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File: 129540026494.jpg - (98.59KB , 500x375 , 15449980.jpg )
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I wonder if we made a mistake with our approach to playing.
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>> No. 205
File 129557900060.png - (85.67KB , 291x477 , kan_odorokia453.png )
Shannon pretending to be natsuhi? Not sure, I had to re-read the game. I might do it.
>> No. 206
File 129557974742.png - (122.87KB , 438x480 , nat_akuwaraia1.png )
So did Natsuhi then replace Shannon for Kyrie?
>> No. 207
I'm starting a thread with a few screenshoots with the whydunnit of Natsuhi, if that helps at all.
>> No. 263
Good article, great to find out people taking some sociable obligation.

File: 129514783150.jpg - (79.65KB , 351x546 , kuro3.jpg )
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>> No. 50
Hey Genji, so shall we go with it? It's the five already.
>> No. 51
File 129531296830.jpg - (68.24KB , 435x505 , genji_blush.jpg )
Well, Kinjo did say we have until tomorrow, so we at do have at least a bit of time left. I'm currently writing the post now, so if there are no objections, I'll post it here later tonight for everyone to look over and approve. I just want to make absolutely certain everyone's in agreement before I go about doing anything official.

From the sound of things, I assume you're on board with the Nanjo theory, then?
>> No. 52
Yes, I'm Genji. I'm a bit unsure but it's the best we have. Even if there's something wrong with the theory Nanjo seems quite guilty now.
>> No. 55
File 12953415621.png - (89.13KB , 222x379 , en2_defa2.png )
I've been wondering if it's necessary to provide anything for the third twilight. One of the Dine rules says something to the effect of "no murder, no mystery." Though I notice Kinjo has changed the wording on that one slightly. In any case, that one seems to be a real guessing game to me.

File: 129589124981.png - (237.23KB , 600x700 , 13921126.png )
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One way or the other, it ends here. From the various hints and clues we have picked up, this is what we've come up with this time.


2nd Twilight: Poison trap kills Rudolph and Kyrie.
3rd Twilight: The letter was already in place before the group arrived in the parlor after the first twilight.
4th Twilight: Kinzo's corpse was taken and burned in the boiler.
5th Twilight: A trap was attached to the atlas so when Hideyoshi picked it up. BANG!
6th Twilight: The culprit shot Maria used the passage to enter the bathroom and shot her.
7th & 8th Twilights: Rosa and Genji were shot and killed in the servants room.
Krauss' death: The culprit shot and killed Krauss while he trying to protect Erika.

Who Dunnit:

Assuming what we've been told isn't a pack of lies, we have to say that the culprit is a person who was formerly the physician Nanjo. Whatever this person's name was, he was acting in the interests of Kinzo, or at least the vision of Kinzo he had internalized. The crafty physician was even able to fake his death in the first twilight, using the corpse of Kinzo as a body-double. Later, the corpses disappear and Kinzo's body is burned, so it works.
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>> No. 256
File 129589483028.png - (85.34KB , 291x478 , kan_majimea37.png )
Well, there's no solid evidence about the "yasu didn't solved the epitapth", so I there may not be need to add it.
Actually, it may be good to don't be to specific, since Kinjo have denied our theories because of specific wordings.
>> No. 258
File 129590092514.png - (316.80KB , 533x528 , c13860f9cdaf328bd8bd9fdb0b5edae318b85d55_ib4f.png )
Correct, I am generally nonspecific when submitting theories. I clarify if asked to. Though if it is especially vital to the motive that Yasu did not solve the epitaph, then we could include it.
>> No. 259
File 129590302273.jpg - (392.15KB , 960x1280 , 13982644.jpg )
Anyways, I'm stepping out for a bit now. If Kinjo comes sniffing around for our theory, feel free to go ahead and post this, or post your own, whatever works. Otherwise, I'll see what's going on when I get back.
>> No. 260
File 135062556629.png - (3.46KB , 213x179 , feenixheh.png )
I posted on the fucking secret board I'm so cool.

File: 129564666014.png - (154.78KB , 365x467 , crunchitizethedeath.png )
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A collection of important looking text regarding the game, because I couldn't be bothered to format it all.

Feel free to add anything that might be missing.
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>> No. 251
This could most likely be the case. There is a could chance he didn't even know who was entering the bathroom. Since from outsite I doubt he heard everything. He probably just heard someone going into the bathroom, and he entered to kill them. Once he moved the mirror there was no going back. No regrets.
>> No. 252
Umm, anyone think it could be Jessica?

Seems like it could be possible. What is the one we are more turning towards currently?
>> No. 253
File 129588900238.jpg - (323.44KB , 700x800 , Day Dreamer.jpg )
Deaths can't be accident or suicide. If the culprit killed Maria, s/he meant to kill Maria.

I didn't expect money to be the motive. That'd be way too simple. My current idea is something like making Yasu be/choose the next head. It could make sense that George and Jessica were spared because Kinzo wants Yasu to choose between them.

What makes you think Jessica could do it? I do know she's in the cousin's guest room if you check it in the morning.
>> No. 257
In the morning Erika still has enough time to go the the shed to be killed. Ether one of the cousins could have snuck out during that time.
It's still a possibility.

When Erika "dies" all we know is that someone shot her. It could have even been a accomplice. Some points to note are ; Kanon leaving the island and all, Krauss mentioning Jessica and Kanon after he was shot, and Kanon not being on the list may be pointing out that he has already "left".
We haven't checked everyone. We should have been doing that as a group, then picked the most plausible.
Most people have been doing that in there minds probably, but if we posted all our thought on why and how for every single person (even if they are dead) we would have been closer I think.

File: 129560766717.jpg - (107.22KB , 1260x710 , rosa_cut_the_crap.jpg )
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Kinjo, you are so crafty. You know that. You had our heads going around in circles, second guessing everything. Wondering what was up, and what was down. What was truth; what was fiction. Even making us go all sad and depressed. We had to rally together through force just to overcome it.

But despite our incompetence, we've got you now. You're now just a snake, and we have you by the tail, holding you high into the hair, where you squirm helplessly.

The culprit is;

Well I'll get to that in a second. Want to let you squirm a little more before we get to the unmasking after all.

The hows:

2nd Twilight: The culprit killed Rudolf and Kyrie with a poison trap.

3rd Twilight: The letter was already on the table before the group went into the parlor after the first twilight.

4th Twilight: Kinzo's corpse was taken and burned in the boiler.
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>> No. 235
Clues for disguise theory: "Nanjo" says he has a granddaughter with a mental condition. This is Yasu, who is actually Kinzo's granddaughter (and daughter but let's not get into that). Any other strange behavior noted on Nanjo's part would be helpful here.

To solve the study/shed dilemma, we just have to say at one point or another Kinzo was faking death. It should probably be sleeping in the study at the start of day 2.
>> No. 236
Anyways, I can't join the stream from here, and I must be off now to get back to work. Good luck with debating.
>> No. 239
File 129565095166.png - (27.71KB , 700x700 , kan_majimea3.png )
Me: In this rare of not probable rokkenjima, Yasu never solved the epitaph. Therefore, in the verge of death Kinzo nobody to inherit his fortune.
So he gave it to his only friend, since nobody else was worth of it, Nanjo.
this "kinjo" stuff is nothing else than a title, or name a new name. Like the old theory of inheriting a title. But instead of calling himself Kinzo, well he fused both names.

Kinjo: ..... well .... it's closer than what Rosa posted
Me: we should have gone with that, maybe.
Kinjo:you should have
if I recite on Van Dine rule, the truth should be obvious
>> No. 240
Meta has a habit of accusing the gamemaster themselves of being the culprit. After that, any crazy wordplay theory needed for them to be so is right up his alley.

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