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This is torture that will not end until you can believe in witches.

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Hello, my first post here.
Here are some thoughts I made after I finished EP6 (I was aware of Shkannon, but I was more into Rosatrice at this time). After the manga finished more questions/thoughts arised.

1) Even if Erika was a corpse in the first 4 games, how it came that she was never "revived"?

2)I thought Erika was one of Sayo's personas. Why?
name: Beatrice (B)e(a)ri[c=k][e=a]; a nod to Beatrice?
appearance: flat chested girl; a nod to Sayo's true sex
Roses in the hair; like Beatrice
age: about Jessica's
introduction: by the servants, of course
interest: mystery; like Sayo+Battler
Love duel: she indirectly particapted in it and duelled
hates: denial (of her theories); in contrast to Beatrice

This can work in many cases of EP5, but the logic error demanded an another body that can claim the name "Erika". This may be the 18th human.

Your thoughts?

3) Erika (if she was a real human) must had a bad reputation in 1998. So why did Tohya/Iku used her as a scapegoat in the novels?

4)I think Battler's set up for the logic error was not perfect because Erika didn't listed the names (there are several other opportunities to hinder the females to rescue Battler like duct tape). Couldn't she easily put 5 names from the guesthouse to force another logic error?

Thank you for your replies.
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1). Not sure what you mean, she was created by Bern and was able to take part in the game thanks to confirmation that Kinzo was dead.
2). That would be denied by the fact they are seen together with Shannon and or Kanon at seperate times.
3). Erika was likely not an actual person in 1998, just a character to represent the witch hunters.
4). I don't remember the facts exactly, but I imagine that since she had no idea how her 'perfect' logic error was smashed caused her to focus more on that then anything else.
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1) I know that Bern would/could place her on the game board. What I'm talking about is the "executed" tip in the 6th game. Did Bern needed a free place and a vessel to place "herself" on the gameboard? But by going with this argument nobody in the story argued that the man from 19 years ago who's an alternate version of Sayo.
IIRC pieces from alternate fragments weren't revived normally. So, that makes Erika (as a character) not originally created by Bern?

2) Well, I don't have the VN at hand now. Yeah the manga showed they were seen together. Mmh I have to search for pages where Erika see Kanon/Shannon. EP6 don't count if Erika hasn't the detective authority.
3) I know she represents witches of truth like how it is showed in the trick ending. But this is new to me. Interesting.
4) It fits to her. But in EP6 she liked to trick Battler by not telling him her moves. At the end losing the duel is what the story demanded.

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