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Nostalgia and streams general. And general general general.

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File 142225102751.jpg - (27.70KB , 184x240 , Tsubasa _RESERVoir_CHRoNiCLE_240_660353.jpg )
75215 No. 75215 edit
It have been quite a while my friends

How have you been? and what have you been doing? Have you been okay? which is what I hope, if not allow me to feel your condolences..

Seacats is almost 6 years old and my, how time have passed..I have really enjoyed spending all that time with you.
>> No. 75220 edit
I am doing awesome and a literally cannot believe this board still exists. even now imageboard4free is dead.

You guys are awesome.
>> No. 75221 edit
no u
>> No. 75222 edit
Theres better things to talk about than nerd about a crap tier vn with shit sprites both ryu and alchemist.

So stfu and go back to your gameboard nerding
>> No. 75223 edit

gtfo u rud
>> No. 75224 edit
>Seacats is almost 6 years old

Is it truly? Who would have thought.
>> No. 75225 edit
This October! Shocker.
Board's largely dead now, though.
>> No. 75226 edit

ur ded
>> No. 75227 edit
A bit soon to call it 6 years, October is still half a year from now.

Last edited at 15/04/07(Tue)16:49:33
>> No. 75229 edit
We're all still around-ish, it's just that we spend a lot more time talking on Skypecats (we have several chats on Skype dedicated for gameboards, teaparty general, etc.)
>> No. 75230 edit
Hi. Just passing by as well. I'm always glad it's still here.
>> No. 75231 edit
I have your skype account still in gameboard general btw, in case you were curious.

Last edited at 15/04/22(Wed)08:03:39
>> No. 75232 edit
hi what happened
>> No. 75233 edit
>> No. 75235 edit

Greetings /seacats/,

I'd like to say that I'm a longtime lurker, first-time poster, but I actually stumbled across this site about a week ago and I was too intrigued to lurk longer. I'd also like to say I'm a veteran of imageboards, but to be honest this is the first one I've ever used (I know that goes against what's suggested in the general guidelines, but I've at least looked up a few guides on how they work and at this point the only way I'll learn more is through practice. Hence, this post). I can't even say I'm a longtime fan of Umineko, considering I only found out it existed about half a year ago. Furthermore, my life is quite busy, to the point where I could not guarantee I could get on every night, and even when I could it would likely only be for an hour or two.

What I do bring is this: I'm a roleplaying veteran of almost two decades in just about every medium possible, I've a true love of mysteries that only deepens with each passing year, and I'm willing to commit what time I can to giving this place a participant worthy of it.

I also have a classic gameboard that is well on it's way to being ready, but I figure I should get more acquainted with /seacats/ first.

So, what say you all? Is there room for one more on your Rokkenjima?

(P.S. I thought about putting this in /lobby/, but it seemed like /teaparty/ got a lot more traffic. My apologies if this is the wrong spot.)

Last edited at 15/05/18(Mon)19:06:32
>> No. 75236 edit
Nah teaparty is the right place. I don't know why lobby hasn't been removed from public view really, or at least renamed.

In any case welcome! There is always room for more gameboarders here. If you have lurked for a while then you are probably familiar with how we play games, so that is even better.

Is your classic gameboard going to be open for anybody to try and solve?

Last edited at 15/05/18(Mon)22:18:58
>> No. 75237 edit

I noticed that about the pictures after I spent an hour trying to post. ;) And after I'd downloaded the full sprite set for Krauss, too (since it doesn't look like he's been snagged yet, strangely enough. Unlike Ronove *shakes fist*).

I'm thinking so. The other option (because it's shaping up to be a long one) is to make it a 1v1 RP until it's done, then open it up to everyone for the true solving portion. Once the mystery part is done, I'll be able to tell you what'll fit better.

Until then, if anyone has any brainteasers they want to test the new guy with, my little grey cells are twitching for lack of a puzzle.
>> No. 75238 edit
Yeah, there used to be someone using Krauss, but that was 4 years ago and they used edited sprites anyway, so it is fine.

I don`t have a puzzle at hand sadly(unless you count my current running games), but if you dont follow Tahyllis on youtube and need your mystery fix you can check out their Sea Shorts 18 through 21, which has a small mystery. I`ve heard the solution might be shown in 22, which is almost done.

Last edited at 15/05/20(Wed)18:44:13
>> No. 75239 edit

Let it never be said that I am not ambitious. The gameboard is nearing completion, and will be open for anyone with the heart to read it through to solve it since I'll be doing it Classic style. That being said, there will be a LOT to read through. I'll do my best to keep it concise while still obfuscating the truth enough to be interesting. Batten down the hatches, too, folks. We're going to have a full-on massacre on our hands.

If it isn't solved, or if people like it enough to want it anyways, we may do a Round 2 in RP style.

Look for its beginning sometime this weekend or in the upcoming week! (If there's anything I should absolutely know about How Things Are Done, I'd appreciate a heads-up. :) )
>> No. 75240 edit
I think you probably have everything, since you seem to have read some games and the guidelines.

If anything since its a classic game I`d just take care to space out the posts so we don't have large walls of text. Good to have separate posts for scenes etc.

Either way looking forward to it.
>> No. 75241 edit

Look forward to it no more! I've started typing it all out. Not sure I'll get it all finished immediately, but it has at least started.

Edit: It's done! Have fun with it, everyone!

Last edited at 15/05/26(Tue)17:05:02
>> No. 75242 edit
By the way, I've heard skypecats mentioned, but I can't seem to find out much more about it, and there is a -lot- of archive to scan through. Is it exclusive, or can I get in? Won't be on much, but I'd like to get to know people.
>> No. 75243 edit
There is /teaparty/ and /gameboard/ chat. We tend to add people to the gameboard chat after they have been around for while and or made a gameboard. /teaparty/ is random general chat ranging from video games to scottish men walking 5 hours a day. The other is as you would expect and is for talking about gameboards and mysteries.

Last edited at 15/06/02(Tue)23:09:00
>> No. 75244 edit
Wouldn't it make more sense for one of us to post our Skype names and then have newcomers add us?

My Skype name is Kinjo Goldbar, feel free to add me and I'll hook you up.
>> No. 75245 edit

I went ahead with Kinjo's idea, since right now I think my Skype settings make it a pain to reach me even if someone knows the name to look for.
>> No. 75248 edit
Suck a dick brooo

No ban please
>> No. 75249 edit
never do this again

what the heck are all these fancy new buttons on the board
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