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Recap: Kinjo fled the city to get away from the press interested in the Rokkenjima incident. Now in the old mountain village of Nisekawa he is staying with his old friend Masato. On the fourth day death falls on the village, and Kinjo takes it upon himself to solve the mysteries presented.
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File 142344301350.png - (531.46KB , 779x694 , wdk_niramua2e.png )
"So does that mean you've suddenly remembered something about the case, huh?"
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File 145236257283.jpg - (37.07KB , 400x300 , yhbg1.jpg )
"Something like that..."

He tells you a brief summary of what Lee told you about his background and hopping from different town every now and then.

"The old man and I were friends. One of the few connections I made through the company that I could really trust. He offered us the house here, being this far out and with his resourcefulness nobody was likely to find us. He also was been paying our living expenses.

And that's what I need to bring up. I, well, he would often come by late at night and we would visit but it was mainly so he could drop off money for us. In the morning when we found his body... well, it would have been bad if anyone found out so I took the usual from his pocket, but that's all I swear. It was just to protect our connection, nothing more."
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File 131795800895.png - (143.26KB , 434x480 , wdk_niramua2.png )
"So he came by that night to deliver money... It's possible someone knew about the money and then tried to kill him for it, but -- why wouldn't they take it? So that must not be it. If it wasn't for money, was it a personal grudge?"
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File 142207550490.png - (238.65KB , 569x481 , roadupedit.png )
"I don't quite know. I imagine he made some enemies in his life time, but I wouldn't know any of them..."

As the two of you talk Lee pipes up again. "So what exactly happened again here?" he says referring to the spot where the body was. "He was found without any footprints around the body in the morning, yet there was some found halfway down the hill from his house?"

"Well," Jiro responds "there was no footprints around this area until Kinzaki and Masato walked over. That much I am sure of. It had already started snowing as I went to bed, around 1 in the morning."

"So in other words since those footprints were mostly filled they must have been made sometime during the night, yet if they were his, then why did none appear around the body... Any idea Box Whisperer?" he says finally directed at you.

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No, really. Is it?

Pic irrelevant
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File 130863423956.jpg - (37.96KB , 446x446 , 130854200445.jpg )
We have new posts from last night. We're still quite alive.

Are you somebody new?
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Yeah, I'm pretty new here. And yes, I am interested, so, where can I start and all? Are there any rules? Basically I want to learn the basics.
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File 145556835252.jpg - (142.76KB , 500x500 , tumblr_m6q0n7jnFa1rvwzn7o1_500.jpg )

The rules are listed in this link. You don't have to read it all, but it does a good job of documenting the types of games we play around here.

As for playing in a game, were you hoping to play as a player or as a game master?

If you want to play as a player (like a detective) in someone else's game, you just need to find someone who is willing to start/host a new game.

If you want to play as a game master (like a dungeon master) you need to create a story, determine how many players you want (and if you want any specific players) and what kind of game you want to host.

I'd recommend reading some of the examples listed in the rules page to get a feeling for the types of players and games that go on around here. We tend to be pretty friendly and open to new games, but some players certainly have different kinds of play styles than others
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I don't mind either roles. I can do both pretty well, so, I might switch between the two. Also, thanks for the link. I'll be sure to read it.

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Recap: Kinjo fled the city to get away from the press interested in the Rokkenjima incident. Now in the old mountain village of Nisekawa he is staying with his old friend Masato. After meeting various individuals it has now reached the second day.
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File 132669749830.png - (47.98KB , 215x209 , kinjo_sux.png )
"N-no. Why do you ask?"
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File 143459997468.png - (471.19KB , 600x447 , togdev23.png )
"Oh, I thought you said something about it," he says a little confused.

Masato and you clean up everything for breakfast and Yuuichi goes to play games. Masato pulls you off to the side out of hearing range of him.

"So what do you plan to do? I understand if you don't want to get involved, but if the police aren't going to get here any time soon then, well..."
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File 145202121030.png - (488.12KB , 1158x1117 , KinJoJo.png )
"Past experience tells me the police won't get here soon enough. So until then... I'll do my best to solve it. Before anyone else gets hurt. They don't call me The Small Yet Large Box Whisperer for nothing!"
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I had the idea early in the year to make a gameboard with multiple authors, similar to the Detection Club's "The Floating Admiral".

Our version went like this; One person would write a part, then the one who follows would try to solve it and write their part including hints for who they thought the culprit was. After finishing we went over our theories and howdunits, then made sure that there was a true solution that could work for the whole game.

Tahyllis made an initial scenario, I then did the prologue and a closed room following Tahyllis' part, then GreatEqualizer, finally Daedon finished the rest. I will act as the GM and respond to your theories.

This game is open for any number of people to try and solve. We will go one closed room at a time and at the end the whodunit can be attempted. After that is finished I'll post what authors originally theorized for each others parts.
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File 131872485897.jpg - (626.03KB , 1101x1306 , 227053.jpg )
Since you say its the last thing you'd try I'll just answer it now. It was a different poison ingested before dinner. It was a delayed effect. Specifically when you see him talking with Kyrie. It finally killed him in the guesthouse around 6 hours or so later.

Alright, that is all for the howdunits. Answer who it was and how each mystery happened with them in mind. I'll wait a bit in case Rune or anyone else also wants to post a theory. After that I will post the intended solution, as well as the theories the authors had for each others.
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The mastermind is Kyrie. The accomplices are Rudolf, Eva, Rosa and Hideyoshi.

The whole murders were set up to corner Natsuhi and Krauss. The cousins died of an unfortunate death.
Rudolf and Eva used themself as sacrefices.

letter and dummy: Rosa gave Maria the letter and prepared the dummy and stick the umbrella on it.
dining room: Eva and Nanjo's food was poisoned. Kumasawa aided with the prank to lure Nanjo outside. The meal was swapped to make sure nobody but Eva die in the study. Her death is the pretense to go in Kinzo's study.
study: Natsuhi or Krauss ordered Kanon to bring Kinzo to the furnace and hide the key in an arranged place. Genji gave this key to the group.
boiler room: Kinzo was burnt to hide his death.
servant room: Nanjo died of poison. Someone splitted up from the 5 man-group (Hideyoshi or Rosa) and killed Kumasawa and Godha (he was not planned and was thrown out the window). The murderer escaped via window. Kyrie and Rudolf pretended to be "clueless" in front of Kanon and joined the other group.
parlor: It's an accident.
guest house: Kyrie, Rosa aqnd/or Hideyoshi damaged Rudolf's body and killed Genji.

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Edit: Oops I posted it without a name. Nevermind...

Last edited at 15/12/11(Fri)09:49:34
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File 145015532012.png - (456.53KB , 640x480 , glob_1cr.png )
I think you'd find it hard for the large group to split up without anyone saying anything, but none the less here is the ending (also written by Daedon). I'll post the other author's solutions when I find the time.


With a final flourish, the great Lambdadelta put the last words on the page. The entire work glowed, signifying that it was complete and contained no errors. With a cackle, the group of three once more disappeared around the corner as the Witch of Certainty called out, “Aaaaaand ACTION!”

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File 143975137874.png - (150.74KB , 381x479 , Demille-kun.png )
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"You're joking, right?" Beatrice asked, looking up from the script she was most of the way through with. Upon seeing the expression on Goat-kun's face, though, she looked back to the script. "Of course you're not."

Goat-kun seemed about to reply, when Asmodeus burst into the room. Her hair was soaked in mud, blood, and rain. Her outfit was in tatters, and her face had a look that defined frustration. She stomped into the room and glared at Beatrice silently.

Beatrice smiled back, innocently. "Oh hi Asune! How was your game?"

In reply, Asmodeus grabbed the white bag of gummy candies that Beatrice had brought with her. Reaching in she pulled out a few and jammed them in her mouth. Chewing angrily, she kept her eyes locked on Beatrice. After she swallowed, she poked her finger against Beatrice's collarbone for emphasis as she said, "You and I are going to have a long talk someday about how much you owe me for that little stunt." She turned and walked back out, shouting over her shoulder, "And I'm taking the damn candy!"

Beatrice and Goat-kun blinked a few times at her exit, then turned back to each other. "I mean, don't get me wrong, Goat-kun," said Beatrice, "I applaud the effort you put into this. But I don't think we can pull it off. For one, we don't have any kind of orchestra."

In response, Goat-kun brought her to a side door. Opening it, he revealed the other six Sisters of Purgatory determinedly practicing various instruments.

Beatrice looked in, sighed, and looked to Goat-kun, who was doing his best to not seem like a little kid begging his parents for a toy.
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It seems that in the end, the motive was simpler than I expected. I guess I didn't need to quite make it so complicated with Maria being brainwashed/indoctrinated/traumatized to believe in the Golden Witch. And Rosa trying to escape the crushing pressures of the name Ushiromiya and also having had a terrible life because of her siblings fits with the sentiments expressed in "I Am Free" a little more naturally than my theory.

Rosa and Gohda being in love I didn't expect. It certainly does explain why they end up working together to commit murder; to be an accomplice to murder, your relationship would have to be pretty strong, huh?

And a female goat-head makes a bit more sense than Rosa, I'll admit. I was just guessing, really.

Out of curiosity, what gave you the idea to make an Umineko musical? Or did it just come to you one day? It was a very amusing gameboard, and it was nice being entertained in between the scenes of grisly murder.

And you said we could request information after the game is complete. Well, while the solution's out of the bag, I am curious: how did Rosa and Gohda end up meeting and falling in love? It sounds like a very interesting story.

And speaking of interesting stories, any info on how Rosa, Maria, and Gohda are doing in the "Golden Land"?
>> No. 18531 edit
Heh, I should have really guessed the bit with the receipt. Overall, a very entertaining game.
I liked the foreshadowing for everything, and how all the locked rooms were different in some way so getting the solution wasn't just guessing around.
I also never would have guessed Rosa and Gohda being in love. Was there anything in the story that was meant to hint at it? Well, it DOES make more sense than her just 'hiring' him or something. (and caring enough not to kill him like the rest)

Well, thanks for this gameboard.
>> No. 18533 edit

The idea for the musical? In truth I was just driving to work one day, with my music on shuffle, and Let It Go was followed by Birth of a New Witch. I remember thinking, "Heh, the gold never bothered her anyway." After that, one thing just led to another. I do owe a lot to Cheshire, though. If he hadn't groaned at the line when I brought it up in Skype, it may never have come to pass. If I make someone groan, that just tells me I'm onto something, and I can't just, ahem, let it go.

Strangely enough, there's not much to tell about Gohda and Rosa's romance. It was very simple, which is one of the reasons why Rosa liked it so much. Gohda was hired, they met, hit it off, and fell in love. Rosa had to spend much more time on the island helping Natsuhi and Krauss maintain the illusion of her father, so there was plenty of time for romance to bloom. Lots of secret walks in the forest and along the beach, a few romantic dinners in the Golden Room, things like that. He also was a good surrogate father for Maria, much better than any of the failed romances Rosa had been in since Maria's real father left. In short, theirs was a simple and pure romance, except for the whole serial murder thing.

As for how they're doing? Well, I haven't found any evidence of them, but that isn't surprising considering they changed their names. However, I like to think that they're doing just fine. Maybe Gohda is a celebrity chef. Maybe Rosa is a successful designer. Maybe Maria's gotten all grown up and had children of her own, though I hope she still practices her special magic and has passed it on. Who knows? I'm content letting them have their own catbox, so that they can always be happy.


I'm glad you liked it!

Yeah, there wasn't much to hint at the
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 18534 edit
I just noticed something. The final FANTASY scene ("Finale") describes Battler as being shot in the forehead. In truth, he was shot from behind. While Battler's death was certainly the least mysterious of the bunch, it does lead me to think about the other clever tricks played and misdirection executed. Such as how Maria doesn't open the door for Rosa in the FANTASY segment. I got so hung up on that as a "clue" that I ignored alternate possibilities for awhile.

Basically, this board had some really great misdirection. Even the red was always very carefully worded to avoid spoiling the truth. You gamemastered the board very impressively in my opinion.

Well... there's not much more to say. Thanks again for this gameboard. It was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed coming up with theory after theory, even if I wasn't the best at cracking some of these locked rooms. So long for now, and hopefully I get to engage you in some more gameboard-style debate soon.

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