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This is torture that will not end until you can believe in witches.

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This board and chan are pure cancer.

You are a bunch of deluded faggots that keep disguising the bullshit you just came up with as "truths" and putting it above what the work says. You keep jerking eachother off. You cannot think outside the fandom and the "solution" boxes. You all look disabled to me.

You all disgusting namefags and tripfags keep avoiding discussing umineko with actual clues, you keep pushing chiru's nonsense crap on when someone else talks about something that has nothing to do with whatever the crap EP8 came up with, you keep deluding yourselves to think solving the mystery is not important, or even you are actually reaching some kind of truth. When someone else comes and proposes an alternative, you all shut them up with your mass-thinking. You cannot stand the idea someone else coming up with something that could be right and you didn't think of it before, and automatically think they are wrong.

None of you give a single damn about solving or descovering anything. All of you care is to look cool with your name and animu OC, and pass as "great thinkers and detectives". Bullshit. You are all pathetic no-ones in an imageboard discussing a fucking doujin novel for years and years while being totally unable to reach an actual conclusion. Thats what I call losing your time for good. It's really needed to find stronger words than the simple "incompetent" to describe you in red.

You don't even deserve to be called "goats". Keep haunting this logic error of debate forever, never find the way out of this shithole.
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