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This is torture that will not end until you can believe in witches.

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Hello, it is me gugmt again :)

First i would like to thank for all those quick replies you goats give me, i am very happy to have found this website

I would like to use this thread as a gathering of all the small details and "between the lines" and not obvious interpretations during the story you`ve managed to learn, it can be anything like numbers and names interpretations or even magic scenes interpretations, i`ll give some i remember for now

1) One I am very fond of comes from EP2, the second twilight.

Kanon follows the shocked Jessica to her room and tries to help her to calm down when she starts to have an asthma attack. He helps her and she says she wants to be alone, then comes a romantic scene in which he basically answers he will never let her alone and will be waiting outside in case she needs him. He waits outside of the room and Beatrice appears and start saying crap so he enters the room in order to save jessica.

Beatrice summons a goat with that hand blade, and says to Kanon "So! Kanon, try showing me your blade!" in which he responds revealing his magic blade. The narrator keeps emphasizing how Jessica is perplexed with what is show to her eyes, she cant understand what she sees.

Kanon says about his sword " ...Something like this,... can`t even be used to trim roses..."

Perplexed Jessica says "...K...Kanon-kun......what is this?"

And he answers ".... I didn`t want...... to show you"

So Beatrice comments "So, you`ve taken it out..... How does it feel to have the fact that you are a subhuman being exposed in front of the girl you have feelings for?"

And after all the fight, Jessica is killed by the Lust sister and Kanon is killed by the wrath sister....

So, it may look a simple magic scene but by emphasizing these facts above one can interpret this scene as the following:

Although being very sad, Jessica requested Kanon`s help in a more intimate manner... but she found out there was something wrong between his legs and he ended up showing her his "sword". Then she gets really confused and cant understand what she sees, and he, afraid Jessica might ruin his plans, or maybe because she didn`t agree with his plan, decides to kill her. Her death is symbolized by her being Lustful, but he didn`t want this to have happened so he kills Kanon out of wrath in order to fulfill the "two who are close" part of the epitaph

2) This one is not so hard to figure out.

In EP7, it is shown how Kinzo met Beatrice Castiglioni and the evil Japanese captain tried to kill all the Italians for their gold, but Kinzo and Beatrice were the only ones who Heroically managed to survive.

It is a nice story but if we remember correctly, in EP4, during the cousins test regarding sacrificing one of the 3 options: "your life", "your loved one`s life" or "the lives of all the others", Kinzo laughs out loud saying how the answer is obvious as he has made his choice many many years ago, and we know he and Beatrice survived so.... maybe killing the Italians wasn`t the Japanese captain`s idea....

3) The names Sayo and Yoshiya have some meaning I guess

Yo-shi-ya can be read in Japanese as 4-4-8, and if we sum these numbers we get 16, the real numbers of humans-with-one-body-and-no-word-play-about-personalities, you know what i mean

Now, Sa-yo can be read in Japanese as 3-4 in which in Greek we would read as Lambda-Delta, I don`t think it`s coincidence guys

Yoshiya is an anagram of Sayo+i(the letter i pronounced in English sound as ai in Japanese), ai=あい=愛, that means love in Japanese. In details, the first kanji of Sayo(紗代) is 紗, which have readings sa or sha(as for 'sa'yo and 'sha'nnon), now sha can be written as sya in romaji. So, Sayo=紗代=shayo=syayo, and syayo+i=yosiya=yoshiya, si=shi in romaji, that's a hell of an anagram! Indeed, without love it can't be seen!

For those who never heard about it, the name Chiester of the bunny sisters comes from the Winchester guns, the chester added by i(again standing for love) becomes chIester, nice huhn?

4) WOW i just remembered a nice one!

During pretty much all of EP6 but mostly at the beginning, Battler forcefully demands Moe Beato to become who she was 'before', to reattain her 'old self'. He does get really pissed off about it! But she doesn't understand what he means! To become her past self? WTF! She insists in call him father but HE HATES IT and order her to stop calling him by that.

This is how the Umineko wikia describes her: "Chick Beatrice is the Beatrice created by Battler in an attempt to revive Beatrice. Unfortunately, he was only able to restore her body and not her memories, thus giving her a drastically different personality"

What does it look like to you goats?

A young girl call someone father and he demand from her to become who she really is, the witch Beatrice! Although she doesn't know what is this witch he wants her to become....
For me it clearly is an allusion to the Kinzo and Kuwadorian Beatrice relationship. It even is Genji and Kumasawa who help Battler take care of her, it is not Ronove nor Virgilia.

Well, that is all I can remember for know, what do you think my fellow goats?

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Hello my dear seagull!

I was very happy to read this post. Explained many holes in the story for me, like about the episode of Kanon and Jessica in the second twilight.

About the names,*it's a good explanation and makes a lot of sense. I want to see the opinion of anyone else giving a different view of what you said.

Thank you for posting here, you were the first post I read on this website, and enlightened me so much ...

Thanks ;)

Last edited at 15/11/16(Mon)07:10:07
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I agree with most of No. 4.
I would add the referenced developement of Sayo's self-discovery after Beato the elder showed up. I say Chick-Beato is a mix between Beatrice of Yasu and Cage Beatrice.

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