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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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File 132443557848.jpg - (96.83KB , 518x827 , yes_this_is_rather_spontaneous.jpg )
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Kinjo, I challenge you to a duel!

(the following is for spectators)
A closed room duel if you will. The rules are simple. We each create a closed room and then we take turns with the red and blue trying to solve them.

However there is a catch. If you dont post within 5 minutes your opponent's blue automatically goes through, assuming no previous red counters it.

When one of us solves the other one’s mystery, the person left will have one more shot to solve the mystery presented to him. If this happens then it shall be a stalemate.
As agreed on each room will start out blank. Kinjo will have Room X. I shall take Room Y. Nothing else is known about the room besides that there has to be a corpse found inside it.

We’ll start as soon as you are ready Kinjo. You can take the first shot.
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>> No. 4443 edit
*by the victim
>> No. 4444 edit
File 131795800895.png - (143.26KB , 434x480 , wdk_niramua2.png )
The door was indeed locked from the inside.
However, the culprit was the one who locked it. Not the victim.

>> No. 4446 edit
File 131804537699.jpg - (165.07KB , 475x587 , 1311048875412.jpg )
Kinjo wins
He has told me the answer over IM. Since he may want to use it again and all.

Good game.
>> No. 4447 edit
File 131794509272.png - (14.19KB , 217x157 , kinjo_heh2.png )
Indeed, good game.

File 132305988058.jpg - (42.69KB , 563x334 , umineko-children 2.jpg )
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DR game #4, Thread 2

First Thread

Everyone looked around at each other confused. Krauss and Natsuhi had just died, but how could anyone have killed them. Erika was in the room with them, surely she was the culprit, but for some reason they couldn't call her the culprit. Like it was forbidden or something.

Erika suggested something crazy as everyone was leaving Kinzo's study. That the witch, the one who had supposedly arrived yesterday and was staying in the VIP room was the culprit.

Everyone rushed to the VIP, but found it locked. Genji used his master key to open it, inside they found almost nothing strange. The only strange object was a white horse with its head cut off. Nobody knew what it meant, but it still looked creepy anyway.

Everyone returned back to the parlor. But after a while, Rudolf and Kyrie's exhaustion started to show, and left to rest.

Hours passed, and Lunch was prepared. Kumasawa, Erika, Nanjo and Genji went off to tell Battler about Lunch, while Eva, Hideyoshi and Gohda went to inform Rudolf and Kyrie.
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>> No. 4406 edit
the rooms where Battler and Rudolf died are in some way next to each other

In case that one is wrong,The culprit had an accomplice to help them with the murder
>> No. 4407 edit
File 132306100111.png - (12.46KB , 819x460 , main mansion.png )
Yellow boxes: Stairs
Blue box: Servants room
Red box: Rudolf's room

1st blue. As the map shows, the rooms are not near each other at all.

2nd blue. The culprit did not have any accomplice during this twilight.
>> No. 4408 edit
File 130837474663.png - (72.87KB , 321x480 , rud_defa1.png )
Finals week, haven't had much time for posting...

When you say there was a "white horse" with it's head caught off, are you referring to an actual horse, or the chess piece more commonly referred to as the "knight"?

>within 3 minutes of each other
It would take a person 6 or 7 minutes to die from oxygen deprivation, so it is likely that Battler was attacked first since a stab to the chest could easily result in instant death. This allows for as much as 10 minutes total between the beginning of Battler's hanging to his death (7 minutes) + the 3 minute gap until Rudolf is dead.
>> No. 4409 edit
File 132238316194.jpg - (53.30KB , 315x600 , Umineko__Young_Rosa.jpg )
I meant white horse figurine.


What about the rooms, how did the culprit do the closed rooms?

File 132237446626.jpg - (409.07KB , 652x798 , 0e03c8f82ac6dd1dcd893c98063d44f4c15e8896.jpg )
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At 6:00 PM on October 4th

Furudo Erika washed up on Rokkenjima.

Also rumors of a witch arriving buzzed around the mansion.

At dinner, however, the witch was not the topic of discussion. Erika had taking a liking to Maria's puzzle book, and the children took turns solving each other's riddles. It was a pleasant meal.

However, despite liking those riddles, Erika had no interest solving the riddle of the epitaph. It was too easy for her, and not worth her time. Instead, she simply prepared as many duct tape seals as she could, but she could only find enough sticky tape for three room's worth.

The next morning, 6 people were missing. After the whole mansion, guesthouse and chapel were searched it was concluded that the only place left to look was in the storehouse.

Rosa: Foam around the mouth.
Kanon: Missing.
Maria: Bruised all over.
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>> No. 4398 edit
File 131805116132.jpg - (42.51KB , 140x180 , shiki_toshio.jpg )
One of the windows were removed.

A hole was made in one of the windows

>> No. 4399 edit
File 132208993050.jpg - (8.88KB , 188x268 , rosa_@.jpg )
None of the windows were removed.

There is not a hole in any of the windows.

>> No. 4400 edit
File 132305837760.jpg - (16.76KB , 424x308 , dr_ozaki more think.jpg )
There is a hole in the door.

The door was removed in a way to keep the seal in place.

>> No. 4401 edit
File 13230590296.jpg - (11.28KB , 240x172 , Rosa_What_have_I_done.jpg )
My friend says I should give it you so, I declare this twilight solved.

The culprit made a tiny hole in the doorknob. Then they set up a trap to go off and scare Natsuhi and Krauss to make them want to leave the room. They waited for someone to try and grab the knob. When that happened the culprit stabbed the needle through the hole and into the victims hand. Natsuhi didn't understand what happened when Krauss died, so she grabbed the key and tried to leave through the door just as Krauss did, but the culprit stabbed her hand when she grasped the knob.

Second Thread

File 132181550182.jpg - (12.13KB , 280x195 , 280px-Roulette_-_detail.jpg )
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Although this game has been open to everyone/anyone since the start, I'm only allowing people who have stuck with the game up until now to post theories for the next part.
Those people being Rosa, Rudolf and Kinjo.

First Thread

Second Thread


Battler and Erika ran out of the mansion. No place was safe to them. Shannon had been killed right in front of them and there was nothing they could do. Erika realized how weak she was. So they ran. Ran anywhere, as long as it was out of that mansion.

They reached the chapel. The moment they entered the silence in the air was destroyed by a gunshot that shook the ground. Battler looked down in shock as Erika’s outfit was painted the sickening color of red. She fell into Battler’s arms as the wound from her chest continued to leak. The tear filled eyes that lay in Battler’s skull looked up at the gun muzzle pointed at his head.
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>> No. 4163 edit
File 130932785262.png - (344.17KB , 400x533 , kinjo_limesfin.png )
The culprit is Jessica. Her accomplices are Natsuhi and Genji.

First twilight. Illusion to illusion.
The vanishing victim locks the closed room shut.

(Jessica kills the five, then leaves the chapel. Natsuhi stays behind to lock the door, then hides somewhere.)

Second twilight. Illusion to illusion.
Imperfect seals create the illusion of two perfect closed rooms.

(Genji gives Natsuhi the key and a crowbar through the servants' room window. Natsuhi uses the crowbar to help Jessica escape from the study without breaking a seal, and then uses the crowbar to have Jessica enter the parlor without breaking that seal too. Jessica kills the two and leaves without breaking the seal.)

Fourth twilight. Illusion to illusion.
The second vanishing victim reveals the second accomplice.

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>> No. 4165 edit
File 132236903059.jpg - (148.27KB , 600x847 , 383680.jpg )
Everything thing there would have been correct, even the part about Eva, however you are wrong. Jessica isn't the culprit.

The culprit is Krauss.
Natsuhi and Genji were his accomplices.
If you replaced Jessica with Krauss in those 'howdunits' it would be the answer.

There is no winner. This turned into an experiment using the DR style of game.
You guys without a doubt solved it, but simply because you only had two blues, you arrived at a 50/50 chance of success.

In any case this was a great amount of fun, and like I said, you guys did a great job even if you were against the odds.

Well then, there is that one last "mystery" I promised. The game originally was going to end differently, in which case this next trick would have worked well. In any case I imagine you'll get it right away.

When Erika was shot:
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>> No. 4166 edit
File 132237091456.png - (20.40KB , 125x101 , bwr_whatdoyouthink.png )
The chapel is inside Krauss's study.
>> No. 4168 edit
File 132116397839.png - (21.49KB , 217x157 , ozaki_heh.png )
Close enough, Krauss's Study is inside the Chapel.
It's also the place Natsuhi hide during the first twilight.

Well that's that, well done.

File 132002107259.jpg - (25.26KB , 575x398 , cell-phone-roulette-logo.jpg )
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Ok here is the next twilights.

First Thread
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>> No. 4105 edit
File 131795090912.png - (154.75KB , 434x480 , Kinjo_derp.png )
Derp. Let's try this again, using my head this time.

For the closed room trick, the culprit would just need to do the following: unlock the doors to both Room A and Room B, place the key to Room A inside Room B, exit Room B and lock it with the key to Room B. Then go to Room A, set the chain and lock the door, place the key to Room B inside, and hide inside somewhere that wasn't checked, such as the bathroom or under the bed.
>> No. 4106 edit
File 130855225166.png - (65.23KB , 347x480 , ozaki_ikaria1.png )
Correct. You solved this twilight
Although there is one small last part,
When Room B was locked Maria was dead.
Can you explain how Erika and Battler heard the scream of a dead girl?
>> No. 4107 edit
File 131794550038.png - (161.24KB , 434x480 , wdk_waraia1.png )
Ah, cool. That's the fastest I've ever solved any mystery on /seacats/.

It's simple, the scream they heard was a recording. I had actually reasoned that out at the beginning, which led me to the rest of my theory.
>> No. 4108 edit
File 130854776888.png - (65.07KB , 347x480 , ozaki_waraia1.png )
Yes that's exactly it. It was the Tv in room B. Good work Kinjo.

I'll start to type up the next part right now and I'll make a new thread when It's done.
Third Thread: http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/4110.html

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