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File 147355726483.png - (129.86KB , 438x482 , kal_nervous_01.png )
76092 No. 76092 edit
Hi, everybody. Uh, is this board still active? Do people still do the cool things?

Mystery blitzes, game boards, discussions?

I even freshly butchered half a dozen Alchemist sprites in fresh preparation, but it seems nobody's here.

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File 146352004583.jpg - (33.56KB , 500x500 , whoaa.jpg )
Skypecats killed the image board star. Gameboards are very slow-moving at the moment, but you're welcome to post something of your own invention; there's usually someone able to play.

Discussions are also mostly dead given how long ago Umineko ended but I'm sure you can find someone to do so with as well; most recently there's been a bit of talk about TRianThology.

You're also welcome to post your freshly butchered Alchemist sprites on /image/! No one will impersonate you with them. I promise.
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File 147355988960.png - (127.93KB , 438x482 , kal_neutral_01.png )
Oh, wow. That was a lot faster than I expected. Thanks for your reply!

It's kind of sad to see the fandom fade. Maybe I'll get into TRianThology 5 years late as well.

I think I'll stalk the gameboards some more for now, then. Maybe I'll come up with something if I find the time. A revival game would be interesting. "Come, fandom: remember your form and arise!"

But hah! Yeah, I doubt there's much risk of these sprites getting stolen.

Also, what's this about Skype? Is there a group?

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File 147356154051.jpg - (190.40KB , 700x700 , utauchirnochan.jpg )
You can thank the person with the post notification add-on, kihihi! There's a couple of us that check the board fairly regularly.

Yeah, we have a Skype group! Skypecats (/teaparty/), /gameboard/ and probably more I don't know about (I know there was one for /limbo/ but that died so I don't know if it's still a thing). My skype is angstered if you're interested; most of us don't bite.


[6/24/2016 2:05:10 AM] Kinjo Goldbar: do you want to play a gameboard?~


Do you want to play a gameboard?
Come on, I'll solve the case
Just write a mystery full of death -
more than Macbeth -
the culprit I will chase!
We used to be so active
and now we're not
If only more members tried!
Do you want to play a gameboard?
It doesn't have to be a gameboard
Go away, nerd.
Okay, bye...

Do you want to play a gameboard?
Maybe a fast-paced Closed Room Blitz?
Some mental exercise is overdue
I'll offer challenge to
the one with greatest wits!
(That's you, Ozaki!)
It gets a little boring
all these games on pause
where truants won't post a thing!
(click [refresh], tap [f5], click, tap, click, tap, click, tap)

Please, I see your status
People are wondering if you're dead
They say "Hey, /gameboard/!" and get few replies
I'm here to see who dies, let's play some games!
We don't have many more left
Most new members leave
Won't someone hear my cries?
Do you want to play a gameboard?

Last edited at 16/09/10(Sat)19:40:11
>> No. 76096 edit
File 147356257095.png - (138.61KB , 563x482 , kal_02_love.png )
I'm fucking sold.

Orbital skype add incoming. Mine's lapuertadeincendios.
>> No. 76097 edit
File 147356382779.jpg - (118.98KB , 453x640 , itme.jpg )
Welcome to /seacats/!
>> No. 76099 edit
>> No. 76106 edit
File 144268815754.png - (202.15KB , 294x307 , 1423454482689.png )
Yes, the board is dead, but we don't theory craft here anymore

Only the new generation occupy this board. Which is few and far between

Anyways, welcome
>> No. 76114 edit
Who are you called the new generation?
>> No. 76116 edit
File 147572657133.png - (167.00KB , 333x581 , cirmaybe.png )
Probably the stray newcomers and some of the recentish seacats like myself.
>> No. 76154 edit
File 149295376849.png - (114.02KB , 395x381 , 1452713830610.png )
Is SkypeCat still a thing?
>> No. 76155 edit
i doubt. every1 has migrated to discord, most likely.
>> No. 76156 edit
File 149337024728.png - (162.86KB , 352x350 , 1492257912852.png )
You wouldn't happen to still be accepting people, would you?
>> No. 76157 edit
If you happen to see this again, go ahead and add angstered. Discord migration hasn't happened yet, surprisingly.
>> No. 76158 edit
>> No. 76159 edit
DiscordCats just doesn't have the same ring
>> No. 76160 edit
True that. Neither does Discats, or Seacord, or something similarly silly.
>> No. 76161 edit
File 149433464886.gif - (1.79MB , 500x281 , 1406932331579.gif )
implying there are any discord seacats
>> No. 76162 edit
File 149444653753.png - (305.26KB , 1417x2098 , oi.png )
Hum, hum. I'll have you know /gameboard/ has been considering migration for a while! Though there are still many that don't have it, yes.
>> No. 76163 edit
File 14950061251.png - (557.29KB , 1233x789 , ididntchoosethethuglife.png )
>> No. 76165 edit
File 149633114343.jpg - (130.73KB , 900x1200 , ^D165D3D45C9DA505B12438BF6607B57D89644C99C8B3CCBFD.jpg )
>> No. 76166 edit
File 149637721623.jpg - (52.94KB , 1280x720 , 45345345345345.jpg )
domo arigatoひまわりの女性、しかし私は月を話さない
>> No. 76168 edit
There's gotta be a hidden discord of some sorts. Since rokkenjima.org's "official" discord is pure cancer, I'd very much like see the invitation link for seacats.net's discord.
>> No. 76169 edit
Discord server remains nonexistent,but I believe my Skype is still up there if you're at all interested in that. It should be noted that no Umineko discussion goes on in the general group chat, but there is a /gameboard/ one where you are more likely to have any.

I do get the feeling Kalavinka or maybe tahillys might know more interested people than seacats can provide though.
Think Kala provides an e-mail on their post if ya wanna ask by that medium.

Last edited at 17/06/02(Fri)23:27:25
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File 150034683657.jpg - (118.87KB , 900x506 , megamaker-900x506.jpg )

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