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File 134252482934.png - (51.01KB , 367x320 , 1333861473701.png )
51859 No. 51859 edit
They can be so troublesome sometimes, can they not? But then, they're not so easy to abandon, because they make us what we are.
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>> No. 51864 edit
File 133643792615.png - (30.97KB , 271x310 , 1336291610247.png )
Stop pining for us to "accept" and "forgive" you. That's a natural part of being a member of this community.

> If I say that I'm leaving, which is what you think I'm only doing for attention, then that perception acts as a buffer to keep me away. Because I don't want to come back after making that fuss. It makes me look silly, and apparently allows people to form views of me like the one you hold.
If you truly want to leave you don't need a "buffer"; That's just acting tsun.
>> No. 51866 edit
File 134118214680.png - (168.25KB , 857x318 , comments.png )
Of course, someone who's John-level is reliable, insightful, keen and capable.
>> No. 51867 edit
File 133291332638.jpg - (131.95KB , 600x399 , 1223944131550.jpg )
That's just overly simplifying things.

Can you be rich just by wanting to be? Can you study just because you want to pass? Or work hard just towards your dream because you truly want to achieve it? It's easy to say yes to all of these as long as you `truly' want them, but that's just being callous towards what you know it is to be human. Your short-term actions often conflict with your long-term goals. You do things on impulse that you regret, that you told yourself before you'd never do again, but you don't seem to care at that moment in time.

I always regret every day I post here.
>> No. 51868 edit
File 134252540686.png - (25.72KB , 216x274 , painful to watch.png )
Contradictory feelings, what a sweet taste. Why did you talk to someone anyway? Recordings do exist, and that's total illusion breaking. In fact, I've kept more of the illusion than you have.

Even if I could do something I wouldn't. Not until the opportune moment. And Meta? He's an idiot. He's not halfway as interesting as he thinks, and only petty people are drawn to his fake charisma~
>> No. 51869 edit
File 133913840862.jpg - (42.68KB , 500x500 , 26886308_p1.jpg )
That's just trying to sidetrack. You can become a part of the community by acting as one instead of hopelessly relying on approval to be one. Communities don't often dispute your claim if you act as one of them unless you're totally unlike them (you're not).

In any case, you're clearly not interested in what I have to say. Do as you please.
>> No. 51870 edit
File 13391397439.png - (94.93KB , 480x640 , 17516882.png )
>picking on Meta
Picking on the little kids again, Belphe-nii?
>> No. 51871 edit
File 133291766429.jpg - (91.42KB , 1024x576 , 1242175526475.jpg )
What's 'fake charisma'? I don't think it works that way. He must have a charisma score, and it's not fake.

It's possible recordings don't exist, beyond my own personal stash of them. And those recordings are unnecessary, because I could create more if I wanted to.

I used to talk on ventrilo every day with my old WoW guild friends, until I visited less and less frequently and eventually stopped altogether. I only kept contact with Friend-kun via IM, not vent. One night on /a/, Lambda invited me into a vent with Meta and I obliged Two years later, after ib4f died, I believe, I went to two other vents on different occasions to talk to people who had heard me already - Cake, Meta and Friend-kun.

If any of those three have recordings, they must have gone out of their way to do it in an alternative way. Because I blocked people from recording me through vent.
>> No. 51872 edit
File 134252597344.jpg - (76.50KB , 556x773 , 1245368450746.jpg )
I believe I was making a legitimate point, it's just that it only pertained to the second statement you made in your post. I didn't respond to the first statement at all. Regardless, I don't see what's wrong with wanting to accepted, and don't have much to say beyond that.

>you're clearly not interested in what I have to say.
I could say the same to you if you're just going to hand-wave my post as "trying to sidetrack." Still, I think there's not much to be said by either of us. I've made my case and you've made yours. I just think you're mostly mistaken in your assumptions about me.
>> No. 51873 edit
File 134191800494.jpg - (38.29KB , 704x480 , [gg-TakaJun]_Kara_no_Kyoukai_-_The_Garden_of_Sinne.jpg )
Ah, it's such a shame when I let the bully in me slip. Thanks for always being around to correct me~

I won't talk of it any more, I supposed it'd be rude of me.

So you took all precautions and if anything happened it was beyond you? I can't say it's a total mess up then, but still. Pretty risky for someone like you who is so concerned with privacy and reputation.
>> No. 51874 edit
File 134252622778.jpg - (254.60KB , 600x706 , 26592279.jpg )
That's what I'm here for, Belphe-jii.
>> No. 51875 edit
File 134252635993.jpg - (70.15KB , 528x576 , 1245376208467.jpg )
They were all heat-of-the-moment decisions. I don't like how speaking with someone over voice chat is an entirely different experience to talking with them via text.

There's no cute images to accompany everything, and the sound of their voices gets in the way of your assessment of them. That relates to illusion breaking, of course. And I don't like it.

I think I used to like it, though. It may have been /seacats/ or imageboards in general that poisoned me against the idea. I always had a distaste of how obnoxious people from /a/ sounded when there was some public ventrilo thread. I formed the idea that the communities of those imageboards, and their associated interests, should only ever be discussed in text form anonymously, and in the places appropriate.
>> No. 51876 edit
File 134252636611.jpg - (387.40KB , 1152x1312 , guishen_0353ev090101d2.jpg )
Still waiting on my super awesome grimdark magic story~
>> No. 51877 edit
File 134037510880.jpg - (90.01KB , 480x500 , 26666266.jpg )
It'll take a while, I'm not generally in a mood where everything is terrible and the world is crap.
>> No. 51878 edit
File 134252653440.jpg - (204.78KB , 778x893 , 1237347211800.jpg )
If you've forgotten my age, I don't see why I should remind you. It works to my advantage, that way. Not that it would be hard for you to find out.

I'd be more curious to know how old you think I am.
>> No. 51879 edit
File 134252669668.jpg - (141.76KB , 1120x960 , guishen_0482ev100201b1_.jpg )
That's alright! I don't mind waiting for however long it takes. I-I didn't mean your age though, I was responding to Piece. I wouldn't mind knowing yours too though, seeing as you're a senior member and all~

I never used any talk devices online. But as for the age, I do forget. I think you're a year younger than me or something.
>> No. 51880 edit
File 13329662177.png - (210.83KB , 456x417 , 1245764557397.png )
I always view you as younger than me, but I think that's because I mixed up your age with Satan's.
>> No. 51881 edit
File 13425268634.jpg - (394.81KB , 1152x1312 , guishen_0361ev090102a2.jpg )
See we could end this all right now. Clear up all the confusion, the doubt.

All you have to do is give me your age and I'll clear up everything.
>> No. 51882 edit
File 134252693394.jpg - (210.51KB , 1600x1200 , 1231660168932.jpg )
Nope. I think I've already figured out your age.

And whether you're younger or older, I can't view you as an elder. You don't have that aura about you, unlike Lili here.
>> No. 51883 edit
File 134252708290.jpg - (150.71KB , 1120x672 , guishen_0892ev02ac2.jpg )
Oh really? Even if it's true I won't confirm, but I'm personally curious if you could guess correctly. Even if you don't tell me yours I can always find out through other means.

I don't want to be viewed as an elder anyway. Elders are stuffy, pompous and old. They're not fun and entertaining~
>> No. 51884 edit
File 134252715348.png - (18.04KB , 250x181 , lnofvbCcjx1qc45nxo1_250.png )
I only hate 99% of people. There are a few I can stand, some I find interesting, and others I genuinely like to talk with (these ones are super-rare).

It feels good being praised, but this one feels out of place among the rest...
>> No. 51885 edit
File 134044710773.jpg - (20.32KB , 256x256 , 10132836.jpg )
Let George's age be g and my age be l.

floor(g / 10) + ({x} * 10) = l
>> No. 51886 edit
File 134252725449.jpg - (204.73KB , 735x1000 , 1264786709968.jpg )
It used to be that I was one of the younger /seacats/. But then we had all those 11 year olds join. I wonder if Meta is above the average age now?
>> No. 51887 edit
File 134145086721.jpg - (53.88KB , 300x400 , 626698.jpg )
That's {x} * 100, not 10.
>> No. 51888 edit
File 134252730666.jpg - (136.61KB , 1120x672 , guishen_0996ev02a1.jpg )
Which category do I fall in~?

Dammit Lili, my old nemesis. Time to break out the calculator and wait for piece to post the answer first.
>> No. 51889 edit
File 134252739773.png - (497.24KB , 1064x1600 , img000025 (2).png )
I can make it easier, just tell me your age.
>> No. 51890 edit
File 134252743472.jpg - (28.75KB , 539x393 , 1238468125763.jpg )
I could post the value of both variables, but it's better to leave you guessing. And more importantly, if I give away the ages of others so freely, people would feel justified in doing the same with mine.

Also, I only recall ages by their difference to mine. So I could be a year off depending on the months.
>> No. 51891 edit
File 134252748956.jpg - (289.70KB , 1120x1088 , guishen_0287ev0105e.jpg )
Those eleven year olds came out of nowhere, jesus.

But that would mean giving Piece a victory! Can't you give me an easier math problem~? I don't know how to solve with two unknowns, I'm dumb.
>> No. 51892 edit
File 134252762889.png - (456.95KB , 1100x1600 , img000022 (1).png )
You're really dense. Consider that George may be or may not be 21.

floor( 21 / 10 ) = floor(2.1), and floor refers to the highest whole integer that is lower than the value behind it.

Here, it would be 2.

The fractal part {x} is 0.1, which multiplied by 100 becomes 10, add the value of the floor and you get 12.
>> No. 51893 edit
File 134252768422.jpg - (13.61KB , 245x243 , meeting03a.jpg )
Piece must be 20.

There's not an icecube's chance in hell that Belphe is over 21.

>> No. 51895 edit
File 133291412690.png - (134.92KB , 430x378 , 1247974646827.png )
I can neither confirm nor deny.

Come to think of it, weren't you the same age as Meta?
>> No. 51896 edit
File 134252783548.jpg - (102.46KB , 532x677 , guishen_0251ev0103h700.jpg )
Uhhhhh. So you're....twelve? Riri math is my bane; it's like Gil going up against Shirou. My magic code is weak against maths.

Not an icecube's chance? And just why is that!?
>> No. 51897 edit
File 133739728544.png - (228.69KB , 429x424 , 26774752.png )
As for something more easily solved.

If you add the ages of my eldest sibling and I, the result equals 50. If you double the difference in age between my eldest sibling and I, you have equal my age, and if you triple it you have my eldest sibling's age. My age can be divided by 4 numbers, excluding itself.
>> No. 51898 edit
File 134252797983.jpg - (26.95KB , 343x388 , 1243701300048.jpg )
Is it an icecube's chance in hell or in Antarctica?
>> No. 51899 edit
File 134252802493.jpg - (160.34KB , 969x1119 , guishen_0216ev05b22a.jpg )
........I-I give up. I'm twenty one, John was right. I can't fight against maths in any form.

Now you said you'd tell me yours~
>> No. 51900 edit
File 134252809339.jpg - (28.05KB , 500x312 , 1232176810978.jpg )
Ara. You're younger than I thought, Belphe-chan.
>> No. 51901 edit
File 134252828033.jpg - (296.01KB , 1120x1088 , guishen_0294ev0105b1.jpg )
Please, I know you're even younger than me. I just don't know by how much.

Do I really seem like an old fart?
>> No. 51902 edit
File 134252836055.png - (126.42KB , 502x902 , Piece.png )
Let your age be b and mine be t.

floor( b / 10 ) + ( {x} * 100 ) = v

( v / 2 )^2 / v = t
>> No. 51903 edit
File 13425283792.jpg - (91.99KB , 600x896 , 1324322601260.jpg )
Oh really? I never confirmed John's claim.
>> No. 51904 edit
File 133739728544.png - (228.69KB , 429x424 , 26774752.png )
Last one should be - v, not / v
>> No. 51905 edit
File 132771288695.png - (197.90KB , 441x620 , s043_1aa1aa_000_l.png )
Might've been. I don't really remember, people have always thought me to be older than I am anyway.
Evasive responses like that are generally an indicator that the guess is correct, or damn close.

Factoring in the various possibilities, what little of your personal background that I know, and a small margin of error, the chances of you being 22 or older are abysmally low. Like 4% or something.
It has nothing at all to do with your maturity, intelligence, density, posting style, or anything of this sort. Trust me. I mean it. Truthfully.

Lili is 20? さすが美しい美少女。
>> No. 51906 edit
File 134252849423.jpg - (285.72KB , 1120x1088 , guishen_0290ev0105g1.jpg )
R-Riri! That's crueeeel! I don't know if I could even solve these if I was awake, well fed and alert!

That you did not. But Friend said so in one of the many streams you missed. Might have been Cake; someone connected to you said so in any case.
>> No. 51907 edit
File 134252866952.jpg - (257.31KB , 1120x992 , guishen_0255ev0104ba.jpg )
Well you were spot on. I probably shouldn't have revealed as much as I did in those chats all those years ago. Not like I really care much if people know my age; as soon as I revealed it I knew Bern would lock it forever.
>> No. 51908 edit
File 133402291333.png - (130.24KB , 372x473 , Ill always smile.png )
All this conversation has been a bit hard to follow at times, but I think it's kind of interesting...~
>> No. 51909 edit
File 134245530761.jpg - (66.09KB , 500x700 , 26897740.jpg )
If you're 21 this should be child's play, since it is solved by children who are g * 0.75 years old.
>> No. 51910 edit
File 134252887170.png - (137.04KB , 291x558 , S20_AZUMI_0_00A_06_00_L.png )
Try following it and attempting mental math while half-asleep, it's giving my brain a real workout over here.
>> No. 51911 edit
File 134075175122.png - (121.44KB , 480x640 , 1245772415871.png )
Lili's eldest sibling is younger than her.

If you say so.
>> No. 51912 edit
File 134252902762.jpg - (259.79KB , 1120x992 , guishen_0252ev0104aa.jpg )
So you think you're more optimistic than Riri, eh~?

Well as long as you've given me a true way to solve it I can always work through it later. Seriously, English and writing are so much better than math.
>> No. 51913 edit
File 132231685835.png - (183.33KB , 351x513 , S02_KAZU_2_03A_00_00_L.png )
...Then 30? Huh, I always thought she was like 26 at the very oldest.
>> No. 51914 edit
File 134252904313.gif - (422.52KB , 254x198 , 1232179269691.gif )
Wait, that doesn't work either. Can't a high school drop out even do simultaneous equations? Or was Lili's information wrong? Or was the answer supposed to be a lie?
>> No. 51915 edit
File 133204678093.jpg - (111.86KB , 808x1020 , 1330435713957.jpg )
Under normal circumstances, it's quite possible~ Right now I don't feel so good though.
>> No. 51916 edit
File 134252926383.jpg - (298.80KB , 1152x1312 , guishen_0392ev090103d2.jpg )
See?! I freaking told you that math sucks!

Is something bothering you at the moment?
>> No. 51917 edit
File 134252936469.png - (207.97KB , 426x547 , S02_KAZU_0_04A_09_01_L.png )
You tried to trick me, that's what the problem is!

>If you add the ages of my eldest sibling and I, the result equals 50.
20 + 30 = 50
>If you double the difference in age between my eldest sibling and I, you have equal my age, and if you triple it you have my eldest sibling's age.
Difference in age = 30 - 20 = 10
Double that = 10 * 2 = 20
Triple it = 10 * 3 = 30
>My age can be divided by 4 numbers, excluding itself.
Excluding itself, 20 is divisible by 2, 4, 5 and 10.

My brain blew a fuse trying to work all that out at once.
>> No. 51918 edit
File 133291681237.jpg - (26.93KB , 343x388 , 1243705916126.jpg )
But Lili can't be 20. That's why I thought it must be the other way around, but it didn't make sense that way either.
>> No. 51919 edit
File 134245495456.jpg - (68.92KB , 500x700 , 27245665.jpg )
... there was actually a solution?
>> No. 51920 edit
File 133239491598.jpg - (34.14KB , 335x542 , 1245368843063.jpg )
>> No. 51921 edit
File 133997811575.png - (41.93KB , 275x213 , Nothing to Wahaha about.png )
>> No. 51922 edit
File 134252977247.jpg - (347.03KB , 693x1050 , 1245650488937.jpg )
Funnily enough, we used to joke that Lili was the oldest /seacat/ and that she was almost 30 because she set the 20s as the upper limit for her age at one point. It turned out XXXX was actually older.
>> No. 51923 edit
File 134252926383.jpg - (298.80KB , 1152x1312 , guishen_0392ev090103d2.jpg )
And this is why there is never any downfall to being lazy, ne.

You could talk about it if you like; might make you feel better!
>> No. 51924 edit
File 134252989061.jpg - (119.76KB , 777x555 , 1245651469945.jpg )
Did you have a fight with Lambda?
>> No. 51925 edit
File 134253015460.jpg - (63.49KB , 600x600 , 11643957.jpg )
Using thy name in vain is surely a sin, perhaps a rhetorical rhyme to add a positive new spin?
>> No. 51926 edit
File 133291681237.jpg - (26.93KB , 343x388 , 1244138876070.jpg )
>> No. 51927 edit
File 134253039425.jpg - (339.80KB , 1152x1312 , guishen_0369ev090102d1.jpg )
He's well informed, this classy lad; I hope this doesn't turn out bad?
>> No. 51928 edit
File 134253041822.jpg - (167.72KB , 700x810 , 16532409.jpg )
When sleep does not work, and rest is too much, perhaps I'll stay if you're willing to be my crutch.
>> No. 51929 edit
File 134253049466.jpg - (141.91KB , 520x426 , 1243964638830.jpg )
Is that really you?
>> No. 51930 edit
File 132882601386.png - (218.50KB , 358x495 , 1328723497221.png )
Wouldn't call it that. I probably shouldn't go spreading it around anyway~

I almost posted a self-deprecating rant here, but I deleted it, so too bad for you~
>> No. 51931 edit
File 134253058542.jpg - (181.28KB , 600x800 , 10926821.jpg )
My hatred for the sea is starting to dwindle, perhaps if we keep talking our forlorn love will be rekindled?
>> No. 51932 edit
File 134253064612.png - (111.53KB , 411x593 , S21_JUN_0_03A_04_00_L.png )
'Tis surely a miracle if ever I've seen one, I can't rhyme for shit outside of an oil drum.
>> No. 51933 edit
File 134253065396.jpg - (54.75KB , 640x640 , 1245651483254.jpg )
>> No. 51934 edit
File 134253068995.jpg - (293.18KB , 1152x1312 , guishen_0399ev090104a1.jpg )
>I almost posted a self-deprecating rant here, but I deleted it

Damn. And here I thought I could creep into the cracks of your optimism a bit. Good game~
>> No. 51935 edit
File 134253079426.jpg - (65.39KB , 600x554 , 17757775.jpg )
New and improved, with style and class, I haven't lost my feature, of wooing these lass.
>> No. 51936 edit
File 134234322395.jpg - (35.07KB , 640x480 , 362spikesmile.jpg )
Ah, finally my connection is back ! I tried to sleep early because of that and was reminded of how much I acted like a faggot sometimes.
Sorry about that Misha, I hope you didn't trouble yourself to make time when I couldn't attend the game. Sorry if it was the case.

Seems like some crazy stuff is happening again.
Why is always when I sleep ?
>> No. 51937 edit
File 134078652970.gif - (499.23KB , 300x250 , 1223941150078.gif )
It things are finally looking up for this place.

Is it true you have a mole on the side of your face?
>> No. 51938 edit
File 132883492963.png - (191.08KB , 360x538 , 1252799514477.png )
So tell me this much, and sorry if this comes out of nowhere~

Just how important do you feel "physical proof" is for a relationship? Can a relationship be real, even if the only contact you have with another person be online? I'm curious~
>> No. 51939 edit
File 134253112939.png - (283.37KB , 516x427 , ok2.png )
A mole most would call a beauty mark, when the young ladies gander, their hearts get a kickstart.
>> No. 51940 edit
Does anyone have the Stein's Gate Original Soundtrack+Radio music files? (I'm looking at you John)

It's a bit too early to ask but all the dead download links are starting to annoy me.
>> No. 51941 edit
File 134253132885.jpg - (39.77KB , 450x686 , 1243362955406.jpg )
You're usually so sure of yourself and your opinions. How out of character.

Of course it doesn't matter. I feel like some of the most honest connections with people can only take place in writing, of which online contact primarily consists, because you can talk heart to heart. It doesn't matter what you sound like, what gender you are or what race you are.

Did Lambda want you to meet him or something?
>> No. 51942 edit
File 131863332849.jpg - (170.35KB , 600x600 , 4147797.jpg )
It's vital.
>> No. 51943 edit
File 134253139198.jpg - (327.69KB , 1152x1312 , guishen_0413ev090104e.jpg )
That's such a complex question. It depends on how you view relationships, and what exactly you want to get out of it.

I mean, I see it both ways. In one sense your relationship isn't as complete as it could be if you never meet the person and simply remain online friends. On the other hand, just because you don't meet up doesn't mean that you can't have a meaningful relationship. In the end I'd probably say that, yeah, you could have a real relationship online if that's what both parties truly desire.
>> No. 51944 edit
File 134253146057.jpg - (266.90KB , 1078x846 , 10500230.jpg )
Sometimes in life, you must show a little skin, but care not for strife, cause it could turn into a win-win.
>> No. 51945 edit
File 133291513989.jpg - (270.15KB , 566x685 , 1231325149932.jpg )
Mole is such a dirty word, but of course I didn't mean offense by it. So the sprite was accurate?
>> No. 51946 edit
File 134253152121.png - (62.30KB , 427x696 , Capture.png )
Err... which ones in particular? If it has to be DDL then I can upload a few with my terrible upload speeds, or there's this torrent this has almost everything, but it's missing the 8bit and Symphonic Material soundtracks.

>> No. 51947 edit
File 134253156253.jpg - (217.74KB , 480x854 , 19550253.jpg )
Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, perhaps you get to see for yourself--when you're just a little older.
>> No. 51948 edit
File 134253160268.jpg - (212.56KB , 651x1000 , 1243365614164.jpg )
How lewd. I'm very conservative.
>> No. 51949 edit
File 133296389433.png - (1.07MB , 1200x900 , 1223949042169.png )
Me? A little older? Well, maybe.

I like the sprite. I think it's much classier than the other ones.
>> No. 51950 edit
File 134164059427.png - (327.04KB , 500x697 , a9f109e35f8fa06c0fc79929365a2a89.png )
Well, I have my own strong opinions, but I'm willing to accept that other people think differently~ That's why I don't often engage in such debates, but I have my reasons this time~

I feel that the belief that "online relationships don't matter" is wrong as well. I feel more connected to people I've met online than I ever felt in real life. And even if part of their personality that I connect with isn't "real," in that it doesn't match up to their physical self, then so what? I mean, I'm a firm believer that the body, mind, and soul are not entirely separate things and are codependent on one another, but even so, I don't think it's wise to dismiss one's persona online just because it could be false. I mean, a lot of people are false in real life too. If I was really introverted and shy outside, why should that matter for the people I meet online~? In fact, I find saying "in real life" when meaning it as opposed to "online" is bunk in and of itself, because this "online" world is real as well~

Only vital if the relationship is a sexual one, I think~ Which I don't have a problem with, really! I think it's great! But if sexual contact is unnecessary, then I don't see why it's important at all~

I don't know what "complete" means in that sense. See, I think that for a healthy platonic relationship, it's entirely unimportant to have physical contact at all, and an online relationship can be quite real and fulfilling~ But that is only my opinion, again, and I know many disagree~
>> No. 51951 edit
File 134253191737.jpg - (353.84KB , 1105x993 , 25247922.jpg )
Class and style, it was as said, if I keep this rhyming up I might soon get wed.
>> No. 51952 edit
File 134253201949.jpg - (254.49KB , 1120x992 , guishen_0267ev0104aa.jpg )
Well, in the sense that if you could meet up, could see each other, and could have a more "intimate" relationship...yet you choose not to in favor of a solely online thing, then you aren't taking your relationship as far as you could. If that matters to one person, and not the other, it might cause some friction.

But in the end, yeah, I agree with you. Online relationships can be meaningful, and if both people don't care about the physical part, then so be it. Saying sexual contact is necessary to relationships feels weird to me; to each their own. Though I would imagine most people would prefer sex in their relationships, regardless.
>> No. 51954 edit
File 13425322198.png - (739.87KB , 1600x1000 , 1245651848127.png )
I agree! Without doubt, the closest connections I've ever had to people were all online. I don't think that an online persona is fake just because it differs from the impression you get of the person when you speak to them through audio, or when you meet them face to face. They are all aspects of the same person.

Oftentimes, I like the online text-only persona of people a lot more. And that, I believe, is because shallow impressions are getting in my way, or because the person can't express how they really think and feel very well over different modes of communication.
>> No. 51955 edit
>6.94 gb

You supabaka, I don't need Flac for all of them! I guess I have to rely on a torrent then, thanks anyway.
>> No. 51956 edit
File 134253230499.jpg - (777.56KB , 1045x1500 , 22258285.jpg )
Relationships are troublesome when they're based around sex, but on the very bright side, at least you won't be "Next".
>> No. 51957 edit
File 13396292164.png - (285.29KB , 369x520 , 1339618150572.png )
I'm not talking about strictly romantic/sexual relationships here. More in terms of friendships and generally knowing another person well~

See, that's my gripe, obviously in a romantic relationship I would need to have physical contact. But as far as being friends goes, even very close friends, best friends, whatever you want to call it, I don't see that extra bit as being essential or even desirable, if the relationship didn't start on those terms anyway~
>> No. 51958 edit
File 134252231877.jpg - (879.97KB , 1668x2362 , 1245652267119.jpg )
Wed, you say? Aren't you already taken?
>> No. 51959 edit
File 131863446748.jpg - (45.03KB , 463x655 , 3013459.jpg )
Without sex there's no reason to be in a "relationship"; Assuming relationship is that of lovers, not just friends.

If you're just friends, I still think physical contact is vital. You need a face to put to those words, and you need a bond stronger than that of just words. You need memories and camaraderie.
>> No. 51960 edit
File 134253243235.jpg - (20.28KB , 400x300 , 331826-53663-spike-spiegel.jpg )
But people are lustful, I should know, I'm a teenager ~
I don't dismiss any kind of online friendship, because I do think those exist even if they are bound to different rules than those of the common world. But, honestly, even if I see how platonic love could happen online, I don't see it as a form of true love.
Well I wouldn't know anyway, I seem to not understand what love is, even doubting it's existence itself nowadays.
>> No. 51961 edit
File 13424612806.jpg - (302.58KB , 700x794 , 1245213520933.jpg )
Sex is icky and gross. I think it's beautiful for a romantic relationship to be able to transcend biological imperatives.
>> No. 51962 edit
File 134253249561.jpg - (81.30KB , 700x700 , 6281214.jpg )
Tis a joke for this morn, as ever dreadful as it be, but if I don't watch my words, my love might slam me into a tree.
>> No. 51963 edit
File 134252828033.jpg - (296.01KB , 1120x1088 , guishen_0294ev0105b1.jpg )
Well, yeah; if it didn't start on those terms there is no real reason why it needs to be included. Unless the relationship type "changes" from one of being extremely close friends into a romantic thing. Then you can probably start including the more physical aspects~

This is an interesting interpretation. Though I don't think physical value is needed for friendship, and I also don't think sex is the sole defining factor of a romantic relationship. To each their own though, nyan~
>> No. 51964 edit
File 133296319345.gif - (17.81KB , 100x100 , 1243867954612.gif )
I see. Anything to make the rhyme, I suppose. Are you going to do this the whole time?
>> No. 51965 edit
File 130947786612.png - (414.97KB , 624x696 , suz_ama01a.png )
It's a bit excessive, but the .mp3 torrent is missing a lot more. It's linked on that page if you check on the "Other versions" list, though.

Also, these 3 albums aren't on either of those torrents yet, I don't think.
>> No. 51966 edit
File 134253272165.jpg - (141.80KB , 800x800 , 4563840.jpg )
Sex is the sole defining factor of a "love" relationship. All "love" is built from raging lust.
>> No. 51967 edit
File 134253273063.jpg - (168.34KB , 500x500 , 1240895634671.jpg )
Besides, a lot of the physical side of thing is made up of cues that allow insight into the state of that person's mind, right?

If you can efficiently communicate that otherwise, there's no need for it.
>> No. 51968 edit
File 134253277237.png - (1.32MB , 1600x1200 , 10438326.png )
As I am the antagonist, it is my duty to be unique, but on a different note it's hard to make this next rhyme a bit more mystique.
>> No. 51969 edit
File 134239834140.jpg - (335.56KB , 1152x1312 , guishen_0416ev090105g.jpg )
We define "love" differently, then. I believe love should transcend gender and the physical; you love the person for who they are; their experiences, their views, their morals and their thoughts. It has nothing to do with their physical shell.
>> No. 51970 edit
File 134253289555.jpg - (86.87KB , 500x500 , 1245210392154.jpg )
Can't your attitude towards a lover be an elevated form of the feelings you have for a close friend? An existence that you so adore to the point of love? That's surely a stronger bond than any kind of lust, which will rot away with youth.
>> No. 51971 edit
File 134253295226.png - (253.19KB , 500x893 , 20942685.png )
If love has no meaning, then it is as I said, so why won't we all just cut the foreplay and go out to rent a nice bed?
>> No. 51973 edit
File 133296294311.jpg - (47.29KB , 704x396 , 1229975823153.jpg )
Well, I hope it's not too much of a pain. Don't disappear if it's something you can't maintain.
>> No. 51974 edit
File 134252636611.jpg - (387.40KB , 1152x1312 , guishen_0353ev090101d2.jpg )
Oh shut up; love shouldn't just be about sex. People like that are disrespecting the other person....unless that person is also a foreplay-pervert.

How they make you feel is part of who they are. They make you feel that way because you're so touched by their words, actions, character and soul. For someone who is so optimistic you have a pretty bitter taste on the reasons for love!
>> No. 51975 edit
File 134253314074.jpg - (70.71KB , 811x717 , 1243785322488.jpg )
That just means we can never fully come to understand each other. That won't stop us from approaching full understanding, however. And in order to attain that, I think a mode of communication free of shallow distractions is most appropriate.
>> No. 51976 edit
File 134164011964.png - (1.07MB , 850x1202 , f13e6d1b51f03e10476cb77e50f0.png )
And that's the way of thinking I very firmly and strongly disagree with~ The lack of face-to-face contact does not diminish a relationship at all in my eyes, and in fact I cannot understand why it is even desirable in the case of a non-sexual relationship~ Camaraderie is not something that is innately physical~ One of America's most famous friendships, that of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, was carried out almost entirely in letters the two exchanged while living half a country away~

To say that there needs to be "more than words" is frankly disrespectful to the power of words, I think~ Some say "actions speak louder than words," but I believe that words are often quite essential and more powerful than actions~ What was it the Buddha said? "Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world." One of my favorites from Civ~ Heh, you could even say that because words can easily deceive, that makes those that are true even more valuable~

Well, that one got away from me while I was typing this~ I'll just say that I also believe this is false, and nothing more than the talk of a misguided pessimist (who likes to masquerade as an optimist)~

And it's very irritating to hear that people think your relationship has less value or is less "real" just because you only know each other online! Since when do other people get to decide whether or not my feelings are real, or what value they have?! Ahh, see, that's why I don't like to debate this kind of thing normally, I get emotional and it's unlikely to change opinions on the matter, but only get people stirred up and possibly upset~
>> No. 51978 edit
File 134253343124.jpg - (22.38KB , 640x480 , 654eda29.jpg )
>> No. 51979 edit
File 134253355129.jpg - (61.95KB , 300x400 , 246441.jpg )
Sure, it's easy to discard what I say by just attacking the person instead of the argument.
>> No. 51980 edit
File 134253357542.jpg - (129.35KB , 801x1019 , 1245366725602.jpg )
Don't be so depressed over being ignored once or twice.
>> No. 51981 edit
File 134253361924.jpg - (76.10KB , 480x854 , 24420234.jpg )
As a poet, gentleman, and scholar with an impeccable cadence, it is as if your statement was best left made in abeyance.
>> No. 51982 edit
File 134253370844.jpg - (387.24KB , 1152x1312 , guishen_0341ev090101a1.jpg )
Well, love is supposedly a feeling, and people do fall in love for the feeling of it. You're not completely wrong.

I just think that the feelings you get, whether they're to make you feel better about yourself, or to make you happy in some sick twisted way, are still a part of the person who is giving you said feelings.

To be honest, though, I'm really enjoying this. Your view sounds like the view piece would be espousing, it's surreal~
>> No. 51983 edit
File 133889323077.png - (200.06KB , 330x524 , 1338864690280.png )
I wonder what you think "true love" is, then, since you admit to being confused on the matter~ I again should reinforce that I treat romantic relationships as a different matter, but that's not the primary focus of what I wish to discuss~

"I'm not a pessimist, I'm a a realist!" Wa ha ha~

We can only interpret the world through our senses, so it is natural that our understanding of each other comes through how we perceive one another, and how we make each other feel~ What's so wrong with that? I can say "I love you for who you are, because who you are makes me feel good." Doesn't "who you are" still play into that? It sounds to me like you're getting hung up on needless technicalities~
>> No. 51984 edit
File 134253372318.png - (194.73KB , 396x283 , 1242028787098.png )
I'm going to start needing a dictionary to follow this.
>> No. 51985 edit
File 134253382633.jpg - (132.10KB , 1120x672 , guishen_0998ev02a2.jpg )
Oh yeah? You think you're tough with dictionary.com tabbed into your laptop?! I could think up cute things to rhyme with too, if I wasn't so damn tired!
>> No. 51986 edit
File 134253386120.png - (91.01KB , 250x274 , patches.png )
i once knew a man who thought he had a way with words
but one day he stopped playing with the birds
i know a worthless paperweight
a mischievous streak that kept me up late
and then there is the worthless piece of shit
no rhyme for you get the fuck out of here
>> No. 51987 edit
File 133291332638.jpg - (131.95KB , 600x399 , 1223944131550.jpg )
Eh? I agree with Rin much more than I do with Lili, who's lewd as usual.

Then again, my views are conflicted because I'm a hypocrite unable to live up to my own ideals.
>> No. 51988 edit
File 134253394756.jpg - (411.50KB , 750x1179 , 18175788.jpg )
Now now ladies, this is no time for a fight, unless there will be fists that are swung, then the one left standing will be right.

As we both learn new words from my awfully convenient rhymes, why don't you be a dear and fetch me today's Times?
>> No. 51989 edit
File 133753928294.jpg - (22.69KB , 239x230 , too soft.jpg )
Oh, I can attack the argument just fine~ Don't be so quick to accuse of "ad hominem"~

The thing is, there's not a lot to really say, I just think you're missing the forest for the trees, so to speak~ Too busy getting hung up on the technical details of the matter to appreciate it as a whole~ What's "narcissistic" about loving someone because they make you feel good? I think that expression only applies to excesses~ I mean, if there's a mutual feeling going on, is it so wrong? Is it wrong to call it love, is it wrong to say that you love people because of who they are, even if the reason you do is because who they are makes you feel good? I don't think so~!
>> No. 51990 edit
File 133295727261.jpg - (97.61KB , 400x400 , 1245374894987.jpg )

You're such a meanie.
>> No. 51991 edit
File 134253405861.png - (602.74KB , 1141x1250 , 18184666.png )
Cadence was a word I already knew, but abeyance was a new one I had to come up with, so fuck you.
>> No. 51992 edit
File 133967379040.png - (154.70KB , 768x768 , ICE CREAM.png )
I'm just glad I played MtG and such all those years ago, it helped build up my vocab~
>> No. 51994 edit
File 134239607479.jpg - (6.22KB , 212x176 , cowbo.jpg )
It's just the way I am, I'm someone who rarely does anything so when I do something I would at least like it to be acknowledged. But yeah i' probably getting butt hurt over nothing.

Honestly, as for love itself, I kinda agree with the grimdark person over there. It's an illusion we created to feel better and less lonely about ourselves. But I don't see it as some terrible thing, love is like magic, it's an illusion, but it's a beautiful illusion.
If I could use the golden truth, I'd say "Love exists". This is how I see it ~
>> No. 51995 edit
File 134253436386.png - (267.57KB , 600x540 , 24969668.png )
You must be someone new, so with quick haste I urge, unless this place entraps you, then all I can say is be purged.
>> No. 51996 edit
File 132845781656.jpg - (46.33KB , 282x469 , Act Like An Imbecile.jpg )
If you agreed with me you wouldn't call it an illusion, though. I think it's very real, it's just focused on all those things that make you feel better about yourself. Mutual love is mutual lifting higher of each other, such that people who are in love with each other are happier and seem to radiate and ooze happiness.
>> No. 51997 edit
Good man, you have my thanks.

Also Suzuha has nice arms.
>> No. 51998 edit
File 134252797983.jpg - (26.95KB , 343x388 , 1243701300048.jpg )
Hey Belphe, do you still have contact with Luci?
>> No. 51999 edit
Well, yeah, I'm here since almost a month. It's too late for that, I'm already imprisoned in this place, but I do not complain about it actually ~
>> No. 52000 edit
File 134253461839.jpg - (66.37KB , 624x832 , 1244971018423.jpg )
I'm sure you can escape. I remember there was a guy who joined around the same time as you. Chen gave them a hard time.

Haven't seen them since.
>> No. 52001 edit
File 133951646220.png - (442.54KB , 800x600 , cant hold it in.png )
And you're being too quick to assume there's no value in us talking~ Aren't we discussing the potential value of relationships here~? If you explain what you mean more clearly, we could clear this up very quickly~ I mean, look at this comment:

>Sex is the sole defining factor of a "love" relationship. All "love" is built from raging lust.

But we're talking about love now and it's not in terms of lust or sex at all~ Can you blame me for taking such a comment as a negative one~?

>You never love a person for who they are

I would still argue that "who they are" is in fact a reason you can love someone, so "never" is pessimistic in my eyes~

Now, if you're changing your stance, or would like to explain it a bit, then that's fine too~
>> No. 52002 edit
File 134253472710.jpg - (165.86KB , 1120x672 , guishen_0875ev02aa3.jpg )
Made me laugh, best one yet.

Cannot confirm or deny. Though I could keep contact with you if you wanted~
>> No. 52003 edit
File 134252171842.png - (292.31KB , 704x396 , 1235480308593.png )
I don't want to keep contact with anyone, save through this board. But really, Luci should go easier. We had some good times, right?

He shouldn't be so angry at me for the sake of someone else. I've had two people harass me on his behalf, but I haven't heard from the man himself.
>> No. 52004 edit
File 129669730271.jpg - (108.39KB , 640x480 , sakutarou_gununu.jpg )
>> No. 52005 edit
File 134253490286.jpg - (20.46KB , 300x315 , 1243365335010.jpg )
>> No. 52006 edit
File 132981296033.jpg - (517.73KB , 1008x1305 , 25037130.jpg )
Nothing has changed, it has all been a lie, by the way the worst book I read was a Catcher in the Rye.
>> No. 52007 edit
File 132520805185.jpg - (201.25KB , 640x480 , lina_inverse slayers.jpg )
>> No. 52008 edit
File 134237525365.jpg - (8.50KB , 150x150 , 230px-Spike_Spiegel_as_drawn_by_the_creators2-e128.jpg )
Are you talking about Zei-Hime ?
He/She arrived one week after me, but I think it was mak who made him/her leave because of an stupid argument spanned by the word "lesbian" or something.
Still I don't want to leave. Not yet ~
>> No. 52009 edit
File 134253498020.jpg - (75.76KB , 450x600 , 1243360164877.jpg )
Does that mean you're leaving us?
>> No. 52010 edit
File 12978948563.jpg - (311.56KB , 600x600 , sakutarou_sob.jpg )
You guys fighting kinda spoils my morning. Can't you get along?
>> No. 52011 edit
I don't know if anyone could understand how he thinks. You'll have to pester him if he graces us lowly mongrels with his presence again.
>> No. 52012 edit
File 134253504515.jpg - (326.39KB , 1672x1009 , 19422776.jpg )
It was not me that was a fib, but from the looks of this place, everybody needs their own personal crib.
>> No. 52013 edit
File 134253507987.jpg - (125.39KB , 500x708 , 1289211698640.jpg )
I don't remember. It's a bit blurry. Regardless, I think they got the wrong impression of the kind of place this is.

It looks like you've settled on Spike rather than Konata.

Can I confirm something? You at least didn't watch Lucky Star dubbed, right?
>> No. 52014 edit
File 13408497087.jpg - (137.92KB , 600x800 , c380ecf30d1b63bdf5313b711e399951.jpg )
It's my birthday today so stop being fa-

Wait , am I too late?
>> No. 52015 edit
File 134253525398.jpg - (148.38KB , 850x1134 , 19067311.jpg )
You I wish most of all would just die, but perhaps everything I have ever said might've been a lie.
>> No. 52016 edit
File 13329627532.jpg - (87.16KB , 400x500 , 1245735748219.jpg )
So someone told you this place changed?

Well, it's certainly not lacking in emotion. But as far as my part is concerned, it's been three years. So it's only natural to feel disheartened if someone I've fond memories of to despise me so much.
>> No. 52017 edit
File 134253530392.jpg - (45.73KB , 627x352 , 627.jpg )
I mostly watch animes in subs, I don't think all the dubs have to be ignored though, that's why I said what I said last time.

Spike is awesome, so of course I had to take him instead of the already taken Konata ~
Though it's hard to find good images of him.
>> No. 52018 edit
File 133402054867.png - (45.83KB , 300x300 , misha misha misha.png )
Nothing for me, huh~? Well, I do seem to put you off of debate whenever we get into it for some reason, so I'm sorry about that~ Not sure what it is about me that I do differently than others, but still, sorry~ I do think you should review the comments you have actually posted before you jump on me for rushing to conclusions, though~ I was replying rather directly to some comments, not the general argument~

Your language tends to be rather sweeping in broad generalizations, using words like "never" or "sole defining factor," so occasionally people might take issue with that~
>> No. 52019 edit
File 129625023626.jpg - (278.84KB , 600x799 , armslooklikedanglinglegs.jpg )
Are you Meta?
>> No. 52020 edit
File 13424881297.jpg - (84.08KB , 704x396 , 1232260032143.jpg )
Konata isn't 'taken', really. I post as all sorts of characters. I just keep coming back to Konata because my Lucky Star folder is so huge, and I like to have a wealth of reaction images to choice from. Only a few people around here are actually consistent.

Originally, I used to post with Battler images, but I feel weird when I do that now.
>> No. 52021 edit
File 13425355919.jpg - (212.88KB , 744x804 , 17532635.jpg )
With crocodile tears and bad acted remorse, I won't promise anything, but perhaps a white painted horse.
>> No. 52022 edit
File 134253564940.jpg - (755.32KB , 2640x1980 , bloody_love_by_hidansgirl15d3ibj2p.jpg )
Happy birthday my love.
>> No. 52023 edit
File 134253565517.jpg - (23.19KB , 249x279 , 1245660612174.jpg )
I was talking about Luci.

Are you saying you despise me too?
>> No. 52024 edit
File 129807631687.png - (96.63KB , 400x400 , =3.png )
Happy Birthday, you.
>> No. 52025 edit
File 133754023086.jpg - (7.61KB , 160x314 , 1335629847563.jpg )
Odd how this tea party ended up semi-appropriate to the discussion going on herein, I didn't plan that at all~
>> No. 52026 edit
File 13425357606.jpg - (291.93KB , 950x1250 , 10209825.jpg )
It was all a joke, lies made out of glass, for I am the antagonist Meta, and I will always have the last laugh!
>> No. 52027 edit
File 134253589997.jpg - (47.25KB , 800x600 , folge_1_spike_spiegel2.jpg )
I like consistency, it avoids confusion, but it seems you are a fan of confusing peoples ~

uh... >>51994
>> No. 52028 edit
File 13425359267.jpg - (158.94KB , 640x640 , 117d48cba214c9c77ed27b86120a21fe2066b92e.jpg )
You know, I used to be the antagonist.

Who's the protagonist now? Everyone else?
>> No. 52029 edit
File 134253602050.gif - (906.55KB , 245x170 , comeatme.gif )

Ne , thanks!


What's with all the spoilers? Why are they spoilers any way? Does it have so much faggotry , that you need to spoiler it? Does it contain movie spoilers?

Oh , I see. Faggotry , is it not.
>> No. 52030 edit
File 133386102936.jpg - (28.43KB , 248x283 , 1333071643190.jpg )
I don't know what to tell you, other than I disagree, really~ I'm not sure what about feelings is "illusory," so that's that~ Can't really think of a lot to add~

I personally think my feelings are very real and have value, but there may be those who disagree~
>> No. 52031 edit
File 134253613767.jpg - (2.25MB , 1100x1800 , Don\'t Let Some Hellbent Heart Leave You Bitt.jpg )
Either someone pretending to be Meta or the real deal.

When I debate, I like to debate the issue at hand. Whether I am a pessimist or not has no rightful place in a debate on whether love is focused on someone else or on yourself, and if I have to both argue I'm not a pessimist or that my arguments are valid despite being a pessimist, that's just not worth the effort.

I don't want to waste my time discussing things when I have to deal with negativity about my person first. I honestly don't have interest in that. If you think I'm spouting bullcrap because I'm negative anyway and all the cheer and positive attitude is just a façade, then all right, that's your opinion and bless you for it. Just don't expect me to be much interested in discussing anything with you.

There are exceptions to all sweeping broad generalisations, and I make statements as sweeping broad generalisations because I believe them to be true for a vast majority of all that it applies to. People who love someone despite that someone treating them like shit, neglecting them or abusing them are rare and often considered to have a trauma or otherwise need help psychologically, so I don't see why I should include them when speaking of the common man.

Take this:
>I'll just say that I also believe this is false, and nothing more than the talk of a misguided pessimist (who likes to masquerade as an optimist)~
Is this truly an argument against what what I am in fact saying, or is it broad sweeping statement that "everything said there is false", and their value is suspect because it's "nothing more than the talk of a misguided pessimist"? In one line you call me misguided, pessimistic and someone who "masquerades" as something.

I think I have valid grounds to find that insulting and belittling. You're no better than I am, and the value of your arguments are not superior by sole virtue of your outlook on life. If I'm just "misguided", then sorry, I have no interest in "seeing the light" or being "touched by revelation", least of all from you.
>> No. 52032 edit
File 134253627485.jpg - (713.97KB , 1704x669 , 13236123.jpg )
Tis not matter to me, as I am unimportant, I'd rather slither away than give up my greatest fortune.
>> No. 52033 edit
File 13425157163.jpg - (10.17KB , 165x227 , 1251652919142.jpg )
I told you that you belonged on the list.
>> No. 52034 edit
File 131568593074.png - (84.90KB , 178x390 , 01.png )
Are you really still going.

Happy birthday to Chen. Really late happy birthday to Rosa? Idk how it happened I'm sorry for skipping it.
>> No. 52035 edit
File 134253637450.jpg - (17.92KB , 444x250 , MURDERS.jpg )
You know me, the fighting freak Knuckles
And we're at Pumpkin Hill, you ready
I ain't gonna let it get to me, I'm just gonna creep
Down in Pumpkin Hill, I gots to find my lost piece
I know that it's here, I can sense it in my feet
The great emerald's power allows me to feel
I can't see a thing, but it's around somewhere

>> No. 52036 edit
File 134253645592.jpg - (180.68KB , 495x700 , 1232705528290.jpg )
I'm not sure what you mean by that.

But anyway, how are you?
>> No. 52037 edit
File 134166049616.jpg - (225.30KB , 518x700 , b46a082bd2161e403757ab32bfeb449352080d25.jpg )
Wow, geez, sorry I touched a nerve there. I didn't really think you'd take it so personally~

Given how often you say one thing and mean another, I didn't figure you'd automatically assume that I really considered you to be a "misguided pessimist," even if those arguments sounded to me like they were coming from one~

I'm not going to say you're wrong for being offended, I'll just say that I'm sorry, I'd rather let bygones be bygones and you should just assume that I was joking around there, okay? I honestly did not mean it as a personal attack and I'd rather get along with you if I can~
>> No. 52038 edit
File 134253671513.jpg - (18.13KB , 720x480 , 1053226461_kespike-a1.jpg )
I think you might have misunderstood. Most feelings are actually true, I do think Parental love exists, but not romantic love. In my view, it isborn from various things, lust, desire to have kids, and a search for presence and acknowledgment from someone.
The romantic love is then born from these feelings, at least, we make it to be "love", this mystical feels-good state that transcends everything.
But it is, from my point of view, just the illusion hiding a couple of personal reasons rather than a elegant reality of mutual caring.
>> No. 52039 edit
File 13407671574.jpg - (59.70KB , 1280x720 , snapshot_22_37.jpg )
Oh boy, look what I miss for playing Civ 5 all night.
>> No. 52040 edit
File 133902610036.png - (236.34KB , 283x716 , modern misha.png )
Well, I don't like to talk about a "mystical feelgood state that transcends everything" unless I'm deliberately being ironic or exaggerating for effect either~

It does worry me, sometimes, though, when I see people who disregard the idea of romantic love as pure lust or a biological urge of some sort, because I do feel it can be more than that~

Maybe it's not a lot of the time, but I believe there is that potential!
>> No. 52041 edit
File 134253690830.jpg - (157.46KB , 687x426 , 1257698547137.jpg )
Or maybe you already left?

It was fun.
>> No. 52042 edit
File 129697359650.jpg - (38.89KB , 308x166 , ldb.jpg )
Arguments are happening here all the time, though. Just wait a few hours and another one is bound to come along.
>> No. 52043 edit
File 130692928768.jpg - (98.55KB , 400x640 , I Can Never Be Miserable In A World Where You Exis.jpg )
When someone uses the construct "I think you are", I usually take everything after that personal. Has to do with the "you" referring to me and all.

>I didn't figure you'd automatically assume that I really considered you to be a "misguided pessimist,"
>you should just assume that I was joking around there, okay?
I'm not sure if I should feel better that my attempts at a serious discussion were swept aside for "lol so funny xD", nor how I should feel about someone calling me something repeatedly and then assuming they don't actually mean it. I don't think it's very appropriate you were joking around when I was seriously answering your question.

In any case, I told you I was offended because I wanted you to know I don't like that kind of behaviour, so no bad blood exists between us (from my side) for this. Don't do it again.
>> No. 52044 edit
File 130692928768.jpg - (98.55KB , 400x640 , I Can Never Be Miserable In A World Where You Exis.jpg )
>it copies Astaroth's image
Anon-tan there's bugado in your sukuriputo.
>> No. 52045 edit
File 134253709169.jpg - (256.56KB , 640x1024 , 1249139363298.jpg )
I thought both replies were Astaroth.

It was pretty interesting that way.
>> No. 52046 edit
File 134253718837.jpg - (104.23KB , 800x600 , 1340053790320.jpg )
Wow, I ended up missing the whole conversation because I went to pick up a figure from the post office. That's somehow incredibly fitting.

I'll just throw in my opinion and say that, in the modern world, actual love is a rare thing. It's used and manipulated just to make a profit out of it (see: Valentines Day), portrayed in popular movies and the like as inherently sexual in nature, and most often confused with simple lust because of people's lack of an ability to make a proper distinction between the two.
It can exist, though, and something as trivial as distance or dimension can't stand in the way of it when it does. That's why I love my perfect 2D woman.
>> No. 52047 edit
File 134253725811.jpg - (162.14KB , 512x384 , spike-spiegel.jpg )
I said it didn't I ? Love is like magic.
To make a simpler comparison of what I think, do you remember in EP4 how Maria was able to create happiness out of nothing ?
That's basically what I see humans did with our biological needs and the stuff I mentioned. And like I said, it doesn't nullify the beauty of the illusion itself.
>> No. 52048 edit
File 134164816737.jpg - (493.99KB , 1920x1200 , 1246523519444.jpg )
>> No. 52049 edit
File 134253741089.png - (41.90KB , 814x562 , MyOpinionBeatsYours.png )
It's true, I don't think Lili would have argued the same thing a few years ago.
>> No. 52050 edit
File 133963013472.png - (234.64KB , 525x459 , 1339612361770.png )
Well, the discussion also got away from my original topic of "do you think online relationships can be real," so there's that~

I'm sorry that my comments came across as personal attacks, I can only reiterate that I didn't mean them as such and I'll do my best to avoid similar ones on the future~ I do try to keep any serious discussion I do here somewhat light-hearted, I mean, it is an anime image board after all~ Though even though I like to joke about it, that doesn't mean I don't take it seriously too (just like my sentences with tildes can also be completely serious)~

It's part of my nature, I guess, to try and stay upbeat and joking no matter the situation~ Well, I shouldn't say "no matter the situation" because obviously there are some cases where it wouldn't be appropriate, but you get the idea~

I'd just like to note that I imagine sometimes my posts may seem like they're coming from some delusional opium addict, and I wouldn't mind if someone called me on it, but I probably wouldn't assume they actually thought I was an abuser~ Reminds me of a particular comment in a certain game where one player's play was described as that of a "methed up hippo with severe ADD"~
>> No. 52051 edit
File 134253754287.jpg - (201.12KB , 1920x1080 , asuka amused.jpg )
In any case, I'm done with this. Have fun and all that, later.
>> No. 52052 edit
File 134253755166.jpg - (8.40KB , 171x200 , lucifer_sleep.jpg )
I never noticed Mion transforms into ANGE there.
>> No. 52053 edit
File 134253772338.png - (116.00KB , 421x438 , KraussJessica_ib4f.png )
This reminded me of the sixteen hour debate times.

It's Umineko related because it's love.
>> No. 52054 edit
File 134253816980.jpg - (43.22KB , 1280x720 , snapshot_16_23.jpg )
I think it's time for bed. Good night /seacats/.
>> No. 52055 edit
File 134253822218.jpg - (54.49KB , 428x580 , 1294096956418.jpg )
Everyone's leaving now. Boring.
>> No. 52056 edit
File 134253828779.jpg - (63.81KB , 938x539 , cantseeshit.jpg )
>> No. 52057 edit
File 134253841343.png - (377.15KB , 600x695 , 1e4d0b96d10ddda4f9ee5112745d9927c492ab10.png )
I love you, Chen.
>> No. 52058 edit
File 134253848069.jpg - (28.77KB , 260x398 , enter-tatsuko.jpg )
Just remember to love the 2D and you'll have taken the most important lesson from it all.
I haven't even taken in most of it yet because my brain is moving at the speed of slow due to tiredness. I really need sleep, but I have food cooking, so I'll collapse in like half an hour probably.
>> No. 52059 edit
File 134253862697.jpg - (8.52KB , 400x437 , 128027-baccano02_super.jpg )
Back off. She's mine.
>> No. 52060 edit
File 134253880619.jpg - (160.09KB , 1014x1000 , 014691cd5a6afd182c750cdec8a24de9cc0a936d.jpg )
Looks like I wasn't quite fast enough.

Fine, you win.
>> No. 52061 edit
File 134253887517.gif - (218.10KB , 500x281 , Mirai-Nikki-gif2.gif )
>> No. 52062 edit
File 13425389894.jpg - (115.74KB , 580x600 , 1245213906465.jpg )
I've been up for way too long.

Night nerds.
>> No. 52063 edit
File 131761959312.png - (340.94KB , 644x1208 , but_b24 worrying 4.png )
Was busy with a game of LoL. I'm apparently Shurelia's new BFF, and as such I'm spotlighted on her stream during duos.
>> No. 52064 edit
File 134253928021.jpg - (39.61KB , 649x480 , 1342508896897.jpg )
. . .

Shurelia. . .


>> No. 52065 edit
File 134253942865.jpg - (27.95KB , 600x338 , 600px-BaccanoLadd1.jpg )
That's more like it

Also, Misha, Rotho and Jyouji, up for CiV this night ?
>> No. 52066 edit
File 13175893049.png - (341.49KB , 644x1208 , but_b24 oya-- 1.png )
She added me after a game we played in ranked due to my summoner name. And also the jokes like "My hips are moving on their own!" and "Kingu GAINA". Get jelly.
>> No. 52067 edit
File 134204838057.jpg - (417.46KB , 800x1200 , abea14d38774ce542ecb5d52725ce252.jpg )
What did I do to deserve this , god.
>> No. 52068 edit
File 130194959160.jpg - (48.03KB , 112x197 , checkerboard.jpg )
Sure. I think I got this "army" thing down now.
>> No. 52069 edit
File 134254011593.jpg - (139.39KB , 956x1580 , Shurelia_Linker[1].jpg )
>> No. 52070 edit
>> No. 52071 edit
>> No. 52072 edit
File 134120934581.png - (298.33KB , 695x850 , canada day.png )
Sure, I'll play later on~ Also, allow me to link a quick guide that helped me out on Emperor level, currently dominating a game as Babylon~
>> No. 52073 edit
File 129773718627.png - (84.98KB , 291x478 , ka2_fumana66.png )
Damn it, as soon I died on my bed you guys post 1 1/2 threads. It took me a while to read it ... oh well, even if it's too late now:

>You don't love a girl because she's "nice", you love her because she makes you feel appreciated and valued.
Nope. Just because most of the humans are fake and cheap it doesn't mean love doesn't exist.
I kinda agree with you, except with a part. Actions do really speak louder than words. I think the biggest issue in any relationship is trust. And as you said, words can easily deceive others. Well, I'm not denying your point, but I believe the quote wasn't correctly used in this context.
Happy birthday Chen!
>> No. 52074 edit
File 134254390286.jpg - (60.00KB , 700x1200 , pink misha.jpg )
Well, they also say "the pen is mightier than the sword"~
>> No. 52075 edit
File 129632666344.png - (13.95KB , 217x157 , kanonheh.png )
I believe that the "sword" in that sentence refer to aggresivity, or "lack of planning", though.
>> No. 52076 edit
File 130989830824.jpg - (55.03KB , 445x455 , Tenshi_Derp.jpg )
Are people just intentionally doing this now? My point wasn't that "love doesn't exist". Seriously.
>> No. 52077 edit
File 129625508341.png - (39.18KB , 217x218 , kanonderp.png )
I totally misunderstood your point then, sorry. What was it then? Most people don't care about love?
>> No. 52078 edit
File 134254438948.jpg - (44.32KB , 264x498 , Tenshi_1d20+20 On A Steal Check DC 10.jpg )
... Was I really that hard to follow?
>> No. 52079 edit
File 129598166770.png - (59.23KB , 330x443 , kan_komarua1.png )
Maybe it was just me? I had to read it kinda fast. I will check it again.
I can't really tell if you are being ironic or unsincere, but here are a few points you made:

>Sex is the sole defining factor of a "love" relationship. All "love" is built from raging lust.
>What's love but another narcissistic expression?
>You never love a person for who they are, you love them for how they make you feel and who you are when you're with them
> I just think humans are naturally focused on the ego, as all actions we take are meant to improve ourselves, our opinions of ourselves or our abilities. "Love" is just another rung on that ladder where you find someone who reinforces and strengthens the image of yourself, rather than looking for someone who's nice or whatever.

I don't agree with any of them as general rules, but I will accept that most of the people seem to act like that.
>> No. 52080 edit
File 130989682536.jpg - (70.40KB , 514x719 , Tenshi_Wabuh.jpg )
The first point is in response to "do relationships need physical contact", which my answer to was "Yes, they need sex", because a lot of "love" relationships are built on the idea that cock goes in somewhere. Look at popular media, you'll see "love" advertised as "lust".

I also argue that love is focused on how you feel when you are around someone,
therefore love is narcissistic as you love how you feel when you're with them (that's a lot of 'you'), and we participate in "love" because it strengthens our positive image of ourselves through affectations from the object of your love.

I don't see how you gleaned "love doesn't exist" or "people are fake" or "people don't care about love" from any of that.
>> No. 52081 edit
File 129606537991.png - (59.43KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana17.png )
Well that's because of the definition of "love". You are saying love = ego boost & lust, but I refuse to accept such a definition. I think that should be called "teenager love" or "popular media bullshit". However as you say, that's how it seems to work for most people.
>> No. 52082 edit
File 130989678892.jpg - (48.04KB , 379x607 , Tenshi_Hurrah.jpg )
You talk as if "ego boost" is a negative thing.
>> No. 52083 edit
File 129608114346.png - (59.29KB , 330x443 , kan_defa2.png )
It is. It's wrong to be in a relationship for the mere "ego boost & bed rent". In my opinion, at least.
>> No. 52084 edit
File 129805740184.jpg - (32.67KB , 155x253 , georgeehehe.jpg )
>> No. 52085 edit
File 130989698016.jpg - (76.26KB , 546x654 , Tenshi_Saw Your Guy Hang Out Of The Gate.jpg )
Can't tell if intentional. "Love isn't due to how the other person is but because of how they make you feel" -> "you only love someone to stroke your ego". You're giving a motivation to love someone, I'm giving what I think is the entire thing love is.
>> No. 52086 edit
File 129607519865.png - (30.13KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea3.png )
Hey there.
I will respect your opinion, but I won't accept it. If this is a my opinion vs your opinion I guess we can let this argument die and continue with something more productive, ne.
>> No. 52087 edit
File 130989830824.jpg - (55.03KB , 445x455 , Tenshi_Derp.jpg )
I'm saying that you're twisting my words.
>> No. 52088 edit
File 13425471475.jpg - (130.48KB , 618x363 , Uglypeoplethenanime.jpg )
>> No. 52089 edit
File 129626739340.jpg - (51.74KB , 238x229 , georgelaughingblush.jpg )
You got the wrong idea. I wasn't scolding you, or even calling you wrong, but rather trying to give you a new perspective ne.
>> No. 52090 edit
File 133050257537.jpg - (83.08KB , 1366x768 , homu040.jpg )
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