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This is torture that will not end until you can believe in witches.

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I'll throw this theory in the oblivion - this board - now. Though the spirit will linger here until the oblivion is deleted.
I read the Umineko VN from time to time to think about this or that. Especially why a charcter would do a strange action, I try to figure their motives out. That's why EP5 and EP6 is the most interesting Games for me, because "No Love" and "Love" are different here and what the actual author(s) are thinking about this. This lead to a differentiated thinking about these arcs, and o.c., the logic error. I don't want to integrate my ideas to the canon, as you can see, this theory is just a faintly shimmering light in the sea of oblivion, which has a absymal chance to be recognized by a Goat or a Witch.

Questioning the Guest Room Logic Error - murder was planned anyway

Let the story of Dawn through us. It's not a debate about whether GM-Battler is a genius or let Beato do the whole work. He really gets into work a Logic Error and allow such a thing. However the Guest Room Logic isn't crazy that the reader's trust is crumbling apart. I'll point out the problem. There is one condition based on Erika's theory which is the explanation that Battler is behind the murders - either she see the chain lock is set or not. And bingo, Battler has to play after Erika's rules! Now then, Battler's card 'all 1st Twilight victims are alive' actually defeated the need of agreeing the condition, that's a paradoxon, because Battler would be a possible culprit anyway if one of the 'victims' rescued him. Come on Battler, we know that from the past games.

On a side note, closed room murders in this scenario were indeed possible. Poison.

Now we should know that the number of cards to make a trick determined the number of possible actions to fulfill the logic. Of course instead of "Kyrie rescued me" he discard all rescuer cards to archive a Logic Error. After rereading the chapter several times I thought of ideas there is a possible card for an escaping method BEFORE the guest room sealing is completed. Well I don't think the GM would have discarded it anyway. Sadly, we can confirm there's no escaping from the hole where the bathroom fan is (Knox's 8th and red truth) and there's no mechanism like linking a wire to a door or the bathroom fan to close the window before before sealing was complete as the noone could triggered it/turn it off. However, using the windows is still a potential escape route. It's like the trick that made the weapons dissapear... bind a weight on a string or wire and hide it behind the curtain. However it's unknown how much force is need to turn the window lock/handle nor in which order the room was sealed.
Another important question is whether the closed room is created from the INSIDE or OUTSIDE when Battler stated "The lock caused by the chain is intact". Of course, Battler wouldn't think about that!

So, it's all of my idea to disappear from the guest room without a rescuer and before the logic error happens. As I mentioned earlier, Erika forced Battler to make a decision to be a suspect or not. Now that the purpose of Battler's choice is gone after Erika murdered the victims this prank story changed to a logic riddle. It makes me wonder what influence the players actually have on the game board. Erika practically rewrote or told him what to rewrite on Beatrice's gameboard. Uhm why isn't it called Erika's closed room, anyway? Of course, I can questioned this situation: What if Battler unintentionally controlled Erika? Erika had always the choice of sealing the the closet after returning...an instant checkmate, but she didn't. Why did she leave Battler/Beato a chance, anyway?

I'll try to answer this question in the next part. Hint: Love
See you ^_^
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i thought the logic room batttler was trapped in would by solved by erika herself saving battler, she wasn't the detective after all, there was no proclimation

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