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File 134786277575.png - (202.22KB , 360x600 , butler_defa1.png )
60218 No. 60218 edit
Over a year in the making, we finally have a demo!

Download it here: http://detectivebutler.weebly.com/downloads.html

Also, Happy Birthday, Hanyuu.
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>> No. 60222 edit
took long enough etc
>> No. 60223 edit
File 134592908876.jpg - (427.01KB , 715x1000 , 91519206f7a06866b55eec8ed60809bcc36adb3d.jpg )
And yet again, sanity passes.

Welp, I'll play it when i come back from classes, I'll probably say my thoughts here when i finished it.
>> No. 60224 edit
Sorry to steal spotlight

You will need the demo that can be downloaded here:
>> No. 60225 edit
File 134786310012.jpg - (157.29KB , 450x700 , 9013386.jpg )
Zepar: He stole the next teaparty away from us...
Furfur: But why is there a new teaparty when the last thread has less than 200 replies?
Zepar: The word is unfair to us... ;_;
Rena: You evil demons only planned to make it to stop him!! Somebody will get taken home, fufufu.
>> No. 60226 edit
File 134786321260.png - (577.68KB , 1226x1184 , kin_a11 default 1.png )
I'll have to read this demo when I'm done working on my anime backlog, I guess.
Happy birthday Hanyuu, etc.

I wouldn't say I hate you, but I don't really care enough to pay that much attention to you. You post less horrible things than Chen and type better than Lion, at least.
I'm biased against French people however, because an ex-girlfriend from the past was half-French. I hated her and her French dad was an annoying fucker; plus all the other French people I've ever known were either rude and ignorant, or black and spoke a total of 5 words of English.
>> No. 60227 edit
File 134786322854.jpg - (74.05KB , 839x952 , NARM.jpg )
I stopped along time ago making that kind of things....
>> No. 60228 edit
File 134786327365.jpg - (410.78KB , 2000x2733 , 1254288811102.jpg )
You need to do something bigger if you want to be hated. You know, "dokkan!" The hardest part is rising from the mediocrity of apathy.
>> No. 60229 edit
File 134786348860.jpg - (1.39MB , 1200x1092 , 8974646.jpg )
Zepar: Don't worry predecessor, we can take care of it from here.
Furfur: Or else we are puppets who never get used...
Zepar: Like a piece removed from the game ;_;
>> No. 60230 edit
Stop that!!
>> No. 60231 edit
File 134242280146.jpg - (82.36KB , 420x498 , 526cc8a4bccd879ccfef240d762a1451efe74249.jpg )
Welp... I.. cannot respond to that.

Apathy uh ? Makes sense. Not like I ever managed to break from it, be it in good or bad.

Well damn.
>> No. 60232 edit
Zepar Furfur and Rena are Dead. Those three that used to post on the IB4F seacats won't ever come back.
>> No. 60233 edit
File 134786368017.jpg - (82.17KB , 400x400 , 1253029702981.jpg )
Excuse me, that was very out of character.

It's very hard work to be hated, and in exchange people only hate you. So why not take it easy in the eyes of apathy~?
>> No. 60234 edit
btw I have always liked You Ozaki, why would I hate you?

and I dont have much time knowing Squitcher but I don't hate him.
>> No. 60235 edit
>> No. 60236 edit
File 134786389041.jpg - (636.57KB , 610x910 , 9642688.jpg )
Zepar and Furfur:Even though Zepar Furfur and Rena are dead it can be possible for posters sharing the same names to come back and post.
Furfur: Careful predecessor, if you aren't careful you will create that which is most forbidden in the world of Witches and Demons.
Zepar: A logic error...
>> No. 60237 edit
File 132533706017.jpg - (348.64KB , 533x600 , 1251154826888.jpg )
What makes you think a lewd person like you can command me~?
>> No. 60238 edit
What are you and why are you doing this!?
>> No. 60239 edit
File 13434495958.png - (146.84KB , 352x459 , rio_akirea2.png )
Allow me to repeat this red:
Those that know the relationship of the demons and Rena would hardly be called a sucessor

In any case I don't mind~
Just play nice, ne~
>> No. 60240 edit
File 134786441432.png - (44.16KB , 300x400 , 1253305423076.png )
What is it that I'm doing that you don't like? You've got me interested.
>> No. 60241 edit
You're posting.
>> No. 60242 edit
File 134786455437.png - (670.61KB , 1132x800 , 1264427324386.png )
Zepar: Sometimes who the successor is can't be a choice of the predecessor.
Furfur: Because they only come after the predecessor dies.
Zepar and Furfur: Like the predecessor Rena Zepar and Furfur did...
>> No. 60243 edit
Okay then, I aknowledge your existence
>> No. 60244 edit
File 134786480893.jpg - (297.29KB , 706x1000 , 8d488e9273c814350e3efa23aa2b7433195b6d74.jpg )
Oh, so that's what it was, huh~

In that case, I'm sorry to say it, but it might be too hard for you to stop me from posting. It would be much easier to just alt+f4, lie down, take it easy and forgo yourself the trouble of having of reading my posts, you know. I guess for a person like you it actually takes effort to prevent yourself from witnessing and recording all sorts of horrible things, right? You just can't help it, ahaha!~
>> No. 60245 edit
I won't allow you to post as her!
>> No. 60246 edit
File 134564751918.jpg - (53.10KB , 514x640 , f259321d904a36fbbfac0ce998e1ffb4f158846e.jpg )
Welp, I'll be going, the week starts again.
Please love or some shit.
>> No. 60247 edit
File 134786503658.jpg - (585.06KB , 800x1130 , 1283803099977.jpg )
Zepar: On behalf of Furfur and myself I thank you then.

That sounds tempting to demons too. It's a lot of effort to post as two people so Furfur left. But still I think I will rest as well.

>> No. 60248 edit
*love me
>> No. 60249 edit
File 132534052098.jpg - (101.88KB , 595x842 , 1254289513233.jpg )
"Her"? Whoever might you mean~? Do you think Belphegor is your waifu or whatever? Silly NEET!
>> No. 60250 edit
File 132534075998.jpg - (199.31KB , 625x800 , 1250175412685.jpg )
Not sure why you're addressing me, but sure. Take it easy!
>> No. 60251 edit
Stop that or I'll fuck you in the neck! She's dead!
>> No. 60252 edit
File 132534182582.jpg - (162.96KB , 700x955 , cdfd501d8f449b6560ea50ce4f3eb261704ea377.jpg )
Whatcha gonna do, spam me with gaia screenshots until I yield? And paperweights can't die, silly cat.

Maybe you'll like it if I make it a little lewder.
>> No. 60253 edit
You can't do this! This is just DISGRACEFUL! You aren't doing it right at ALL!
>> No. 60254 edit
File 132534063370.jpg - (204.13KB , 1479x1736 , 24ec474338576e46053e9fcef77a3923bbf751f4.jpg )
What, do you think I'm here to fulfill whatever grammar and tone fetishes you might have for certain posters? Too bad. I'm doing it the way I want to. Maybe I'll switch for someone else's personality, too. Do you really want to go through the trouble of objecting?

You're so silly.
>> No. 60255 edit
Do someone else , you suck at this!
>> No. 60256 edit
File 134786611279.png - (166.18KB , 620x620 , 365c88b3b73aef78f309838ed7c1c41e789a1a88.png )
Make me. Hey, if I was just posting as my usual self with these images, would that irritate you? That would be pretty easy. Then again, maybe you have some kind of other objective and you're employing reverse psychology to get it. Like, connecting images of your beloved paperweight?

Ehehe, no way.
>> No. 60257 edit
>> No. 60258 edit
Post as me!! Post as me!!

>> No. 60259 edit
File 132533783638.jpg - (54.70KB , 551x800 , 1250175197565.jpg )
Shut up , cumslut!

How's that?
>> No. 60260 edit
You get a C.
>> No. 60261 edit
File 132533821777.jpg - (95.95KB , 500x591 , 1250174373944.jpg )
I give myself an A+. I captured both the essence and the entirety of your character. I guess that averages out to a B+.

Bs are good grades for people who are too lazy to succeed. Having achieved that, I give myself another A+ for sloth. It's too bad Belphegor isn't actually lazy.
>> No. 60262 edit
No. It's missing a word. How dare you show imperfection in my light.
>> No. 60263 edit
File 134786782511.jpg - (28.41KB , 342x514 , 79.jpg )
How you view your silly little self isn't important, you know? So, how you view someone impersonating you isn't important either. Because there's no way you can be fooled by your impersonator, even if they're perfect. Unless you're crazy or something, that is~

And from a rubbish collector like you, that imperfection sounds a little stupid. Don't you make it your job to bring all sorts of things far from perfect and collect them all here?
>> No. 60264 edit
Omg I don't have to do operation ^w^
>> No. 60266 edit
File 132533880566.jpg - (14.48KB , 303x370 , 55.jpg )
What, you aren't a NEET? How shameful. To think I was talking to such a person.
>> No. 60267 edit
But you still aren't perfect.
>> No. 60268 edit
If I were a NEET I would be able to buy my Aigis.
>> No. 60269 edit
File 134786864871.jpg - (29.90KB , 201x766 , 80.jpg )
Ehehe, not yet. But my religion has the tenant of salvation through unity with the perfect consciousness.

So I'll get back to you when I'm the Godhead.
>> No. 60270 edit
Soon™ , eh.

You can do better.
>> No. 60271 edit
File 134786934928.jpg - (125.79KB , 600x800 , 6017257.jpg )
Thank you for the compliment. But even a human's whole lifespan can't hold a candle to eternity. So we'll have all the time in the world to discuss it later.
>> No. 60272 edit
What do you do for a living other than being poor.
>> No. 60273 edit
File 134026908025.jpg - (149.06KB , 521x750 , 3ccffdf2637cc9d41235af7b767151dd.jpg )
Hi Belphe.
>> No. 60274 edit
File 134787434524.jpg - (246.98KB , 945x1394 , a99c4667ce19a8c86919c0a5914fb785.jpg )
I'm pretty sure that isn't Belphe. Just so you know.
>> No. 60275 edit
File 134787490554.jpg - (193.37KB , 500x577 , 418fda1fbff02a1369265833c9ef2fff6074e6c2.jpg )
Oh well. Hi Piece, how was Katanagatari?
>> No. 60277 edit
File 134787568196.jpg - (368.28KB , 900x516 , 7ed885d928474016c3ac4f077bb2dfc6.jpg )
Shit anime. The only episode that looked like it was going to be half-decent didn't actually exist.
>> No. 60278 edit
File 134787614243.jpg - (321.26KB , 850x599 , sample_6af98c459034f8bc078b56b29c04813d.jpg )
So about that next episode preview that had a fight scene.. that didn't actually happen?
>> No. 60279 edit
Shit from a Lolfag, makes me puke.
>> No. 60281 edit
File 134787648288.gif - (371.53KB , 480x272 , 9e1a4ed5d143da9b66dd5b3faf742a09.gif )
That's right, it didn't. No fight scenes allowed, only talking.

I have never once played any of your gay casual facebook angry birds moba games, not since the original DotA years ago. That includes LoL. That would be like playing tf2, CoD or WoW.
>> No. 60282 edit
I was talking about an Irl friend trying to push lol on me actually.
>> No. 60283 edit
File 134787795625.png - (159.03KB , 633x355 , 89063525b6152ea2bbd3d4b8458af3b7.png )
Is that right? In any case, I would have needed to clear things up eventually so I didn't get caught up in your squabbles over which version of angry birds is the best and least casual.

Maybe your real life friend is the reason you kept posting about those when nobody has mentioned them, as well.
>> No. 60284 edit
File 134787880050.jpg - (183.00KB , 720x700 , 490eb8ef5a849fa234bc535eba748304.jpg )
50 minutes of talking! No fun allowed!
>> No. 60285 edit
File 134787921212.jpg - (243.04KB , 600x500 , 0d61dbbf699bd4f1967b29fdb383d6e5c46919e4.jpg )
Wrong, it is 47 minutes of talking, 1.5 minutes of ali project and 1.5 of some other things nobody cares about.

I guess you should expect that when apparently the author of the novels also did Bakemonogatari (and Nisemonogatari). In fact, I wanted to try Katanagatari after learning it wasn't actually part of that *monogatari series, which I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Because I was previously under the impression that it was. I should have thought to check the author at the time.

They also did Medaka Box, which from what I've heard is basically DBZ with girls.
>> No. 60286 edit
File 134313739887.png - (399.41KB , 836x768 , homu001.png )
Why is Piece posting as Belphe?
>> No. 60287 edit
File 13478801213.png - (303.12KB , 800x800 , bfef33694677ab0322acb7b342703f2f68a6868f.png )
You can't make accusations like that without evidence. I assume that you have some?
>> No. 60288 edit
File 134216412478.png - (1.03MB , 1526x1080 , 1342003951658.png )
I do
Rule of /seacats/: No name = Piece
>> No. 60289 edit
File 13478445473.jpg - (75.32KB , 527x710 , 741f30fed6dcaf653164890a5437150f013de886.jpg )
>> No. 60290 edit
File 132979608554.jpg - (169.65KB , 1366x768 , homu002.jpg )
Get a name or become Piece. Dem's the rules.
>> No. 60291 edit
File 132997281714.png - (97.18KB , 679x653 )
>> No. 60292 edit
File 134788138332.jpg - (1.01MB , 2000x1600 , 6c55a2fd62a5226d0dd7a7ae2fe99cfb39796c53.jpg )
You mean I've also been talking to myself about this anime?

Speaking of which, the only redeeming factor is this moderately cute girl. But then her hair is cut. And then she's replaced by uncute.
>> No. 60293 edit
Wtf twitter on the front page
>> No. 60294 edit
File 134788540762.gif - (2.40MB , 300x170 , Thatsnothowyouusecheerio.gif )
White haired Rika is cute
>> No. 60295 edit
File 130211267624.png - (14.23KB , 284x387 , sakutaro_wave2.png )
>> No. 60296 edit
File 133136044634.jpg - (128.19KB , 1366x768 , homu051.jpg )
Oh, right.
Happy Birthday, Hanyaru.
>> No. 60297 edit
File 134789008489.jpg - (298.96KB , 539x750 , a49d14f9fc1ed0261e8696b26bbb19e5.jpg )
Stop being so moe. I just want to hug you and kiss you and.. ahem..
>> No. 60298 edit
File 134789038992.jpg - (75.16KB , 314x459 , 088432c031218a4eb663dc3db1369c22c3936961.jpg )
You would have made an upstanding stake in times gone by.
>> No. 60299 edit
File 129697412670.png - (165.72KB , 438x570 , sparklyhearts.png )
I can't help it if I'm naturally moe.
>> No. 60300 edit
File 13359738799.jpg - (351.24KB , 928x800 , f5755dcc5c9dcdd6fedb086689303fc1.jpg )
The only good thing Luci has is her 2b or 3c.
>> No. 60301 edit
File 134789085062.jpg - (192.53KB , 424x600 , 6f8c4125a1e122b5e28f0138cfec13c3fe9af609.jpg )
So you wouldn't mind if I jumped at you, hugged you and never let go?
>> No. 60302 edit
File 134789088671.jpg - (246.88KB , 700x875 , 6867290.jpg )
>> No. 60303 edit
File 129982670718.jpg - (212.21KB , 526x410 , i love you guys.jpg )
Feel free to do so.
>> No. 60304 edit
File 134789149022.jpg - (197.93KB , 600x600 , 7a8ab1cbb27721bde91e8ef7803d9460.jpg )
Yay~! Then I'll just go to sleep and think about hugging you all night.
>> No. 60305 edit
File 134789186323.png - (186.24KB , 600x700 , 1250211355933.png )
Liar.The night is already over. And you'll be hugging about you're Kuroneko dakimakura.
>> No. 60306 edit
>> No. 60307 edit
File 133296348163.png - (140.46KB , 350x317 , 23551885.png )
Well. This was one of the weirdest day I've ever experienced. What the fuck world, what the fuck.
>> No. 60308 edit
why, wot happened?
>> No. 60309 edit
Happy birthday Hanyoo!!
>> No. 60310 edit
File 134168914282.jpg - (5.59KB , 300x168 , images.jpg )
Well, I took a homeless (wo?)man for a corpse and I almost called the police. And a guy did a wheelie on his bicycle.
I don't even know.
>> No. 60311 edit
File 134790407876.jpg - (304.62KB , 800x600 , Fedora.jpg )
Butler has a fedora. GOTY
>> No. 60312 edit
File 134790653021.jpg - (311.13KB , 796x595 , Frenchbutler.jpg )
10/10 best character ever.
>> No. 60313 edit
Stop! You'll summon him!
>> No. 60314 edit
File 13437169454.jpg - (27.90KB , 640x480 , cb_spike0175.jpg )
Welp, that was a god ride Goldbar Games. Congratulations to you guys for this.
So in terms of issue, if the writing of the introductory scene is still stiff, it gets honestly better as time goes on and it doesn't get awkward or annoying to read. The art is fine, I find myself to really like the style of the sprites and the little animation and cg are a real treat. Can't say I like the way the backgrounds are, but I'm guessing it's something that can't be helped, though the title screen really should be remade, like seriously.
In terms of the music, it's nice.
There comes the events I guess. Even if the ending scene is something I had guessed would happen as soon as the father/son argument happened, the tension and build up to it honestly gave me some chills. Really good use of ambiance and shit here, guys. The aftermath though, pretty much upped Umineko in terms of awkwardness. Too bad.
The rest is pretty much shrouded in mystery as it is, obviously, so i can't comment.
One last thing, the butlers hints are basically side stories concerning the characters, right ? I triggered one and just clicked without reading because I thought it was something I had to figure out on my own.
Also, I should probably count the number of times "anyway" is used. There's like bijilions of them. gets better midway thankfully.

Well then, it was fun and interesting, waiting for the rest,etc...
>> No. 60315 edit
File 130691669611.png - (161.26KB , 434x480 , wdk_defa1.png )
Good to know the writing turned out decent (and graphics/music).
Was that part really that awkward?
I can understand the title screen, I should probably change it to something else this week.
Yes, the hints are side stories unrelated to the main game, which Gilligan and Butler don't see. However the things that are discussed in those scenes might reveal things that could lead to finding the answer. Basically a hint that's disguised as an extra scene.

Anyway, glad you liked it. I'll try to get the second half released fairly quickly, too.
>> No. 60316 edit
Even if realistic (it made me laugh), the elevator's door trying to close disrupt a bit the tension of the scene.
>> No. 60317 edit
omg i'm gonna read just for that
>> No. 60318 edit
File 134270858648.jpg - (13.99KB , 480x360 , 0f.jpg )
Well it was honestly pretty jarring. Not that bad maybe.

Well tried out Lion's ... thing ? Dropped. That shit ain't for me. Sorry Lion, I just can't see the point. The sprites seems to look nice as I've only seen the first one and I'm guessing if it spans for the whole EP1 then it's a titanic word even if it is just changing some wording in phrase.
So... uh ? I can't say anything about it...
>> No. 60319 edit
File 134081355724.jpg - (283.59KB , 733x1000 , 0d729a00e4917c9aaaee812e5f7a85924c02eea8.jpg )
Good night guys.
I love you.
>> No. 60320 edit
>Also, I should probably count the number of times "anyway" is used. There's like bijilions of them. gets better midway thankfully.
>Anyway, glad you liked it.
>> No. 60321 edit
omg gn gay
>> No. 60322 edit
File 129591984243.png - (289.01KB , 434x480 , wdk_akuwaraia1b.png )
>> No. 60323 edit
File 134605124540.png - (76.24KB , 246x498 , akari fish.png )
Every Monday until you like it~
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