390642369.gif - (625.17KB , 200x151 , rue.gif )
Swan Lake
Sleeping Beauty
Divine comedy
Rose of two aromas
Romeo and Juliette
and Some random school plays.

Giselle may count , but doesnt count since I watched it online.
>> No. 45403 edit
whoops...it was the last.....then giselle but may not count.
>> No. 45404 edit
File 132742539297.jpg - (493.08KB , 1600x900 , 188030.jpg )
Uhh...Grease back in high school. (I helped build the car in "Greased Lightning".) Moulin Rouge if movies count. Or if that even counts since loljukeboxmusical. I like musicals more than plays.
>> No. 45405 edit
The last play/opera I watched?
... beauty and the beast
when i was 7
>> No. 45406 edit
When I went to New York with some friends and some of their family we went to see Little Shop of Horrors on Broadway, had that one guy from Nsync or something, idk. Was a pretty good show except the one kid who might as well be glued to his mom's hand right before high school was scared practically the whole time, moreso when the giant fake plant popped out of the stage and he nearly climbed over the seat into his mom's lap.
>> No. 45408 edit

>Hidei pilots Guren Mk II
I'm okay with this
>Hideiling pilots Megas XLR
definitely okay with this
>real name pilots some no name zoid mechs
I'm not okay with this
>> No. 45409 edit
File 133620034588.png - (11.43KB , 774x351 , kinjoname.png )
>> No. 45411 edit
>> No. 45412 edit
There were quite a few other funny results on there. That site is addicting.
>> No. 45413 edit
>anon-kun's name means: 1) Yaranaika? 2) To show off your ●●●

>anon's name means: 1) To become a magical girl! 2) To become a magical girl!
>> No. 45414 edit
File 132868253840.jpg - (18.42KB , 500x281 , 111231-70.jpg )
>Unisex's name means: 1) To have a secret power. 2) The final boss.
>> No. 45415 edit
File 133621257234.png - (92.36KB , 271x315 , knowing_eu2.png )
All my names involve something lewd, do not want.
>> No. 45416 edit
File 131718612475.png - (195.72KB , 505x383 , sakutarou_headexplode.png )
>real name means 1) To be wildly popular! 2) Spending Valentine's Day alone.
>> No. 45417 edit
File 133212979791.png - (49.67KB , 500x600 , Misha sleep.png )
>Misha's name means: 1) Tweeting too much. 2) Homo.

But I never tweet~!
>> No. 45418 edit
File 129616443982.png - (22.41KB , 434x514 , ka_heh2.png )
Oh you.
>> No. 45419 edit
File 129626988069.png - (18.98KB , 200x200 , saku_laugh.png )
>> No. 45421 edit
File 130498058316.png - (32.14KB , 200x200 , knightarou color.png )
>> No. 45422 edit
>wildly popular
>folever alone

>Lili's name means: 1) To put panties on your head. 2) Skilled at cross-dressing.
>> No. 45423 edit
File 129627098280.png - (15.99KB , 200x200 , blank look.png )
I know, right?
>> No. 45424 edit
File 13362261259.jpg - (321.92KB , 863x1000 , 4a83efe81ce533a7c7ed29d895ebf4cd.jpg )
>cake's name means: 1) One that no one wants to talk to. 2) To get excited.

Sounds about right.
>> No. 45425 edit
File 13362265755.jpg - (82.95KB , 1366x768 , homu011.jpg )
>ほむら's name means: 1) To cry alone. 2) Suspected of being homo.
>> No. 45427 edit
File 129622297751.png - (80.45KB , 320x467 , ros_komarua1.png )
>Real name means: 1. Has no life. 2. Has gone down the wrong path.

Username means: A heartless person. 2. Hnnnnnnng
>> No. 45428 edit
File 133382535522.png - (218.49KB , 374x530 , 1332772459928.png )
>> No. 45429 edit
File 131024054318.png - (74.76KB , 320x467 , ros_nakua3c.png )
I hate you Kinjo you got me hooked on these now.

>is destined to marry Rukia Kuchiki on November 10, 2013

>You role in an anime would be: X's role is a kind guy who rapes humans. Gets a sad ending.
>> No. 45430 edit
File 133622859235.jpg - (1.25MB , 1878x3001 , CAUSE THIS IS THRILLER.jpg )
Feenie: 1) One that no one wants to talk to. 2) A dysfunctional brain.

My real name: 1) To be wildly popular! 2) Makes miracles occur!
>> No. 45431 edit
File 133622869692.jpg - (234.60KB , 809x1000 , 7f87bb5ab8092f4775e0da7182a6540d.jpg )
>cake is moe!

>> No. 45432 edit
File 133306487591.jpg - (27.28KB , 600x600 , 24gounk.jpg )
I got Yandere, and in one about what my future will be it said, "I'll be forever alone."

And a personality one said I was "heartless"
>> No. 45433 edit
File 132961584428.jpg - (161.88KB , 1920x1080 , 1328645160784.jpg )
It also says I'm destined to marry Luka Megurine next October. Or Nodoka Haramura with real name.
>> No. 45434 edit
File 132703315427.png - (799.91KB , 1281x718 , datbishie.png )
>Feenie is bishounen!
>> No. 45435 edit
File 133622988673.jpg - (184.76KB , 675x952 , 73c30e51f4baece1812366422458eaa1.jpg )
>cake's personality: Kind 60 Will 87 Hentai ∞ Passionate 8 Weird 0 Smart 70 Cute 65

Why does it call me lewd at every opportunity?
>> No. 45436 edit
File 133623011712.jpg - (81.25KB , 1280x720 , 1329414930189.jpg )
Because whoever made these comes here or knows you.
>> No. 45437 edit
File 133136044634.jpg - (128.19KB , 1366x768 , homu051.jpg )
>real name: is dere dere!
>ほむら: is hikikomori!

But I'm neither of those things.
>> No. 45438 edit
File 131609773759.png - (502.15KB , 850x900 , hmm.png )
>Rotho is kemonomimi!
Well, duh?
>> No. 45439 edit
File 133360970378.jpg - (114.36KB , 1440x810 , 1332534776482.jpg )
>Feenie watches children's cartoons sometimes.

That's an understatement.
>> No. 45440 edit
File 133289321446.jpg - (137.95KB , 1366x768 , homu053.jpg )
>ほむら once got into an argument in the comments of a Youtube video.

I made a total of like 10 youtube comments in my whole life.

>[real name] enjoyed The Room... unironically.
What the hell is The Room?
>> No. 45441 edit
File 133623087559.png - (108.98KB , 299x342 , clapping_eu.png )
It's a movie that had one good quote and the rest was plot holes and bad stuff.
>> No. 45442 edit
The Room has been dubbed "the Citizen Kane of bad movies" and one of the worst films ever made.

Apparently a really bad movie.
>> No. 45443 edit
>Lion buried the bodies in the backyard.
I have been busted
>> No. 45444 edit
File 132736589235.png - (633.34KB , 1281x528 , eye.png )
I've heard about it. Can you get some laughs out of it at least like Plan 9 From Outer Space?
>> No. 45445 edit
File 133623128043.png - (200.06KB , 500x538 , 1333634248387.png )
>Misha is one of those Internet axe murderers your mother warned you about.

...Well, I don't think I am~
>> No. 45446 edit
File 133410799569.png - (194.91KB , 344x450 , 1333868881109.png )
>crush "i like you!" Misha "then let's do it"
What kind of test is this, wahaha~
>> No. 45447 edit
File 133623208456.jpg - (128.10KB , 1440x810 , 1333771888923.jpg )
>crush "i like you!" Feenie "I WANNA MAKE LOVE TO YOU WANNA GET LAID"

I did NOT say that to her! I mean, I might have been THINKING it but...
>> No. 45448 edit
File 12960001206.png - (79.92KB , 320x468 , ros_waraia2.png )
>>crush "i like you!" Rosa "Okay, let me tweet that quick."
>> No. 45449 edit
File 13362332938.png - (282.16KB , 576x488 , 8a2adbb088350cc8b70e7bbb0a78e76a.png )
>crush "i like you!" [real name] "brb vomitting"
My crush must be ugly looking or George.

>crush "i like you!" ほむら "if you do then show me your pantsu"
>> No. 45450 edit
crush "i like you!" Lion "i-it's not like i like you too"

I-I am not tsundere.
>> No. 45451 edit
File 129632666344.png - (13.95KB , 217x157 , kanonheh.png )
stop being rin
omg so promiscuous

>crush "i like you!" anon-kun "no you don't 8("
>crush "i like you!" anon "oh really?"
>crush "i like you!" *fakename* "kiss. now."
>> No. 45452 edit
File 132865886378.png - (26.19KB , 150x147 , chenhasseensomeshit.png )
>crush "i like you!" Chen "i have dreamed about this so many times..."

I wonder who my crush is , ne.
>> No. 45453 edit
File 132839347175.jpg - (362.20KB , 800x800 , i_don\'t_understand.jpg )
>Chen's friends want to punch Chen's dick repeatedly. This is because Chen is horrible dragon dung.

>> No. 45454 edit
File 129592254889.jpg - (41.03KB , 300x400 , 2516991.jpg )





That test said I was ikemen ok.

>crush "i like you!"
>"if you do then show me your pantsu"
>> No. 45455 edit
>crush "i like you!" cake "I LIKE YOU TOO"

I just yell at them.
>> No. 45456 edit
>Mack's name means: 1) Secretly homo. 2) Stylish and creative!
>Mack is dere dere!
>crush "i like you!" Mack "sorry i prefer 2D guys"
... :|
>> No. 45457 edit
>Hidei 1)Mankind's Savior 2) To do nothing
>> No. 45458 edit
>Hidei is dere dere
>Hideiling is Kawaii
>Real name is Ikemen
>> No. 45459 edit
File 132574246728.png - (532.48KB , 691x889 , 1325467125735.png )
Setting up figures is suffering.
>> No. 45460 edit
>> No. 45461 edit
>> No. 45462 edit
File 133018605895.png - (105.29KB , 262x398 , sha_a14_troll.png )
>Eriko 556's name means: 1) Tweeting too much. 2) Completely useless.

>Real name means: 1) To watch porn all day. 2) Everyone's favorite tweeter.

But I almost never tweet.

crush "i like you!" Eriko 556 "*pokerface*"

>> No. 45463 edit
>EX Shounen Hyoryuu
good story is good, shame it ended the way it did
>> No. 45464 edit
>> No. 45465 edit
File 133626618470.jpg - (281.92KB , 600x835 , 1336263240374.jpg )
Happy Cirno De Mayo.
>> No. 45466 edit
Lion's name means: 1) To become a magical girl! 2) To have no special characteristics

b-but I am sayaka, not Madoka.
>> No. 45467 edit
>> No. 45468 edit

that's best bideo ok
>> No. 45469 edit
File 133627731377.png - (184.54KB , 382x498 , unsure_eu.png )
Wheres the Asura
>> No. 45470 edit
>> No. 45471 edit
File 133627853534.png - (388.39KB , 700x1193 , rud_a11 laughing 1.png )
Watched Macbeth a few weeks ago, the college put it on. Was very entertaining
>> No. 45472 edit
File 133628034924.png - (61.87KB , 447x596 , grin.png )
>decide to go draw stuff
>can't ever be fun
>is getting fun to draw things
>everything went better than expected
>nothing to do with all these drawings
>> No. 45473 edit
File 133628088219.png - (190.30KB , 636x384 , ohgod.png )
Oh my God, this is amazing. That's probably the lowest the price is ever going to get for the Welcome to the NHK novel, and is less than half the price it normally goes for.
>> No. 45474 edit
File 133628132336.gif - (349.23KB , 512x288 , 1335122141310.gif )

Write a manga.


wut why is it so expensive
>> No. 45475 edit
File 133628159143.jpg - (43.71KB , 704x400 , [Oyasumi]_Welcome_to_the_NHK!_05_[099382E0]_mkv_sn.jpg )
It's been out of print for ages, as far as I'm aware. The next price up from that one is about $80, and the rest are between $130-$200.
As far as Amazon prices for it go, this recent drop in price is pretty huge.
>> No. 45476 edit
File 13181833206.gif - (402.56KB , 640x360 , 1317841908539.gif )

Maybe I can sell mine :o
>> No. 45477 edit

Six dollahs.
>> No. 45478 edit
File 131776817427.gif - (261.74KB , 200x200 , 1317271885363.gif )

>out of stock
>out of print
>> No. 45479 edit
File 133628245154.png - (3.80KB , 285x93 , Capture3.png )
>> No. 45480 edit
File 129591972796.png - (84.84KB , 291x478 , ka2_nayamua3.png )
Good evening seacats. How was your day?
>> No. 45482 edit
File 13362866542.jpg - (18.78KB , 500x281 , 111231-69.jpg )
>> No. 45483 edit
Fate/Prototype anime when
>> No. 45484 edit
File 131609773759.png - (502.15KB , 850x900 , hmm.png )
On the subject of drawings, there's an unscanned picture to my right. Maybe I should scan it.
>> No. 45485 edit
File 130180365866.jpg - (166.98KB , 500x750 , ohhhh.jpg )
There's also a very nice conte crayon self portrait I have framed. Unfortunately it's too big to scan.
>> No. 45486 edit
>Cirno is dandere.

I laughed.
>> No. 45487 edit
File 133572343162.jpg - (150.89KB , 445x677 , 0892d2f95ca2e41ebfe5618e55742c92.jpg )
>> No. 45488 edit
>fate 18
>> No. 45489 edit
File 133631819918.jpg - (111.47KB , 1280x720 , 1336317403263.jpg )
>> No. 45490 edit
>> No. 45491 edit
File 133632601548.jpg - (70.22KB , 644x954 , my sides.jpg )
>> No. 45492 edit

Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax did the samething.
>> No. 45493 edit
File 132714563321.png - (146.08KB , 307x600 , misha_sign_smile_cas.png )
And thank goodness~

I don't see Monte Cook acknowledged in the 4E PHB anywhere except as "a designer of previous editions," so as far as I'm concerned he'd probably only hold them back~
>> No. 45494 edit
Exactly, Misha. Even in 3.X Editions, I saw him somehow distant from WotC, perhaps because the same motive.
>> No. 45495 edit
turn off audio if you don't want to hear me screaming
>> No. 45496 edit
But both of those guys are dead.
>> No. 45497 edit
Yeah, but that's what they did after WotC appeared.
>> No. 45498 edit
Ah, I misread. But see subject line.
>> No. 45499 edit
Good and bad are relative, pure PoV. I think Monte Cook was good AND bad.
>> No. 45500 edit
While that is true, it is generally agreed upon by most people, that Monte Cook was bad and his designs were bad, even he acknowledged it was bad, and it was more evident from some blog post or two he made talking about his "design process".
>> No. 45501 edit
File 132711545588.png - (229.69KB , 463x600 , misha_hips_laugh_cas_close.png )
Finally broke down and bought a new video card~ Hopefully this will let me play games on my PC again this summer~
>> No. 45502 edit
Uni is over and I find myself incredibly boreeed.
>> No. 45503 edit
create things
>> No. 45504 edit
Learn to do something.
>> No. 45507 edit
I found this adorable Yorkie just wandering the streets
[2:50:34 PM] Liss: I kneeled down and he ran to me!
[2:50:47 PM] Liss: I checked for a collar, but all he had was a necklace with a cross on it.
[2:50:56 PM] Liss: Since he had a cross, I named him Cai, after the Biblical name Ciaphas.
[2:51:14 PM] Liss: I took him home, fed him, gave him water, took a picture, then took him out to go look and see if his owners were still around.
[2:51:41 PM] Liss: Some Asian chicks were driving by and said he was their dog. They already had another dog and Cai seemed to know that dog, so I was like "w/e" and gave him over.
>> No. 45508 edit
Well, people doesn't usually appear and pretend you have their dog. So you probably did fine.
>> No. 45509 edit
File 133634202762.gif - (2.31MB , 219x400 , 1336336542327.gif )
>> No. 45513 edit
I think this is because Arcana Unhearted, who is REALLY bad anyway in my PoV.

I'll read "Dead Gods" - who was ranked one of the best adventures in AD&D (I like Planescape). I wanted to read better "The Planewalker's Handbook".

I liked Ptolus's concept, if don't the scenary. I disliked "The Book of the Eldritch Might" and "Monte Cook's World of Darkness".

But more than Monte Cook - he was in the lead of D&D 5E.

What will happen with D&D 5E, who made Monte Cook leaves?
>> No. 45514 edit
I don't think Monte was lead at all. If fans knew he was the lead developer or whatever, they wouldn't touch 5e. I think he had a minor role.
>> No. 45515 edit
File 133634770584.png - (96.66KB , 281x307 , dreamy_eu.png )
Where's the new Krawling Kaos episode??
>> No. 45516 edit
File 133634816681.jpg - (373.95KB , 1280x720 , 1336084619985.jpg )
>> No. 45517 edit
File 129773801046.png - (73.89KB , 291x478 , kanonwithamonocle.png )
Impressing site, sir.
>> No. 45518 edit
File 133635049462.jpg - (14.69KB , 500x281 , izaya genderswap.jpg )
>> No. 45519 edit
>> No. 45520 edit
File 133635098155.jpg - (13.08KB , 500x281 , oversaturated roses.jpg )
>> No. 45521 edit
>> No. 45522 edit
File 133570060166.gif - (1.81MB , 600x340 , dadasdadsad.gif )
You slat knox.
>> No. 45523 edit
Here: http://community.wizards.com/dndnext/blog/2012/01/09/welcome_to_the_group

January 2012, Monte Cook was the Design Team Lead. Of course, he wasn't "The Leader".
>> No. 45524 edit
Male Saber is hot as hell, 10/10, would bang
>> No. 45525 edit
File 133034816389.jpg - (93.18KB , 716x768 , homu019.jpg )
>> No. 45526 edit
File 132185183389.gif - (19.49KB , 80x80 , spinchen.gif )
>> No. 45527 edit
>Making Monte the design team lead considering past history and past fan reaction of any work done by him
>> No. 45528 edit
>> No. 45529 edit
Wish this game had more powers. When I rain death upon my foes, I want options, dammit.
I guess that's one thing Neverwinter Nights got right as long as you played a tier 1 spellcaster. Swamp Lung, Mass ftw.
>> No. 45530 edit
File 132841121830.jpg - (844.59KB , 800x1284 , andyousaythatwhy.jpg )

>> No. 45531 edit
I remember there being consequences for doing that in DA:O.
>> No. 45532 edit
Sure, if you do it wrong.
>> No. 45533 edit
File 133635975410.jpg - (30.46KB , 450x560 , saibabanana.jpg )
>> No. 45534 edit
wat gaem
>> No. 45535 edit
File 133636110218.png - (0.96MB , 1426x1072 , igetit.png )
Cirno & Gogo B-day commission: 70% done
Ozaki & Kinjo B-day commission: 25% done

Am I missing anyone?
>> No. 45536 edit
File 133636322028.gif - (188.11KB , 490x450 , 1336244249444.gif )
>> No. 45537 edit
>> No. 45538 edit
File 133636447286.jpg - (105.45KB , 583x443 , 3dsadako.jpg )
>> No. 45539 edit
0mg moe
>> No. 45540 edit
>> No. 45542 edit

saint seiya hogwarts edition triwizard tournament arc
>> No. 45543 edit
File 133638949089.png - (105.36KB , 249x334 , pouting_eu.png )
Rage, 2 bone fragments on my gums.
>> No. 45544 edit

You should stop eating bones ne.
>> No. 45545 edit
File 133580318233.png - (108.10KB , 252x358 , knowing_eu3.png )
But I love sucking on them.
>> No. 45546 edit
File 133535333712.gif - (152.03KB , 207x259 , 1334754682903.gif )

Kono inu.
>> No. 45547 edit
File 133134237097.jpg - (119.23KB , 1366x768 , homu047.jpg )
After mulling over the latest F/Z ep, I realized that...

... I really miss the fights where it was just servants trying to kill each other. I miss that. I'd rather not have more boring 'he's not a bad guy after all' kerry flashblack eps.

Heck, I'd take the usual 'picking on Saber' scenes that more of that bs.
Sort of Nasu's thing, huh? Picking on Saber. Funny how Gen took it a step further and fueled making F/Z focus mainly on the King's Banquet. Basically Alexander and Gilgamesh picking on Saber. Kerry was a throw in afterthought.
>> No. 45548 edit
File 133641831992.jpg - (267.63KB , 1024x768 , redirect.jpg )
>> No. 45549 edit
File 129876893043.png - (3.96KB , 175x169 , sakutarou_hehg.png )
Too much exposition, not enough action.
>> No. 45550 edit
File 132700703671.png - (186.53KB , 463x600 , misha_cross_grin_close.png )
I could also do with less Kiritsugu flashbacks~ It's kinda too late to change my opinion of the character~
>> No. 45551 edit
I feel bad for Iriesvel , Saber, Waver and Rider and Kariya
Its a shame that none of them get a happy ending.
>> No. 45552 edit
You know what's really funny? I thought about it when my dear Misha over here mentions it in a joke.

Irie is handling being the decoy master, providing Saber with support through mana transferring and healing.

Saber is, well, being a servant.

And Mai is pretty much doing all of Kiritsurugu's dirty work right down to the loophole contracts and killing cripples.

.... what the hell is Kiritsurugu doing?! He is more of a evil mastermind than anything. He just tells people what to do and then just soaks up all the credit for it.
He's the brain, but god, he acts like he's doing everything and goes around saying "I'm a heartless bastard but I have a tragic past, waaaaahhh."

He's already a horrid person. But the big thing that separates him from all these other messed up masters is that... HE'S JUST NOT INTERESTING! HE'S BORING AS HELL!
>> No. 45553 edit
File 133643083526.jpg - (603.94KB , 1280x1944 , 1335803886249.jpg )
Team X Chromosome, doing all the leg work~
>> No. 45554 edit
File 130255900248.jpg - (28.98KB , 640x480 , 1277557031935.jpg )
lol, yeah, that was the joke you told me~
>> No. 45555 edit
You guys whine too much about Fate/Zero. The episode wasn't boring to me, at least.
F/Z it's a story centred on Kiritsugi, just as FS/N was on Shirou, it's just than this time the masters aren't a bunch of kiddos and people cheating.
It's okay, Rin never stop hating something once she hates it.
Don't spoil me k.
Why so mad?
>> No. 45556 edit
File 132883492963.png - (191.08KB , 360x538 , 1252799514477.png )
>It's okay, Rin never stop hating something once she hates it.

My my, awfully presumptuous of you~ How well do you think you know me again~?
>> No. 45557 edit
Heh, I wasn't being really serious, but it seems to me than you don't change your opinion about a character or a series very easily, well at least for better.
>> No. 45558 edit
Usually first impressions tend to be quite accurate~
>> No. 45559 edit
File 133643737340.jpg - (530.77KB , 880x1024 , 26240013.jpg )
Actually, that's not quite true. It's that when you get a first impression of someone or something, you are inclined to think you are correct. Therefore, your observations will focus on everything that confirms your initial idea, and reject the things which contrast with your initial impression.

Not consciously, of course.
>> No. 45560 edit
That's not entirely true. Sometimes people environments tend to change the individuals themselves as well such as how they behave or think of themselves.
>> No. 45561 edit
File 133643792615.png - (30.97KB , 271x310 , 1336291610247.png )
Save for people with poor confidence and defects, most people are wired so that they believe what they are doing is either correct, or forgiveable.

A first impression is regarded as important precisely because people will tend to view you in light of how they first met you. If you showed up with a tux to class, all students would immediately hold you to this view, regardless of how you show up later until significant time has passed to show the students their first impression is consistently out of whack with reality.

Whether the environment changes has no effect on whether someone's first impression of you changes -- a first impression can always be made only once. Revising your impression of someone is possible, but this takes deliberate effort and/or prolonged exposure to the idea that YOU ARE WRONG.
>> No. 45562 edit
>Save for people with poor confidence and defects, most people are wired so that they believe what they are doing is either correct, or forgiveable.
Can't agree with this since the research and text I read consistently prove otherwise.

>If you showed up with a tux to class, all students would immediately hold you to this view, regardless of how you show up later until significant time has passed to show the students their first impression is consistently out of whack with reality.
Kind of. More time means a greater amount of accuracy in making a correct judgement of a person's personality. Though the RAM model shows certain criteria must be met first.

>Whether the environment changes has no effect on whether someone's first impression of you changes -- a first impression can always be made only once. Revising your impression of someone is possible, but this takes deliberate effort and/or prolonged exposure to the idea that YOU ARE WRONG.

Can't entirely agree with this either, but it's true. A skipped step in the process of accurate analysis of personality can cause some devastating effects.
>> No. 45563 edit
File 133634202762.gif - (2.31MB , 219x400 , 1336336542327.gif )
I'd love to see those texts and research, then, since I accept that the information I have may be fallible.
>> No. 45564 edit
The actual text? It would take too long.

But here. Have some source material names.

"Consistency and Specificity in Behavior" Walter Mischel

"Profiting from Controversy: Lessons from the Person-situation Debate" Douglas T. Kenrick and DAVID c. Funder.

"Personality in Daily Judgement outline/ Personality assessment II: Personality Judgement in Daily Life (Chapter 6)" The Personality Puzzle by David C. Funder.
>> No. 45565 edit
File 132701473527.png - (219.19KB , 463x600 , misha_sign_smile_close.png )
I'm not sure I have a lot to add to this current line of discussion, though I'd like to point out that when I was introduced to the concept of Kiritsugu in FS/N, I didn't think he was a particularly bad person~ Despite Saber's comments on him, Shirou seemed to have a good opinion of Kiritsugu, and he was portrayed as a good if misguided person~

Though I have to wonder why Kiritsugu half-assed Shirou's magic training. The way Shirou performed magic was extremely dangerous to him if I understand it right, and Rin somewhat facepalmed when she learned what he was doing~

If that was my "first impression," then it was Fate/Zero that changed my mind about him~ So that should be some evidence that first impressions can change quite easily in some cases~
>> No. 45566 edit
File 133643961928.jpg - (4.44KB , 125x125 , MMedic.jpg )
Actually, your "first" impression can never change. Your impression can, just not the first one.

>> No. 45567 edit
>semantics again
I remember when I argued with Piece for over an hour about how a DVD rip cannot be higher quality than the DVD it was ripped from. Turns out he thought I was comparing a torrented version with a low quality localized DVD.
>> No. 45568 edit
File 132703640426.png - (217.96KB , 463x600 , misha_hips_grin_close.png )
Oh, nitpicking, you know what I meant~
>> No. 45569 edit
The first impression is pretty strong, but I can see how it can change if the person starts reasoning it out and finding more details about that person.

Like say the person which you met for the first time was slightly intoxicated. You would first say "yeah, he is a really funny and outgoing guy. The life of the party." Then a few months passed, or perhaps a few hours even. The guy the sobers up and you guys start chatting. Find out he is, let's say, an artist and college student, but he also complains about how his parents are always nagging him to do something else in life. Then he says it's always been like that and that's why his girlfriend left him or something. But he also says he has good friends named Jane and John who support him.

Then if asked again, you would say "Oh, well yeah. He's a pretty fun guy. Though he has his share of problem too. Might be why he likes to come to parties and drink."

So yeah. I think an impression, first or otherwise would change. By how much? Personally, I don't think by that much. Even by impact, I think it would change, but not by that much.
>> No. 45570 edit
File 133644063584.png - (233.04KB , 395x598 , âoâ[âbâgâCâäâèâôâO04c(ï¯).png )
Everyone knows being correct with regards to semantics is more important than being correct at all.

In any case, no one said impressions couldn't be changed, so what was the point of the contribution?
>> No. 45571 edit
>Getting in a debate with Piece
Almost as bad as getting into a debate with Meta.

I agree. In F/SN, I just liked him as a sort of model for Shirou. A clumsy manchild model, but a good model nonetheless.

When F/Z came around, my opinion of him changed as well. And like I said, I don't think I'd have much trouble with it if:

1) He was "the MC"
2) He was so damn dull with his evil doings. At least the other masters made it look entertaining to do evil deeds.
3) That Gen shoves this "he's not like that/ He was screwed by the world, feel sorry for him" 2 to who knows how many episode bs is.

4)... He's boring!
>> No. 45572 edit
File 13255043517.jpg - (39.96KB , 277x328 , 1321837381076.jpg )
>> No. 45573 edit
File 133005883388.png - (208.89KB , 463x600 , misha_perky_smile_close.png )
The contribution was in direct opposition to the idea that "it's hard for people (anon specifically said me) to change their opinions on someone after their first impression." Well, I did that for Kiritsugu~ And I like to think I'd do that for other characters too, if I see reason to~
>> No. 45574 edit
It was a simple misunderstanding. You can't have a better rip than the source you ripped it from. You can clean and enhance it like a photograph, but it's still lesser than or equal to in quality.
>> No. 45575 edit
Also anything saved with a lossy codec like h.264 or w/wpe is always worse off than one saved with a lossless like huffyuv. From a technical standpoint anyway.
>> No. 45576 edit
File 133644211764.png - (155.96KB , 226x588 , âoâ[âbâgâCâäâèâôâO04d(Æå).png )
... we were talking about animes? Oh, ignore everything I said then. I'm getting out of here.
>> No. 45577 edit
File 133644247932.png - (366.65KB , 815x1129 , Xykons Greatest Hits.png )
>2) He was so damn dull with his evil doings. At least the other masters made it look entertaining to do evil deeds.

This is particularly important for me~ Kiritsugu needs style, and badly~
>> No. 45578 edit
File 133644272138.png - (97.92KB , 274x297 , dokidoki_eu.png )
Yeah I'm going to eat pancakes now. With lots of maple syrup and butter and maple syrup and ketchup.
>> No. 45579 edit
File 133644283024.jpg - (143.51KB , 500x658 , waitwat.jpg )
>> No. 45580 edit
File 133621257234.png - (92.36KB , 271x315 , knowing_eu2.png )
Problem with that?
>> No. 45581 edit
File 133350974181.jpg - (52.42KB , 438x546 , sandwich.jpg )
Ketchup doesn't go on pancakes. Ewww.
>> No. 45582 edit
File 13353002046.gif - (7.50KB , 200x200 , hinaface.gif )
Great text wall of /seacats/ everywhere.
>> No. 45583 edit
File 133426878536.jpg - (7.49KB , 400x299 , 9_23.jpg )
>> No. 45584 edit
Oh god, I started this? I never meant to say impressions are difficult to change, I was just being silly, as I usually do here.
>> No. 45585 edit
File 133514256169.jpg - (46.80KB , 259x215 , chendisapproves.jpg )
>> No. 45586 edit
File 13364467561.gif - (9.40MB , 540x405 , All work and no play.gif )
>> No. 45587 edit
Good night!
>not talking about girly chinese children cartoons
>> No. 45588 edit
File 133645760772.jpg - (31.10KB , 306x553 , K (82).jpg )
Don't be silly; us denizens of /seacats/ constantly breach topics of utter importance, rather than those such as simple, girly Chinese children cartoons.

Like whether peanut butter and jelly should go together, or which is better than the other.
>> No. 45589 edit
Right, right.
Jelly and peanut butter at the same time it's overkill, but damn it's pretty good.
>> No. 45590 edit
File 133646797412.png - (158.31KB , 332x357 , happy_eu.png )
>> No. 45591 edit
File 133649885253.gif - (2.76MB , 444x250 , 1335190813513.gif )

Even putting maple syrup and ketchup in the same room together is entirely unforgivable.
>> No. 45592 edit
File 132156649568.jpg - (76.51KB , 453x435 , bored.jpg )
When summer comes , the ants come out to play.

In my house.

And so begins my work of spraying my room with Raid. (wait don't i have atleast a month)

Scumbag ants!
>> No. 45593 edit
Go hire an exterminator to put anti ant stuff around the perimeter of your house.
>> No. 45594 edit
File 13296939457.jpg - (188.71KB , 732x485 , honkhonk2.jpg )
Too expensive.
>> No. 45596 edit
People who are around

>> No. 45597 edit
File 133651669362.gif - (771.92KB , 500x281 , 1328031102074.gif )

Mix baking powder and powdered sugar 1:1 and place around your house ne.
>> No. 45598 edit
File 133651800382.jpg - (69.02KB , 400x656 , Thri-kreen.jpg )
A good solution for the ants do not come into your home is to plant mint herbs near the doors or windows.

You can try to use lemon, and alcohol or vinegar. All these can be used individually to drive away ants from your home, just sprinkle some on the corners of the kitchen, the bedroom or the living room.

To cause an Rokkenjima Tragedy in an anthill, sprinkle sulfur powder in it.
>> No. 45599 edit
File 132865886378.png - (26.19KB , 150x147 , chenhasseensomeshit.png )
The ants come from my air vent.

I hope they don't pomf on my bed. That would be horrible.
>> No. 45600 edit
air vent what
>> No. 45601 edit
File 133233270886.jpg - (15.18KB , 258x186 , areyousure.jpg )
>> No. 45602 edit

Stuff air vent with baking powder and sugar ok.
>> No. 45603 edit
File 133652441567.gif - (533.19KB , 146x146 , 1336195417636.gif )
It's not from the game, someone actually takes the models and animates them~
>> No. 45604 edit
stop talking to urself k
>> No. 45605 edit
>Someone gets the models and animate them
>someone got the models and know how to use them
inb4 lewd incoming
>> No. 45606 edit
File 133652488087.jpg - (1.72MB , 3174x1984 , 1335804467288.jpg )
Apparently the guy who's animating them refuses to do lewd, only cute~
>> No. 45607 edit
File 133652497113.png - (82.22KB , 277x290 , excited_eu4.png )
Pancakes with sugr
>> No. 45608 edit
File 133652509571.png - (7.78KB , 317x182 , hotel.png )
I see, it's good to see there are still some pure people around.
>> No. 45609 edit
File 133652513523.png - (185.57KB , 500x363 , 1336424942380.png )
>> No. 45610 edit
File 13310770553.png - (21.74KB , 185x186 , chen is in da house.png )
I have pancakes with pancakes!
>> No. 45611 edit
File 133652541532.png - (98.23KB , 246x353 , happy_eu2.png )
I spam 300ml of maple syrup
>> No. 45612 edit
File 13159708691.jpg - (29.45KB , 354x420 , flustered.jpg )
I just noticed this omg
>> No. 45613 edit
File 133652935967.jpg - (45.54KB , 460x377 , nest.jpg )
Between noon and eight o'clock, the ants tend to become more agitated. Find their anthill and blow it.

Then, try to clean your air vent - ants likes the fungi and water stored there.

These ants in the picture, they match your ants in air vent?
>> No. 45614 edit
File 129638673175.png - (6.45KB , 122x196 , that fucking farmer.png )
You did not "just notice that" you attention whore.
>> No. 45615 edit
File 133186361065.jpg - (29.03KB , 453x466 , 1292907616807.jpg )
ogm it was up for almost an hr before I refreshed teparty!!!!!!!!!
>> No. 45616 edit
File 129714000597.png - (6.37KB , 122x196 , that fucking farmer again.png )
You say this stuff cause you know he'll post it.
>> No. 45617 edit
File 133653146423.jpg - (39.09KB , 500x500 , 1328919738257.jpg )
>> No. 45618 edit
File 129715003565.png - (6.37KB , 122x196 , that fucking farmer defying gravity.png )
>> No. 45619 edit
>> No. 45620 edit
File 133257913473.jpg - (35.86KB , 500x600 , Misha snooze.jpg )
Sooo tired... today I wrote about a dozen pages, then prepared a presentation, which I had to present in an ultra-fast manner due to the class being pressed for time~ I don't think I've actually talked that fast in forever~

At least I should have a bit more time and a lot less stress over the next few weeks~
>> No. 45622 edit
Gratz on finishing stuff, and good night.
Alright, reconsidering it I think it's actually 9/10
>> No. 45624 edit
I really should be doing my homework instead of derping every day.
>> No. 45625 edit
In between the lines
There's a lot of obscurity
I'm not inclined
To resign to maturity
If it's alright
Then it's all wrong
But why bounce around to the same damn song
You'd rather run when you can crawl
I know
You know
That I'm not telling the truth
I know
You know
They just don't have any proof
Embrace the deception
Learn how to bend
Your worst inhibitions tend to
Psych you out in the end
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