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This is torture that will not end until you can believe in witches.

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Well, I want something explained since its never even touched at and thus i think not noticed.

We all saw Battler escaping the island with Beatrice in the magic ending of EP8, we also see battler being found by ikuko later on and becoming tohya and after some years meeting Ange which basically confirms he really did escape the island and somehow drowned and survived, thats fine.
But its HEAVLY SHOWN throughout the whole series that Battler is afraid of boats and planes, and gets very seasick. so how does that work with the scene of battler going out on the boat in the magic ending? I can only assume thats just one more unrelliable narration. Or perhaps you can assume since battler is shown to calm down in slow moving boats, the boat wich he rides with beato is also moving slowly, what do you think guys?
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Magic scene.

But in all seriousness the few times I see that scene brought up its kinda just weird in general. Maybe he was faking it the whole time, or maybe he just was numb from the shock of what happened on the island. Its kinda like the one other thing we will never know about the end of the incident; what is Kyrie's motivation at the if the events are as shown. I'm just talking out of my ass here.
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When you are scared/concerned with other things, some of your fears can momentarily disappear for a while. That, and obviously he did not want to look like a wuss in front of Beato.
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you can also easily from later games dialogues assume that the entire "i'll fall i'll fall" is just his own personal situation joke and it's not like he's actually terrified of boats
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You'll notice in Episode 1 that Battler can handle boats when they're going at lower speed. This is a tiny motorboat. I don't imagine it goes that fast.
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It could also be that since EP1 and such were all written by Tohya after the real events took place, Battler's fear of boats was added in as references to his own drowning experience from when he escaped the island.
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It has been 1000 years, but I thought Ep1 and 2 were yasu.
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Yasu was on the boat too, wasn't she?

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