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Nostalgia and streams general. And general general general.

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File 134147161443.png - (174.91KB , 700x691 , eiffel.png )
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“As soon as men decide that all means are permitted to fight an evil, then their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil that they set out to destroy.”
– Christopher Dawson
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>> No. 50000 edit
answer the question
>> No. 50001 edit
Why are you still playing that terrible game? Stop it, just stop.
>> No. 50002 edit
File 134086162236.jpg - (398.25KB , 800x650 , 3548429d6f11d3a0e8f8a355793a92c96756f65b.jpg )
Piss off. I playing with my friends in that game. Don't get in my business. Unless . . . you want some of this~?

Who are you again? Hide?
>> No. 50003 edit
File 130991736199.jpg - (33.80KB , 340x207 , 144.jpg )
Well, probably. That also falls into my interpretation of the "boxes" entrapping us and defining who we are. No one can escape fate, not even him. Even though he felt he was "chosen" by fate to end the world he hated so much~

G-Geeze, don't be so angry!

>post 50000
Such a great occasion this is.
>> No. 50004 edit
No, seriously, just stop it.
>> No. 50005 edit
>> No. 50006 edit
File 134120934581.png - (298.33KB , 695x850 , canada day.png )
's okay, I was just worried about something~ Things are okay again now though~
>> No. 50007 edit
As expected of someone like you.
>> No. 50008 edit
>> No. 50009 edit
File 132394626119.jpg - (43.04KB , 256x330 , 205.jpg )
Well I'm glad everything is alright then~
>> No. 50010 edit
File 132579645530.png - (74.58KB , 244x267 , ange_hmm_0_ib4f.png )
I thought you'd say just that. I guess it doesn't take much foresight.

I am done with IM. And I am done with email, too. I don't intend to connect with people very personally again. Thus marks the end of our fellowship. There is no more Friend-kun, since that is Piece-Battler's friend, and there's no such thing. And if I am such a despicable person, there is no reason to chase after me and berate me for ending any friendship, since there are better people to be friends with.

After all, the Erika incident was never trolling.
>> No. 50011 edit
fyi it's more reprehensible to post on a place like this than it is to continue the friendship you've fostered for a while now over IM

but whatever floats your boat captain it's your life

you could have at least told him though
>> No. 50012 edit
File 134081946625.jpg - (65.88KB , 556x625 , 241560f2d14970881a7bb2dff746d00f.jpg )
Are you just jelly that I bought Belphe and I 10 dollars worth of in game currency while I didn't buy you any? That's silly.
>> No. 50013 edit
Who? What?
>> No. 50014 edit
File 134156047539.png - (736.49KB , 2400x1600 , 4603144.png )
I didn't intend to post here again, either. I didn't for a while. But it's much easier.

Telling that would be impossible. I could only practically show it with my actions.

Like I said, it's not a bad thing to lose a bad friend. So you shouldn't despise me for that.
>> No. 50015 edit
File 134082732879.jpg - (415.14KB , 600x812 , 34c33a2f7529c8ae873d22ae6c1f18f1.jpg )
I guess it isn't you then. Or are you trying to trick me!? That's what you're doing! TRICKERY! I CAN SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU!
>> No. 50016 edit
What are you talking about?
>> No. 50017 edit
File 132153622024.jpg - (29.10KB , 230x243 , 694.jpg )
Well this thread sure got weird really fast.
>> No. 50019 edit
whatever you say

i hope you have enjoyed this sojourn of mine
>> No. 50020 edit
File 134145930446.png - (71.93KB , 237x266 , ange_expressionless_1_ib4f.png )
I didn't enjoy it. It seems the only reason you come here anymore is to yell at someone for one reason or another.
>> No. 50021 edit

. . .BELPHE!
>> No. 50022 edit
File 132195914734.jpg - (46.92KB , 300x265 , 427.jpg )
...T-That wasn't me!
>> No. 50023 edit
why else would i come here

how was your day piece
>> No. 50024 edit
Yes it was.
>> No. 50025 edit
File 134084205391.jpg - (162.19KB , 806x1056 , ff9a42d2ac07400cb578b59a253e2455.jpg )
>> No. 50026 edit
File 132146109031.jpg - (48.84KB , 300x266 , 409.jpg )
You be quiet, imposter-kun!

Maybe?! I don't know for sure, I don't have the eyes~
>> No. 50027 edit
You're a Hide.

But I'm the real Belphe.
>> No. 50028 edit
File 134156147194.png - (75.21KB , 207x236 , ange_headshot_2_ib4f.png )
>> No. 50029 edit
k1 were

wpoulsd b mr intrst w/ anreter fageot
>> No. 50030 edit
reaction images are just as cancerous as the motivationals you claim to loathe

okay since we're not getting anywhere anymore i'll take my leave now
>> No. 50031 edit
File 134156174011.png - (204.46KB , 627x352 , 1257463968880.png )
Then so will I. I'm not in the mood for posting anymore.
>> No. 50032 edit
File 132187371746.jpg - (42.46KB , 300x321 , 890.jpg )
Good night then you two~
>> No. 50033 edit
File 133963013472.png - (234.64KB , 525x459 , 1339612361770.png )
Wow, what crawled up you and died~? Somehow I think we should be using you for the "No fun allowed" avatar now~
>> No. 50034 edit
what is this nonsense
>> No. 50035 edit
File 132161919949.jpg - (49.28KB , 340x377 , 131.jpg )
Old lovers reunited by the ploy of a terrible demon and his lying underling~
>> No. 50036 edit
File 13415649607.jpg - (39.89KB , 376x500 , 1335394752678.jpg )
>> No. 50037 edit
wwel gwez who :pieced im n uer ceral pomg grumphty
pqa nnti3es
>> No. 50038 edit
File 134156656470.jpg - (405.61KB , 600x600 , 1341552437221.jpg )
>> No. 50039 edit
i cant sleeph welp mde
>> No. 50040 edit
im steam boobiemonster wifu games
>> No. 50041 edit

-The Crawling Chaos Nyarlathotep
>> No. 50042 edit
DOGDAYS` tomorrow, eye'm happy.
>> No. 50044 edit
File 129616585795.png - (104.66KB , 180x513 , 130604708917.png )
Wow did something bad happen?
Since everyone stopped posting with their damn names I don't know what's happened... or who's who anymore...
Fighting with someone on a message board doesn't help anyone... Neither does speaking to each other like that.
We're all at least teenagers here, I think we can not be so childish and fight one another.
I used to really like this board because we were fairly laid back but since I've left it seems like you guys are becoming inflexible and just unhappier in general...

You're slowly turning in /a/ and /jp/ which is more or less a board of bitter upset people, which I really don't wanna see...

Can we please break the image board standard, post with a damn nametag, and actually try to speak like there is a person receiving the message on the other end.
>> No. 50046 edit
File 134158109728.png - (404.28KB , 500x524 , 134143181813.png )
">He is short, a little bit above his weight

How I hate fags that like fat guys. God gave you the gift of feeling sexual attraction for men. The man, the perfect creature, created in the image and likeness of God, while bithces are nothing more than remains of a rib. The man's anatomy is so beauty and perfect that is in tune with the whole Universe. There is nothing more pure than a man that takes care of his body and has all his muscles in a divine porpotion.
You, your son of a bitch, mocks of this divine gift given to you, wasting it adoring a misshapen body full of carbohydrates and estrogen"
- Anonymous
>> No. 50047 edit
Also: Everything popular is wrong - Oscar Wilde
Personal favorite quote.
Followed by:
I want to know how God created this world. I'm not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know His thoughts; the rest are details.
- Albert Einstein
>> No. 50048 edit
I really don't know what to say about it, Kake-san. I'm sorry.

>Everything popular is wrong - Oscar Wilde

Oh, God. So hipster.

Also, hi, Kake-san. How are you today?
>> No. 50049 edit
File 134158437917.png - (137.48KB , 814x1200 , img000019 (2).png )
To be fair Piece is acting like a sociopath there.
>> No. 50051 edit
File 133997819434.jpg - (51.71KB , 704x396 , snapshot20070621220228.jpg )
It seems to be a rude time for everyone I think.
I guess it makes peoples act more like conceited pricks and shelter themselves out of any kind of positive communications.
It seems to have to do with something that happened apparently, but a newfag like me can't understand that ~

I agree wholeheartedly with you about the names though, I can't tell who is goddamn who without it. And again there seems to be persons impersonating others, just to render the whole thing more confusing.

Sigh... Is my power level too low for that place ? I had fun with some peoples some of the time here, but the other half it just is some kind of spewing inferno of despair.

Well I should probably stop thinking about it and not caring, like I always do.
I'll get a headache otherwise ~
>> No. 50052 edit
File 134092778780.jpg - (176.17KB , 800x960 , cdaa0fb27809bd68d644fa0eb7424703.jpg )
Wait , what? I just had this horrible dream that I couldn't sleep.
>> No. 50053 edit
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