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4402 No. 4402 edit
DR game #4, Thread 2

First Thread

Everyone looked around at each other confused. Krauss and Natsuhi had just died, but how could anyone have killed them. Erika was in the room with them, surely she was the culprit, but for some reason they couldn't call her the culprit. Like it was forbidden or something.

Erika suggested something crazy as everyone was leaving Kinzo's study. That the witch, the one who had supposedly arrived yesterday and was staying in the VIP room was the culprit.

Everyone rushed to the VIP, but found it locked. Genji used his master key to open it, inside they found almost nothing strange. The only strange object was a white horse with its head cut off. Nobody knew what it meant, but it still looked creepy anyway.

Everyone returned back to the parlor. But after a while, Rudolf and Kyrie's exhaustion started to show, and left to rest.

Hours passed, and Lunch was prepared. Kumasawa, Erika, Nanjo and Genji went off to tell Battler about Lunch, while Eva, Hideyoshi and Gohda went to inform Rudolf and Kyrie.

(Team 1, Kumasawa, Nanjo, Erika and Genji)
The two of them arrived at the door to the servants room. They knocked but got no reply. Erika deciding something was wrong, told Genji to unlock the door.

Genji unlocked the door, but.. they couldn't open the door. Piles of stuff was in the way. Mounds of stuff was in front of the door. The group had no choice but to remove most of it piece by piece to be able to get into the room.
The group stepped into the room and right away they saw Battler hanging from the ceiling.

Erika looked around the room and found a suicide note sitting on the table near the couch.

The note's stated that Battler had killed the victims in the garden shed, and he was apologizing for it and seeking judgment by hanging himself.

(Team 2, Eva, Hideyoshi, Gohda)
The team knocked on the door, and almost right away Kyrie answered. She welcomed them inside and went to go get Rudolf from the bathroom.

However a second after she entered Kyrie came rushing out with a horrified look on her face.

Everyone rushed into the bathroom to see what had caused this reaction. Rudolf's corpse sat in the tub filled with water, a knife in his chest. A suicide note on the floor, saying he was the culprit who killed Natsuhi and Krauss, and he couldn't live with that fact.

4th Twilight
Battler - Hanged in the servant room

5th Twilight
Rudolf - stabbed in the chest in one of the guest rooms.
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>> No. 4403 edit
Certainly none of it was suicide and it was murder

The culprit somehow killed them at the same time
>> No. 4404 edit
File 132306030685.jpg - (48.18KB , 350x455 , rosa3m.jpg )
Correct. It was murder.

Also correct. Both died within less then 3 minutes of other.
>> No. 4405 edit
*of the other.
>> No. 4406 edit
the rooms where Battler and Rudolf died are in some way next to each other

In case that one is wrong,The culprit had an accomplice to help them with the murder
>> No. 4407 edit
File 132306100111.png - (12.46KB , 819x460 , main mansion.png )
Yellow boxes: Stairs
Blue box: Servants room
Red box: Rudolf's room

1st blue. As the map shows, the rooms are not near each other at all.

2nd blue. The culprit did not have any accomplice during this twilight.
>> No. 4408 edit
File 130837474663.png - (72.87KB , 321x480 , rud_defa1.png )
Finals week, haven't had much time for posting...

When you say there was a "white horse" with it's head caught off, are you referring to an actual horse, or the chess piece more commonly referred to as the "knight"?

>within 3 minutes of each other
It would take a person 6 or 7 minutes to die from oxygen deprivation, so it is likely that Battler was attacked first since a stab to the chest could easily result in instant death. This allows for as much as 10 minutes total between the beginning of Battler's hanging to his death (7 minutes) + the 3 minute gap until Rudolf is dead.
>> No. 4409 edit
File 132238316194.jpg - (53.30KB , 315x600 , Umineko__Young_Rosa.jpg )
I meant white horse figurine.


What about the rooms, how did the culprit do the closed rooms?
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