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File 132397614549.png - (212.34KB , 640x480 , 1323976070.png )
30307 No. 30307 edit
its natural for them to have a teaparty like this
after all they are one hell of a butler.
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>> No. 30308 edit
We already had a teaparty dedicated to cake~
>> No. 30310 edit
File 132311984197.png - (2.28KB , 64x64 , Lion1.png )
>> No. 30315 edit
File 132028122145.png - (134.91KB , 381x580 , S15_SUGU_0_01A_01_00_L.png )
Hey Tarou, where did you download Baten Kaitos Origins from? Or did you just use the disc with an emulator or something? I've got some time to play it but it turns out it's a bigger game than I thought it'd be.
>> No. 30316 edit
File 132381617982.jpg - (118.63KB , 862x719 , Tenshi_Sad Girl With No One To Comfort Her.jpg )
Beta key getto da ze.
>> No. 30317 edit
File 129824520782.jpg - (115.09KB , 234x411 , A Tiny Tiny Clever Raion.jpg )
Oh, um... From emuparadise.
It's big because it's two disks.
>> No. 30318 edit
File 132385741826.png - (135.24KB , 381x580 , S15_SUGU_0_01A_01_01_L.png )
Right, thanks. I never realized it was two discs before, I thought it was going to be a fairly small game. Looks like this'll be a better way of killing some time than I thought.
Just to check, the emulator was called Dolphin, right?
>> No. 30319 edit
File 129625023626.jpg - (278.84KB , 600x799 , armslooklikedanglinglegs.jpg )
>> No. 30320 edit
File 130694041886.jpg - (30.74KB , 269x670 , Tenshi_SmileAtGunpoint.jpg )
Parlor update when.
>> No. 30321 edit
File 132398163878.png - (147.17KB , 369x580 , S15_SUGU_0_01B_00_00_L.png )
Oh, does saving at that point mess with the emulator or something? I'll remember that advice then, thanks. How good would you say this game is, anyway? Does it have a good story to it, and will I need to have played any other Baten Kaitos games to be able to keep up with the plot?
>> No. 30322 edit
File 129866883429.png - (111.90KB , 300x317 , greatness at work.png )
No. It's just that you don't get to save again until after a brutal fight, so if you're underleveled or don't have the right cards, it's nearly impossible to win.

As for how good it is, the plot's decent, at least. The characters are interesting and the voice acting's good. And you don't -need- to play the other game to understand this one either.
>> No. 30323 edit
Working on it.
>> No. 30324 edit
k, then Rin nub needs to take her turn, then you can take Wiseman's turn and I can see if I get to do anything this time.
>> No. 30325 edit
Stupid dreams within dreams
>> No. 30326 edit
File 132179239857.jpg - (75.91KB , 650x768 , 0284752p8.jpg )
They wiped your brain clean, so you wouldn't.
>> No. 30327 edit
File 132399041296.png - (218.92KB , 384x636 , s028_1aa1aa_051_l.png )
Hello. How was your day today?
>> No. 30328 edit
Maybe like in 1 or 2 hours I may Stream
>> No. 30329 edit
File 132399059667.gif - (2.00MB , 343x297 , Kitty Hug.gif )
>> No. 30330 edit
File 132188170557.jpg - (87.30KB , 1366x768 , 0w8974097q09347072038947024.jpg )

I don't get it.
>> No. 30332 edit
File 132215147188.gif - (2.98MB , 388x218 , Long Hug Gif.gif )
It means something like this~
>> No. 30333 edit
File 13190463419.png - (206.74KB , 369x586 , S28_TATU_0_00A_03_00_L.png )
Was pretty good. My cousin bought a disco toaster that glows different colors while it toasts the bread - but only half of the bread fits in so it only half-toasts, meaning we need to buy smaller bread from now on.
My father also visited today and we got drunk together. It's funny that we both act the same when we're drunk, even though we're not actually blood related, so we get along pretty well with each other.
>> No. 30334 edit
File 130122114046.jpg - (36.07KB , 400x400 , 1300359727474.jpg )
I see.

Sounds fun and somewhat pointless.
>> No. 30335 edit
File 131845777283.png - (208.75KB , 369x586 , S28_TATU_0_00A_06_00_L.png )
It's a novelty item more than anything else. It starts off purple, then turns blue, green, yellow, orange, and when it turns red it means the toast is ready.
Thing is, she didn't know it glowed at the time, and she also didn't know it was too small, but she lost the receipt so she can't return it, meaning we're stuck with this crappy disco toaster toy until she decides to buy a new one.
But hey, on the bright side, at least I can make toast in the dark now.
>> No. 30336 edit
>> No. 30337 edit
File 132399677240.jpg - (142.48KB , 600x600 , 1323955871939.jpg )
>disco toaster
>> No. 30339 edit
File 13239972703.jpg - (68.33KB , 500x781 , 1e08fffc566fb69a5259e8d147afe85a.jpg )
Sounds troublesome. Another item for the garage sell.
>> No. 30340 edit
File 132399944268.jpg - (179.56KB , 1280x720 , [Mazui]_Boku_Ha_Tomodachi_Ga_Sukunai_-_11_[4F3444D.jpg )
Get out cameos.
>> No. 30341 edit
File 130032580980.jpg - (61.36KB , 559x653 , minigeorgeinnocentsmile.jpg )

>> No. 30343 edit
File 129891042128.png - (130.42KB , 432x477 , Wizardhuntingronoue_content.png )
A sincere thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, especially Bern with her unnaturally attentive recordkeeping.
>> No. 30344 edit
File 132144845571.jpg - (261.80KB , 1248x1080 , 1319938902465.jpg )
Happy birthday, everyone~
>> No. 30345 edit
File 132401046732.jpg - (94.54KB , 1280x962 , 2011-12-15_00002.jpg )
Start Terraria server and I will bring you presents
>> No. 30346 edit
File 129739488293.jpg - (72.55KB , 524x800 , 5bac436e0c9584a47e69adfede1b70fea70d55f7.jpg )
Genji I don't know if Anon has told you. But you might want to possibly get on if possible, on the 25th, a little after 8PM seacats time.

Anon and I are finishing our game at that time.
>> No. 30348 edit
File 132347843471.png - (226.08KB , 500x469 , 1501.png )
Wake up guys.
>> No. 30349 edit
File 129607519865.png - (30.13KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea3.png )
trolling posibilities? yes you trolling me, probably.
>> No. 30350 edit
File 129730593362.png - (35.65KB , 213x398 , georgeanaru.png )
Good morning~
>> No. 30351 edit
File 130464690455.jpg - (162.90KB , 901x1038 , 15174054.jpg )
>> No. 30352 edit
File 132153356257.png - (202.72KB , 347x633 , s028_1aa4aa_001_l.png )
>> No. 30353 edit
File 132276948282.jpg - (20.97KB , 355x267 , hg-1-06.jpg )
If you refer to Anon's game on hiatus I can't wait to see the finale....

if you are talking about the Devil roulette game
I will be absent from the 22th of December to the 2nd of January (Althought I may come to visit you from time to time)
>> No. 30354 edit
so quiet...
>> No. 30355 edit
File 130249342299.jpg - (116.64KB , 600x600 , 16699842.jpg )
Red Bull saves the day! I don't have time to be tired!
>> No. 30356 edit
i haet me
>> No. 30357 edit
>> No. 30358 edit
it is faster to release 4 volumes in 1 month?
>> No. 30359 edit
Reverse trap doing reverse trap things with moe boys.
>> No. 30360 edit
I will leave Anon's portrait here
>> No. 30361 edit
File 132408533850.jpg - (80.00KB , 431x350 , boxers.jpg )
>mfw I find this on the 07th expansion front page
i don't even
>> No. 30362 edit
I thought that you may~ since sakutarou~
they are nice, but I wouldn't buy them.
>> No. 30363 edit
>> No. 30366 edit
>> No. 30367 edit
File 132410659149.png - (1.32MB , 640x466 , loli.png )
This game is too moemoe
>> No. 30368 edit
File 132410758063.png - (156.85KB , 506x310 , 1278215942316.png )
Way to rude and a jerk to me. ;_;
>> No. 30369 edit
File 132411359887.png - (140.79KB , 796x631 , talent.png )
>> No. 30371 edit
>> No. 30372 edit
File 132412797076.png - (74.06KB , 754x564 , eoeoeoeoeoeoeoe.png )
damnit gaengpeulraengkeuga stop spamming your hyeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoe
>> No. 30373 edit
>mfw Dlanor is Shinku
and Erika is Suiseiseki
>> No. 30374 edit
Good morning~
>> No. 30375 edit
>> No. 30376 edit
>> No. 30377 edit
Homura's voice is sub-par but I sps they casted her for Moemura.

also everyone sry for flipping out yesterday rly sry I won't be streamchatting for a bit because I'll probably flip out again.
>> No. 30378 edit
.........Someone...........is someone here and alive?
>> No. 30379 edit
>> No. 30380 edit
File 130378098962.png - (22.52KB , 215x208 , energizerzabesuto.png )
I return.
>> No. 30381 edit
File 132416338076.jpg - (111.95KB , 1280x720 , [GX_ST] Yu-Gi-Oh! 10th Anniversary Movie - Super F.jpg )
While biking home wearing a poncho, I felt all Mehican today.
>> No. 30382 edit
>> No. 30383 edit


Download this......
>> No. 30384 edit
File 129626043487.png - (135.67KB , 500x500 , awwww___.png )
Oh, I guess they finished.
>> No. 30385 edit
If you want to read it, but tdl to download it
I may stream it for you in 1 hour
>> No. 30387 edit
File 132416483337.png - (481.67KB , 643x484 , dec 17 2011.png )
>> No. 30388 edit
File 132416493853.jpg - (202.74KB , 500x655 , 1323377180655.jpg )

kahray rais
>> No. 30389 edit
File 132416501332.png - (175.95KB , 418x596 , S10_SHOU_0_04A_02_03_L.png )
Oh man, I had curry rice for dinner! Looks like today's my lucky day.
>> No. 30390 edit
File 132416851319.png - (125.42KB , 208x464 , cel_t04.png )
Nothing can be better than curry!
>> No. 30391 edit
Ciel is the best, that is all
>> No. 30392 edit
For those that like Mega :

For those that prefer torrents.
>> No. 30393 edit
By the way, if SOPA gets passed, site automatically gets blocked/shut down as soon as someone posts even one link to copyrighted material (whether it be an image, etc)
>> No. 30394 edit
File 132417551389.png - (181.42KB , 439x596 , S10_SHOU_0_00A_01_00_L.png )
So like, every image posted on the site ever? Let's just become a text board and save the hassle then.
>> No. 30395 edit
File 132417561735.jpg - (201.00KB , 1366x768 , K1_wants_an_explanation_for_this_bullshit.jpg )
>> No. 30396 edit
hmmm then everyone download ep8 then someone delete my post...
>> No. 30398 edit
I don't think that even then it'd stop them. If someone linked to a blog (or heck, even a youtube video) with copyrighted material on this site, by proxy, it'd get blocked/taken down too.
>> No. 30399 edit
File 129954715640.png - (144.97KB , 434x480 , wdk_futekia1a.png )
...And with that, I've read all of Umineko in English.

Good game, Ryucakes. Good game.
>> No. 30400 edit
File 132418197849.jpg - (111.05KB , 1366x768 , explainfurther.jpg )
>> No. 30401 edit
It was a good story......however.....damn it Ryukishi........there is nothing sweet in the ending...
>> No. 30402 edit
File 132418313645.png - (45.90KB , 696x564 , bt.png )
You should really read it yourself, so I won't spoil anything by commenting on it.

But it basically confirmed a certain theory Meta and I have believed in for a while.
>> No. 30403 edit
>certain theory meta an-
dropped harder than a concrete block from a high rise
>> No. 30404 edit
does umineko episode 8 confirm that shannon and kanon are the same person? because I am still on the fence about that. obviously beatrice is "yasu" but "yasu" is a different person from shannon since yasu and shannon are both named in one scene, I assume "yasu" is kanon since he is not mentioned in the yasu scenes at all, and yasu is weak like kanon in episode 1, etc
>> No. 30405 edit
File 130930383736.jpg - (31.17KB , 363x310 , Oh Wait Youre Serious.jpg )
>hidden meaning in Umineko
>> No. 30407 edit
File 132418626366.png - (49.47KB , 388x1817 , 1324185163657.png )
>> No. 30409 edit
File 132419128169.jpg - (33.13KB , 640x362 , 20090927220325-640x362.jpg )
Hidden meaning behind 'everything' I don't think so. I don't doubt that there are hidden meanings behind lots of things, but everything, yeah, nope.
>> No. 30410 edit
File 13013486956.png - (313.70KB , 484x580 , 凛私服01d(近).png )
Sorry to be cynical, I guess I should be glad Umineko is finally been over. Still a bit miffed by R07's shift in writing style towards the end, it comes off as condescending to me, and I can't stand that.
>> No. 30411 edit
File 129607519865.png - (30.13KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea3.png )
It's understandable for anyone to be mad with how the story ended. It's even more ironic because apparently the biggest problem Ryu had was than he was writting this story to make his readers happy and he ended making them rage.
There was another special event which probably modified Umineko fate, but that was no one fault. At the very least I invite you to finish ep8 and give it some thought, aside from the "this guy doesn't know what he is doing".
>> No. 30412 edit
File 132420797057.png - (461.94KB , 652x516 , anonawesome.png )
also, the story of my life
>> No. 30413 edit
File 132347843471.png - (226.08KB , 500x469 , 1501.png )
What else is there to read after Umineko 8?

And no, not Katawa Shoujo.
>> No. 30414 edit
File 132412797076.png - (74.06KB , 754x564 , eoeoeoeoeoeoeoe.png )
>> No. 30415 edit
File 131502987439.jpg - (384.14KB , 1309x1541 , 1314075470218.jpg )
Katawa Shoujo.
>> No. 30416 edit
File 132384015826.png - (658.45KB , 801x603 , samuraigirls.png )
and katawa shoujo
>> No. 30417 edit
File 130860326146.png - (120.03KB , 291x478 , kanon_iscrying copy.png )
5:30 AM, but I finished it.
And it was worth it, Ryukishi, Witch Hunt, thanks for your hard work, I really enjoyed this travel.
>> No. 30418 edit
>Those in support of SOPA? One representative wanted to pass the bill because she was getting bored. Others openly admitted to not knowing how to use the internet.

Oh America.
>> No. 30419 edit
File 129772996087.png - (167.55KB , 477x355 , georgebackoffacepalm.png )

Hey Lili-chan if soap passes can I come live with you ne.
>> No. 30420 edit
File 132422937959.jpg - (92.23KB , 600x414 , Grandend.jpg )

Full patch was just released, finally. I'd been putting this off because it was so close to completion but I think now I should have just picked it up when I first heard about it.
>> No. 30421 edit
File 131776817427.gif - (261.74KB , 200x200 , 1317271885363.gif )

Uwa, I didn't know it was even being translated.
>> No. 30422 edit
File 129824050448.png - (15.91KB , 179x153 , It\'s Been A Hard Day\'s Night.png )
It's finally over.
>> No. 30423 edit
Yes, I was watching the actual discussion about SOPA and even when techs who knew what they were talking about came in, they ignored it and were like "Oh, let's pass it anyway. These nerds don't know what they are talking about."
>> No. 30424 edit
the only thing we can it seems
is pray and hope that doesn't happen
>> No. 30425 edit
File 132424103665.jpg - (91.69KB , 600x800 , 19642273.jpg )
>> No. 30426 edit
File 132424115162.jpg - (58.35KB , 600x740 , chara-p2-tatsuko.jpg )
Good morning.
>> No. 30428 edit
File 132424235016.png - (97.22KB , 505x393 , sakutarou_ohreallynow2.png )
>> No. 30429 edit
File 129773718627.png - (84.98KB , 291x478 , ka2_fumana66.png )
Afternoon, seacats.
>> No. 30430 edit
File 132424297885.jpg - (97.07KB , 245x245 , 17868637.jpg )
Whatcha' doin'?

>> No. 30431 edit
File 132399041296.png - (218.92KB , 384x636 , s028_1aa1aa_051_l.png )
Listening to Majikoi radio while waiting for Little Busters to finish downloading. That and drinking.
>> No. 30432 edit
File 132424339153.jpg - (97.26KB , 333x486 , 17014669.jpg )
Early morning YGO. Gotta do some stuff later, kind of a boring day ahead, oh well!
>> No. 30433 edit
>> No. 30434 edit
File 130595436412.png - (174.14KB , 503x399 , incredibly tall.png )
>> No. 30435 edit
File 132424525291.jpg - (342.89KB , 1169x1230 , 14608218.jpg )
I-I'm confused..!
>> No. 30436 edit
File 132424589016.jpg - (445.55KB , 999x999 , jiii.jpg )
>> No. 30437 edit
File 132424682012.png - (176.39KB , 640x480 , sakutarou_trippinggsp.png )
You're dreaming. Go back to sleep.
>> No. 30438 edit
File 132424797120.jpg - (272.66KB , 935x1045 , 13144239.jpg )
>> No. 30439 edit
File 129876526146.png - (12.60KB , 200x200 , saku_handstand.png )
>> No. 30442 edit
File 13242516676.png - (11.81KB , 707x228 , 1324184766223.png )
>> No. 30443 edit
File 132425732191.jpg - (25.95KB , 492x329 , 1265262060891.jpg )
YES! TIME FOR MORE KEYSHIT! I wonder what strange yet endearing traits the girls have this time. And I bet I can guess what will happen to the main heroine!

>> No. 30444 edit
File 132153546360.png - (218.17KB , 384x636 , s028_1aa1aa_050_l.png )
You're gonna need this, it's the NoDVD patch. Extract it into your Little Busters! folder (or リトル バスターズ! if you don't feel like renaming it) and run, it'll replace the old REALLIVE.exe with a new one and the VN should run fine after that.
>> No. 30445 edit
File 129760660767.gif - (70.78KB , 256x192 , ye-phoenix-normal(a).gif )
>> No. 30446 edit
File 132426114622.png - (139.21KB , 640x480 , 1324256882603.png )
>> No. 30448 edit
File 132426937533.png - (232.09KB , 800x600 , CGRN12h2E.png )
>> No. 30450 edit
File 129713440533.png - (135.06KB , 379x431 , rg4_akuwaraia4.png )
16? Belphegor beat Ronove, Virgillia and all the other stakes. How nice~
>> No. 30451 edit
File 132427550440.png - (216.09KB , 800x600 , CGRN21C.png )
Ah, if it isn't the fickle kitten. How've you been?
>> No. 30452 edit
File 132427593520.jpg - (43.94KB , 300x300 , 216.jpg )
Fickle kitten? I wonder just what you could mean by that!

I have insomnia I think. It's really annoying; I just woke up for a nap and now I'm gonna be up all night probably. Stupid sleep problems, I should just buy some nyquil and down it every night.
>> No. 30453 edit
File 132427624384.png - (150.64KB , 520x600 , CGKS10.png )
Oh, I know what you mean. I fell asleep at 10 PM and woke up at 1 AM, and I feel like I've had a full night's sleep, which is strange. I'm not even tired anymore, so I've been reading Little Busters! for a few hours and it's a great read so far.

I dunno what time I'll end up falling asleep this time. Probably sometimes around midday or something, looks like my sleep schedule's done yet another complete 180 just like that.
>> No. 30454 edit
Hmmm with Ougon 2 that means that the following seacats will be playable :

George-kun with George duh
Anon with Shannon and Kanon , duh again
Lili with Rosa Virgilia, Siesta 00 Evatrice and Jessica
Rin with Ange
Vlad with Ronove
Ryuga with Virgilia
Rosa Lambda Bern dont need explanation why
Knox with Dlanor
Meta with Dark Battler
and Piece with Battler and Beatrice
Feenie with Will~~
Makk with Virgilia since Mackarel

and Belphe , Astaroth and Rudolf as supporting characters...
>> No. 30455 edit
File 132395239977.jpg - (43.18KB , 340x231 , 298.jpg )
Ehehe, that's exactly what I did, except it was at 11. This gets old kinda, always missing the days in favor of night. Oh well.

You mean >>30420 this? I wonder if it'll be better than that other VN you were talking about, the one that has a terrible anime adaptation.
>> No. 30456 edit
I hope Luci is not here since I forgot to include her amongs the playable characters...
>> No. 30457 edit
File 132427687455.png - (179.45KB , 530x600 , CGKS15a.png )
Apparently Little Busters! and Majikoi are pretty similar, and from reading a bit of LB I can say that seems the case as I'm loving it so far.

Majikoi's anime was pretty bad, though. There were like 2-3 good episodes, episodes 5, 6 and maybe episode 1 as a fair adaptation of the Kawakami War.
At this rate though Wanko's route in Majikoi will be finished in just a couple months, and LB just came out earlier today (yesterday?) so it's a good time to be a VN fan right now. Of course I still prefer Majikoi over Little Busters!, but we'll see if that opinion changes after finishing both of them.
>> No. 30458 edit
File 132395093719.jpg - (35.56KB , 341x231 , 244.jpg )
Supporting character is better than nothing I suppose!

Too bad the anime blows, since you and so many others loved the VN so much. I was surprised when reading about it on /a/.

I can't bring myself to get into VNs though! I'll miss out on the fun I guess. I bet you'll still prefer Majikoi in the end~
>> No. 30459 edit
File 132427721733.png - (150.18KB , 347x480 , lam_futekia1meganekko.png )
3rd place, biznatches!
>> No. 30460 edit
File 131885681422.png - (175.10KB , 418x596 , S10_SHOU_0_04A_01_05_L.png )
Probably. Between Capt and Kyousuke, I can say I prefer Capt for his voice actor and over-the-top nature that strikes me as the kind of guy I want to be. If I had to describe it, I'd say Kyousuke's how I used to be in high school, and Capt is how I aim to be in the future. If that makes any sense to you not having read either of them.
>> No. 30461 edit
File 129712959136.png - (134.82KB , 379x432 , rg4_akuwaraia1.png )
Pretty sure I did better! I mean, Belphegor barely shows up, and she's not even the main stake. She killed not only Lucifer, but even big wigs like Bronove and Dlanor.
>> No. 30462 edit
File 132427737574.png - (98.82KB , 468x370 , Capture1.png )
I don't know why, but I laughed at these two results here.
>> No. 30463 edit
File 132427747070.png - (108.78KB , 441x480 , ama_akuwaraia1.png )
If you're going to argue by that method, then I have you beat by the sole fact that Amakusa only has 4 sprites and appears likely less than Belphegor. With a difference of 0.2% I'd call that a clear victory for me, no?
>> No. 30464 edit
File 132427754382.png - (138.03KB , 373x434 , rg4_ikaria2.png )
Y-You still lost to me! Damn that is pretty impressive though. Why the heck was Amakusa so well loved?
>> No. 30465 edit
Audio 04_Monochrome_Clock.mp3 - (4.85MB , 04 Monochrome Clock.mp3 )
Because he's awesome, clearly.
>> No. 30466 edit
File 129712938770.png - (133.83KB , 369x437 , rg4_hohoemia1.png )
I guess he did have some snazzy tunes and some neat ramblings. That philosophical run-down on the boat was pretty sweet.
>> No. 30467 edit
File 13161795243.png - (384.66KB , 618x1044 , Medicalknowledge101.png )
How can a single (if delicious) steak be expected to match the dark and mysterious future character who comes by himself, rather than as one of seven near-identical cuts?
>> No. 30468 edit
File 129712896990.png - (134.98KB , 377x433 , rg4_komarua1.png )
Whaddya mean future character? Wasn't the "Archaa" theory proved wrong? The stakes aren't near-identical either! Just take Levia for example; totally unique and everyone hates her.
>> No. 30469 edit
File 131758802117.png - (13.09KB , 165x166 , datstance.png )
I only meant that he's one of the 12 years later characters.
>> No. 30470 edit
File 129712959136.png - (134.82KB , 379x432 , rg4_akuwaraia1.png )
Oh yeah, I see. On that note, it's odd that Mammon wasn't more popular. She's super prominent in the twelve year arc, yet she only got 24 here.

Guess she just couldn't stand against the miracle known as Belphe.
>> No. 30471 edit
File 132427869343.jpg - (44.18KB , 640x680 , 1226041970364.jpg )
>> No. 30472 edit
File 129763567274.png - (129.33KB , 375x438 , rg4_waraia1.png )
Truly one of the best hairstyles! Even though Belphe looks kinda like a nappy bedhead.
>> No. 30473 edit
File 131614966012.png - (400.23KB , 800x700 , Datpoint.png )
The results tell us that stakes are only useful for their sex appeal.

Otherwise, the more developed stake would have won.
>> No. 30474 edit
File 130083893771.png - (135.50KB , 372x434 , rg4_waraia2.png )
Soooo you're telling me that a hairstyle is more sexually appealing than a large bust? That's just silly! I'm sure people love Belphegor for more than just her hairstyle or sex appeal, after all, Rudolf said she was a great woman.
>> No. 30475 edit
File 131609624965.jpg - (267.97KB , 571x600 , 1254463402189.jpg )
Of course it is.

But I meant character development, not breast development, you uncouth person.
>> No. 30476 edit
hmmm yes here I am requesting transparent sprites
again.....I just wanted to ask if someone had :
and Natsuhi....

omg they are alot...
I don't ask all.....just some of them...
>> No. 30477 edit
File 130082758587.png - (137.63KB , 384x431 , rg4_akuwaraia2.png )
But earlier you said they're all "near-identical"! I see, though, you're saying that weakling Mammon is more well rounded than Belphe, yet Belphe won because she's hotter.

Tch, the only way I can shoot this down is by attacking Belphe directly. Maybe we should just say that the fans are retarded~?
>> No. 30478 edit
File 131617251234.png - (20.26KB , 156x284 , reaction.png )
What kind of people would discuss the implications of this character poll over cups of tea?
>> No. 30479 edit
File 129763341031.png - (129.50KB , 369x440 , rg4_fumana2.png )
Distinguished, highly valuable members of society who have slight sleeping problems, and should probably refrain from drinking more coffee.
>> No. 30480 edit
File 132428016069.png - (118.71KB , 441x480 , nat_nayamua3.png )
Shouldn't there be a thread with them on /image/?
>> No. 30481 edit
File 132184954874.png - (140.90KB , 352x460 , rio_defa1.png )
Yup I am plotting to gather the sprites and Upload
them somewhere else Oka-sama
>> No. 30482 edit
File 131904840522.png - (190.21KB , 344x593 , S28_TATU_0_00A_08_00_L.png )
When did you start including me on this side of yours?
>> No. 30483 edit
File 131616309848.jpg - (90.81KB , 620x700 , 7d7166296a30cc267ee696fe4ee090ba562768b6.jpg )
Interesting definition of retarded.
>> No. 30484 edit
File 132428042054.png - (118.47KB , 438x480 , nat_odorokia4.png )
>> No. 30485 edit
File 129712959136.png - (134.82KB , 379x432 , rg4_akuwaraia1.png )
Weren't you always on my side? You wouldn't betray me, right? You fit the criteria pretty well you know, except you're probably drinking whiskey instead of coffee.

We're not retarded, not in the least! It's the people who voted in the poll who deserve that prestigious title.
>> No. 30486 edit
File 132053245348.png - (268.46KB , 500x876 , s065_1aa1ba_020_l.png )
Rum, you fool. Coffee with rum really helps a ton for staying awake, I've found. Whisky is for drinking with tea, whereas the sweetness of rum complements the bitterness of coffee perfectly.
>> No. 30487 edit
File 132428070383.png - (141.02KB , 352x460 , rio_majimea1.png )
hahaha you discovered me......hello mother......
its a surprise and a Miracle I still call you like that...
>> No. 30488 edit
File 130083158487.png - (130.48KB , 366x439 , rg4_hohoemia2.png )
That's honestly interesting since I've never drank any alcoholic beverage, ever. Rum is one of the only ones I ever wanted to try though.
>> No. 30489 edit
File 132428077653.jpg - (0.98MB , 990x1398 , 1262658778252.jpg )
Nonsense. We don't need you disturbing our peaceful parties with your upstartery.

You shan't find any coffee parties here.
>> No. 30490 edit
INB4 Teaparty is changed to Coffeparty
>> No. 30491 edit
File 132428104763.png - (143.82KB , 369x580 , S15_SUGU_0_01B_05_00_L.png )
Rum is much sweeter than whisky, and goes much better with other drinks like sodas and coffee or even tea, while whisky has a much more distinct flavour to it making it better to drink it straight, or with ice if you really prefer cold drinks though I find this waters down the flavour a bit. Then again, some people are put off by the strong flavour of whisky which is one of the reasons such people tend to prefer blended whisky over single malt, so watering it down a little might not be so bad if you happen to be one of these people.

The two things rum goes best with for me, though, are coffee and Dr Pepper.
>> No. 30492 edit
File 130082707330.png - (129.85KB , 366x440 , rg4_ikaria1.png )
Upstartery!? Then what the hell do you call Mr. Drunk with his rum over there!? Clearly that has to be worse than pure, delicious coffee, no?
>> No. 30493 edit
File 12971283768.png - (133.33KB , 366x438 , rg4_fumana1.png )
So Rum is sweet and goes great with other drinks, like soda or coffee. Whiskey is hard liquor that most people drink straight.

What else do you drink? What about wine?
>> No. 30494 edit
File 131569009657.png - (484.68KB , 680x1006 , signoflove.png )
Be not disrespectful to our guest, lest we be required to make recompense with our last dozen /image/ oxen to father Zeus.
>> No. 30495 edit
File 130084927416.png - (132.46KB , 368x441 , rg4_odorokia1.png )
Nay, away with thy oxen! Art thou complacent in the face of insolence, of adversity!? Thine air on the side of caution, thus thou tis' not worthy of drinking the elixir of the gods.

Also fuck Zeus. He's low-tier.
>> No. 30496 edit
File 131615436824.jpg - (46.79KB , 300x360 , 1251258344645.jpg )
...I will prepared the oxen.

And, in addition, my family's wealth in gold, worth many dozen oxen more.
>> No. 30497 edit
File 130082758587.png - (137.63KB , 384x431 , rg4_akuwaraia2.png )
Thou art but a swill drinking peasant, yet thine courage shines true. I shall forgive you for forsaking the great elixir of coffee for commoner-tier tea.
>> No. 30498 edit
File 131609674687.png - (77.23KB , 532x275 , all\'s_right_with_the_board.png )
Excellent. Let us glut ourselves with oxen flesh wrapped in fat, and have among us a vat of wine, the first from which I pour to the ground that feeds us all.
>> No. 30499 edit
File 129713224586.png - (132.69KB , 366x439 , rg4_odorokia3.png )
Hold on there, the oxen are meant for that pussy Zeus. We shall dine on something much more exquisite, something more appropriate for our tastes.

....Bring the wine though, that's a good idea.
>> No. 30500 edit
File 130169752222.png - (225.89KB , 654x600 , アーチャー神主01c(近).png )
It's always tea, my friends.
>> No. 30501 edit
File 132428260867.jpg - (116.53KB , 640x360 , Gotta Go Fast.jpg )
...What's going on in here?!
>> No. 30502 edit
File 129713440533.png - (135.06KB , 379x431 , rg4_akuwaraia4.png )
Screw you weakling, coffee is better.

Apparently the Battler dude is gathering Oxen to offer to Zeus because Guest is drinking Rum or something. I'm kinda confused to be honest.
>> No. 30503 edit
File 131615449811.png - (365.98KB , 853x480 , 1257214855089.png )
Zeus who rules the sky eats not of the flesh of an ox, that is ours as men. The oxen stripped of flesh is our offering.

So it has always been.
>> No. 30504 edit
File 13242829456.png - (225.64KB , 654x600 , アーチャー神主01f(近).png )
You would
>> No. 30505 edit
File 132428296935.png - (179.69KB , 530x600 , CGKS27a.png )
That's about it really, just rum and whisky. As far as wine goes all I know is that I prefer red wine over white, and as for beer I can't stand the stuff. Vodka's terrible on its own but can be alright in soda, soda water, fizzy lemonade, or any kind of fizzy drink really.

In addition to mixing well with a lot of drinks, rum is also sweet enough on its own to drink straight out the bottle.
Sipping whisky from a bottle is silly unless you're 15 years old and on some camping trip with your friends in high school, where one of them brought along a couple of bottles because he thought it would be fun to get everyone drunk, but nobody bothered to bring any cups because honestly who takes cups on a camping trip anyway, so everyone had to sip straight out the bottle but after the first few mouthfuls nobody seemed to care because they were all sufficiently tipsy except for the lightweights who were already drunk leaving that one guy (guess who) to finish off half a damn bottle by himself, and then the one idiot who wasted several mouthfuls trying to "breathe fire" by spitting it out in front of a lighter, and then the camping trip ends with everyone except the guy who drank the most with a terrible hangover. That's what we call adolescence, and that's the only acceptable time to be drinking whisky straight from the bottle unless you're a homeless drunk or something.
>> No. 30506 edit
File 129713537686.png - (134.56KB , 369x438 , rg4_komarua3.png )
For what reason would Zeus need the bones of the lesser cow? Should not we offer the bones of man itself?
>> No. 30507 edit
File 129713440533.png - (135.06KB , 379x431 , rg4_akuwaraia4.png )
In your dreams maybe.

Ehehe, you're so crazy. I don't have a single entertaining event like that in my definition of adolescence! Drinking half the bottle by himself, what an idiot~
>> No. 30508 edit
File 132428333410.png - (224.62KB , 654x600 , アーチャー神主01b(近).png )
Then it wouldn't be a dream anymore.
>> No. 30509 edit
File 132010204272.jpg - (40.25KB , 300x256 , 1314678481807.jpg )
Well, for once I think I'm even more confused than you are.
>> No. 30510 edit
File 131569093523.png - (673.80KB , 851x699 , lostme.png )
Can mortals say of the gods above them what it is that they desire? Let us only hope oxen placate, and have him bestow us favor so that he does not turn and on us glut, in hunger or rage for our poor hosting.

We should not condemn ourselves to live again as dulled shadows in the underworld in the hope that Zeus does not send us there himself. Let us save ourselves for battle and glory.
>> No. 30511 edit
File 130082758587.png - (137.63KB , 384x431 , rg4_akuwaraia2.png )
Then you shoulda mastered lucid dreaming, baka. That way you'd be able to change it to you kissing Rin in a flash.

F-For once....I'm not totally stupid! I blame Guest anyway.
>> No. 30512 edit
File 129763341031.png - (129.50KB , 369x440 , rg4_fumana2.png )
Aye, for battle and glory! The true ending for warriors such as us. Still thine thoughts irk me. Shan't we not hope to wonder what the gods think? To accept our place in defeat and dismay, and to pray that Zeus's vile whims not turn against us, doth this not concrete our own existence as less than his?

Nay, tis the folly of the gods to misjudge mortals. Many a deity has fallen in such a manner.
>> No. 30513 edit
File 132428370367.png - (150.17KB , 520x600 , CGKS15.png )
All I have done today is speak of the vast wonders and history of rum and whisky, along with defining adolescence. I've done nothing to anger Zeus or provoke lewd actions or remarks in any way whatsoever.
>> No. 30514 edit
File 130169789074.png - (227.79KB , 654x600 , アーチャー神主01d(近).png )
Why would I want to kiss either of you?
>> No. 30515 edit
File 132428378556.png - (219.38KB , 384x636 , s028_1aa1aa_000_l.png )
Then kiss me instead.
>> No. 30516 edit
File 129763438245.png - (134.19KB , 379x432 , rg4_defa1.png )
Why are we sacrificing Oxen for your sake then? I was asked specifically not to anger you for this exact reason!

I dunno, why would you?! You're the one having lewd nightmares about kissing me in the first place!
>> No. 30517 edit
File 132428403140.png - (226.07KB , 654x600 , アーチャー神主01h(近).png )
Wait, what!? Why!?

It's not lewd if it's a nightmare...!
>> No. 30518 edit
File 132428403989.png - (228.67KB , 387x602 , S19_HIDE_0_00A_01_00_L.png )
So then you think of me as Zeus; father of the gods, and the king of all the heavens and Earth? I never knew you held such a deep respect for me. I am truly touched that you at last recognize my glory.
>> No. 30519 edit
File 132428412857.png - (312.67KB , 530x548 , S37_KOKOR_0_00A_00_00_L.png )
Well if you're not kissing either of them then it'd be a shame to let those lips go to waste, no?
>> No. 30520 edit
File 129712959136.png - (134.82KB , 379x432 , rg4_akuwaraia1.png )
If it's a nightmare involving body bumping, sweat and the occasional moan, then it's a lewd nightmare!

Whoa hold on there, it was Battler-kun who said it, not me! I have no idea why sacrificing oxen to Zeus is correlated to angering you. Maybe you're his bitch or something?
>> No. 30521 edit
File 132428421881.jpg - (576.31KB , 584x878 , 1278608113346.jpg )
Many are the whims of Zeus whose rule is over gods and men, and it is our place to suffer every one. Fathers who in questioning this forget Sophrosyne's gifts stain their sons with disrespect and hubris, dishonoring their names.
>> No. 30522 edit
File 132428429491.png - (314.60KB , 530x548 , S37_KOKOR_0_00A_02_01_L.png )
Lewd. Lewdy lewd lewd lewdness leaking of lewd.
>> No. 30523 edit
File 129763341031.png - (129.50KB , 369x440 , rg4_fumana2.png )
So be it. To suffer is to be mortal, after all. Indeed to forget Sophrosyne's blessings is a grave sin dishonoring my entire lineage.

Forgive my insolence! We shall mete out our justice and honor on the field of battle one day, yet for now, we feast on oxen and boar.
>> No. 30524 edit
File 131615425371.jpg - (34.04KB , 960x540 , 1261326081741.jpg )
And so that our hosting may be looked on as gracious, let our guest share in this feast.
>> No. 30525 edit
File 130084485472.png - (136.40KB , 372x436 , rg4_akuwaraia3.png )
At least I'm not Zeus's bitch! Anyway Shirou person made the conversation lewd, not me. I was eloquently talking about oxen!
>> No. 30526 edit
File 132428467450.png - (315.73KB , 530x548 , S37_KOKOR_0_00A_01_00_L.png )
I'll take the red meat.

No, you are unquestionably and undoubtedly the lewd one here.
>> No. 30527 edit
File 129763567274.png - (129.33KB , 375x438 , rg4_waraia1.png )
As you command, my liege.

You're just looking to start things. Also, red meat? Really? This isn't some redneck dinner you know; we feast for our very lives!
>> No. 30528 edit
File 13242849899.png - (333.52KB , 555x587 , s037_1aa2aa_020_l.png )
Well I don't know, the only meat I usually eat is chicken. Go catch and behead a few of those and we wouldn't be having this conversation.
>> No. 30529 edit
File 129782095236.png - (7.32KB , 124x105 , georgebu.png )
I heard someone was looking for their kami-sama.
>> No. 30530 edit
File 130082601637.png - (136.28KB , 382x430 , rg4_majimea1.png )
C-Chicken!? Battler-kun, I pray for our lives. This banquet may not be eloquent enough to appease Zeus.

With my dying breath, should it come to that, I'll curse Scotland~
>> No. 30531 edit
File 131617724585.jpg - (171.16KB , 464x600 , 7429637.jpg )
The flesh of each oxen is a deep red, but of the twelfth is the deepest, red as the blood that from our careful cuts still seeps, and runs through the veins of mortal men.

Let him glut on the flesh from this ox, descendant of a fiercely won set of oxen of my father Rudolf's father Kinzo, who in a game of roulette with his renowned gods gifted chance saw it as the greatest wealth of his rival.
>> No. 30532 edit
File 129712959136.png - (134.82KB , 379x432 , rg4_akuwaraia1.png )
Thank god, now we have a chance! You'll be the savior who fights against Zeus for us. Please save us all~
>> No. 30533 edit
File 129763654828.png - (136.66KB , 380x431 , rg4_komarua2.png )
Hoh, what a rare ox indeed! Thine father's father surely must have been mad, to wager one's life in a game of chance with the almighty gods!

Though, if we glut on this miraculous gift of the past, what, pray tell, will thine offer at the next feast?
>> No. 30534 edit
File 132428633456.png - (345.64KB , 750x481 , fee63ef04528c01f2b2a1387f2cea512b55024c2.png )
Erring is the man who, in always holding prized his oxen for his next offering, never offers to the gods a single ox.

On this day we live we see the need to sacrifice and glut fully, only Fate that rules even mighty Zeus tells when we next ask for the favor of the gods, or if we ever will. It is hubris to save prized oxen when it comes time to sacrifice, for the will and want of the gods is greater. We may in battle be routed and splashed in our fathers' blood before a day like this comes again.
>> No. 30535 edit
File 132428653452.png - (413.57KB , 766x652 , s037_1aa2aa_021_z.png )
George quick help I think I accidentally usurped your throne.
>> No. 30536 edit
File 129713440533.png - (135.06KB , 379x431 , rg4_akuwaraia4.png )
I fear that my reticence may lead to an early demise. Living in the moment is probably best suited to men of our stature. After all, no one can predict or divine the future. Tis pure folly to pretend in such a way.

I am glad that your wisdom is here to guide me and this honorable feast, brother. We shalt live to spill blood for many days hereafter!

I told you man, I told you about drinking Rum at a teaparty!
>> No. 30537 edit
File 131615488737.jpg - (913.57KB , 2480x3508 , 6908924.jpg )
You do me too much honor. I simply live according to my place in relation to the gods and Fate. It will take more than this to match the fame and glory of my fathers, and it will be done with battle, not with the cheap words we trade, the time for which now passes into feast. The party ends and begins.
>> No. 30538 edit
File 129651591726.png - (319.07KB , 484x580 , 凛私服01a眼鏡(近).png )
If we're going to keep this Umineko-related, shouldn't we be sacrificing sheep?
>> No. 30540 edit
>> No. 30541 edit
File 129712938770.png - (133.83KB , 369x437 , rg4_hohoemia1.png )
No need to be so humble! I am sure thine blade will strike as true as thine's words!

T-That's a good point. I didn't bring up the oxen myself though.
>> No. 30545 edit
File 132428831769.jpg - (634.85KB , 800x742 , 1262658249166.jpg )
I don't have any sheep, while there are plenty oxen and other bovine in /image/.

This place is no longer about Umineko. If it was, all the people who once said they would be leaving when this day came now would do so.
>> No. 74414 edit
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