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File 132428793833.jpg - (341.88KB , 1250x1000 , beato.jpg )
30539 No. 30539 edit
Sleep peacefully, my best beloved witch, Beatrice.
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>> No. 30695 edit
File 130644669175.png - (111.88KB , 258x380 , Lily1b.png )
I did like all fantasy scenes, though. Beatrice was interesting, if nothing else.
>> No. 30696 edit
how can you tell when it's translated by a bunch of amateurs
>> No. 30697 edit
>fantasy scenes
>episode 1
>> No. 30698 edit
File 130644669175.png - (111.88KB , 258x380 , Lily1b.png )
>watched the anime
>> No. 30699 edit
File 130159019023.png - (38.38KB , 334x210 , puni_psyduck.png )
Of course, I wasn't serious about the literary expert part, but I recall saying before that Umineko really wasn't that well written and that it was going down retarded paths. I would've much preferred a stronger mystery.
>> No. 30700 edit
File 132431505289.jpg - (340.06KB , 1280x720 , 8874334.jpg )
>watched the anime
>dropped the novel after the first episode due concerns of literary merit
>> No. 30701 edit
File 132431510170.jpg - (85.34KB , 500x500 , 7468642.jpg )
well disregard that now
>> No. 30702 edit
File 130159019023.png - (38.38KB , 334x210 , puni_psyduck.png )
>> No. 30703 edit
I believe that it had potential to become a good story

However Ryukishi didn't execute it properly

and I think that Ryukishi should stop with the
"It was more awesome in my head"

nuff said.....lets change of topic.....

Who was your favorite character in Umineko after
reading the 8 episodes?
>> No. 30704 edit
File 132431518744.jpg - (35.50KB , 242x163 , georguryuuuzoom.jpg )

pfft even I didn't finish the anime
>> No. 30705 edit
r07 because he is a deeply flawed character who comes across as human, such as in his failures to write
>> No. 30706 edit
I dont know
I don't like Featherinne augustus aurora
She is just a manipulative bitch....

I liked Eva and Evatrice
>> No. 30707 edit
File 130696303090.jpg - (116.52KB , 528x774 , IWantToBeTheOneWhodWalkAThousandMilesToFallDownAtY.jpg )
Geshikkar because she is strong but also pretty.
>> No. 30708 edit
I also liked her......she along with gohda can
be considered the true victims of the Rokkenjima
>> No. 30709 edit
File 132431605832.jpg - (302.64KB , 640x480 , ass.jpg )
My heart goes out to her.
>> No. 30710 edit
File 129875691680.jpg - (125.33KB , 640x480 , georgegunununu.jpg )
Jessica is a violent fist-murderer.
>> No. 30711 edit
File 132431823167.jpg - (40.26KB , 432x473 , I\'llgetmycoat.jpg )
You can't murder fists, they aren't people.
>> No. 30712 edit
pick one
>> No. 30713 edit
File 130999359835.jpg - (23.77KB , 238x215 , georgesittingonjessica.jpg )

People have fists, so naturally if you murder the people the fists follow suit.
>> No. 30715 edit
File 132431884993.png - (361.04KB , 677x480 , KyrieHah2.png )
Now I've seen it all.

Once, George wouldn't even be caught joking about Kyrie not being the culprit.
>> No. 30716 edit
File 132431896557.jpg - (43.96KB , 412x540 , 1252033753740.jpg )
Murder is an action that can't be performed on fists. The person can't follow suit because the fists can't be murdered to start with.
>> No. 30717 edit
File 12976358645.png - (93.89KB , 601x480 , georgesmirkpoint.png )

Irony aside, of course, I knew Kyrie was the culprit before thinking so was cool!


If you blow up a plane to kill someone, you're murdering that person! In the same way, if you blow up a person, you can do so to murder that person's fists!
>> No. 30718 edit
omg stop it hipster
>> No. 30719 edit
File 132431980069.jpg - (114.54KB , 500x501 , jessieloves.jpg )
What you accused Jessica of was fist-murdering. Fist-exploding does not apply, and even the technically-impossible-without-mystic-powers-of-death-perception fist-killing. You can kill a rabbit but it isn't murder.

Jessica is also too busy writing sweet love letters and scrunching them up before she can present them to her lesbian would-be lover to murder anything or anyone.
>> No. 30720 edit
File 129789650251.png - (14.11KB , 200x200 , saku_fancy.png )
>this discussion
What absolute twaddle.
>> No. 30721 edit
File 132431997261.jpg - (235.18KB , 600x789 , IAmTheGreatPretenderWillingToDreamForever.jpg )
He started it. I just wanted to discuss beautiful Jessie-chan.
>> No. 30722 edit
File 132431998239.jpg - (289.20KB , 1024x571 , 1317272186462.jpg )
>Yuru Yuri

>> No. 30724 edit
File 129626566459.png - (6.59KB , 217x157 , georgeheh.png )

Well, naturally I meant murdering with fists. You were the one who brought up the notion of murdering a fist itself.
>> No. 30725 edit
I am happy when teaparty is active
>> No. 30726 edit
File 132432054221.jpg - (238.56KB , 550x412 , TheWindIsCarryingMyHeartOrSomeKindOfStrangeImageNa.jpg )
You should be more clear next time.
>> No. 30727 edit
when piece belphe and Luci comes this get pretty
active~ you should come more often~
>> No. 30728 edit
File 132432120541.jpg - (200.08KB , 800x800 , 10597110.jpg )
Remove everyone's access to viewing IP addresses and act out the parts of those three to create an illusion of activeness. It is easy.

Luci is all like "How terrible. I hope you refrain from further blasphemy." And other kinds of scolding in a formal manner.
Belphe can just talk about the goings on in his life, make sure to use Yuuko pictures and include some statements that you can later latch onto to make some kind reference to density This along with the images will imply to people that it is Belphe even if you don't use the name.
For Piece you can just post however.
>> No. 30729 edit
File 130972799571.jpg - (16.07KB , 120x114 , georgeup.jpg )

Genius our post count will multiply threefold.
>> No. 30730 edit
I agree with a lot of what Rin said. I really enjoyed the mystery, and even the fantasy parts, but after the whole Yasu/multiple personality thing comes up, it was pretty much a slap in the face. Then Ryu continues to slap the readers in the face. (See, arrogance part Lambda mentions)
>> No. 30731 edit
Ugh....of all Moon-chan images you had to use that one.....(Unrelated to seacats but that image give me bad memories....about certain incident that hurted me alot....)
>> No. 30733 edit
File 132432202132.jpg - (56.48KB , 350x441 , 1780794.jpg )
Really? I feel a similar way. There was a girl who I knew from a long way back, and I loved her with all my heart. I decided one day to her how I felt. I thought she might feel the same, or at least try to see it my way.

No such luck. She wore an expression just like that one, like she was flattered, but my attention was clearly unwanted and made her feel awkward. She always looked a lot like Jessica, part of why I like the character, and that image in particular brings back the memories strongly.

We drifted apart after that. I couldn't even enjoy the rest of the times we spent together as I beat myself up inside over what could be going through her head now that she knew how I felt, but didn't return my feelings. I still think she was almost perfect in every way, except that she wasn't mine. Kinda selfish.

Oh well. Maybe one day I'll find something like that again.
>> No. 30734 edit
not for that fact...or because she remind me of someone else...its because someone really hurted me with the intention of hurting me.

Its not a pretty story~ and it still burn me and all happened online

Anon Kinjo Cirno and I think that Gogo knows what happened~
>> No. 30735 edit
its unrelated to seacats~ so they are not involved~
>> No. 30736 edit
File 132432283984.png - (195.71KB , 300x610 , jessieloose.png )
If you say so. I feel a bit silly now after sharing that.
>> No. 30737 edit
I sort of had a similar situation, confessed (though I was confessing for no good reason to begin with) and after the rejection, we drifted apart, etc.
>> No. 30738 edit
Its not silly, it is a happy memory that you trasure~ and it hurt you to longer have you around

If only what happened to me was something nice..
>> No. 30739 edit
File 132432307840.png - (83.58KB , 268x326 , Jessica1.png )
You better stop going on about it if you're not going to tell us the details. Or you might be approaching Piece territory with attention seeking.
>> No. 30740 edit
>> No. 30741 edit
Okay, its story time with Zefur/Lion-chan
I joined a site to translate Umineko, and I set a fake profile as a female.I gained lots of unwanted
attention and I was accepted in the site for helping them in the translation. when that happened I realized that it wasn't what I wanted so decided to work on another similar project ( my beloved PS3 Patch)at that time someone didnt like me and discovered that I was working on that project.so he tell his girlfriend and a friend
to investigate me (the three were users of that site)

They managed to get my profile and reveal my true identity
they made a thread a posted photos of me and contact information
after that it was 3 days of users trolling me

I tried to defend myself by denouncing them with Witch-hunt thing
that made the situation worse....

Until Kinjo found the thread and sent Anon to help me...

I suppose that it was wrong with me for lying to them with my fake profile....but I think it was too much to do to me somthing like that...
>> No. 30742 edit
File 132432424397.jpg - (83.49KB , 400x550 , 1814981.jpg )
I see...

I once pretended to be a girl online too. I don't know what I was hoping to achieve. I guess I saw it as just a game, but it got out of hand. There was all sorts of chaos and it culminated in me being banned, afterwards I felt compelled to confess it all to the people I misled. There are still some lingering effects from that, some good, some perhaps not-so-good.

Thing is, I don't really regret it or wish I could take it back that much. I still don't understand why. You at least realized it wasn't something you wanted and probably learned from your mistake. I don't know about me.
>> No. 30743 edit
I didn't want to confess because I was in a point of No return my friendship with them became something solid...

Fortunately after the incident and just a few weeks They understood me and we are still friends.

althought that was like 8 months ago it is hurting me, but I am slowly recovering from it.
>> No. 30744 edit
File 132432467587.jpg - (60.11KB , 611x799 , 1275438974257.jpg )
I think it was only a couple of weeks or so for me. It didn't get so out of hard people got my personal information though. At least not immediately, anyway.
>> No. 30745 edit
File 130159019023.png - (38.38KB , 334x210 , puni_psyduck.png )
Super hero anon-tan, huh?
>> No. 30746 edit

I am the kind of person who likes to bottle things So I am the kind of having long time grudges.

Yup , Super-hero anon-tan~ and Kinjo-kun too~ I am very grateful to them~
>> No. 30748 edit
File 132432570590.jpg - (127.42KB , 800x800 , 1264397755048.jpg )
I usually only keep grudges if people keep grudges against me. You can't really call it a grudge when it's like that. It's a constant reaction to their own grudge.

I do keep things bottled up inside though.
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