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>Let's take responsibility for our actions.
>Nah, that's stupid. Let's try to kill ourselves instead.
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Okay, so first off it started off with me playing vidya online I think, with some of the other players having these lewd icons and after the game was over ending up where they were or in their "world" or whatever it was. Went to go check out the place (after seeing some weird stuff and getting the heck out), find some girl who was tied up and freed her or something then stuff sort of goes back to normal.

Then I go to actually play games with those people again but for some reason it isn't working too well and their accounts (or some of their accounts), got banned or something, I forget what happens there. For some reason, one of the guys turns out to be a devil or something and I somehow deal with him so he's gone.

Stuck in this new world I go around the town checking out etc, meeting some of the townspeople, then eventually have to go what was either college or high school, but most of the time I ended up either falling asleep or deathly asleep and somehow finding myself on some sort of mattress in the halls or something. Then some other weird stuff happens (memory is vague again, I just remember some part of the town was under attack or something but it got resolved.)

Then I go to some talent show in the town for some girl I think i either liked or was friends with or something and end up deathly asleep near the act even though i really wanted to watch her act. When someone for her act goes missing I somehow find the strength to get myself up and help her go find it as it starts to rain, by the time we can't find the other person who is part of her act and go back, everyone seems to have left and she looks sad til I give her a hug and she smiles with a face I feel like I had known my whole life and kisses me. Cue happy feelings etc and waking up.
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There are no woman on the internet only girly men
and I am not the girliest
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Seriously, how can a dream be so long and random? That was not creepy random like in John dreams, it was just random.
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File 130503148448.jpg - (153.83KB , 500x575 , 17502838.jpg )
Dawww~ So Hide just wants to be hugged, how cute~!

I had a dream with a similar ending that involved a certain someone from the internet. Needless to say I was quite sad when I woke up.

File 133135220612.jpg - (686.55KB , 1024x1024 , Lion.jpg )
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We all had our first love~
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File 13310770553.png - (21.74KB , 185x186 , chen is in da house.png )
Ice cream gum.

Here's Chen's question: What are you going to do about this?
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post in response
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File 133107578834.png - (33.37KB , 192x167 , it\'s too horrific.png )
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File 132736708951.png - (204.69KB , 668x889 , ed877.png )
>"today we are going to the botanic gardens. It's quite big, so make sure you wear proper shoes."
>arrive there
>hour later


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You know you want some.
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File 131568554041.jpg - (327.80KB , 827x1168 , 1256856588739.jpg )
And that is what the illusion is all about.
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File 132185183389.gif - (19.49KB , 80x80 , spinchen.gif )
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10/10, would read again (I really might)
John is clearly a little girl.
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File 129625023626.jpg - (278.84KB , 600x799 , armslooklikedanglinglegs.jpg )
...So what's your progress on 'that'?

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Behold! The truth hidden within the catbox known as Rokkenjima!
So horrid and nightmarish, that it would cost the lives of many, the destruction of a whole island, and cause trauma and memory dysfunction for those who know of it!
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File 132841121830.jpg - (844.59KB , 800x1284 , andyousaythatwhy.jpg )
What are the requirements to be in the Chen group?
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Enjoying reading and sharing terrible things from the internet, ne.
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File 133048073028.jpg - (17.72KB , 300x300 , wouldn\'t like to know either.jpg )
I'm sure some seacats are secretly in Chen group without knowing it.

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File 133087545596.png - (180.17KB , 456x480 , f3fe6957d54ca5dc5d366dc.png )
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What about ROSA-Beatrice? I, for one, really wonder what this would be like. Eva's personality is exaggerated when she becomes EVA-Beatrice. She becomes the kind of person who flaunts how great she is. Her constant struggles to out-do her brother Krauss made her the kind of person who always wants to win. And when she gains powers of the witch, she, of course, uses those powers to show further, how great she is, how deserving she is of the Family Head position. What changes would this instill in Rosa? Rosa's frustration might manifest itself in outbursts of unprovoked violence and I think that, like Eva, she would become quite obsessed with showing how powerful and great she is to everyone, since she was always looked down upon by the others.
ROSA-Beatrice is a cool idea.
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I agree
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I like this, yeah. She wouldn't really fit in the story, though.

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