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Nostalgia and streams general. And general general general.

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File 135366079624.jpg - (82.33KB , 520x520 , 232131231224 copy.jpg )
64905 No. 64905 edit
Greetings /seacats/, Let me introduce myself, I'm a huge seacat fan just like mostly everyone around here is. been a Lion user in steam where I actually kind of have my own big group of umineko members for years since episode 7 got released. Just never really got into boards and umineko discussions chan style boards like these are (to avoid ep8 spoilers way back then) till recently because of how long episode 8 took goddamn long (a year waiting of pain from witch hunt) to get translated.

I've only recently found out about this board because I started reading umineko fan made spin offs not too long ago and happened to stumble across Kinjo's AWESOME ep 1-4 games. I don't care what the haters think Kinjo, you're awesome and im one of your fans and they were entertaining!

Please welcome me to your awesome board of awesome seacats~ although... it appears you guys already have another Lion. To avoid confusion I guess I could post Lion in black! or something me and the other Lion could perhaps to talk and work to each other about! (lol)

I hope we can get along!
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File 130931667267.png - (10.83KB , 200x200 , 154845675121.png )
Do people hate his work? Did it suddenly become popular and we didn't notice?
Welcome, and in any case this Lion guy don't post much as Lion any more, just ask him or try getting a different name.
>> No. 64911 edit
File 135366464854.jpg - (157.68KB , 515x515 , 2232132132231231131 - Copy.jpg )
Oh shit you guys have no idea huh

There's that akataro blogger guy that made that theory about Lion being male and does not believe DID at all and that Lion is a guy to him. I asked him if he was certain about that and he told me 99% he believes is the certain truth but fuck that i'm all for gender equality and don't want to believe Lion is a guy 100% proof because well magic. I'm anti-mystery for the most part and I want lion's gender identity protected.

Also yeah I got into a few arguements with a few other seacats about theories recently and I mentioned Kinjo's game and they got mad at me and said I was catering on bad fanfiction (oh no you le fucking didn't just call Kinjo bad fanfiction, his game sounded pretty close to the truth even if it isn't). So yes, I think it got a bit popular.

and yes I have read most of the gameboard sections you guys have created alright, they're fun and great alright. I'm thinking I could create my own games too and could contribute.
>> No. 64912 edit
File 134394284873.jpg - (240.41KB , 480x640 , 13437391813.jpg )
If you still use the word DID then you still haven't understood the main theory. It's not about Yasu having different personalities, but trying to assume different roles. For example I don't believe a human called Kanon ever existed, he was instead created in her fictional game (yes, her) as a trick to hide the culprit (she). The rest of the games were wrote by Ikuko and Battler with Amnesia, so they were based on the original two. If Battler managed to remember everything at the end of writing EP5 then it explains why he's able to pull the closed room of EP6. And well, I'm not sure if EP7 and EP8 were actually wrote by those two, but they are so Meta that I assume they weren't.
>> No. 64913 edit
File 135367167633.jpg - (216.15KB , 1366x616 , Evil.jpg )
Well fuck, I always thought I was more a Chaotic Neutral than goddamn evil. Eh.

Hi and welcome here.
>> No. 64914 edit
File 135367413235.jpg - (176.50KB , 960x544 , illshowyouwhosboss.jpg )
These posts are too long I thought I was in /gameboard/ for a second.
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File 135367492383.jpg - (178.57KB , 1191x787 , newtral.jpg )
>> No. 64923 edit
File 135369549344.jpg - (80.40KB , 250x250 , 12246023211.jpg )
Nice to meet anon-kun

and I don't really go with the DID anymore yes I believe it was more on roles and not having different personalities.
>> No. 64924 edit
wtf is happenng
>> No. 64925 edit
File 135369631768.jpg - (190.15KB , 495x495 , 14724980 - Co2py.jpg )
>> No. 64926 edit
File 134844215840.jpg - (255.75KB , 788x675 , 15bd7b50c7fa67dffda9a15bc4533889.jpg )
Check this guy out.

Ni hao , ni hao.
>> No. 64927 edit
File 132004326351.png - (51.28KB , 595x477 )
My reaction to this thread
>> No. 64928 edit
im fk bored
>> No. 64929 edit
File 135369790458.jpg - (96.77KB , 442x442 , 25646479_big_p6.jpg )
*glomps and hugs other Lion*

>> No. 64934 edit

>> No. 64981 edit
File 135371388331.jpg - (119.11KB , 479x454 , 1putM.jpg )
Yeah sounds good or player 2 Lion rofl

I'll post black lion whenever im posting too
>> No. 65009 edit
File 135375198654.png - (775.32KB , 968x1041 , Erika_Smile.png )
Nice to see someone else here who's actually still interested in Umineko. I'm a fan of Kinjo's games too.

The other Lion is the same person as Zefur from Kinjo's game, if you didn't already know. In any case, welcome, and please do check out /gameboard/. We need all the activity we can get over there.

I believe in a biologically male Yasu/Lion myself, but I still refer to her as a girl since that's what she identifies herself as. I'm perfectly fine with people thinking she was born female, though, since there's plenty of evidence for both.
>> No. 65014 edit
File 135375543729.jpg - (77.23KB , 318x318 , 31177274_big_p5.jpg )
Umineko, ending?

hah! Umineko ending to me is not in my vocabulary nor should it be 2 words that go together

It shall never end

Let's have lots of fun painting the walls red with the blood of victims!

>> No. 65129 edit
File 13538810061.jpg - (48.93KB , 404x480 , rio_defa1.jpg )
who even plays ougon around here? Who wants to play with me, I'll stream.
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