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File 147400734347.jpg - (5.03KB , 240x160 , gameboard.jpg )
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>Rosa where is that hard gameboard you said you were working on.

>Rosa how goes that gameboard.

>Rosa is that gameboard almost done yet?

The black witch slumped in her chair trying to ignore the voices all around her. The voices of those calling forth a gameboard, a place to play and the pieces themselves.

She rested her head on her hand as she stared at the gameboard that had just manifested itself in front of her. It had come out of the blackness at the call of the voices around her.

"Well, this is interesting." She said out loud in the dark lounge, to no one in particular.

"I always did enjoy playing these games, those fools, Ryusei and Soul-chan. They were such boring pieces in the end. Filled in a boring world. It really is the same old same old all the time."

The witch let out a sigh as she gazed across multiple gameboards, they were all fantastic boards and had brought a lot of fun to the players. "But, they are all the same."
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File 147491392279.png - (128.68KB , 314x435 , dla_komarua1a.png )
No one else taking a seat for now?

Transfer student, yay~
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File 147586688431.png - (91.59KB , 248x186 , conan scary.png )

I am here, of course. Just waiting. Quietly. Like a creepy stalker man.
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Oh we were supposed to post?

File 147568741416.png - (354.74KB , 640x480 , 0.png )
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This is a small, simple mystery I'm opening to everyone, just to provide a little entertainment for /gameboard/. It's a classic game taking place on Rokkenjima.

Players are allowed unlimited blue theories and may ask for additional details or clarifications in green, but each Player may only ask one question or propose one theory at a time until I have replied. I will address as many replies as I can when I comment.

I'm unsure how long this mystery will last in the hungry hands of the fans, but it'll help me grow accustomed to creating mysteries.

Players must solve the following:
-How the closed room came about

Take your time, sit down and enjoy.
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File 139943943622.jpg - (27.75KB , 173x61 , georgesmiley.jpg )

Rather than poison, Gohda put a medication in someone's meal, and that person unknowingly swapped it with Krauss, who died due to incompatibility with the drugs. Gohda is thus the innocent culprit.
>> No. 20098 edit
File 147506321755.png - (130.67KB , 438x482 , kal_nervous_01.png )
You... got the culprit but changed the howdunnit which was already right??? I am confused????

In all seriousness though, well done!

Gohda was planning to murder Eva. In order to do so, he poisoned her meal. Eva and Krauss swapped meals at the dinner table. After lunch, Eva took Krauss aside and agreed to have a chat about the inheritance in private, which is why Eva left Hideyoshi behind after lunch concluded.

During break, Eva took Krauss to her room and held a discussion with him. However, she needed the bathroom and left the room, locking it behind her. Krauss added the chain for extra security, in order to satisfy Eva's fear that she'd be seen speaking on good terms with Krauss.

Whenever Eva returned from the bathroom however, there was no response from the door. Krauss had died from poisoning inside the room. This is when she went to find Genji.

Well played, everyone.
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File 147572495470.png - (101.07KB , 347x900 , hurrgh_0_ib4f.png )
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File 147572629938.png - (163.86KB , 333x581 , ciryes.png )
Good job!

File 146812057142.png - (547.77KB , 1024x780 , basehalls.png )
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First Thread: Click Here


Recap: Tahyllis(Kizami) went to investigate the mansion of Masayoshi Okazaki in hopes of finding a lead to the disappearance of Kinjo Goldbar. After meeting the other members of the investigation, the group discovered a secret passage leading to an underground complex. After splitting up to look for an exit one member was found dead, and the following investigation started to reveal the true nature of the facility. Kizami now frantically looks around after being assaulted.

2 out of 3 riceballs.
Broken Flashlight
4 tapes
Note from Yasunori
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File 146905598467.png - (844.21KB , 958x742 , sdfsdgii.png )
"I really did just want a fun time investigating. I have been trying to persuade the owners for a while but I couldn't stand it anymore. I used to go out and try to find UMAs and explore other abandoned builds so, I suppose in a sense I was feeling nostalgic."

As for the film he insists that it wasn't him. Reiko adds "I don't think we can prove it, but Yasunori seems like the most obvious solution there. He likely didn't want any pictures that he was here after all."

After a few moments Kato gets called over and you and Reiko remain.

"Kizami, in that drive way there at the end... was that?"
>> No. 19920 edit
File 146584956563.png - (117.64KB , 392x493 , 14.png )
"It's a catbox, Miss Reiko. We didn't have time to examine it closely. It could have been Kinjo, but it could also have been a dummy double. Wouldn't put it past him..." Kizami smiles sadly.

Last edited at 16/07/20(Wed)16:11:07
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File 146905666958.png - (136.68KB , 640x480 , moon_2a.png )
"I see. If they decide to turn up the rubble they will be able to test what remains... perhaps. Well, good luck. See you around."

With that she walks away and Kizami follows suit. This is a big event, who knows perhaps he'll gain some notoriety from this. One way or another, if that was really him why was Kinjo there? Or why did he die. What about Okazaki too? Looks like those answers may not reveal themselves any time soon.

Kizami steels himself, and proceeds to deal with all the boring questioning.


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File 146905717944.png - (39.65KB , 358x223 , reportkiz.png )
As the cars pull away from the scene at the mansion one figure walks towards a car and gets in the passenger seat. The driver has an eyepatch.

They pull out a clipboard with sheets of paper on it. The pictures of the group who investigated the mansion each have their own page listing personal facts and history.

The individual takes a marker and circles Kizami's picture, then places the clipboard back.

They then silent drive away.

File 146560258479.png - (331.53KB , 600x450 , op.png )
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I open this game to inaugurate Tahyllis into their first gameboard. They will be the only player in this game.

This game will function similarly to my last few, having original characters and taking place elsewhere than Rokkenjima.
While this game takes place in the same world you don't need to read any other of my games to follow this one.

The game can end in multiple different ways beyond solving the mystery. Your actions can change the ultimate result to one I never intended.
With that in mind however do try to take care of yourself so I am not forced to have you die.

If you wish, use green for your actions. When investigating keep in mind I may not let you check a large number of things/rooms in one post for format reasons.

Finally like the last game, I will use some dice rolls. Just a very simple d20 roll in situations that require more uncertainty. These will not affect your chances to solve the mystery and will be used rarely.

The difficulty is moderate. Not too hard but not too easy.

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File 146750551866.png - (89.17KB , 467x371 , tape.png )
You notice one of the tapes, the one labeled #8 Ami, is missing. The others, as well as the rest of your items are all there. On closer inspections the numbers are carved into the label as well.
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File 146575817949.png - (126.28KB , 392x493 , 1.png )
I run towards the dormitory and check whether there is a door south of it blocking off the incinerator. If it's there, I wait for it to open counting the time for the red phase. If it's not there, I go into the dormitory right away and count the number of beds present.
>> No. 19811 edit
File 14672426874.png - (81.46KB , 687x513 , lights.png )
You don't find the door there, or any blocking off the halls for that matter.

Entering the dormitory area puts you into a hallway much shabbier than the rest of the basement area with six labeled doors. Kitchen, storage room, changing room, and bedrooms 1 through 3.
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Second Thread: Click Here

File 145619593579.png - (478.44KB , 668x457 , rosa gangsta days.png )
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Hello, ladies and gentlemen. This is the official post to announce my game against Rosa.
It seems you youngsters don't do this anymore, but it was a thing back in my days.

In any case, I expect to be able to begin in two weeks or so, it depends on my schedules and how easily I can get RGD backgrounds to make the game work.

Meanwhile, enjoy my beautiful promotional edit of the Gameboard.
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>> No. 19570 edit
Fearlessly, Mion follows the gangster upstairs, somehow remaining concealed from him. After reaching the fourth floor, Tomikake turns right and heads into a large room, guarded by a white haired man you don't recognize. And meanwhile you ponder about continue your ninja quest, you feel a hand touching your shoulder from the back, which whispers, "I wouldn't go there if I were you," says Lee, in a clesr attempt to joke/surprise you.
>> No. 19571 edit
File 146550956931.jpg - (16.17KB , 512x263 , evil_mion.jpg )
"But he looks so suspicious!" I whisper in answer, unaffected by the surprise. After a moment, I realise someone is touching my shoulder and re-enter the conscious world.

I turn around to face Mr. Lee, showing that face.

"I have to do something Mr. Lee, I can't sit while the murderer is still on the loose."

Last edited at 16/06/09(Thu)15:05:59
>> No. 19572 edit
Lee appears a little frustrated that his prank had no effect on Mion, evidenced by his dissapointed smirk he made after she turned around.

"I understand your determination, Mion. But I can't let you get in trouble with them. Besides, they aren't doing anything suspicious. After my argument with Caleb, I heard he wanted get the approval of the rest of the guests to propose himself to lead Primavera."

After hearing again about the "argument" you realize Lee's clothes appear a little less clean than before, and you see his left shoulder is a little injuried. Noticing your glance to his wound, he continues.

"Caleb isn't a bad man. He has s goal and a very strong will. Our argument was even fun, if you allow me to say it. He doesn't suspect me anymore, but he still believes my older brother is related to the murders."
>> No. 19574 edit
File 135077618910.jpg - (18.52KB , 180x240 , 82378.jpg )
I look at the freakface.

"Yes, that's correct. Can you tell me a little about yourself and what is going on? I'm still completely in the dark about basically everything."

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