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Nostalgia and streams general. And general general general.

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File 13487574388.png - (2.10MB , 1316x956 , manly science ozaki and kinjo.png )
61523 No. 61523 edit
Because it had to be done.
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>> No. 61525 edit
File 134241974820.jpg - (14.73KB , 500x312 , tumblr_m56el2r6oQ1rqpkz7.jpg )
Overlook that chimp. I'm first.
>> No. 61526 edit
File 134876197792.png - (1.17MB , 1920x1080 , ed_transmute.png )
Yeah, time for some muther fukk'n manly science!
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>> No. 61528 edit
I am 2000 years old and what is this?
>> No. 61529 edit
File 130041833938.png - (214.17KB , 357x461 , イリヤ08d(近).png )
What's wrong with being gay?
>> No. 61530 edit
it's gay
>> No. 61531 edit
File 134877213534.png - (203.55KB , 333x475 , イリヤ01a(近).png )
>> No. 61532 edit
it's gay as hell dude
>> No. 61534 edit
File 129598166770.png - (59.23KB , 330x443 , kan_komarua1.png )
oh hi
>> No. 61535 edit
File 13433633724.jpg - (41.03KB , 640x480 , cb_spike0166.jpg )
If I can't beat off to it, then it shouldn't be allowed. Something like that I guess.

Glop glop.
>> No. 61536 edit
File 134877345950.png - (47.15KB , 300x300 , pls.png )
>> No. 61537 edit
File 129616800731.png - (59.41KB , 330x442 , kan_ikaria2.png )
>> No. 61538 edit
File 132198454663.png - (1.81KB , 64x64 , Lion2.png )
>> No. 61539 edit

why? ;_;
>> No. 61540 edit
File 129607395577.png - (59.57KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea4.png )
Oh, the Nichibros manga ended? What a shame, I was interested in it.
>> No. 61541 edit
Same here...

But I am pretty sure It will be like Shaman king
cancelled at first...return in an unexpected second series.
>> No. 61542 edit
File 129598436977.png - (58.56KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana1.png )
You know, it took Takei like 8 years to be able to release the second part of Shaman King.
>> No. 61543 edit
well, at least we got the actual ending~

but yeah, it can't be helped.
>> No. 61544 edit
File 13458924669.jpg - (750.26KB , 1900x1177 , a9177d61fec0c6b254c67b75d43a400c.jpg )
>> No. 61545 edit
File 134878492819.jpg - (93.84KB , 960x540 , 1348771461061.jpg )
Oh God

It's him isn't it
>> No. 61546 edit
File 134724651671.jpg - (186.84KB , 746x534 , 28528938.jpg )
Worst anime ever, blah blah blah.
>> No. 61547 edit
>> No. 61548 edit
.......thats is DESUcrimination!~~~
>> No. 61549 edit
File 134878577897.gif - (1.62MB , 393x221 , 1315342978385.gif )
>> No. 61550 edit
Deported, etc
>> No. 61551 edit
>> No. 61552 edit
So, who's playing?
>> No. 61553 edit
Audio 01_Winner_-_Flowsik.mp3 - (4.51MB , 01_Winner - Flowsik.mp3 )
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File 134878921917.gif - (858.97KB , 500x281 , 1344902812886.gif )
>> No. 61555 edit
File 134457351228.jpg - (95.73KB , 1024x683 , zO3QR.jpg )
>> No. 61556 edit
File 134879109243.png - (74.17KB , 221x221 , eehh.png )
omg choco started classes today
>> No. 61557 edit
File 134879128922.jpg - (141.52KB , 1280x720 , 1335330170724.jpg )
>> No. 61558 edit
File 13487913966.png - (80.30KB , 218x220 , wwwwaat.png )
she was going to start sixth when we met my babby's growing
>> No. 61559 edit
File 134871263218.jpg - (38.56KB , 403x403 , 1348627792847.jpg )
>> No. 61560 edit
File 13487930831.gif - (2.75MB , 582x328 , 1348586103652.gif )
>> No. 61561 edit
File 13487951832.jpg - (151.79KB , 704x1188 , 1348670750902.jpg )
>> No. 61562 edit

Cavewoman strong.
>> No. 61563 edit
File 134879582123.jpg - (635.07KB , 1936x2592 , 1348742869184.jpg )
>> No. 61564 edit

that's best part ok
>> No. 61565 edit
Since September is almost over....and october is next...let me entertain you with my one of my three paranormal experiences...

1- This happened to me when I was around 15-16 and I had to take care of my granma's house with a cousin for one night...Since I was going to be home alone with my cousin, I said, HELL YEAH! this will be great, but suddenly there wa an storm and my granma's house had a blackout, I said to myself:
Meh, its just a blackout, Okay, gonna look for candles.
My granma's house has three floors the attic, the bedrooms floor and the living/kitchen floor (both with bathroom and A/c~~),the attic is kind of weird since it is made of wood while the two floors are made of block.
In any case...I open a wardrobe...in that wardrobe were the candles I grabbed them...and suddenly I feel some cold hands....at first I thought it was my cousin who was playing a prank...so I quickly turn away...and no one was there.. I looked in all the house....but no one was home...
In fact my cousin couldn't come due to a issue he had with his girlfriend.

any explanations to deny the cold hand witch?
>> No. 61566 edit
mb it was ur gramma
>> No. 61567 edit
You were getting candles because it was dark, because it was dark you couldn't see very well in the attic therefore you mistook something that touched you for a hand.

Since it was raining a item X in the attic got wet and fell on you.
>> No. 61568 edit
File 134879790833.jpg - (232.42KB , 1280x800 , mexican-horror-story.jpg )
Granma is still alive~
and It was really alone...

Granpa is the only one that died on that house, it could have been him...however

it is known that when you see a ghost you can determine if its good or bad with your feelings.

if you feel scared its a bad spirit.
>> No. 61569 edit
It is quite curious, since it was still daytime~

I tend to be over-preventive~ (have stuff until needed)
>> No. 61570 edit
Well it was still raining, which would have blocked out some light. Not to mention you are in an attic so there would commonly only be a single lame light bulb near the entrance.

Besides, suggestibility is the most common trait for a person in terms of stimulus. Those are he people who have SEEN an motor, because they have heard a motor horn; who SEE a postman because they hear the rattle of the letter box; who SEE a knife wound because they are TOLD a man has been stabbed; or who will have HEARD the pistol if told a man has been shot.

It's similar to imagination, we all know you love horror stories.
>> No. 61571 edit
hmmmm yeah, it may have been suggestion....

In any case..since then I don't sleep there alone..
>> No. 61572 edit
whers stremn?
>> No. 61573 edit

ur strm
>> No. 61574 edit
2. Here is another one
This one happened in my house...this time It was a really normal night.
I finished my homework, I had everything ready for tomorrow, I already took a bath and well, I was ready to sleep.....when suddenly I started singing in my head a song with lyrics I REALLY haven't heard before. I was creeped out.....
The lyrics said: "Es prudente que te vayas con el"(English: it is wise to go with him)
I was really scared, since I couldn't stop singing....and tried to sleep......
After a while I could.....that Night I had a nightmare...I was in a dark room illuminated with a red light. I can't really remember the deatils...but I was scared again
and the dream ended with someone saying "You will be mine".
>> No. 61576 edit
File 13488006887.jpg - (83.11KB , 1280x720 , gundam style.jpg )
>> No. 61577 edit
Omfffff vita has no flash but dis screebln is sooooooo gud
>> No. 61578 edit
File 131023797173.png - (6.03KB , 35x45 , cut.png )
>> No. 61579 edit
File 134664839680.jpg - (97.44KB , 416x463 , 921b4c1998e25fe8dfc789c7d577fb6c.jpg )
>> No. 61580 edit
>> No. 61581 edit
>ghost stories
>it is known that when you see a ghost you can determine if its good or bad with your feelings.
oh god, my sides
Lion, Carl Sagan would be dissapoint
>> No. 61582 edit
Dunno the reason, but I was really creeped out, that that happened to me.
>> No. 61583 edit
Ya, some really weird things have happened to me too (as a 5gr electronic component destroying the back window of my car) but I don't attribute it to the paranormal.
>> No. 61584 edit
File 132700703671.png - (186.53KB , 463x600 , misha_cross_grin_close.png )
If I didn't know any better, I'd say you had some kinda personal problem with that kinda thing~
>> No. 61585 edit
It's not just ghosts, my problem is with any paranormal or pseudoscientific stuff. I strongly dislike them. I saw a homeopathic store near of the office the other day
>> No. 61586 edit
File 132737029167.png - (188.19KB , 463x600 , misha_cross_laugh_close.png )
Wa ha ha, how silly~ I wonder why~?
>> No. 61587 edit
I suppose this kind of things you have to experience them yourself...to be aware...

I am also quite skeptic, but this experiences have made me think otherwise~
>> No. 61588 edit
>> No. 61589 edit
Why? Well my problem is with misinformation itself. Homeophatics are scam, aura reading, tarot reading and others are scams too. I can't think of any Freudian reason for me to hate them (sorry, no tarot reader punched during my childhood), I simply dislike lies in general.

And now, even if paranormal was stuff is real it hasn't been confirmed so far (not a single time in a million attempts), and it doesn't take a genius to see how some people fake that stuff and make a fortune with it.
In any case I'm mean with lion because I'm pretty much used to be mean with him, dunno why lol.
>> No. 61590 edit
File 133005883388.png - (208.89KB , 463x600 , misha_perky_smile_close.png )
You know, I believe one of the world's major problems is people who refuse to accept others' worldviews as valid, deeming them "scum" and "liars" because they don't agree with them~

I'll just leave it at that~
>> No. 61591 edit
I would love to tell you more mean things and refute your argument, but I guess I can do that from MSN.
>> No. 61592 edit
I think you are correct, and that's why I don't do this with politics or religion. But I'm not* letting people stomp over the scientific method.
>> No. 61593 edit
File 132701473527.png - (219.19KB , 463x600 , misha_sign_smile_close.png )
The scientific method is only a single approach, not the only approach~ Besides that, there's plenty of science that is almost purely speculative and based only on observation and "best guesses" rather than testing~
>> No. 61594 edit
File 132737029167.png - (188.19KB , 463x600 , misha_cross_laugh_close.png )
Whoops, hate it when I do that, spelled "neither" wrong~ Wa ha ha~
>> No. 61595 edit
Exactly, that's why stuff gets tested a lot of times, and even then, there are room for changes and speculation. The stuff that cannot be tested (as today) is done based of what we assume to be truth (thanks to intensive testing). As for the "not only approach" argument well, I think you are right. But it's the one that has managed to give us technology and to make us understand better our world. It wasn't directly used years ago, but scientists, as opposed to philosophers, experimented even before the method was created.

"Pseudoscience" or whatever you want to call it doesn't attempt to prove what it claims, and it has been used to explain things we were unable to understand before, and as a very good business model.

In any case, would anyone be interested in what I think can read this short passage from one of Sagan's book "A dragon in my garage": http://www.fireandknowledge.org/archives/2008/04/06/a-fire-breathing-dragon-lives-in-my-garage-sagan/
Otherwise you can think of me as a hard headed nerd who can't stand the others to have fun, both are ok to me.
>> No. 61596 edit
my noble phantasm is to win every argument *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
>> No. 61597 edit
File 132703640426.png - (217.96KB , 463x600 , misha_hips_grin_close.png )
>managed to give us technology and to make us understand better our world
I think you are giving it a little too much credit, there are a lot of factors involved in that~ I do not deny it is a useful tool, but I do believe you are generalizing too much by dismissing certain other approaches as mere scams~

I don't think of you as a hard-headed nerd like that, I do think your attitude towards this is needlessly hostile and judgmental however~
>> No. 61598 edit
Anon is moe~
Its okay don't worry~
also I am happy to hear your point of view~
>> No. 61599 edit
Heh, well, a lot of stuff has been discovered by accident, but I think you are the one who's diminishing it yourself. Computers weren't made by astrologers nor by ghosts hunters.
>> No. 61600 edit
File 13270368212.png - (218.84KB , 463x600 , misha_hips_smile_close.png )
Oh, so it's "by accident" when it doesn't meet up with your particular criteria for legitimate discovery, eh~? I see, I see~

In Civilization, culture is quite the important resource as well, in addition to science; both are needed to truly make a civilization thrive~
>> No. 61601 edit
Oh no, no, of course it does. The real goal is to improve/understand/or create new stuff. But I don't think "by accident" counts as an approach. By definition, you cannot discover stuff "accidentally" at your own will.
>> No. 61602 edit
I never said culture wasn't important too, culture fills a different, very important need of the human being. However playing an instrument and "taking a photograph of your soul for $50" are very different things.
>> No. 61603 edit
File 132700703671.png - (186.53KB , 463x600 , misha_cross_grin_close.png )
Well, of course charging money for such things is very questionable, but if people are happy because they spent that money and heard stuff they wanted to then who's to judge~? Let the buyer beware and all that~

I say, let capitalism take its course. Generally they're too small to be a major concern~ If they don't make any money they'll have to shut down, and if they're making money, well, they must be doing SOMETHING right~ Of course if it's actually illegal then it should be forced to shut down, but that'd be the only time I have a big problem with it~
>> No. 61604 edit
Ok, I partially agree with the first part (well not really, but I can live with it), but for example, homeopathy does hurts. Some people use it instead of using real medicine. Children have died because vaccination is "Satan's tool", etc.

In any case, I apologize. I have been a jerk lately.
>> No. 61605 edit
File 129832208189.png - (75.50KB , 224x439 , イリヤ道場03a(遠).png )
Honey, are you bothering those nice seacats down the internet street again?
>> No. 61606 edit
File 134881356767.png - (842.53KB , 1024x768 , sci method tech.png )
Sorry anon, but Scientific Method obsoletes too many useful things, I often put off discovering it as long as possible, unless I'm in a hurry to get oil for war purposes~
>> No. 61607 edit
File 12959202433.png - (89.42KB , 291x478 , kan_waraia123.png )
Heh, I bet the game was designed by some liberal arts guys~
>> No. 61608 edit
File 134881698216.png - (786.53KB , 1280x1024 , sci theory tech.png )
It can't be helped, it's more my playstyle than anything else~ I like to build up religious buildings and building stuff like the Apostolic Palace and University of Sankore to boost them, obsoleting both Monasteries and the Great Library counteracts that~ If a Civ doesn't use many monasteries and doesn't have those wonders then Scientific Method is much better for them, particularly if they wanna go Communism, or wage war...~ But seriously, technology is highly prized in Civ~ Of course, the Liberalism beeline via Philosophy/Education offers a free technology to the first Civilization to discover it, and that's a hard prize to pass up~

In Civ5 though I think Scientific Theory is a much more useful tech~
>> No. 61609 edit
File 132544037769.jpg - (97.66KB , 1280x720 , 1325355036237.jpg )
>> No. 61610 edit
File 131323914498.jpg - (46.00KB , 153x122 , b4.jpg )
hi caster
>> No. 61611 edit
File 131615372438.png - (32.80KB , 758x532 , 1276476169752.png )
>> No. 61612 edit
File 134882060486.jpg - (34.44KB , 230x288 , 1255662172444.jpg )
I'm trying to not be too hard on the poor /seacats/ now...~
>> No. 61614 edit
File 13359738799.jpg - (351.24KB , 928x800 , f5755dcc5c9dcdd6fedb086689303fc1.jpg )
hi im bored
>> No. 61615 edit
File 134325635185.jpg - (33.31KB , 640x480 , cb_spike0177.jpg )
What's all this nonsense. Science is obviously the best thing ever.
Also hi.
>> No. 61616 edit
File 134884658046.jpg - (116.50KB , 716x800 , 5c4ef677d235d7d8eda9d4dc4f1bc4e7.jpg )
hi franch
>> No. 61617 edit
File 133238936958.jpg - (37.65KB , 454x317 , 133291736654.jpg )
Hi, why are you posting lewd images.
>> No. 61618 edit
File 134884830644.jpg - (87.40KB , 566x800 , 9a5f2822e8db1d602fdfc5424de8baec.jpg )
i like them
>> No. 61619 edit
File 134773217025.jpg - (220.62KB , 850x850 , d20e68a9cd5a441ff300bde5cead07d62424d89b.jpg )
dats what she said!!!
>> No. 61620 edit
File 134081355724.jpg - (283.59KB , 733x1000 , 0d729a00e4917c9aaaee812e5f7a85924c02eea8.jpg )
It's fine, I like them too.

>> No. 61621 edit
File 129607325775.jpg - (35.68KB , 186x131 , hiyo-oh.jpg )
>> No. 61622 edit
>> No. 61623 edit
Oy anon which vita grip things u get
>> No. 61624 edit
Hmm, there are more than ones? I got the sony ones, I guess.
>> No. 61625 edit
ya i made dat
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