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The beauties of the seven seas that hold Love and hope for everyone.
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File 133311016499.jpg - (145.09KB , 600x600 , 22271500_p3.jpg )
Was there a fight again.
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File 13326309898.png - (80.23KB , 400x227 , Fumika 009.png )
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File 129626566459.png - (6.59KB , 217x157 , georgeheh.png )
Well, at least he said something this time~
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File 132764247826.png - (187.52KB , 463x600 , misha_cross_frown_close.png )
If you were going to--oh, never mind. I guess it doesn't matter. I'm gonna nap, I'll deal with this when I wake back up!

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You don't need a reason, you just need people and some spirit!
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File 13310770553.png - (21.74KB , 185x186 , chen is in da house.png )
With enough of money , I could have an army of people dressed in food scraps.
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why are you so butthurt about the lesbian thing
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File 133299006755.jpg - (350.44KB , 1200x1000 , 1269123647203.jpg )
It's evolutionary.
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File 133030815689.jpg - (132.67KB , 1366x768 , homu099.jpg )
Why do you even care?

File 133275516942.png - (876.50KB , 899x501 , fuckyear.png )
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Screw you, I'm awesome.

Anyways, in other news, this is probably the most awesome cat video I have ever seen.
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File 12972770349.png - (64.33KB , 319x477 , gen_content.png )
Happy birthday Astaroth!
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That would get birrion sales.
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and 50,000 of those sales would be from me
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File 129721857767.jpg - (175.03KB , 425x401 , wheee.jpg )

File 129660407013.png - (510.29KB , 1024x768 , Leader Select.png )
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Since there was some more chatter in Kinjo's stream (even if I don't think all that much of it was about Civ), I thought some people might like to see what's going on in Tohsaka's Empire.

Let's start with my leader and civilization choice. I chose Elizabeth as my leader, for her Financial/Philosphical traits. Financial gives +1 Commerce on any tile that is already generating 2 or more Commerce. Seen as one of the highest tier leader traits, this gives a significant boost to your economy and research rate. Perhaps the most notable boost comes from the river cottage, which improves a tile from 1C to 3C immediately (+1C from river, +1C from cottage, +1C from Financial). The other trait, Philosophical, allows double-speed production of universities and doubles the rate at which great people are generated. This is how I got a great scientist early in the B.C. years--got Writing, built a library, and ran two scientist specialests (yes, I know how it is spelled, I am misspelling it intentionally to bypass the ridiculous blacklist feature) until it popped. Half price universities are also nice, as they're a research-improving building and a handful must be quickly built to allow construction of the awesome national wonder, Oxford University (+100% Research rate in the city it's built).

My civilization choice of India was for their awesome unique unit--the Fast Worker. I consider the Worker to be the most important unit in the game, and though the only difference between the two is that the Fast Worker has 3 move instead of 2, that advantage can be used to significantly speed up your early game if you know how to use it. The ability to enter a forest (which takes 2 move) and immediately begin chopping (as opposed to waiting a turn) is a good example, or under the same principle, the ability to enter a hill tile and immediately start mining. These 1-turn differences add up over a long game of getting your improvements out that much faster. You'll notice that my empire is almost entirely devoid of forests in the core, and almost every tile is developed. The unique building is a little less exciting, but still useful: the Mausoleum, a Jail replacement that
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File 132580118583.png - (156.33KB , 307x600 , 1254025286335.png )
Raw mana nodes can be transformed into a particular kind of mana by adepts, mages, and archmages. You must have at least one kind of mana to promote units with spells from that "school." For example, Death 1 grants a spell to an arcane caster that summons a skeleton, and you must have at least 1 Death mana to promote a unit to Death 1. For the purposes of referring to spellcasters here, please note I am referring only to arcane spellcasters. Divine spellcasters follow different rules.

If you have 2 of a given mana, any arcane units you produce when you have those 2 mana automatically start with the level 1 promotion associated with that school. If you have 3, mages will be granted the automatic level 2 promotion, and with 4, archmages will gain the automatic level 3 promotion. These promotions do not cost experience points, and indeed, whenever you create an arcane caster or upgrade one to the next level, you get one EXP-free promotion. Mages and archmages cannot be built (except for certain heroes), they must be "upgraded" from adepts with a certain amount of EXP (archmages are upgraded from very high EXP mages and you can only have 4). Only mages and archmages have access to level 2 spells, and only archmages have access to level 3 spells. You also need certain technologies to unlock mages and archmages, Sorcery for mages, and Strength of Will (VERY expensive tech) for archmages? It should be noted there are some heroes that are archmages and may come with earlier, cheaper techs, but they may be religion or civilization specific.

Since getting EXP for adepts is understandably hard, given their low strength, the "channeling" promotion that all casters begin with has a chance to passively grant 1 EXP each turn (note: this is far from guaranteed). You might also look for weak barbarians to use for EXP farming--you can weaken them with catapults or something before sending in the casters. For these reasons, if you plan on using casters in numbers, it's best to build them early, so they can start building EXP right away.

In addi
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File 133120691162.png - (472.87KB , 1024x768 , Civics.png )
What are Civics?
Civics are various aspects that represent how you manage your empire. They replace the monolithic progression of governments from past Civilization titles, and indeed, instead of having certain Civics become eventually obsolete, every Civic beyond the starting set are at least situationally useful. Some have drawbacks, others do not. All provide some benefit to your civilization.

All civics incur an upkeep cost, ranging from "No Upkeep" to "High Upkeep." The costs are modified by the size of your empire and by inflation (which steadily increases throughout the game), with naturally "High Upkeep" and "Medium Upkeep" civics increasing at a much faster rate than "Low Upkeep" and "No Upkeep" civics. Generally, when you have a small empire early in the game, you won't sweat civic upkeep costs, but they become more and more relevant throughout the game. Civic upkeep costs are also higher on higher difficulty levels. Note the Organized trait reduces civic upkeep cost.

Anarchy and Civic Swapping
When you swap civics, you undergo a period of anarchy. When in anarchy, none of your cities produce anything--they don't accumulate production towards your builds, and they don't contribute any gold or science. Fortunately, you also pay no maintenance costs.

The duration of anarchy depends on a lot of things--the size of your empire, the game speed, and the amount of civics you change. Note that anarchy is much more costly in the late game than in the early game--in the early game, you're losing proportionally a lot less production/research than in the late (where your empire will be larger and more productive). Timing civic swaps can be important, I like to wait for anarchy to revolt to Slavery until after I built my first settler, but before I found my 2nd city, for example.

Note that after the period of anarchy ends, you cannot swap civics again for a time (the duration of which depends mostly on the game speed). Note that although swapping religions also
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File 133261629699.png - (1.38MB , 1024x768 , FFH2.png )
I want to get more people into Fall from Heaven 2. So I thought I'd give some overviews to help skeptics ease in.

So what is Fall from Heaven 2? Fall from Heaven 2 is a medieval fantasy mode for Civilization 4, and one of the reasons why I think Civ4 is still a lot better than Civ5.

The basic gameplay is largely the same as in Civ4. Your goal is to build up your civilization, through a combination of economic management, diplomatic cunning, and force of arms. The victory conditions are slightly changed from base Civilization 4, with time, conquest, domination, and cultural victories being largely the same, but there is no longer the option of a diplomatic or a space race victory. The "technological victory" of the space race has been replaced by two different victory conditions: the altar of Lunnotar victory (which requires a large amount of technologies, plus a certain number of great prophets in order to build), and the Tower of Mastery victory (requires you to build 4 towers which require 4 different kinds of mana each, then building the Tower of Mastery). Instead of a diplomatic victory, you can win a religious victory if you control the holy city of a religion, and your religion has a certain % of influence over the world--sort of like a "backdoor domination" victory that the diplomatic victory is. The best way to do this is to make sure that highly populated cities have only your religion present.

A lot of the same improvements and terrain concepts remain the same. You still have farms, cottages, mines, etc. Units are still produced in cities, as are buildings and wonders. There are still "civics" which influence how your civilization operates and are unlocked with technological process, and you still have religions which are founded by the first person to reach a certain technology, unlock certain buildings, and work well in combination with other civics.

So what's different?

Fall from Heaven Concepts

Vertical Tech Tree
Fall from Heaven's technological progress halts at an earlier level than
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File 13326413233.png - (658.86KB , 787x529 , Teach me Misha.png )
If there are any FFH2 mechanics in particular you'd like me to go over, let me know~

File 133262122520.jpg - (99.70KB , 656x696 , 25879392.jpg )
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It is not gravity that is responsible for people falling in love~
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File 13327378606.png - (1.15MB , 1024x576 , CG000000.png )
oh look, these two kids look familiar
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Only true seacats should know the answer~
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hi im stream gay tales
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>komm susser todd

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