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File 132354518513.png - (2.19MB , 1920x1080 , 7b4752bc90b4d5109c55836c7c706bb4.png )
29733 No. 29733 edit
And now the curtains open to a new tragedy
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>> No. 29891 edit
File 131507215634.jpg - (119.24KB , 1007x720 , Tenshi_huh.jpg )
Why would you install Windows?

You being in a good mood is rare enough.
>> No. 29892 edit
File 131507593514.jpg - (56.74KB , 441x719 , Tenshi_Baseball1.jpg )
Hosting, PW is "cake", username is "Secondary".
>> No. 29893 edit
File 129761571735.png - (100.28KB , 319x318 , doh.png )
Windows, as in things you put on your house to keep the cold air out.
>> No. 29894 edit
File 130989922564.jpg - (75.41KB , 603x719 , Tenshi_Bored.jpg )
I call that "central heating" and "fireplace".
>> No. 29895 edit
File 130990737637.jpg - (25.91KB , 485x270 , Tenshi_midemiteru.jpg )
Consecrated Light was here, Dark Armed Dragon is a loser.
>> No. 29896 edit
File 130265495721.jpg - (49.01KB , 530x800 , 18055151.jpg )
Getting stomped all over the place. ;_;
>> No. 29897 edit
File 130989850781.jpg - (68.39KB , 555x698 , Tenshi_Talk.jpg )
You won that one duel.
>> No. 29898 edit
File 131553262320.jpg - (101.03KB , 276x286 , amazement.jpg )
They also let the light in from outside, you know.
>> No. 29899 edit
File 130989532449.jpg - (117.88KB , 866x719 , Tenshi_hasnohappyface.jpg )
You mean a glass panel roof?
>> No. 29900 edit
File 130227214614.jpg - (308.22KB , 800x600 , 14600078.jpg )
Yup! I had fun and I got see decks I've never seen before. Now just need to wait until The Sacred cards get more support.
>> No. 29901 edit
File 131507215634.jpg - (119.24KB , 1007x720 , Tenshi_huh.jpg )
You've never seen an Evil HERO Dark Gaia deck, a Neo-Knight Parshath deck or a Dark Cockblock deck?
>> No. 29902 edit
File 130461225783.jpg - (60.78KB , 442x640 , 11210417.jpg )
>> No. 29903 edit
File 129824050448.png - (15.91KB , 179x153 , It\'s Been A Hard Day\'s Night.png )
Yeah, sure, a glass pane roof.
>> No. 29904 edit
File 132381617982.jpg - (118.63KB , 862x719 , Tenshi_Sad Girl With No One To Comfort Her.jpg )
I, it's not like I play whenever I have free time or try to convert my mates into playing with me every now and again, or anything! It's not that I played against you despite hating your cancer decks b, because I was lonely, o, or anything.

I love glass panel roofs, marry me.
>> No. 29905 edit
File 129780742837.jpg - (85.92KB , 449x700 , excited.jpg )
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!
>> No. 29906 edit
File 130390293473.jpg - (469.82KB , 708x1000 , 14742484.jpg )
I-It's not like I liked using those decks or anything..! A-And it's better of if I don't use them b-because people will actually play me.. or something..
>> No. 29907 edit
File 131888607813.jpg - (87.47KB , 758x719 , Tenshi_Jiii3.jpg )
Okay, I want lots of glass roofs. Two in my bedroom. There'll be no hanky-panky. There won't even be any hanky.

Cancer decks nowadays are Rescue Rabbit Tour Guide Dinosaurs anyway.
>> No. 29908 edit
File 130739546227.jpg - (538.98KB , 750x1000 , Move \'Em Out.jpg )
>> No. 29909 edit
File 130464690455.jpg - (162.90KB , 901x1038 , 15174054.jpg )
It's okay. I still have the super sekrit deck that no one has ever seen yet.
>> No. 29910 edit
File 129660216661.png - (323.15KB , 636x579 , 凛私服03c(近).png )
Whew, finally done with all those pesky projects. Good evening, /seacats/~
>> No. 29911 edit
File 131219335221.png - (147.90KB , 311x480 , tcsh0001.png )
Good evening. Time to take it easy after a day of hard work, yes? I know that feeling, minus the "hard work" part anyway.
>> No. 29912 edit
File 132363293228.png - (1.25KB , 77x82 , Clair.png )
I sometimes feel like my life is like a Tetris attack puzzle.....you solve some problems...and then A BIGGER BLOCK of problems comes
>> No. 29913 edit
File 131219210846.png - (148.76KB , 311x480 , tcsh0000.png )
Then, right at the last minute, the long block finally appears and manages to knock out up to 4 lines of blocks at once. I love it when that happens.
>> No. 29914 edit
and that give you time to make bigger combos~
>> No. 29915 edit
File 132254249226.jpg - (164.32KB , 640x840 , haato.jpg )
It's been raining nonstop all day!
>> No. 29916 edit
File 13121910115.png - (147.42KB , 311x480 , tcsh0002.png )
It's been windy over here all day because of Hurricane Bawbag. My mother works as a truck driver, and apparently the wind was so bad that a couple of trucks she passed o the road today had been blown right over onto their sides. It's a little ridiculous that companies still expect the truck drivers to work in conditions like those, but considering all the different things they deliver to all sorts of places I suppose it can't really be helped.
>> No. 29917 edit
File 132382395295.png - (23.12KB , 286x454 , woww.png )
Oh, wow. They probably shouldn't be working in those conditions!

The bad thing about rain here is that the city's drainage system isn't very good, so the streets are all flooded... I haven't seen it rain this much in a long time; it might just be the worst I've seen!

I-I still like rain, though.
>> No. 29918 edit
File 130383284716.jpg - (394.69KB , 1000x1154 , 14949892.jpg )
I am back and for some reason I feel more tired.
>> No. 29919 edit
File 129886872735.png - (324.70KB , 636x579 , 凛私服03b(近).png )
Good evening. Well, I actually finished off the projects yesterday, but today is the day when I get to settle down some.
>> No. 29920 edit
File 131219365418.png - (149.22KB , 311x480 , tcsh0003.png )
I like the rain, too. I prefer rainy days to sunny days, because it feels like the rain just washes away all of the bad things and leaves the world much cleaner afterwards. It's like the world's taking a shower, or something like that.
I don't like the wind much, though. Especially cold winds. Freezing cold winds like there were today when I had to be dragged down to the doctor surgery which is a short five minute walk away from my house, but still felt like an hour because of the biting cold gale force winds.

I hate it when that happens. I go to lie down for a bit, wake up an hour or two later, and feel even more drained than before I lay down. But I know that sleeping longer likely won't help even if I could get back to sleep, so the only choice I have is to get up and stay awake until I can fall asleep again.
Yeah, that happens to me quite often.
>> No. 29921 edit
File 130226897980.jpg - (166.55KB , 565x800 , 14285910.jpg )
Hi nub.

I feel like going back to bed despite having stuff to do today. Oh wait, someone just brought in a 4 pack of Red Bull. What do!?
>> No. 29922 edit
File 131219210846.png - (148.76KB , 311x480 , tcsh0000.png )
Drink red bull. Drink coffee. Anything to help keep yourself awake for a while, so that when you do go back to sleep you'll more likely wake up well-rested than you would from just going back to sleep now.
Aah, but if you're really tired, maybe lying down with your eyes closed for 15-20 minutes might help. Always does for me, provided I don't fall asleep when I lay down like that. Helps clear my head, too. And some music like Nujabes really helps for relaxing while laying there comfortably.
>> No. 29923 edit
File 132382516480.png - (314.31KB , 530x670 , 43f107755db355cde74216eed9501b2a.png )
It does feel like that! I'm always sad once it stops raining, but the calm after rain is also nice.
I think I prefer rainy days to sunny days mostly because we don't get a lot of rainy days here and it's nice to see something different.
Ahh... the wind. There's a lot of that, too, although not usually cold. During this season, yes, but it gets more windy before autumn. I think. Weather's pretty horrible around here.

Hi, cake!
>> No. 29924 edit
File 130947786612.png - (414.97KB , 624x696 , suz_ama01a.png )
I'm the opposite, I prefer the rain precisely because I live in Scotland where it rains a lot. When you live in a rainy country you either get used to the rain, or you find yourself starting to like it.
>> No. 29925 edit
File 13234773226.jpg - (0.99MB , 1000x1125 , 15361913.jpg )
Yah I'm drinking the Red Bull I got. Hopefully I can stay awake until my doctors appointment later tonight.

Hi nub.
>> No. 29926 edit
File 132144182998.jpg - (116.07KB , 605x999 , 6573.jpg )
You're a nub!
>> No. 29927 edit
File 132382593495.jpg - (102.29KB , 545x592 , rain.jpg )
Really? I usually hear people complain about how it's so gloomy all the time! Getting used to it does sound more likely. It seems nice to me, but then again, I've never lived in such a place or stayed in one for longer than five days.
Those five days were awesome. ;_;

Y I nub
>> No. 29928 edit
File 132003212613.png - (155.43KB , 424x593 , S21_JUN_0_00B_06_00_L.png )
Ah, I had a doctors appointment earlier today as well. It was a blood sample to check for any vitamin deficiencies or whatever, and I'm almost certain it's going to come back saying a Vitamin D deficiency. It's also to check the state of my kidneys, liver and stuff as well. Hopefully the results won't be too terrible, at least.

Hi loli.
>> No. 29929 edit
File 130265647363.png - (349.72KB , 675x864 , 14597320.png )
How rude. Nub
>> No. 29930 edit
File 132382606877.jpg - (89.17KB , 715x786 , illyawave.jpg )
Hi weird-guy~
I'll be trying to finish up more chapters this winter so stay tuned, kay~?
>> No. 29931 edit
File 132382614180.png - (133.56KB , 387x593 , S21_JUN_0_00A_01_00_L.png )
I'll be waiting warmly. I'm interested to see how my character's going to be played out~
>> No. 29932 edit
File 130390359046.jpg - (253.33KB , 700x700 , 14049119.jpg )
Everyone's nub ne. Especially you~!
>> No. 29933 edit
File 129979442897.png - (134.99KB , 388x489 , イリヤ道場01c(近).png )
I feel sorry for your room. If it was capable of speech, you'd probably demolish itself just so it doesn't have to exist for you.
Forget about staying in your room, your very existence is a mistake...~
Why don't you drown in the alcohol which will slowly kill you, but never will...~
>> No. 29934 edit
File 129857867915.png - (181.28KB , 552x493 , イリヤ道場03b(近).png )
He's fun to have pop up everywhere~
>> No. 29935 edit
File 130265726990.jpg - (590.38KB , 1600x1600 , 17775652.jpg )
Oho~ Tough words from someone who relies on online dating and keeps trying to pick up underage girls on Ventrilo.

Now tell me, what's your problem today~?
>> No. 29937 edit
File 130990737637.jpg - (25.91KB , 485x270 , Tenshi_midemiteru.jpg )
Fat nerds calling other fat nerds a fat nerd, huh.
>> No. 29939 edit
File 131530938129.png - (313.10KB , 512x582 , 凛私服12d(近).png )
The name-calling is getting a little out of hand.
>> No. 29941 edit
File 129788989968.jpg - (115.11KB , 505x362 , gendotaro.jpg )
Act your age, not your height.
>> No. 29942 edit
new one here
>> No. 29951 edit
File 12990733975.png - (157.15KB , 468x451 , イリヤ道場04b(近).png )
Such lies~
I have done neither of those things~

In any case, crawl back underneath your rock and die silently~
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