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This is torture that will not end until you can believe in witches.

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As a long-time Umineko fan, I'm pretty sure I figured out Umineko. The entire thing is just a game of pretend that Rika and Satoko are playing on a playground somewhere. Rika is Bernkastel and Satoko is Lambda. Everything, including everything that happens to everyone and every Umineko character and every piece they have on the board is literally them just playing a very, very advanced game of cops and robbers. The witch's dimension is just the metaphysical representation of their shared imagination.

It even explains why the plot is retarded and they all act like children even though they're supposed to be super old: they're like fucking 10.
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Actually, I really did end up figuring it all out.

[4:09:39 AM] Kay: umineko is unreliable narrator in the literal sense. All of the episodes are the accounts, called forgeries, of what happened during the massacre from the people present, except they all have differing viewpoints, because they're ALL insane
[4:10:19 AM | Edited 4:29:09 AM] Kay: it's all a combined presentation of different surviving character's warped perspective on what happened.
[4:13:05 AM] Kay: a lot of the umineko characters are lies
[4:13:31 AM | Edited 4:29:20 AM] Kay: sometimes the forgery-writer for the current scene splits themselves into several people to divert blame
[4:13:57 AM | Edited 4:14:37 AM] Kay: like when you say my friend of a friend did this or wants to know that
[4:14:06 AM] Kay: a lot of the umineko characters are that
[4:14:13 AM] Kay: it's very difficult to tell which people are real and which people aren't
[4:14:15 AM | Edited 4:29:31 AM] Kay: i won't spoil it all but
[4:15:03 AM | Edited 4:29:48 AM] Kay: you can tell which people are and aren't real by looking at which people vanish or are replaced with other people
[4:15:20 AM] Kay: to REALLY figure out umineko you have to play the games at least 5 times, if not 10 or more
[4:15:23 AM] Kay: then you start REALLY getting it
[4:18:26 AM] Kay: the depth it goes to is crazy I'll lay some shit on you to think about
[4:18:49 AM | Edited 4:29:59 AM] Kay: this is ONE OF the 20+ conflicting red truths presented in umineko
[4:19:29 AM | Edited 4:30:17 AM] Kay: In one forgery, Beatrice, Kanon, and Shannon are all one person, the forgery's writer Sayo Yasuda, the killer for this forgery
[4:19:48 AM] Kay: Sayo is George's fiancée but falls in love with battler
[4:20:06 AM] Kay: but she's ashamed to tell the reader that, so she fractures herself into Beatrice, who loves battler
[4:20:09 AM] Kay: and Shannon, who loves George
[4:20:24 AM] Kay: when Shannon dies, it isn't a real person that dies
[4:20:42 AM] Kay: it's Sayo's desire to stay engaged to George in the face of her love for battler
[4:22:13 AM | Edited 4:23:34 AM] Kay: when you start realizing which scenes are from sayo's perspective, notice she's the first to die in all of sayo's forgeriess
[4:22:26 AM | Edited 4:43:02 AM] Kay: because the first thing to die is her love for George, and it's killed by her love for battler, Beatrice
[4:22:36 AM] Kay: but in order for her to be with battler
[4:22:41 AM] Kay: she has to start dropping bodies
[4:22:44 AM] Kay: or at least, that's
[4:22:47 AM] Kay: what her diseased mind believes
[4:22:50 AM] Kay: so she kills
[4:22:51 AM] Kay: all of them
[4:22:56 AM] Kay: to escape her inevitable marriage to George
[4:23:14 AM | Edited 4:28:21 AM] Kay: but in order divert punishment
[4:23:18 AM | Edited 4:44:05 AM] Kay: she says Beatrice, her love for battler, is the murderer (which, in a way, it is. She killed them all to be with him.)
[4:24:23 AM | Edited 4:27:51 AM] Kay: and so, Sayo thinks she's the murderer, and invents Beatrice to cover her tracks
[4:24:27 AM] Kay: and that's her forgery
[4:24:39 AM] Kay: it's a red truth that she is the killer, but red truths are only true WITHIN forgeries
[4:24:51 AM] Kay: they can be change later if another survivor is writing their forgery
[4:25:09 AM] Kay: it can be a red truth that she's
[4:25:15 AM] Kay: the killer by her forgery
[4:25:22 AM] Kay: but a truth that she's innocent by another forgery
[4:25:34 AM | Edited 4:45:31 AM] Kay: that's the real way truths work: they're things that are true IN THE CURRENT FORGERY ONLY
[4:26:08 AM] Kay: this is one of the literally dozens of forgeries that can be red true
[4:26:26 AM] Kay: Look for characters that appear, disappear, or change role between scenes and episodes
[4:26:34 AM] Kay: that's how you know the survivor writing the story has changed

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And since it happens in 1986, it would explain why Bern looks older than Rika and...
You aware that Lambdadelta isn't Satoko but Miyo, right? Well I mean, it's not her but it's supposed to ressemble Miyo and not Satoko

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