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File 137212496047.jpg - (55.16KB , 500x300 , civ5.jpg )
73178 No. 73178 edit
Alright /seacats/, skypecats has been filled with silly talks about Civ5, so we decided it was about time we set a game up.
So the requirements are basically :
-The base game of course
-The Gods&Kings DLC (Obligatory)
-And a working connection
The additional civilization dlc like ancient wonders or babylon and whatnot are recommended but not needed.

So basically since a civ game is long and hard to setup, we're using this thread. So everyone who wants and can participate, simply state when you are free during the following weeks for such a game.
Of course due to business the game will most likely be held during the weekend.

Personally, I'm soon in vacation, so I propose saturday coming next week. Which is like 6 July or something, starting around the afternoon. Since that was usually when we held the games back when we played months ago.

Anyway, go on guys. Also, if you have any particular rules you'd recommend, do so, and if you want absolutely a certain civilization, don't hesitate to take it here so they'll be no debate when the match is supposed to start.
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>> No. 73179 edit
File 137212553057.gif - (205.53KB , 235x193 , 1315910312878.gif )
I'd be happy to join, and I don't have any particular preferences regarding Civ or anything~ I'd suggest normal speed for a relatively quick game even though I usually play on epic. I like abundant resources for a more interesting game~ We can turn off AI if people think that would be more fair. Everyone should play at the same difficulty level~
>> No. 73181 edit
File 137213083416.png - (16.67KB , 153x127 , newb.png )
I'm interested in playing, I meet all the requirements anyway. Hopefully my computer will do the same with all the civilizations needed to load.

I don't play this game at all to be honest. I bought it when it was on sale and haven't touched it that much since, so this may be a good chance to blow the dust off it. So don't make me loose too quickly, ok?

And I'm free whenever really. (Except around July 6th I might go to anime expo, so I'll probably miss the first day of whatever you guys are planning.)

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>> No. 73182 edit


Last edited at 13/06/24(Mon)20:39:05
>> No. 73183 edit
I'm not sure as what map size we should go with, it'll probably be more decisive when we see who and how many are participating. Abundant resources should be fine with me if it's the next step up above normal, otherwise it would probably be a bit too much resources imo. (I see Strategic Balance on here but I don't know how actually balanced it is.)

Normal speed should be fine, but odds are we won't finish the game in a single day depending on who we can actually get together. I would suggest New Random Seed just for the possible fact that things won't turn out the same if we have to save and stop at a certain time and load again later. Random personalities if we add AI civs just to spice things up a bit and Quick Combat so people aren't having to take too long with turns or left hanging for the attack to resolve and all.

I have G&K and all the dlc already so I'm fine on that front, I'll have to decide which civs I would prefer later on most likely.

Idk if some people would prefer to lay down some basic ground rules/good manners etc or not or have just about anything goes or stuff like that either.

Doubt people want to go with complete kills so they aren't chasing the last unit of a civ across the world, policy saving and promotion saving can be abused from last I heard, and I doubt people would want to do a turn timer unless it was a relatively reasonable one.

Map sizes like said earlier probably would be determined by the # of players we get, but we could always decide on what map type we get. (I'm okay with continents and small continents maybe depending on the map size, maybe large islands as well, most of the other options have a set border to the east and west sides making it so the world isn't round etc which is kind of boring imo.)
>> No. 73184 edit
File 135591326023.png - (697.27KB , 931x535 , 1346908020207.png )
I've never done strategic balance in 5, I like it in 4 but I didn't even notice they added that. Stuff like policy saving should probably be turned off as it tends to favor the more advanced players and I'd like a more even playing field~

Map size I think should be dependent on the number of players involved and whether or not we have AI. City-states will be on of course.

Peoples especially newcomers may wanna check out my thread on Civ5 here~: http://www.seacats.net/teaparty/res/50717.html
>> No. 73188 edit
It seems the 6th of July is not the best time uh. Well then I propose two other dates :
First might be too soon, but this very Saturday, 29th June, or the safe solution, the next saturday, 13th July. Both are fine by me.

For the speed, I agree, even though I usually play on epic, normal is the best for a multiplayer game, it's already long enough that way anyway.

Same difficulty seems obvious, except for you Rin, as for abundant resources or strategic balance, I have no idea. I guess strategic balance is more fair for the less advanced players.

Promotion, Policy saving and Complete kills are bad and we shouldn't do that.
As for AI, I think it depends mainly on the number of people we manage to have.

Quick combat's turned on by default in multiplayer anyway, and it's best to keep it that way.
Yeah, random personality should probably be put. Just to avoid veterans using the usual AI attitude to their advantage.

Yes, City states on of course, be it only to make every civ viable.

As for the map type, well continents, pangea and small continents are basics and there shouldn't be any problem playing them.
>> No. 73189 edit

Ya 29 is best tabun.
>> No. 73191 edit
The thing about the 29th is, unless it gets cancelled, is that is when I'm streaming D&D until usually around 9 pm EST, starting at around 4 or 5 pm EST.

For city states, I usually reduce whatever the default number is for a map size by half because the default size is a bit too much city states imo. Pangea isn't able to be used in multiplayer I think? but if it can, I'd prefer not to use it as having an all land based map might screw people out of their civs sea based bonuses or otherwise. Small continents would depend on what map size we go with probably, cause the continents usually end up about the same size as large islands from my experience so regular continents might be the way to go.

I do agree with increasing the difficulty for maybe Rin though since she's so good/experienced at it (sorry!)
>> No. 73194 edit
File 137220368078.gif - (492.04KB , 310x178 , nazuna panic.gif )
>by half
What is the wrong with you the default number is fine
>> No. 73195 edit
nuh uh it's far too much city states that get littered across the map
>> No. 73196 edit
File 137221239657.jpg - (60.53KB , 352x279 , 1348489760349.jpg )
I don't think I've ever taken over a city-state. But utilizing city-states is part of the game! That's hardly exploitation! Having the default number just barely gives enough to go around.
>> No. 73197 edit
I did some testing, I still kinda stand by my opinion of the city states being at or near half the default amount seems about right to me, but the game sure likes to place them near the coast a bit too much for my taste in Continents map at least, it's a bit more normal save for clustering some city states up together in large Islands.

I tested out Strategic balance, and like Rin later said to me later, it tries to place each of the strategic resources near a civ which is a bit too easy for my tastes(People should be fighting over the land, or trading for strategic resources they may not have, etc.), and abundant seems like it's a bit too much resources on Large Island type maps so I'd probably be more partial to it myself on a continents type map.
>> No. 73198 edit
File 137222376927.png - (973.05KB , 1280x720 , wide torment.png )
I'm sorry, but less than default is a dealbreaker for me. I don't particularly care that much about the resource allocation, but I feel that diminishing the number of city-states is going to have very bad consequences. Sometimes even the default doesn't have a particularly good mix of all the various types, and with half that many you're lucky to get even one of each type on smaller maps.
>> No. 73199 edit
I already talked with you about it though that Standard or above is usually when i start to see the issue with them. I really don't think removing half the city states or having just above half but not quite default is going to ruin the fun that much for you or anyone else though. It's not like you aren't probably going to win or do well with that reduced amount anyways, and the RNG of city state, resource placement, quests, etc is going to happen anyways, that's civ!

Last edited at 13/06/25(Tue)22:41:02
>> No. 73200 edit
File 137222579132.png - (1.86MB , 1274x935 , game.png )
This is large, continents, in the game I just won. I don't feel this is an unnecessarily cramping amount of city-states. The seven cities I settled were enough to win me the game before the Emperor-level AI built a single spaceship part (only one had even completed the Apollo program).
>> No. 73201 edit
File 137223089582.png - (2.81MB , 1280x972 , science.png )
With that said, I am willing to compromise and have slightly less city-states should we go on a large+ sized map with AIs.
>> No. 73212 edit
File 137233688314.jpg - (77.33KB , 930x523 , 1366316112573.jpg )
So, after discussing this a bit more on skypecats, this is the end result : We have 6 players as of now for a game on the 29th, which means this very saturday.

For the hour, I propose 3:00 PM board time, since it looks like this is ok for almost everyone.
So far, the players are :

Hide and Lili have both expressed their interest but because of reasons they aren't able to join on the 29th.

Anyway since we have 6 players, we can technically play a game with only us, but I'll let that to you guys.
If you want a game with AIs or a game with only us, please decide !

This is what I propose for the rules and settings, based on the various conversations we had on the matter :

Map : Continents

No policy/promotion saving
Random AI personalities.
Start bias.
Regular resources.
Regular number of city-states ( Mainly to not disadvantage city-states based civs like Greece or Siam )
Basically everything else set to default.
Difficulty : Prince for everyone, even Rin.

So if you have any problem with one of the thing I proposed, feel free to tell me why and we'll try to resolve the issue, probably by common agreement or something.

Also, I know non-players have shown interest in watching a stream of the session. However civ5 doesn't allow spectators, which means that one of the players will have to stream if a stream is needed. Of course this will cause a problem since it will allow cheating.
So what I'd recommend is that the chat for the spectators takes place in skypecats, unless it's about something that is supposed to be kept secret to the other players then those should speak in the livestream/twitch chat.
Of course cheating is still easily doable that way, but I think that much should be enough.

As for who will stream, I can do it if there's any need for it, but my computer does not handle civ5 that well, and it slows down a lot, but I can still do it if I am asked to.

Last edited at 13/06/27(Thu)05:44:56
>> No. 73213 edit
File 137233772382.png - (187.97KB , 666x533 , 1371712660511.png )

Sounds good.
>> No. 73243 edit
File 137248514220.png - (53.06KB , 419x248 , 1371878400312.png )
I don't know if I can make it on time seeing as it will be around 7 AM for me and I'm contemplating going out tonight.
>> No. 73244 edit
File 137252393442.jpg - (106.03KB , 1280x720 , 1368211652434.jpg )
Well, Cake has confirmed that he could not attend the game for various reasons I'm too cool to understand. So we're now at 5 players. I hope everyone else is ready to go and there will not be another bailing out. But well, it's a given that unexpected things can always happen.

See you guys in 5 hours~

Last edited at 13/06/29(Sat)09:40:36
>> No. 73246 edit
Upon waking up, it seems familial forces, something much bigger than myself, are keeping me away from my house around the starting time. I guess I can't find a proper excuse to stay by the computer all day in time. I hate to bail out as much as the next guy... so I feel pretty bad right now. I wish the four of you the best though. Hopefully I can catch you all during some sort of stream.
>> No. 73247 edit
>> No. 73250 edit
File 13725872578.jpg - (65.83KB , 640x762 , 1366033263443.jpg )
So in the end, the game took place between Rin, George, Rotho and me. Astaroth ended up quitting halfway and since he was in deep shit, the AI that replaced him ended up being taken over entirely by George's troops.

Anyway we are now in the medieval era and decided to call it quits for now. No clear winner is in sight as of yet, and we'll resume and end the game Monday afternoon, on the same hour. George, please be on time this time around~

Last edited at 13/06/30(Sun)03:17:06
>> No. 73275 edit
File 133677338946.png - (155.90KB , 800x589 , 1252808589462.png )
Sorry about that. There's a new patch coming out like tomorrow, so we may want/need to start a new game. We could try out the pitboss mode to keep the game moving even when we don't meet up, but we can still organize "blitz sessions" to play the game like normal.
>> No. 73278 edit
File 136588181796.jpg - (266.16KB , 780x780 , 1365843139082.jpg )
Here's the patch notes for the update for the curious. So I personally agree on not continuing that game. I won etc...

Seriously now, time to organize that next match, hopefully now that there'll be an observer mode someone will be able to stream it. Anyway, I propose two dates for the next games :
Next monday, 8th July, and the saturday of next week, the 13th. The hour would be the same : 3:00 PM board hour. I propose the same conditions as the last game played.

Also, please check up on this thread often, jyouji, rotho, thinking about you guys.
>> No. 73279 edit
File 133332924884.png - (71.78KB , 282x233 , 1133.png )
>I won
But seriously, I think we should try to make use of the new Pitboss game option~ We could still try to schedule blitz sessions, which would basically be playing how we do now, but in addition we could all just take turns at our convenience and keep the game moving at a slower pace during the week~
>> No. 73280 edit
Well, I'm curious to see how that works exactly. Could you help me try it out quickly once the update is up ? I want to see exactly what kind of things are now allowed and whether it holds up.
>> No. 73281 edit
File 136046182489.jpg - (88.93KB , 1280x720 , 1360357841326.jpg )
I won by score and therefore the annals will record this as my victory.
>> No. 73290 edit
File 137294545580.jpg - (130.58KB , 1440x810 , 1372867976064.jpg )
Well, Hide and I tried out those new modes and shit, and it'll be pretty convenient. Pitboss requires the host to be there if anyone wants to take their turn though, so each player taking his turn slowly will not be easy to do. Though with this, we can organize shorter play sessions. Of course, hybrid mode should be the one we use.

Anyway, I still stand by the conditions I proposed above. So, is anyone interested, and if so, what about the dates ?

Last edited at 13/07/04(Thu)06:49:42
>> No. 73291 edit
File 132883492963.png - (191.08KB , 360x538 , 1252799514477.png )
Brave New World will be out by then, I think we should try to play with that if all or most of the players have it~
>> No. 73292 edit
File 137295365517.gif - (0.99MB , 500x268 , 1372951047001.gif )
Out for you you mean. Comes out in europe only on next friday. Bunch of lucky bastards you are. I don't know if that much people here will buy it, though they prob should, if it's as good as it looks.

Last edited at 13/07/04(Thu)09:08:54
>> No. 73348 edit
Steam flash sale on BNW, get it quick for like $20 if you want it. Only a few hours left I think
>> No. 74132 edit
File 138466854819.jpg - (121.79KB , 721x1024 , 1379544308564.jpg )
By the way, Brave New World is on sale again for $15. Get it now and we should totally play again sometime soon.
>> No. 74133 edit
Even I got it. '3'
>> No. 74134 edit
No money sry
>> No. 74136 edit
File 138594563126.jpg - (2.45MB , 1920x1080 , 1339277966006.jpg )
All right, but seriously~ We should try to work out a time to play Civ5! With Brave New World, of course.

I'm pretty free at this point, I do work during most weekdays but I can make time in the evening or at night if I know in advance~! Right now my weekends are pretty full... though early afternoon Sunday is open. And these time of days are going by Central timezone, USA, btw~ Hit me with some timeframes and we'll see what we can work out here~
>> No. 74137 edit
File 133306487591.jpg - (27.28KB , 600x600 , 24gounk.jpg )
I'll get massacred, but I'd still like to play if possible.

I'm free any night or Sunday normally.
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