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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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Keeping with my tradition of hosting a shorter game before I begin a larger one, I'm creating this thread to challenge all of /seacats/ to a battle of wits. It's everyone that wants to play vs. me in this classic RP mystery!

The difficulty is ambiguous. The rules should become apparent as you begin playing.
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Jump into her arms.
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File 139562896497.png - (486.65KB , 640x480 , scr_245.png )
You fly into Shannon's arms.

Krauss looks annoyed. "Just get that thing out of here."

Rudolf smirks. "I have to agree. Rats of the sky."

Gohda gives Shannon a glare, but he lets matters go and heads back to the kitchen. The adults return to the parlor while Shannon brings you outside. She cradles you in her arms.

The sky above Rokkenjima darkens. You hear thunder booming in the distance. Shannon notices it as well. She turns towards the storm clouds as if embracing them.

When she speaks, it takes a moment to realize that she's addressing you. "We're alone. We've been completely abandoned by those that should care about us. I know you're scared. I am, too. Tonight... many humans on this island will... I'm spinning my roulette. I'm going to let fate decide what happens. Don't worry. When this storm passes, the seagulls will cry once more."

You feel your senses fading. Sleep comes over you.
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File 141108159633.png - (554.00KB , 640x480 , scr_246.png )
You wake up in the cousin's room on the second floor of the guest house. You're in some kind of cage, although you get the impression that you could easily unlock it from the inside.

You see Doctor Nanjo walk by in the hallway. He's wearing some kind of surgical mask.
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File 141108174775.png - (735.85KB , 1056x590 , seacatspowerlevel.png )
Carefully unlock the cage and follow the doctor on foot, attempting to be sneaky.

File 141052753780.png - (278.58KB , 493x284 , endgameOP.png )
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Read the Game Here: Round 1 --- Round 2 --- Round 3 --- Round 4 --- Round 5


Welcome to my teaparty!

The main game of reprise has ended and now the players(Kinjo, GE, Ouro, and Rudolf) are tasked with solving the mystery. There is no need for any complex theatrics seeing how the game ended so I will skip to the rules that you have been waiting for.

This endgame will work as a competition between players and will be held in five minute turns. For each mystery that is solved a player will get a point. Whoever solves it first earns this point, although if the correct theory is made on the same turn by more than one person, then everyone who presented such a theory will get a point.

Each round the players will have five minutes to write up a theory for the mystery presented. In Skype they will inform me when they are ready to post. When all players are ready, or when the five minutes run out, the players post their theories and the timer stops(I will also ask for said theories to be sent to me privately so I can confirm they were made within the time limit). I will then take this time to respond and upon my posting the timer will start again. Since the difficulty is generous, there will be no penalties if you get theories wrong and we'll continue to play until all the mysteries are solved.

In the event that nobody can make a theory within the five minute segment we will move onto the next howdunit. Following the howdunits will be the who/why section which will be worth more points and have slightly different rules naturally. This mean even if you didn't solve any of the hows you still have chance to come out on top with your final theory.

With that said good luck. I hope you are ready.
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File 13179444284.png - (153.54KB , 606x480 , wdk_akuwaraib1.png )


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File 133480972472.jpg - (20.13KB , 157x200 , ozaki epic wind back edit.jpg )
Sadly Ouro never logged in, so he was never able to give a theory for the game. I will now reveal the solution.


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File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
This post is the Q/A, I've edited in some questions that readers had.


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File 141105851159.png - (531.37KB , 640x480 , end_1b.png )

---- THE END ----

File 141013831951.png - (1.53MB , 1500x947 , OPimage5.png )
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Previous Rounds: First --- Second --- Third --- Fourth


The fifth and final round for reprise. Kinjo returns from the dead to challenge it once more, in his own unique way.



Guesthouse F1
Guesthouse F2

Mansion F1
Mansion F2
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File 141031884743.png - (99.11KB , 426x373 , sprite.png )
BGM: A Long Story

With hazey eyes you, for the last time, awake in this god forsaken place. No longer the dark cell you once saw, but a bright light had filled the room.

The creature sat in the corner, it asked you nothing.

Despite this you feel you can still get a response. The final attempt at a secret rule...
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File 14103198847.png - (94.70KB , 306x325 , mar_c21_majime1.png )
The player's life force and Jessica's life force are connected. When one dies, the other must also die.
>> No. 16672 edit
File 140687690774.png - (4.55KB , 640x480 , black.png )
With a small mumble the creature confirms.

"The player shares the same fate as Jessica. If Jessica dies so does the player."

The lights then snap off and the curtains close.
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File 13786221631.png - (62.01KB , 500x325 , tumblr_m239ynnbvp1ql7vn1o1_500.png )

BGM: Perplexed People

The man sat in the tearoom, pondering the latest outcome. It had come to a close as expected, well, it should have at least.

Five attempts over; all five times succumbed to fate. Perhaps it was better this way, he thought. If he had his way, overcoming fate would have been a much more boring outcome. People like suspense and mystery.

He stood up from the chair and walked forward in no particular direction. He recited the words he had repeated not so long ago.

"I wish you the best in bringing the culprit to justice."

Surely it was a challenge yes, but not impossible. Either way it never ended up being achieved so he was left with this.

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File 140481942523.jpg - (329.40KB , 1285x910 , dlanor.jpg )
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First Thread: http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/13902.html

Second Thread: http://seacats.net/gameboard/res/14367.html

Third Thread:

Welcome, players and lurkers, to the endgame of Concealment of the Golden Witch. If you made it this far, you're either a player or very, very patient.

The rules are very simple: Both players will send me a private message detailing their theories. The player closest to the truth will win. In the case that the player's theories are similar, the player with more events and motives explained will be the winner.

There will be no other tricks or twists afterwards.

Really, none.

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File 141023486538.png - (4.88KB , 640x480 , red.png )
Incredibly, you accomplish your improbable goal. The last thing you hear from Kinjo is a wail of unfathomable pain. As his finger releases from the trigger button, nothing happens. It looks like he was bluffing.
>> No. 16633 edit
>> No. 16634 edit
File 141023870346.jpg - (11.58KB , 284x177 , maria.jpg )
This post exists in order to challenge my opponent, Kinjo Goldbar. Should he accept, he will play a final game in order to try and prove his innocence.

The difficulty is impossible. The truth of the matter has been declared in red ink.

To be continued in Chase of the Golden Witch.
>> No. 16635 edit
File 13179444284.png - (153.54KB , 606x480 , wdk_akuwaraib1.png )
I accept your challenge, GreatEqualizer!

Once Reprise is finished, we can begin the game!

File 140866419465.jpg - (161.01KB , 640x480 , scr_38.jpg )
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First Thread: http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/15381.html
Second Thread: http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/15832.html


The rules of the endgame are as follows. You have three blues with which to solve each of the three clauses that took place within locked rooms. I shall strike them down with red, should they be incorrect.

Should you succeed in solving all three, the illusion of the witch will shatter, and you will be tasked with determining the true culprit of this gameboard...

Or should I say, culprits.

On this gameboard, at least two individuals have committed murder. Someone who has committed murder is referred to as a 'culprit'.

On this gameboard, there exists at least one accomplice who has aided a culprit.

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>> No. 16575 edit
Erika faced away again and concentrated even harder...
As though twisting the knob on a radio, she turned all noise and idle thoughts down to zero.

Let's go, Furudo Erika.
Detective, Furudo Erika!

BGM: http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=QN3lQ2FaU-8

Let's not waste any time. I'll start by exposing the identity of the 'witch' herself. "Beatrice the Golden", who sent the letter at dinner and kept leaving all those other letters for us as the game went on!

We saw from this fantasy scene that "Beatrice" was responsible for the first clause. That means the person who sent those letters is the same person who killed Krauss and Hideyoshi. So rather than asking who killed Krauss and Hideyoshi, we should ask who could have sent that first letter! If you think about it, the pool of suspects is quite limited. The will had to be replaced before dinner. That means none of the family members who arrived on the boat could have done it, because I was with them the whole time from when they arrived. It would have to be one of Krauss's family or the servants! If you think about it, the move of replacing the will was an offensive directed specifically at Krauss and Natsuhi. Not only did it throw off their move of announcing Krauss as the official successor, but the letter itself specifically talked about "the way the epitaph was solved" being one of the reasons for the murders. So who would have a motive to do something like that?

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>> No. 16576 edit
File 14102071204.jpg - (151.71KB , 607x869 , Pirate-Erika.jpg )
There were several clues that made it seem very likely that Shannon was the witch. The most obvious was a clue relating to the way Rosa and Maria were drugged.

We can see from this part that Shannon was left unattended with a "doctor's bag" for quite some time. So she could easily have replaced the sedatives that he was going to give to Rosa and Maria! But at the time, I thought she was possibly only the culprit for that one murder. After all, she was gone from the island for the rest of the game, right? But then there was something that made me absolutely certain that there was more to it than that.

After going through the secret passage behind the portrait, we found a dock...with a boat berthed there? What could that possibly be doing there? Well, we only saw one boat in this game - the boat in which Kawabata brought the family. The boat which Shannon then boarded! I learned from my conversation with Jessica and Maria that the hidden mansion Kuwadorian exists in this game. Thinking about it, there would have to be a secret dock somewhere for supplies to be delivered for Beatrice II. The final piece of evidence is the most damning. Look closely at the part where Shannon departed with Kawabata.

I turned my back on the departing ship before it had gone too far. But most importantly, there was then a red truth saying that "from now on, no one enters or leaves the island". That would surely make it impossible for Shannon to be on the island from this point on, right? But there's a loophole!

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>> No. 16577 edit
File 140943438890.jpg - (181.10KB , 800x914 , erikaE.jpg )
The issue here is the third clause. We know that there were two people involved in this murder - a culprit and an 'accomplice'. But that's odd - if the witch was behind this, why couldn't Shannon have set the trap herself? Why get an accomplice to do it for her? Well, my theory is that Shannon did, in fact, set the trap herself - and someone else set it off for her quite by accident! An accidental 'culprit'; I confirmed with Ouro that such a thing was possible. And it would explain quite a few things that were out of place about this murder! The most obvious being why Natsuhi ran away - and why Eva was there in the first place!

There are several pieces of evidence that lead me to believe that this murder was an accident. The first is that bloody handprint on the window. Leaving that handprint was a careless move - not the sort of thing you'd expect from a premeditated murder. The way her head was so unceremoniously flung out of the window would also suggest that the culprit was in a rushed panic; they didn't expect to have to deal with this. But who was the accidental culprit? It could be Jessica, but wouldn't it make more sense to suspect the person who immediately ran away from the crime scene afterwards? That's right - the second culprit was Natsuhi!

I heard Natsuhi whisper something to Genji when we entered Kinzo's study. Considering that the two of them mysteriously left shortly afterwards, I imagine it was something to do with that. What if Eva overheard something, and realised they were intending to leave? Let's say that Eva escaped in the commotion before Natushi and Genji did, and then ran to the second floor and waited to see what Natsuhi was going to do, hoping to find some evidence that she was the culprit. Then, when Natsuhi entered her room, Eva enter
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>> No. 16578 edit
File 141021110550.png - (101.32KB , 196x277 , Shannon.png )
The silhouettes shatter, one by one, until only you and a lone figure are left. Eventually, a foul light illuminates them from within, and Shannon bows before you.

"Congratulations, Furudo Erika. You've solved the mystery of the witch... but not the mystery of the gameboard." She brings her hands out from behind her, and reveals a rifle, into which she begins slowly loading bullets, speaking as she does. Each word from her mouth causes the bullets to glow red, and a sinking feeling engulfs your stomach. Her red binds you, sealing your scythe, and tearing away at your beautiful theory.

"Captain Kawabata didn't aid me in any of this. He really did intend to take me away from the island. Furthermore, I, Shannon, was the only person on that boat other than him when it left the dock. Finally, after we left the island, Captain Kawabata never set foot on the island again. Despite all this, I did return to the island after I appeared to leave, and continued to maintain the illusion of the Golden Witch."

"Despite knowing every detail of it, I didn't set out to sabotage Krauss' plan, nor did I do so inadvertently. "

"I didn't kill Ushiromiya Maria. I never intended for her to die. Her mother, on the other hand, I killed for her role in my predecessor's demise."

"I didn't kill Ushiromiya Jessica. Furthermore, when the family was reading the original will in Kinzo's study, Ushiromiya Jessica was already dead."

"I didn't kill Ushiromiya Krauss."

"I killed Ushiromiya Eva."

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