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File 13370581865.png - (846.55KB , 891x500 , bakageorge.png )
45845 No. 45845 edit
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File 133705841658.jpg - (50.13KB , 600x450 , 24125855_m.jpg )
i wont appreciate someone who doesnt exist k
>> No. 45847 edit
File 133305574719.png - (641.50KB , 892x498 , whosdabestchair.png )
Kanon exist ok
>> No. 45848 edit
File 131810683589.jpg - (243.00KB , 650x732 , alpaca.jpg )
ok ya kanon exist woo hoo i appreciate

ur a goat
>> No. 45849 edit
File 133257986889.png - (869.36KB , 888x496 , kanonturtle.png )
nop im a turtle
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File 133707987913.jpg - (183.20KB , 960x574 , 7JWyY.jpg )
>> No. 45851 edit
File 133018605895.png - (105.29KB , 262x398 , sha_a14_troll.png )
Happy appreciation Tea Party, Anon-kun!

Here's your gift: >>45850

Have fun!

From your lovely,

Nee-san Eriko 556
>> No. 45852 edit
File 131281429389.jpg - (768.16KB , 1126x1181 , bros.jpg )
I appreciate you.
>> No. 45853 edit
File 133426878536.jpg - (7.49KB , 400x299 , 9_23.jpg )
Then that would make it a Shannon appreciation teaparty and LION appreciation teaparty.
>> No. 45854 edit
File 133710007229.png - (100.64KB , 262x398 , sha_a12_warai2.png )
Yup. It's our day too, Lion-kun!
>> No. 45855 edit
File 133710060588.jpg - (59.49KB , 793x601 , delicious things.jpg )
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>> No. 45858 edit
File 133048562344.jpg - (61.87KB , 408x684 , homu016.jpg )
>> No. 45859 edit
File 132537193611.jpg - (495.80KB , 843x1100 , d870a506d8291277e3eb19b1dd4319b4.jpg )
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File 133443179683.jpg - (21.56KB , 400x400 , lurkingintheshadows.jpg )
>> No. 45861 edit
File 130430200364.jpg - (328.26KB , 609x740 , 1300358536948.jpg )
>> No. 45862 edit
banned you for 5 minutes
>> No. 45863 edit
I has diablo 3
>> No. 45864 edit
File 133358774267.png - (70.61KB , 500x549 , wahaha.png )
>your 'homework' for the week, says my mental coach, is to ask people what they think of you
Wahaha I am broken.
>> No. 45865 edit
File 131609773759.png - (502.15KB , 850x900 , hmm.png )
Your what?
>> No. 45866 edit
I don't know you that well, because you often hide your real feelings. But I think you are a good person who likes her job and care for her family and friends.
>> No. 45867 edit
Oh god, my sides.
>> No. 45869 edit
>> No. 45870 edit
Where did you even find this?
>> No. 45871 edit
I sent the link to anon, and the link was given to me by others.

This is the rebuttal started about that blog

>> No. 45872 edit
File 133716266339.png - (83.20KB , 184x461 , âZâCâoü[ÄäòP05c(ëô).png )
>> No. 45873 edit
File 133189184173.png - (720.47KB , 892x502 , kanonsupertall.png )
Thanks, ne.
>> No. 45874 edit
File 133643792615.png - (30.97KB , 271x310 , 1336291610247.png )
>thread about appreciating imaginary person
>your fault it's slow

>that blog
>logical fallacies everywhere
I knew people were terrible at arguing but good heavens both sides are morons.
>> No. 45875 edit
File 133717261182.jpg - (1.13MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot001.jpg )
Omg so poor.
>> No. 45876 edit
File 129599725748.png - (85.34KB , 291x478 , kan_majimea37.png )
>> No. 45877 edit
File 130892880355.jpg - (284.83KB , 972x901 , hey there.jpg )
>> No. 45878 edit
File 133718868285.png - (146.32KB , 379x506 , misha chibi.png )
When I had that much gold, I bought the stash expansion~
>> No. 45880 edit
>> No. 45881 edit
Omg but i want to crafting mmore irems jjz

Snt from ifone
>> No. 45882 edit
File 133050421082.jpg - (109.10KB , 1364x768 , homu029.jpg )
>> No. 45883 edit
File 132841121830.jpg - (844.59KB , 800x1284 , andyousaythatwhy.jpg )
Actually , Satanists aren't bad people most of the time.
>> No. 45884 edit
File 133720035490.jpg - (696.19KB , 2854x1833 , 557c268badff5b3506e0ff981b9cf17d.jpg )
>> No. 45885 edit
File 133568602261.jpg - (117.21KB , 800x400 , wat.jpg )
I don't know.
>> No. 45886 edit
File 133514256169.jpg - (46.80KB , 259x215 , chendisapproves.jpg )
>> No. 45887 edit
toonami is coming back may 26th apparently
>> No. 45888 edit
File 133443179683.jpg - (21.56KB , 400x400 , lurkingintheshadows.jpg )
"kyubei isa incubator that makes magical girls.he like to give little 13 yr old girls into a magical in exchange in one miracle.But, kyubei never told them what there are trully fighting, you see magicals souls wich he rips out and turn them into soulgems will get corrupted by emotions.So pretty much they will die by there own sorrow AND HE DOSENT EVEN CARE WHAT HAPPENS, he say a magical get HE HEAD BITTEN OFF"
>> No. 45889 edit
>> No. 45891 edit
>> No. 45892 edit
File 133727922564.png - (301.24KB , 592x464 , 1337129752841.png )
>> No. 45893 edit
File 133727978324.jpg - (194.14KB , 930x778 , 1337041804589.jpg )
>> No. 45894 edit
File 130430547421.jpg - (278.62KB , 800x720 , 1300361868799.jpg )
>> No. 45895 edit
File 133728228467.jpg - (410.77KB , 700x700 , 4b02849d63dc88430ad7dc7d0c84d078.jpg )
>> No. 45896 edit

>> No. 45897 edit
File 13372861072.png - (21.53KB , 349x354 , anonsaver.png )
Go ahead and get your weapons, cats.
>> No. 45898 edit
oops, forgot link
>> No. 45899 edit
File 133729118747.png - (753.32KB , 768x1024 , 1300798752014.png )
>Homura's pistol (Attack level: 46)

How did I not see this coming?
>> No. 45900 edit
File 133729436824.png - (19.46KB , 355x356 , wand.png )
You think your weapon is weak?
>> No. 45901 edit
File 133729597087.png - (14.60KB , 342x343 , Sin título.png )
Rue's Katana.
>> No. 45902 edit
>> No. 45904 edit
File 133729669972.jpg - (419.28KB , 582x800 , 1337127602939.jpg )
I'm slaying demons here, if anyone wants to watch~
>> No. 45905 edit
File 133729716981.png - (19.81KB , 364x361 , weapon.png )
I liked mine.
>> No. 45906 edit
File 133729906149.jpg - (55.48KB , 583x327 , moe.jpg )
uh huh uh huh this is how i double dip duhduhduhduhduhduh two chips two dips
>> No. 45907 edit
File 133443179683.jpg - (21.56KB , 400x400 , lurkingintheshadows.jpg )
I don't want to live with people anymore!
>> No. 45908 edit
Come with me to mars, ne
>> No. 45909 edit
File 132703226029.jpg - (37.50KB , 300x215 , honkhonk.jpg )
Chen doesn't want to do anything.
>> No. 45910 edit
File 133729992811.png - (18.30KB , 351x354 , kinjosuxatmagic.png )
>> No. 45911 edit
File 132984232947.png - (99.80KB , 262x398 , sha_a11_warai2.png )

This is why he'll be always the detective.
>> No. 45912 edit
guys can someone upload the fate/stay night sprites please?
>> No. 45913 edit
>> No. 45914 edit
File 133443125988.png - (419.54KB , 1280x1024 , sip.png )
I am Chinese and I cannot origami.

It's listed under my passives , am I glitched or am I just unique?

Fix this bug please.
>> No. 45915 edit
K ;_;
>> No. 45916 edit
File 132969795486.jpg - (301.23KB , 707x841 , all alone in this dangerous world.jpg )

>> No. 45918 edit
>> No. 45919 edit
So, everyone, I'm writing a scifi/fantasy VN with mild horror elements. I've only read a few VNs, and I'm currently working my way through Fate/Stay Night, but does anyone have any dos and don'ts to suggest?
>> No. 45920 edit
File 133731428211.png - (22.76KB , 371x367 , myweapon.png )
My sword looks a bit derpy but has high attack power apparently~ At least relative to others I've seen here~
>> No. 45921 edit
File 133414504130.png - (11.20KB , 130x130 , stダンセイニ_kw呆れ.png )
Did anyone get Arma2 just to play DayZ
>> No. 45922 edit
File 12960010444.png - (79.80KB , 320x468 , ros_defa1.png )
Set the rules for your universe and don't break them.

If you are using 1st POV, only describe things someone would actually think about.

Make sure the dialogue between characters flows nicely and sounds natural.

When you start to choose which sprites to use when, make sure you are not having the characters jump emotions at every line. People don't just jump around, they have a logical progression. It doesn't go, 1 min I'm laughing, next min, I'm frowning, next min, smiling, next min, crying, now smirking, now sighing, It looks like your characters have something wrong with them.

Keep the story tight, every scene should have a reason, a purpose and influence the story.

Don't drag it down by going into tons of random side stuff that changes, or influences nothing. The same can be said for written passages as well, to a bit lesser extent.

Just a few things that first appeared in my head. If you want more, I would be happy to list more things, in an IM, email, skype, whatever.
>> No. 45923 edit
Pretty much, even though it's in super alpha state. A good couple of videos by some youtuber named CHKilroy is pretty hilarious with some ARMA games, DayZ mod, etc.
>> No. 45924 edit
still alive

hide probably wouldn't mind if i was dea dthough
>> No. 45925 edit
File 133732667448.png - (429.87KB , 1280x720 , 1336679140629.png )
stop emo ok
>> No. 45926 edit

Oh thank god I've been doing it right. I'm co-writing pretty much a whole universe with a few friends, and there's been the occasional drama over how I get a bit picky with input and how I'm strict about keeping things flowing logically. I was starting to think I was just being obsessive.
>> No. 45927 edit
File 129622297751.png - (80.45KB , 320x467 , ros_komarua1.png )
There a multiple ways to take your statement, so I'm going to make an assumption. (Do forgive me if I'm wrong)

When I said that each scene should have a point and purpose. I did not mean that you should stick to a strict outline or path. Rather I believe you should be flexible and open to changes in the story's direction. Sometimes you get a great idea for a scene, or you feel your character would rather make a different move. The key is that in the end when you are in the editing/rewriting stage you should look to see if the scene has a point, and if it doesn't consider maybe reworking things or cut the scene entirely.

Remember your character's personalities and themselves should be driving the story with the plot as an overall guideline, not the other way around. If you can replace a main level character with a person who has a different personality and it changes little to nothing, chances are you might need to rework things. Characters are what control the story. A plot move should be made 'because that character would make that choice' not 'because you need/want the plot to move in this direction.'
>> No. 45928 edit
File 133733768634.png - (41.69KB , 356x356 , 1.png )
I challenge thee to a duel to the death.
>> No. 45930 edit
File 133031150835.jpg - (102.24KB , 754x768 , homu018.jpg )
If you want to talk a bit, I'll be around.
>> No. 45931 edit
File 132839347175.jpg - (362.20KB , 800x800 , i_don\'t_understand.jpg )
Wait , you mean I'm not talking to dead people!?

I thought you guys were magical girl zombie furry lolis!

I liked the old one better.


>> No. 45932 edit
File 133734380638.jpg - (350.10KB , 660x2253 , 1337321621362.jpg )
>> No. 45933 edit
Is the mod good? Someone from the production team whom I know IRL introduced me to it and said it was sandbox zombies.
>> No. 45934 edit
An adult man just ding-dong-ditched me. What.
>> No. 45935 edit
File 12964863249.jpg - (7.67KB , 181x161 , huh__.jpg )
People still do that?
>> No. 45936 edit
File 133735010383.png - (254.16KB , 536x345 , 1336669832874.png )
Stop that ok
Oh boy, that's fucking manly.
It was me ok, I had to return mexico fast, I has 8 hours test today wish me luck ok.
>> No. 45937 edit
File 132979654435.jpg - (114.10KB , 848x768 , homu004.jpg )
You mind saying that a bit nicer?
>> No. 45938 edit
File 133736727754.jpg - (345.70KB , 1788x661 , gottagofaster.jpg )
>> No. 45939 edit
File 13353002046.gif - (7.50KB , 200x200 , hinaface.gif )
Converted into gentlemen form.

" >>45930
My good sir , could you cease your current action?
I do say , that IS very masculine indeed.
I say , it was me who had partook in the action. I was required to return Mexico fast as I have a test unending for 8 hours , my good chap! I require your best regards. "
>> No. 45940 edit

Right, I understand that. I just mean that, for example, when someone suggests an idea for a character or event within the story, I often question whether they're necessary, or whether their role could be merged with another character. Sometimes parts of a character's concept are entirely changed. There usually isn't drama any more about stuff like this, but I still deal with it occasionally.

A group effort on this produces some amazing results, though, so I don't regret doing it like this. You wouldn't believe the amount of things that just click into place and make perfect sense, despite coming from entirely different sources.
>> No. 45941 edit
File 133404048892.png - (91.16KB , 201x377 , Misha consider the following.png )
Somehow I don't think that is what was meant~
>> No. 45942 edit
File 129617170897.png - (15.61KB , 217x157 , kanonheh_ib4f.png )
>> No. 45943 edit
File 133134979817.jpg - (276.93KB , 700x893 , touhou_cirno_tobi.jpg )
Good luck on EGEL ne!
>> No. 45944 edit
Yes, because clearly I want all seacats who I either slightly dislike or not get along with very well over the internet, to die.
>> No. 45945 edit
File 130140615938.png - (139.54KB , 600x800 , discardedtarou.png )
How could you?
>> No. 45946 edit
File 133133950632.jpg - (59.03KB , 504x636 , homu043.jpg )
Could have fooled me.
>> No. 45947 edit
File 132841121830.jpg - (844.59KB , 800x1284 , andyousaythatwhy.jpg )
For some reason I feel like the "moe" voice actors on the internet are all sluts.
>> No. 45948 edit

That's because they are.
>> No. 45949 edit
File 129607519865.png - (30.13KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea3.png )
Well sorry if I offended you, I was still a bit nervous because of the test.
>> No. 45950 edit
File 133643792615.png - (30.97KB , 271x310 , 1336291610247.png )
Lambda, don't go saying things of Hidei and look up oddly if rudeness is a result of that.

Hidei, stop reacting to it every single time.

Everyone, play nice.
>> No. 45951 edit
File 129598436977.png - (58.56KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana1.png )
You surely are posting that picture a lot.
>> No. 45952 edit
File 132837733351.gif - (745.11KB , 500x412 , youre_supposed_to_say_hi_okay.gif )
>> No. 45953 edit
File 133739563545.jpg - (574.97KB , 800x1129 , 26880674.jpg )
What can I say, Red was my childhood hero.
>> No. 45954 edit
File 129598166770.png - (59.23KB , 330x443 , kan_komarua1.png )
Red is pretty cool. Green is a slut. And Yellow is moe.
Don't be silly, girls can't do that to other girls.
>> No. 45955 edit
I can't help it, nostalgia touring. Someone played me Shaggy's "Wasn't Me", now I've been drinking to old 90s music.
>> No. 45956 edit
LISTENING to, I'm not drinking!
>> No. 45957 edit
File 129632666344.png - (13.95KB , 217x157 , kanonheh.png )
Must resist
the urge
to call
>> No. 45958 edit
File 132847315486.png - (231.61KB , 900x563 , autismchen.png )
I will fuck you all in the neck.
>> No. 45959 edit
File 133739642065.png - (556.95KB , 1688x1200 , I wish I was her.png )
Same thing I do with all lewd images.
>> No. 45960 edit
Drunk escaparades are bad, give me all your alcohol ok.
That one never fails to crack me up a bit.
>> No. 45961 edit
File 133261438252.png - (91.40KB , 338x516 , 1332580904250.png )
I dunno, you seem kinda drunk to me~ Why are you doing things like posting lewd images around here~? And telling us to play nice at the same time~?
>> No. 45962 edit
File 131819222982.jpg - (67.41KB , 850x637 , er.jpg )
I like you. I'd hate to kill you.
>> No. 45963 edit
File 129625508341.png - (39.18KB , 217x218 , kanonderp.png )
Posting lewd things is playing nice ok.
But I wouldn't ... oh well you know the rest.
>> No. 45964 edit
File 133739728544.png - (228.69KB , 429x424 , 26774752.png )
Geez it's in a respectable magazine that's not porn. It's not even a porn manga I posted that from!

I'm not listen at all.
>> No. 45965 edit
File 133514256169.jpg - (46.80KB , 259x215 , chendisapproves.jpg )
Submit! You have already lost.
>> No. 45966 edit
File 130860326146.png - (120.03KB , 291x478 , kanon_iscrying copy.png )
>I'm not listen

Wait, on a more serious matter:
>Jackie Chan is retiring
>"This will be my last big action movie."
>> No. 45967 edit
File 133739774061.jpg - (267.01KB , 700x1081 , img000006 (1).jpg )
OK, maybe a little.
>> No. 45968 edit
File 132865886378.png - (26.19KB , 150x147 , chenhasseensomeshit.png )
Such unrefined style.
>> No. 45969 edit
File 133402054867.png - (45.83KB , 300x300 , misha misha misha.png )
I'm getting a lot of mixed messages here, wahaha~ What kind of respectable magazine prints that~?
>> No. 45970 edit
Comic Valkyrie
>> No. 45971 edit
Comic Valkyrie
>> No. 45972 edit
File 133339079639.png - (589.95KB , 638x481 , behonest.png )
Insolent peasants!
>> No. 45973 edit
File 133739948519.jpg - (168.01KB , 1920x1080 , [EveTaku] A Channel +smile - 01 (BDRip 1080p H_264.jpg )
>> No. 45974 edit
Hey guys, limbo needs some love.
>> No. 45975 edit
currently dead to the world until further notice k bye
>> No. 45976 edit
are you okay?
>> No. 45977 edit
I am deathly ill
>> No. 45978 edit
take care then
>> No. 45979 edit
File 133693972236.jpg - (233.83KB , 575x1025 , 1336905566368.jpg )
Level 60 finallyyy!
>> No. 45980 edit
File 133744114852.png - (158.25KB , 334x368 , love_eu.png )
>> No. 45981 edit
File 130464690455.jpg - (162.90KB , 901x1038 , 15174054.jpg )
>> No. 45982 edit
File 132839347175.jpg - (362.20KB , 800x800 , i_don\'t_understand.jpg )
Who the hell designed these controls!? It takes 5 years for me to attack something correctly!
>> No. 45983 edit
File 13374479915.png - (191.21KB , 330x600 , 1337029924980.png )
Get well then~
>> No. 45984 edit
File 130503148448.jpg - (153.83KB , 500x575 , 17502838.jpg )
That's not Misha.
>> No. 45985 edit
File 133130788843.jpg - (112.17KB , 1366x768 , homu033.jpg )
>> No. 45986 edit
File 133668062167.jpg - (184.27KB , 1397x1000 , f7035738ed5455a5aa785f66c0e29d42.jpg )
>> No. 45987 edit
>> No. 45988 edit
>> No. 45989 edit
>> No. 45990 edit
File 133718868285.png - (146.32KB , 379x506 , misha chibi.png )
Oooh, so there IS a reward for not changing your skills around constantly~!
>> No. 45991 edit
File 133739728544.png - (228.69KB , 429x424 , 26774752.png )
I'm so confused; my heart's bruised. Was I ever loved by you?
>> No. 45992 edit
File 133135336384.jpg - (90.76KB , 600x600 , coy.jpg )
That's a secret.
>> No. 45994 edit
File 129789650251.png - (14.11KB , 200x200 , saku_fancy.png )
>> No. 45995 edit
File 133746754650.png - (358.31KB , 835x1200 , img000026.png )
>> No. 45996 edit
That's positively adorable.
>> No. 45998 edit
File 133233270886.jpg - (15.18KB , 258x186 , areyousure.jpg )
>> No. 45999 edit
So my paladin in friend in our first official session found out the horrors of minions that constantly got good rolls and I killed a super babby dragon and said paladin got covered piss (from a jar of piss) and bees (from our druid's power which targets allies.)
>> No. 46001 edit
>> No. 46003 edit
File 133751931975.jpg - (824.45KB , 2500x1732 , 1337481137424.jpg )
New version
>> No. 46004 edit
File 132865886378.png - (26.19KB , 150x147 , chenhasseensomeshit.png )
Why did they call Uranus , Uranus?
>> No. 46005 edit
File 13375290409.png - (286.61KB , 429x450 , 1252802733157.png )
>> No. 46006 edit
File 133753562457.jpg - (105.09KB , 1005x565 , 1319237234136.jpg )

Wait, Noriko's VA is Noriko!?


For the jokes.


Maiya didn't have a mana link to Saber, so it wouldn't have done anything.
>> No. 46007 edit
File 13330794746.png - (18.51KB , 300x300 , exploitable.png )
That makes no sense~ It worked in kid-Shirou, didn't it~?
>> No. 46008 edit
File 129626566459.png - (6.59KB , 217x157 , georgeheh.png )

It can be argued that Shirou's injuries weren't as severe as Maiya's, considering that she was attacked by a servant. Even so, Shirou did also need a lengthy stay in a hospital to fully recover.
>> No. 46009 edit
File 133753928294.jpg - (22.69KB , 239x230 , too soft.jpg )
You're arguing two different points here. Either Shirou's injuries were not severe, and he wouldn't have required a stay in the hospital (but he did, so that doesn't work), or they were significantly more severe because he did require a stay (which makes a lot more sense but just proves Kiritsugu was an idiot).

I'm not buying it. Shirou was healed before Saber was even summoned from being stabbed through the heart by Lancer (though I guess you can argue that Shirou had a connection to the Grail already at that point since he had a command seal, but that seems weak as Saber was not present at all)~

And Maiya could not have been hurt that badly, considering that she survived the wounds for a very long time~

Face it, Kiritsugu/the writers just didn't think of it~ Your excuses are extremely weak~
>> No. 46010 edit
just finished reading Fate/zero~

and Kiritsugu get served in the end~
>> No. 46011 edit
File 133753996162.png - (28.64KB , 405x381 , 1321752031216.png )

The point was that Avalon was so ineffective that even with Shirou's level of injury, which was less severe than Maiya's, he still required a long hospital stay to recover. Maiya would probably have died even with Avalon.

Shirou was healed by Rin when he got stabbed by Lancer, if you would recall.

Maiya being subjected to those wounds for so long could in turn have been the reason why Avalon wouldn't have worked. Generally if you don't treat injured people they get weaker or die, you know.
>> No. 46012 edit
File 133754023086.jpg - (7.61KB , 160x314 , 1335629847563.jpg )
Your explanations still aren't working, because Shirou's body survived a flawed method of spellcasting that should have killed or crippled him several times over because of Avalon~ I refuse to believe that the effect was significantly weaker, considering it allowed him to survive being stabbed through the heart (which is far greater a wound than either kid-Shirou's or Maiyas) long enough for Rin to heal him~

And the point is, Kiritsugu didn't even try~ There's no way he could have known for sure it would not have worked! By all accounts, it should have worked, so stop trying to make excuses~
>> No. 46013 edit
File 129660044670.png - (28.59KB , 110x199 , georgeclosedsmile.png )

Shirou's method of spellcasting is only deadly upon failure. Moreover, if he did fail it had a 100% chance of killing him, and Avalon would do nothing to change that.

With the time it takes for brain death to occur taken into account, Rin's replacing of Shirou' heart was done sufficiently soon to revive him. She did find him only a couple of minutes later, after all. It's entirely possible that he was physically dead for a short period of time, but resuscitation given a healthy body isn't strange at all.

If Kiritsugu didn't try, we can assume he knew it was because it wouldn't have worked, and moreover by no accounts would it have any reason to work. He could even have determined that she had lost enough blood that she'd die before he could transplant it.

It's ridiculous to attribute this kind of thing to an oversight in writing if there's any logic behind why it didn't happen.
>> No. 46014 edit
File 13310770553.png - (21.74KB , 185x186 , chen is in da house.png )
Whenever someone uses the word "honey" , "dearie" or "darling in that way , I automatically think of them of a person not worth anyone's time or love.

That might be a problem , but I'm probably right , ne.
>> No. 46015 edit
File 133382535522.png - (218.49KB , 374x530 , 1332772459928.png )
When the "logic" is so full of holes, I believe it is~

Rin did take several minutes to find Shirou, and even then she paused for some time before actually setting out to heal him~ A weaker magic would not have kept him alive that long, not with the massive shock to the system he surely would have suffered~ I don't think he was physically dead either, because Rin could tell he was still alive when she began to use the magic~

Besides, Nasu's universe is so... out there, I would not be surprised at all if there was a slip-up here and there~ It's probably not the first contradiction within his universe~

And yes, I do not see any evidence to support the fact that Kiritsugu would have known that it wouldn't work. Circular logic, aka "he didn't try it because he knew it wouldn't work" doesn't count, we should have been given a clear reason~
>> No. 46016 edit
File 133351721150.jpg - (46.55KB , 420x559 , 1333479353020.jpg )
No, that's stupid and you're stupid~
>> No. 46017 edit
File 132574246728.png - (532.48KB , 691x889 , 1325467125735.png )
>> No. 46018 edit
File 133258173156.png - (141.17KB , 1000x1000 , Misha fit.png )
Sorry, you don't get to ;_; after you just called a good number of people I know and love "unworthy of time or love"~
>> No. 46019 edit
File 13353002046.gif - (7.50KB , 200x200 , hinaface.gif )
I have a feeling that you didn't know what I meant , ne.
>> No. 46020 edit
File 132711858246.png - (209.42KB , 463x600 , misha_perky_confused_cas_close.png )
Your statement was pretty straight-forward, I don't see many ways it could be misinterpreted~
>> No. 46021 edit
File 132185183389.gif - (19.49KB , 80x80 , spinchen.gif )
For me , a lot!

For you , I don't know!
>> No. 46022 edit
File 13269545908.png - (145.86KB , 307x600 , misha_sign_confused_cas.png )
>Jeweler upgrades 3 flawed gems into 1 perfect gem for 2000 gold + 1 jewelcrafting page
>Check auction house, most perfect gems are like 100-1500 gold (rubies are most expensive at 1500~1600, rest are about a third of that)

Um... so basically, I shouldn't upgrade my gems ever~?
>> No. 46023 edit
File 129615032665.png - (7.55KB , 124x105 , georgenyuu.png )

>After she gives it to Kiritsugu, he implants in a dying Shirou at the end of the war to save his life by using the lingering prana left within it, and it has remained within him ever since that day.

It kept Shirou alive because it had leftover prana from Saber.

>Avalon’s power won't work if Saber's not connected to it. It's a different story during the Grail War, but all it does when Saber isn't around is make Shirou's magic attribute into "sword".

Avalon had no effect whatsoever in keeping Shirou alive after that point. Your conjecture about it keeping him alive before Rin found him is entirely unfounded, and moreover you shouldn't be able to comment on how strong a magic you'd need to keep him alive in that duration. For all you know, his body's own mana helped him stay alive.

>When he had truly started treating Hisau Maiya as his assistant, Kiritsugu had put a spell on a strand of her hair and embedded it in the subcutaneous tissue of his little finger. At the same time, Maiya had also embedded a strand of Kiritsugu’s hair in her finger. If the Magic Circuits of one of them entered a state of extreme stagnation—the stage at which one's life force was weak on the verge of impasse with death—the strand of hair given to the other person would burn, warning the other and notifying them of the existence of danger.

>Emiya Kiritsugu was very sensitive to the scent of Death. Perhaps it was because he had witnessed the deaths of others countless times. Death could not be seen, nor could it be heard. Nonetheless, he could still sense the silent descent of something unknown at the moment when life was waiting to disappear from the corporal body. The times when he felt the ‘joy’ of that thing were definitely times when he must watch, helplessly, someone else’s final moments, with their lives already beyond saving. Therefore, Kiritsugu felt despair and gave up the moment he stood in the silent underground storage. He would definitely be witnessing someone else’s death again at this place.

Kiritsugu was aware of Maiya's condition, and knew it was too late to save her. He didn't try because he knew it wouldn't work, yes.
>> No. 46024 edit
File 131819274939.gif - (45.43KB , 80x80 , dancing_chen.gif )
I have a feeling that I need to attach a 6 paragraph long explanation to my previous post so no one would get the wrong idea but I'm too lazy so ;_; to me and everyone else who would take it wrong and go like "wat why would you think that" and then I would be like "bcuz etc." and then they would be like "o ok" and I would be like "wat ok" and then we're both like "ok".
>> No. 46025 edit
File 132764247826.png - (187.52KB , 463x600 , misha_cross_frown_close.png )
Those two paragraphs you included don't include anything about mystic artifacts that protect one from death~

Also, how is this conjecture? We KNOW that Saber doesn't need to be present for it to work, nor is a mana link needed. Kiritsugu specifically USED it for that purpose to save the dying kid-Shirou, as I already stated~ YOU are the one who is using conjecture, in defiance of evidence, that Avalon can't work without a link to Saber~ My basis that Shirou could not have survived that without Avalon is because HIS HEART WAS DESTROYED~ Any reasonable person would know that that kind of wound is typically an instant death~

Besides, if the "lingering prana from Saber" was enough to save kid-Shirou, then it sure as hell could have saved Maiya, given that Saber was still present at the time, so I think you just defeated yourself by bringing up that point~

So yes, there are still plenty of holes~
>> No. 46026 edit
File 132700703671.png - (186.53KB , 463x600 , misha_cross_grin_close.png )
I don't think there's any amount of explanation that could justify deeming people unworthy of time or love simply for using pet names~
>> No. 46027 edit
Do you really want the answer? It's a bit of a spoiler.
>> No. 46028 edit
File 133754433798.gif - (72.29KB , 500x265 , smokejesuseveryday.gif )
I could explain it by smoking weed , just like Snoop Dogg does.

Want me to demonstrate?
>> No. 46029 edit
File 132703640426.png - (217.96KB , 463x600 , misha_hips_grin_close.png )
You don't need to bother, I already know the answer is a writing error~
>> No. 46030 edit
>> No. 46031 edit
File 132837733351.gif - (745.11KB , 500x412 , youre_supposed_to_say_hi_okay.gif )
This explains everything.
>> No. 46032 edit
File 129721583385.jpg - (24.18KB , 162x159 , georgeserious.jpg )

Those two paragraphs precede the scene where Maiya dies, and provide a reason why Kiritsugu wouldn't try to save her.

We do know that
>Avalon’s power won't work if Saber's not connected to it. It's a different story during the Grail War, but all it does when Saber isn't around is make Shirou's magic attribute into "sword".
>Avalon’s power won't work if Saber's not connected to it.
>Avalon’s power won't work if Saber's not connected to it.
Since that was said by Nasu directly. It still had some of Saber's power when it was used to help Shirou, since she died only very recently before that. By the way, Saber also needs to be nearby for Avalon to work properly, and she wasn't. Unlike in the case with Maiya, she did die nearby Avalon before it was implanted into Shirou, which may have had an effect.

Shirou's barely-survival had nothing to do with Avalon, and he would have died extremely soon afterwards if not for Rin's timely intervention. Magi are slightly harder to kill than normal humans, so his extended survival isn't impossible.

In fact, Shirou was wounded before Fate, to the point where Sakura had to come and help him out around the house. If Avalon had been in effect, one would assume that it would have healed that, rather than conveniently saving all of its power for a 'serious' injury.

To recap, the main idea is that Avalon only works if Saber's prana is present. Every example of its use or lack of use can be attributed to this.

1. Healed Iri in the forest after stabbed by Kotomine. Only actually healed her when Saber came to retrieve her.

2. Kept Iri capable of human action after she had taken in servants. Saber constantly in close proximity.

3. Was not used on Maiya. Kiritsugu had in possession for a long period of time away from Saber, and Saber was not present.

4. Was used on Shirou. Saber had very recently been in close proximity, so prana lingered in it.

5. Was not used when Shirou was stabbed. Saber wasn't even summoned, it was entirely impossible for it to have an effect.
>> No. 46033 edit
Kiritsugu didn't know it could heal fatal wounds, that's all there is to it. You're overthinking things.

Since it had been sealed inside Kiritsugu’s body, who was Saber’s authentic Master, the sheath could obtain prana from Saber and exert its effect in full according to the contract.

Although Kiritsugu understood its ability, he had never confirmed it with his own eyes. Therefore, he did not expect the sheath to be able to heal fatal injuries.

>> No. 46034 edit
File 12972037549.png - (24.73KB , 238x173 , georgeexcite.png )

Well, that works too. It's consistent with the idea that Kiritsugu didn't try because he thought she couldn't be saved as well.
>> No. 46035 edit
File 132701473527.png - (219.19KB , 463x600 , misha_sign_smile_close.png )
>5. Was not used when Shirou was stabbed. Saber wasn't even summoned, it was entirely impossible for it to have an effect.

I don't really buy this, as it was strongly hinted at in Fate that he had external forces helping him out. Rin noted several odd things about the fact that Shirou was still alive at the time of the wound (lack of blood, still breathing, no instant death), and if it was just because he was a magi, she should've thought of that first (or at least had an ah-ha moment related to it later, when she discovers he is a magus). I just CRTL'd Fate up to that point to be sure I was remembering the text right, but yes, I am reasonably sure of the facts here~

Even if Nasu says it can't work without a link to Saber, then at the very least, I'd say that due to the command seal and the fact that the Grail War had begun that Shirou already had a link via the Grail~

>3. Was not used on Maiya. Kiritsugu had in possession for a long period of time away from Saber, and Saber was not present.

Define "long time." It was, like, the same day, right~ I still don't believe that Avalon could not have been used to save her~
>> No. 46036 edit
File 132703640426.png - (217.96KB , 463x600 , misha_hips_grin_close.png )
And now we're back to my "he didn't even try" part~
>And the point is, Kiritsugu didn't even try~ There's no way he could have known for sure it would not have worked! By all accounts, it should have worked, so stop trying to make excuses~
>> No. 46037 edit
You're right, he didn't try. But your question was "why didn't Kiritsugu give Avalon to Maiya" and I answered that.
>> No. 46038 edit
File 133005883388.png - (208.89KB , 463x600 , misha_perky_smile_close.png )
And thus my opinion that he is incompetent remains~
>> No. 46039 edit
>> No. 46040 edit
File 133754976676.jpg - (2.31MB , 3974x750 , trpg-arte_do_escudo.jpg )
>Dislikes Fate series, so doesn't care about Kiritsugu issues

Anyway, I'm sending a image with gods and NPCs from a campaign setting known in Brazil as "Tormenta" (Torment).

"Tormenta" is the campaign setting most known in my country. It was created in 1999 in the pages of "Dragão Brasil" magazine and became pretty popular.

It was a nice campaign setting years ago, now it became more close from a Forgotten Realms clone. Sad.
>> No. 46041 edit
File 133755052682.jpg - (97.89KB , 510x325 , max-payne-3-9_510.jpg )
Hey, do BR police have armor that can take like 10 bullets and they'll still get up?
>> No. 46042 edit
File 129626327419.png - (84.95KB , 291x478 , kan_fumana3.png )
Oh boy, I can't look at sunday seacats without watching Fate/Zero first, can I? Well it wasn't such a terrible spoiler, anyways:

>And Maiya could not have been hurt that badly, considering that she survived the wounds for a very long time~
As soon Kirisugi told her "your task is over" she died, so one could say she was alive barely out of strenght of will. Her injuries were quite bad. And for the second point;

Irisviel just gave it to Kiritsugi, and she's quite weak, she wants Kiritsugi to win pretty badly. Giving Avalon to Maiya would probably mean no Avalon for the rest of the war. A cold decision, but not "lol incompetent".
>> No. 46043 edit
My my from now things will be interesting~
>> No. 46044 edit
File 132701473527.png - (219.19KB , 463x600 , misha_sign_smile_close.png )
>Giving Avalon to Maiya would probably mean no Avalon for the rest of the war.
Probably not true, Irisviel healed fairly quickly with Avalon's effects~ Presumably the only reason kid-Shirou was under for so long was because Saber wasn't around to provide additional mana~

Look, cake already said the reason given in the story, and all it means is that Kiritsugu didn't even think to try giving Avalon to Maiya because he didn't think it could heal fatal injuries~ Now, why he didn't consider that a legendary magical artifact that protects people from death might allow for the healing of fatal wounds is anyone's guess~
>> No. 46045 edit
File 129599641767.png - (85.73KB , 291x478 , kan_komarua134.png )
Pretty fast, with Saber near of course. And considering Irisvel just got kidnaped that would be until they finish this fight. And if I remember correctly Kiritsugi was trying to hide the fact they have Avalon with them.

The reason in the story sounds bad, though.
>> No. 46046 edit
File 13270368212.png - (218.84KB , 463x600 , misha_hips_smile_close.png )
Well, Avalon was completely charged with mana because Kiritsugu was holding it as the contract bearer~ It should not have been a problem to use its healing on Maiya~
>> No. 46047 edit
File 129608944790.jpg - (40.44KB , 249x259 , georgebright.jpg )

To be fair, the legendary Avalon only had the ability to stop bleeding.
>> No. 46048 edit
File 132339060878.png - (832B , 62x67 , Lion.png )
Also, Even if Kiritsugu wanted to give Avalon to Maiya, I am pretty sure she would have refused and would have accepted her death.
>> No. 46049 edit
File 132703925229.png - (219.83KB , 463x600 , misha_hips_laugh_close.png )
I don't think Alexander the Great rode around on a flying chariot either, but it happened right before his eyes~

That'd be awfully silly if it happened right after Iri and Maiya discussed her future~
>> No. 46050 edit
File 129599669097.png - (84.80KB , 291x478 , kan_nayamua42.png )
I see, I don´t understand this very much. I would still have been weird to be like "Oh you´re healed? Give it back".
Or a island, or a place, or something.
I though of that too, but he could have probably forced it anyways.
But talking about your future it´s the worse dead flag ever!
>> No. 46051 edit
well, she was prepared for her death, Rin,so its still a possibility.
>> No. 46052 edit
File 132585902374.jpg - (12.34KB , 124x105 , georgedyuu.jpg )

Unlike Avalon healing, yes.
>> No. 46053 edit
File 132865886378.png - (26.19KB , 150x147 , chenhasseensomeshit.png )
Summer is coming. . .

Are you afraid?
>> No. 46054 edit
I am not going to be here starting June and for two months
So I am not afraid of 13-years-old
>> No. 46055 edit
File 129634293791.jpg - (51.18KB , 222x200 , dooooom.jpg )
I'm not afraid of summer. Summer is afraid of me.
>> No. 46056 edit
Summer is already here, really!
>> No. 46057 edit
Anon, its always summer where you live~
>> No. 46058 edit
File 129616752225.png - (47.54KB , 330x443 , dealwithit.png )
43 C degrees or so today.
Also, are you guys seeing the eclipse? I wish my shades were a bit darker.
>> No. 46060 edit
File 13375631116.gif - (2.43MB , 270x270 , outof100nobles99wereimpressed.gif )
gotta make haste
>> No. 46061 edit
File 133756413257.jpg - (10.27KB , 300x250 , the riddler.jpg )
>> No. 46062 edit
File 13375646212.jpg - (195.06KB , 800x600 , vivi.jpg )
I remember playing that part a lot.
>> No. 46063 edit
File 133756510841.jpg - (149.79KB , 407x493 , 1335275648862.jpg )
>jump rope
>> No. 46064 edit
File 132156649568.jpg - (76.51KB , 453x435 , bored.jpg )
I will find him.

I will find him, and make him pay.
>> No. 46065 edit
I don't know about thar armour, but our BR urban troops are so terrifying as the bandits.

Like BOPE ("Battalion of Special Operations"), who is extremely vicious against bandits AND civilians.

A movie called "Tropa de Elite" (The Elite Squad), shows a bit of their violence.


South Hemisphere. The Winter is coming, Lord Stark.
>> No. 46066 edit
File 131819222982.jpg - (67.41KB , 850x637 , er.jpg )
Love as large as brontosaurus
Passion like a bleeding walrus
Our love is real it's no mirage
Want to lock you in my garage

Climb upon my trusty steed
Later you will taste my seed
This heart of mine is yours to capture
From now until velocirapture
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